Olivia Hallinan talks about Lark Rise to Candleford (GMTV, 22.01.10) - InterviewsOfInterest

Sugar Rush hottie Olivia Hallinan appeared on GMTV to talk about her new BBC1 drama, Lark Rise to Candleford. Note that I had to remove the clips of the show as some broadcasters get funny about that. (C) GMTV 2010

JJ Duffy
What a British beauty!!!!
David Schipper
she's definitely the highlight of the show... we're only into episode number two... so a lot of shows to watch... thank goodness.
Can you hear me Major Tom?
i love british accent, it's so classy
JJ Duffy
Rockys201 i'm with you on that one crushing hard also she is one beautiful ginger!!!
everyone loves it and so what do they to, they cancel it. no more shows, real brains at work. as dumb ad american tv
Basil II Macedonia
She is gorgeous, no doubt about it. An excellent actress as well of course.
Richard Woodberry
Wish this show would come back.Lark Rise that is.
Andrey Lebezyatnikov
I deserve to be her slave.
I don't think she's gay, I just know she's played a lesbian character. Doesn't make her gay. She's played a straight character too, guys.
This comment is on the verge of being too old to respond to, but I don't think she's gay. Just know she's played a lesbian character on the TV show Sugar Rush.
Ciao BeautifulDahling
The male host sounds a lot like a slighty more perverted version of the PBS painter guy
she is super hot! I had a crush on her in sugar rush!
she is so lovely :)
wow..is she gay??? She looks hot...
lexican foreigner
notice she skipped saying girls in love.......slickster
@ketaq lol you're an idiot...seriously get a life..
@this1wasnttaken slut
she looks better as laura...she has a natural beauty and makeup just covers it up and makes her look like a run of the mill star
Clearly the BBC were not at all concerned by the shows continued popularity when they decided to axe it! I cannot believe they did that!
T Jc
i know her from girls in love :p she matured a lot
Still now, I'm largely bummed that they cancelled sugar rush. I'm never gonna stop hoping they'll continue it.
@jaybone23 we do? what channel?
#i really love her, i wanna kiss her...#
Saint Etienne
I love you, Olivia !!!
Hallinan - Solid Northern Irish name.
yuzy sam
she is totally full fool girl.
Antonio Huerta
Olivia, please participate in an American version of Julia Jekyll and Harriet Hyde.