Islands: Cyprus - National Geographic [HD]

How National Geographic see Cyprus Island...

Σαν ακελική προπαγάνδα είναι το ντοκιμαντέρ....
jj mann
I hope both people of island will be reunited again and they live with peace together. Cyprus deserves better.
Peace in Cyprus. I hope one day we can live with our brothers and sisters from the other side. WAKE UP . we are in 2015 and you are acting like wild animals. We are all humans. Cyprus belongs to the people who work for it no matter where are they from.
Η Kυπροσ ειναι Ελληνικη.Cyprus is Greek
Amanda in Japan
I worked for a wonderful Greek Cypriot family in England.. Loved their kind nature and wonderful food.. Now I wanna visit Cyprus 🇨🇾
Christina Pari
national geographic portrayed a very old-fashion idea of what everyday life is in cyprus that is far from the truth now. Religion is not such a big part in our lives. But its good that they withdrew from describing the invasion as anything else other than 2 stupid countries
Xe M
Cyprus is the ultimate example of how religion can both destroy and unite people.
Nikos pontios Thessaloniki
When it was decided to campaign against Troy, Arcades, attended by sixty ships, with their leader, the king of Tegea Agapinora, son of Argonaut, the famous governor of "Argo" King Agata, grandson of Lycurgus and according to Apollodorus one of the suitors of Helen. Their participation in the campaign says in the Iliad the great Homer! Menelaos not only went to Arcadia, and Cyprus, along with Ulysses and Talthysio, according to the information preserved by Apollodorus. Traveled to Cyprus to beg Kinyras, ruler of Cyprus, the high priest of Paphos and lyrical poet, to take part in the expedition against Troy. Maybe then sent Kinyras the armor known as a gift to Agamemnon, who wore in Troy and Homer as six
dimis Ch
Turkish is turkish.  Cypriots is Cypriots
varnava varnava
A fine video but fails to mention that cyprus was and is not greek..cyprus has its own nationality.and in 1974 true cypriots that did not want the unification with greece were executed....turkish cypriots were not the only victims...
George Charalambous
I strongly disagree with Antreas in this video, there is such a thing as Cypriots! and I am one of them!
george mina
bloody pommys  when you leaving always leave problems behind . look Ireland the same problem . nothing to  do with religion. England  put his finger
let's talk a little bit about Cyprus let's talk about what's really going on in Cypress what happened first of all the people from Cyprus or not Greek nor there Turkish they are Phoenicians are "HELLENIZED" .. meaning they accepted the Greek culture the accepted the Greek gods they accepted the Greek language and all of that Cyprus received its independence from England because the Greek Commandos came and fought the British to get them out Cypress that became independent it was 90% of the island Greek cypriot and 10% Turkish cypriot 4/30 years the Greek government asked president material to join with with Greece this is called "ENOSIS=UNION".. the Greek cypriots or the Greek cypriot government in Nicosia refused to do the end of these they just played a game a game of politics in a super political world in 1974 the Greek military and the Turkish military had a meeting in Portugal which I believe Henry Kissinger orchestrated and it was agreed upon that Greece would be allowed to take over Cyprus a military coup when the Greek military from Athens went to do the cool they did not understand that they had been tricked turkey then declared war on Greece Greece still is a member of NATO and turkey a member of NATO Cyprus was a member of the British Commonwealth so anyway when Greece went to attack turkey when turkey invaded the island with two and a half million paratroopers and split the island apart the United States did not help Greece even though the military government in Greece was backed by the United States their stories by Greek military where they were depending on reinforcements and trucks arrived believing that they had gas in them and they had sand so anyway turkey takes over a third of the island and they start bringing Turkish people from Turkey under the pretext which was there right under the original documents that were signed that turkey and Greece had an interest to protect its people and put it anytime intervene to protect the people if there was human genocide so what we have now is the legitimate government of Cyprus which is in Nicosia and the illegitimate government of Northern Republic of Cyprus you gotta realize that the Muslim population explodes because they have many many children and many many wives so on the southern side the northern side has almost matched the population over 30 years or 40 years because the Christian Greek may have one child to child while the Muslim they have six eight ten children and three or four wives now turkey is using this as a card saying that they want membership into the European Union presupposition is that in order for a turkey to enter the European Union the Cypress the issue of Cyprus must be resolved what's also interesting is that there is a British base in Larnaca now Cyprus is a member of the Commonwealth that means under the British Commonwealth if anybody attacked Britain would have to come and protect as what happened in the Falkland Islands however Britain played deaf.. nothing Cyprus Britain's protecting Cypress against the Turkish Invasion because it is a member of the Commonwealth Britain did nothing and listen to the United States and just kept out of it the issue of Cyprus may never be resolved it's got to deal with a bigger issue the issue of turkey and during the European Union if it ever will and a lot of politics I have family in Cypress my aunt who is Greek married the governor of Cyprus English with the last name of Giles Giles I have two first cousins who live in Cyprus they're half Greek and half British studied and graduated from Essex getting back to my comment about the people of Cyprus there a lot of Greek people who have mixed with cypriot people and they're all speak the same language Greek same religion orthodox and they have a Hellenic culture the Turkish Cyprus is people from Turkey who have been transplanted into Cypress and that's about it nothing is going to change until the people of Cyprus the Greek people of Cyprus say enough is enough now if this had happened in Crete where this had happened and roach or if this had happened in summer or this had happened in any Greek island they would not be one Greek person who would not fight to the end to get the turkey out but you have to understand these people are not Greek they are Phoenicians and Phoenicians believe that everything can be bought and sold including your freedom so they always will remain as it is good day and God bless the people of Cyprus
Cyprus 3500 years Greek, Turks stole half of the island, like they did at 1453 Instabul, etc, Turk=killer and thief, they will pay
In Cyprus, there are Cypriots: Turkish-speaking Cypriots, Greek-speaking Cypriots...
The Greeks had nearly striked the Turks back in the Cyprus-War 1974 until the USA helped them, by manipulating the United Nations and whole Media to devide Cyprus!
My name is Marios and i'm greek cypriot .. on july 2014 i attended a foundation that tries to unite Greek Cypriots with Turkish Cypriots by sending a pair of greek and turkish cypriot to the US for a month.Being a friend with a turkish cypriot and realising that he has experienced the same pain as i do now for my country , has proven one thing.. War is bad BUT we can always improve by forgiving and forgeting .. I want to make a point on the people commenting that it's not turkeys fault.. It's nobody's fault that we had a war but Turkey(more like the Turkish army) has decided that they want to stay on the island and concure half of our home. If you come in cyprus and ask an original turkish cypriot civilian about turkey's involvment in the Cyprus problem he will always tell you that they want Turkey to leave the island.. So now you will say "why don't they say so" They are afraid.. A few people tried to speak up but now they are dead.. Please share and help us reunite our Country-> PEOPLE UNITED IN A COUNTRY DIVIDED
A very disappointing documentary by NG, false representation of Turkish Cypriots.. 
Emre Olcay
Turkish troops arrived there as a result of the genocide made by Greek Gangs to Turkish Nationals living on the island. The only mistake Turkey did was not to have all the island but rather to stop the war thinking that it would be possible to resolve the issues politically. We have a power that many countries in Europe just envy and should have used it there when needed. How can you get an agreement with people who dont want to have an agreement with you? They are just creating more conflict day by day. They have refused all the opportunities to turn down peace plans that UN offers in addition avoided official discussions that Turkish government offers them many many times. However they are excellent at using peoples feeling telling them false stories...  Thats what I read from in EU commission meetings. You also have to show lists of lost Turkish people as a result of Greek governments actions.    You dont recognise the Turkish government there and try to show whe world the island as if its a whole Greek country.  So try to go to the north without a passport and see what happens.... From the Turkish side if you want peace you will have it, and if you want war you will also have it... 
Nice, but I just can't understand (neither accept) why the narrator keeps mentioning every time Turks before Greeks: 1) We (Greeks) were and still are the majority of the population of the island 2) The Republic of Cyprus, inhabited by Greeks, is the only sovereign and internationally recognized state on the island 3) We have been living on this island since 1500 BC (almost 3500 years!) whereas Turks have been here only 400 years. 4)Even G comes before T in the alphabet!
We shall call it "Constantinople" again when you leave.
bektas konca
no need to swear you do have a very valid point but by being offensive to make your point is not the way to go. Byzantine empire has disappeared just like ottomans did but the people from all different nations still living together in peace on same land called turkey now.
Its Istanbul u fucker, the citys name has changed more then 565 times. Maybe should call Paris something else since it was called by a another name in Roman time
Uoryk Soalokin
21:17. Its not ''Istanbul'' but Constantinople(Capital of Byzantine empire).
jososojo 1998
i am greek cypriot and i live in cyprus! this thing can never be resolved! greek vs turkey! we will always be seperate and hatefull to each other!  
The Invasion [ Edit | Code edit ] In the summer of 1570 , the Turks invaded again, but this time with a large-scale invasion rather than raid. Approximately 60,000 soldiers, including cavalry and artillery, under the command of Lala Mustafa Pasha landed without a fight near Limassol on July 2, 1570, fared and besieged Nicosia. [1] The day the city of Nicosia fell (September 9, 1570) 20,000 Nicosians executed, every church, public building destroyed and the palace was looted. The Battle of Lepanto Both were the size of slaughter and pillage in Nicosia, that the news spread to other cities and because of fear, a few days later Mustafa took Kyrenia without ever firing a shot. Famagusta, however, resisted and fought back heroically from September 1570 to August 1571. [1] The fall of Famagusta marked the beginning of the Ottoman occupation Kypro.Ena month later, the naval forces of the Holy Alliance , (consisting mainly of Venetian, Spanish, and Papal ships under the command of Don John of Austria) defeated the Turkish fleet in battle of Lepanto in one of the decisive battles of world history. The victory over the Turks, however, came too late to help Cyprus, and so the Greeks in island remained under Ottoman rule for the next three centuries. [1]
The English cooperate with the Turks [ Edit | Code edit ] Agorefontas during the discussion of the Cyprus in September 1954, the then British Foreign Minister Selwyn Lloyd deliberately emphasized the opposition of Turkish Cypriots to the EU and the risk of intercommunal riots. thus offered the opportunity to the Turkish representative Selim Sarber fully support the British positions and attack against Greece. Full involvement of Turkey in Cyprus ran the government of Anthony Eden in the summer of 1955. As an indication, on 30 June 1955 the then UK Foreign Secretary Harold Macmillan invited his counterparts from Greece Stephanos Stephanopoulos and Turkey Fatin Rustu Zorlu in a tripartite conference in London to discuss "political and defense issues affecting the Eastern Mediterranean." Despite strong warnings of Makarios that Greece's participation in the conference would mean recognition of Turkey as an interested party in Cyprus, the Greek Government has to elaborate trap [29] . In Turkish Foreign Minister Fatin Rustu Zorlu Trialogue said bluntly that "the future of Cyprus was not a matter of either Greece or Cyprus, but Britain and Turkey" [30] . Emphasizing the contrast of Turkey in the Union used arguments, many of which are repeated until today. The Cyprus, he said, is vital to the security of Turkey. Whoever controls Cyprus checks and southern ports of Turkey. He argued that the right of self-determination is not absolute application. The islands of Åland , he said, although their inhabitants 95% are Swedish , granted in Finland , because it is closer to this place than in Sweden. The Zorlu rejected not only the self-determination, and self-government, arguing that, until completely calm things should be kept in Cyprus the status quo. The conference became obvious gap in views between Greece and Turkey [31] . It was exactly what England sought [32] , it confessed the then Foreign Minister Ivone Kirkpatrick journalist Cyril Falls [32] . The Macmillan says: "He (or Greece) at least accept that Cyprus was not" colonial problem ", but a major international issue" [33] . In 1955 the British allied with the Turkish Cypriots against EOKA, trained qualified Turkish mobile to combat EOKA and employed many more Turkish police and reserve forces. Members of these units were involved in VOLKAN and later in TMT [34] . Specifically, in order to face the British EOKA, they created the "Auxiliary Police" consisting entirely of Cyprus Turks simultaneously members of the organization "Volkan". VOLKAN main goal was to turn the Turkish Cypriot people by the Greek Cypriots. In the notices, VOLKAN issuing restriction orders the Turks to roam the Greek Cypriot districts and frequenting malls and movie theaters of the Greeks, with the threat that "those who do not obey will be accused traitors to the country and we will not have conscience if anything happens to them when attacks will against these areas. " The Volkan mobilize the Turkish Cypriot youth rallies that progressed into blind attacks mobs against the Greeks, when among the EOKA victims was a Turkish Cypriot police the British. [35] .\
Perfect documentary. Congratulations ! =)
Κωνσταντῖνος Χρυσοστόμου
This was heart-warming
Mr Honest
watch 1974 cyprus conflict ambiguous differences
Mr Honest
Watch cyprus conflict ambiguous differences.. Good insight into how greek and turkish cypriots feel.
petra ria
Just made a pretty cool video from holiday in beautiful Cyprus, check i out if you are interested :)
Turkey is not the U S friend!
Aram Khoury
Cyprus is Greek. Greetings from Syria❤️
s wright
Poor sound
giselle Sarabia
I wish i can work in cyprus
jaydeep desai
It’s always so ... the common man and the humanity is the sufferer in such divides ... India/Pakistan; north and South Korea , Yugoslavia..... and possibly some more ... but in the end ... the light prevails 🙏
cyprus mafia1312
Eyewitnesses The events during the summer of 1570 embossed on projects drawn eyewitnesses and who in one way or another have experienced the events, took part in the defense of the city and had suffered the terrible consequences of war. Everyone in their own way and by its own viewpoint recorded and bequeathed us what lived during the war of Cyprus 1570-1571 and in this case during the siege and fall of Nicosia. The siege of Nicosia by the Ottomans lasted forty-two days and the city fell on September 9, a Saturday of the year 1570 for Sultan Selim II. The eyewitnesses of the tragic scenes that unfolded when the Nicosia conquered illustrating the massacres, rapes, looting, the captivity and everything else terrible causes a conquest, a war. In each place there sounded only an unceasing lament unfortunate women who had separated husbands, screams small that were violently dislodged from the arms of their mothers, moans unfortunate fathers oimoges girls and boys who were separated from their parents. All were tied behind their backs and forced to proceed quickly with blows from sticks and handles of swords and many had wounds or may be a hand missing them. Those who resist are killed them immediately. The winners were cutting the heads of older women and to try out their swords pave the heads of men who had surrendered. Woe to those who tried to escape, arrested them and cut away. Grabbed infants and hurled at edafos.O Angelo Calepio saw the hideous death of the mother of Lucrece. The decapitated the skirt of the maid. He walked as he was a prisoner in the city streets. He saw the mansions and palaces occupied, foods like beans, ham, smoked pork in soil and other types of roads. They could not take away or to eat trampled and broke into the cellars with wine barrels and oil. Seeking treasures there was nothing profane not done. The city rulers, feudal lords and nobles gave off a terrible stench because of human cadavers, and fever lying under the blazing sun, gutted, but no arms and no other head.
Jawad Ariqat
I n this documentery , truth is NOT told completly,you can feel that it is told from Greeks side point of view...!
Κωνσταντῖνος Χρυσοστόμου
I always pray for the brighter future to come to this holy land for both peoples
William Bakos
Ya so my other comment makes no sense to this video because my phone changed to the next que while I was sending lol
Aldren James
Iwant to wrk Cyprus
Игорь Петрушин
Super place to relax
Loot and slaves The next day the city held a grand conquest market and auction the spoils. First they sold the good looking young men and women, while men were sold at very low prices. but they paid more money for those who were eligible for rowers in galleys. On the same day and distributed the spoils and the eyewitness saw with astonishment to sell priceless gemstones at ridiculous prices. They knew so little pearls and gems, says Dominican monk, as they knew and pigs. After this large market served on the rape of women and children and those who resisted were tortured and killed. The Ottomans, the Giovanni Podocataro writes, engaged in every kind of cruelty and violated and kateklepsan their churches with great disrespect, so that all that the calamity lesser evil than all those events were death. All those miserable, wild and hard facts, says Cypriot scholar of the 16th century, to be played in a city occupied by force, took place in Nicosia. We, the few who remained, expelled from our homes, destitute of all necessary things, having been deprived of our homeland, were sent as slaves to the galleys. About three days after the fall of the city and after the looting ended, the Mustafa Pasha sent in Kyrenia captive military commander Paolo dal Quasto, to convince them there Venetians commanders to surrender the city. O Paolo dal Quasto as a prisoner tied his horse, which had hung heads and two Italian soldiers who were killed in Nicosia, carrying the message. Governors asked the Mustafa to allow them to send a messenger to Marc'Antonio Bragadin, they had to first get his permission. The message arrived in Famagusta, Kyrenia but eventually surrendered without a fight to the Ottomans, before he answered. He also sent with a villager's head deputy Dandolo in Famagusta, placed in a bag. Famagusta was sent and the landlord Tutio Costanzo carrying the message with which the Ottomans demanded the surrender of Famagusta. The deputy head was buried in the Cathedral of St. Nicholas and the answer eventually the city governors was that they expected the enemy to confront him. In conclusion, after the suddenness of the attack of September 9 the bastion Podocataro and then the bastion Constanzo and the penetration of the enemy in the city of Nicosia, followed what sad, tragic and painful mentioned. The city with the fabulous riches irrevocably passed under Ottoman rule. Soon handed Kyrenia and governors who were in the Troodos mountains, in charge of military forces and the crowd that was gathered there, descended from the mountains, surrendered and declared allegiance to Mustafa Pasha. Regardless of whether even resisted Famagusta, which eventually will come after a year in power of the Ottomans, already the big island of "kingdom" as the acquisition of the Serenissima, was turned into Ottoman province. The war of Cyprus 1570-1571 devastated the Great Island, the land was left uncultivated, a large part of the population was lost, those who have not been slaughtered, were captured and sold in the slave markets of the East. However, the remaining inhabitants of the island will continue its historic course for more than three centuries under Ottoman rule, with the hope of liberation, even in the distant future.
Nichola Shutu
i 💘 living here
I lived im Ledra Palace  2 times   was im Cyprus for 6 month s  beautiful  people am beautiful island   what I herd from  both sides was  .... some  of thy older  people need to let  the past go  but thy keep it alive   an thy conflict continues    so sad ..... I met so many great t  people om both  sides     I luv  Cyprus    for get thy religion
Μιχαλης Ττακκας
Guys let's just reunite we were together for centuries don't let history full you
Artur Boras
3 yes.....
Ranga Nayanajith Silva
Korea,Cyprus,Germany,Guyana,Czechoslovakia,Gaza,Palestine: reflects the effects of world wars.Do you want another war to get divide this world in to pieces.?Where are the gods/Saints so called.....?
The Owlets
David Cummings
As a UK/GB Citizen I was 9 in 1974, I remember watching the t.v. reports of partition on Cyprus. Over the years I have become all the more interested on your unfortunate circumstances. The only way to progress: is to recognize atrocities on both sides (In the past), Have a National Island Government - incorporating representatives from both communities, with each sector administrating its own area thus removing borders. From that point, a process of mutual understanding and cooperation will prosper !.
Jose Diaz
If anything divided country too understand. One side has done moved on with business. The other side nothing but waste poorer. Evidence shows it was Greek the hole country by caring and giving other's have taken over . Too me if no business it's advice who is the visitors.
Travelzoom Education
Love the cyprus !!
Samuel Lom
the most disturbing aspect of this documentary ? - the ludicrously prejudiced, ignorant 'Comments' below
daniël Crisafulli
I know Malibu man
Hassan Kiazim
1974 during the war i was in haringey london i was 14 years old boy turkish cypriot i had greek school friend i was invited to stay at their house by his father for 3 weeks they were very good people good as gold god bless his soul lancaster & family he was a good pool player & bokorize player
cyprus mafia1312
Η Κύπρος είναι ελληνική
Eileen Blessington
Juliana Loredo
ESC2015 GREEKfans
Original Cyprus = Greece .... Γαμώ την Τουρκία μου μέσα ...
Andy S
I have nothing against religion ......but I wish we didn't use it against each other.....we should simply except and respect all religions as long as they are peaceful.....My mom was Greek Orthodox ......she was god loving peaceful women.....
Counteraction Cy
Greeks live in Cyprus the last 3000 years. Turkish Cypriots are an English construction in 1930. This is the truth. Respect Cyprus and its people. Turkish troops out of our country.
Can Ahmet
No mention of the British WHO started the conflict with the Greek Cypriots. The Turkish Cypriot minority were caught in the middle. That is why Turkey invaded to protect the Turkish Cypriots from the British & Greeks.
The Owlets
SHIUT UP NATGEO - "patron is (a pagan "goddess" DONT TALK FOR GREeKS"!!!!!!!!! not all pagans
Τα μόνα "όπλα" μας ο πολιτισμός μας!
giselle Sarabia
Gaurav Borse
Music at 19.00..How cruel human is..
Debbie P
Personally I don’t want us greek-cypriots to “reunite” with turkish-cypriots.There was a lot of pain caused by the war back in 1974 and I will never forget the turks that caused pain to my family.My grandparents fought during the war and I know how much it hurted them and how much they have been through.And so I don’t want to be with people that take the side of the Turks
Hassan Kiazim
14:17 into the program i am happy to see camera man filming UN post from my street turkish side off nicosia
A divided nation that this documentary uses to shame the Cyprian Turks. Both sides went through the same struggle so why victimise the Greek Cyprians...?
zelen plav
The Greek size has dark Greg sand, the Turkish size has very light sand. Aya Napa is beautiful. The food is great, prepared by entire families outside in the evening.
desen raman
Cyprus is both turkish cypriots and greeks cypriots now get over it
Hassan Kiazim
my house opposite off litra palace
Without the war, this island would be the gem of the world. Most beautiful island in the world with the most kind people.
This is pro-Greek propaganda.
This documentary is not correct.
It is so sad that this documentary is siding with the pseudo-state.
g nicola
I'm a  Greek-cypriot born in New Zealand.Travelled to both sides,northern and southern and  we are the same in many ways,such a shame,there is a solution somewhere soon ,must get rid of prejudice emotions and past learning,learn to forgive  first,Its possible,think  of the island its people not religion or language, one country one people,its such a beautiful island and beautiful people on both sides,.its the island of love....
Azizi Azizi
Forgive each other and live in peace,for you are only human a descendant of Adam and Eve.! All else is a poor transitions.!
The cities that are illegally occupied by the Turks are part of the Greek civilisation. KERYNEIA was founded by Kyfeas and Praxandros of Keryneia in Arcadia, Greece, acccording to Lycophron. After the Achaeans settled in Cyprus following the end of the Trojan war. The coast in Kyrenia is still known by the name "Achaean Coast". «Μετά δέ Ελίκην Ήξεις είς πόλισμα Κερύνειαν Καί ο Κερυνίτης ποταμός ός εξ Αρκαδίας Καί όρους κερυνείας ρέων Αχαιούς τους ταύτη παρέξεισι. Κηφεύς δε και Πράξανδρος Ίξονται ές γαίαν Θεάς Αφροδίτης Γόλγων ανάσσης. Καί ιδρύσουσι πόλιν Κερύνειαν.» - Λυκόφρωνας AMMOCHOSTOS/ARSINOE was founded around 274 BC by the Greek Macedonian Ptolemy II Philadelphus, after the serious damage of Salamis by an earthquake. He named it "Arsinoe" after his sister. Arsinoe was described as a "fishing town" by Strabo in his Geographica. It was later renamed Ammochostos. (Greek for "Hidden in Sand") SALAMIS was founded by Teucer (Greek: Τεύκρος / Tefkros) son of king Telamon of Salamis in mainland Greece, according to the ancient Greek geographer and historian Strabo. «Τεῦκρος, ὁ κτίσας Σαλαμῖνα τὴν ἐν Κύπρῳ, ἐκβληθείς, ὥς φασιν, ὑπὸ τοῦ πατρὸς Τελαμῶνος» - Στράβων (14.6.3) LAPITHOS was founded by Praxander (Greek: Πράξανδρος / Praxandros). According to Strabo, Lapethos is a ‘construction of the Laconians (Spartans) and of Praxander’. Lapethos is usually referred in ancient greek literature as a Laconian colony built after the Trojan War, by Praxandros, its first king. «Ἐν δὲ τῷ μεταξὺ Λάπαθός τέ ἐστι πόλις ὕφορμον ἔχουσα καὶ νεώρια, Λακώνων κτίσμα καὶ Πραξάνδρου» - Στράβων (14.6.3)
Kaijun Jiang
Should've had more perspectives from the Turkish side - it's oversimplifying to just focus on the North not able to sell goods to the South and the EU, while.being emotional with the Greeks.
Jdjd Ndjdj
very nice
Henrik Frederiksen
Thi vedeo is as a total misleading , there are no borders but a ceasfireline . There is th Republic of Cyprus , and the turkish OCCUPIED part of Cyprus . They up there are not andcan never be a State of their own as you can not take 200000 people out and say their property is your own this video should be removed
spyro A
turk settlers are foreigners to this island and must leave now!!!
Peter Tsakalakis
The turks should go back to turky were they came from .The United nations should correct and bring to justice those that caused all this problems in the 1st place.But unfortunately the Jewish control everything including the federal reserve bank and they control the whole world. We need get out of the United nation unless they mean what they say and every body abides by the same constitution. Stay away from the Jews like Kessinger. They crucified the son of God.I thing if United nations do not do anything about justice and peace the Russian should handle the situation. Do not expect anything from Americans because this hole system of government is run by Jews.
Mr Honest
If the USA meaning Kissinger had not stirred up trouble between Greeks and Turks the Island would have been at peace with itself. Who was behind the coup emmm daaahh USA. So much for GB Turkey and Greece being the Guarantor. Come on Cypriots on both sides you are all intellegent enough to sort this crap out on your own without those interfering advantage taking hypocrites.
gerardo zambon
All of us have come to this earth without nothing, and in the same way we will go, even our own name we had not when we were born, so we just must awake and realize that as someone on the comments has said, "we are all humans beings" and the mother earth belongs to everybody, but specially to those who work for it, no matter where they come from..! I'm from Argentina and I will pray for your Island to become whole and unite again..!
Weli Hassan
dude where is the turkish perspective .., what is this the foxnews is this natgeo!?
I can't believe how hateful and cruel some Greek Cypriots are being toward Turkish Cypriots. These are the people that drive hate and conflict, history is history. Turkish citizens are innocent and have nothing to do with the Turkish governments decisions in the past, they simply want a good quality of life. I cannot believe the ignorance, it reminds me of racist right wing groups that always say 'get out of my country' when the individuals were born there and generations before them were born there, and that country's culture is all they know.
yaşar murat Yayla
Turkey has made the 1974 July Intervention on the basis of London and Zurich Agreements since it is a guaranteur country like Greece and the UK. Because the above-mentioned countries have restrained to act together with Turkey in 1974, Turkey has made this legal intervention as Archbishop Makarios explained at the UN Security Council meeting after he left Cyprus. As a result of the legal intervention, the lives of innocent people regardless of their ethnic and national origin have been saved. Please remember the civil war after Bloody-handed Nicos Sampson coup de'ta rebel against the official President makarios, and killing and butchering so many Greek and Greek Cypriots each other.
I see ONE problem... RELIGION !!!! the only big difference .... without it, there will be peace for everybody. religious people are idiots...(both sides) that causes ethical problems... we are same people with different religion. I hate religion because, it divides people with no reason.. (I am Turkish,)
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Την επόμενη ημέρα της κατάληψης της πόλης πραγματοποιήθηκε μια μεγάλη αγορά και πλειστηριασμός των λαφύρων. Πρώτα πωλήθηκαν οι εμφανίσιμοι νέοι και νέες, ενώ οι άνδρες πωλήθηκαν σε πολύ χαμηλές τιμές. Πληρώθηκαν όμως περισσότερα χρήματα γι’ αυτούς που ήταν κατάλληλοι για κωπηλάτες στις γαλέρες. Την ίδια μέρα μοίρασαν και τα λάφυρα και ο αυτόπτης μάρτυρας είδε με κατάπληξη να πωλούν ανεκτίμητους πολύτιμους λίθους σε εξευτελιστικές τιμές. Γνώριζαν τόσο λίγα για μαργαριτάρια και πολύτιμους λίθους, σημειώνει ο δομινικανός μοναχός, όσο γνώριζαν και τα γουρούνια. Μετά από αυτή τη μεγάλη αγορά επιδόθηκαν στους βιασμούς παιδιών και γυναικών και όσοι αντιστέκονταν βασανίζονταν και φονεύονταν. Οι Οθωμανοί, γράφει ο Giovanni Podocataro, επιδόθηκαν σε κάθε είδους ωμότητα και παραβίασαν και κατέκλεψαν τους ιερούς ναούς με περισσή ασέβεια, έτσι που σε όλη εκείνη τη συμφορά το λιγότερο κακό από όλα εκείνα τα συμβάντα ήταν ο θάνατος. Όλα εκείνα τα δυστυχή, άγρια και σκληρά γεγονότα, τονίζει ο Κύπριος λόγιος του 16ου αιώνα, που μπορούν να διαδραματιστούν σε μια πόλη που καταλαμβάνεται διά της βίας, συνέβησαν στη Λευκωσία. Εμείς, οι λίγοι που απομείναμε, διωγμένοι από τα σπίτια μας, ενδεείς όλων των αναγκαίων πραγμάτων, έχοντας στερηθεί την πατρίδα μας, σταλθήκαμε ως σκλάβοι στις γαλέρες. Περίπου τρεις μέρες μετά την πτώση της πόλης και αφού έληξε η λαφυραγώγηση, ο Mustafa πασάς έστειλε στην Κερύνεια τον αιχμάλωτο στρατιωτικό διοικητή Paolo dal Quasto, για να πείσει τους εκεί Βενετούς διοικητές να παραδώσουν την πόλη. O Paolo dal Quasto ως αιχμάλωτος δεμένος στο άλογό του, στο οποίο είχε κρεμασμένα και δύο κεφάλια Ιταλών στρατιωτών που φονεύθηκαν στη Λευκωσία, μετέφερε το μήνυμα. Οι διοικητές ζήτησαν από τον Mustafa να τους επιτρέψει να στείλουν αγγελιαφόρο στον Marc’Antonio Bragadin, γιατί όφειλαν πρώτα να πάρουν την άδειά του. Το μήνυμα έφθασε στην Αμμόχωστο, αλλά τελικά η Κερύνεια παραδόθηκε αμαχητί στους Οθωμανούς, πριν έρθει απάντηση. Είχε σταλεί, επίσης, με έναν χωρικό το κεφάλι του τοποτηρητή Dandolo στην Αμμόχωστο, τοποθετημένο σε έναν σάκο. Στην Αμμόχωστο είχε σταλεί και ο φεουδάρχης Tutio Costanzo μεταφέροντας το μήνυμα με το οποίο οι Οθωμανοί απαιτούσαν την παράδοση της Αμμοχώστου. Το κεφάλι του τοποτηρητή ετάφη στον καθεδρικό του Αγίου Νικολάου και η απάντηση τελικά των διοικητών της πόλεως ήταν ότι ανέμεναν τον εχθρό για να αναμετρηθούν μαζί του.
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Islam is the plague which God heaped on the head of the fake Christians who only worship Him with their mouths, but their hearts are far away from Him.