Jimi Hendrix- Star Spangled Banner at Woodstock

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VEry talented man he was R.I.P

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Hendrix played SSB a million times better than SRV
hunter severson
This is a super deep political statement right?
Max Teicher
Favorite star spangled banner performance
When he does the part with the bombs and people screaming it gives me chills..
Jonathan Wilson
This would have to qualify as one of the greatest guitar performances in history. THIS is a big part of the reason Hendrix has ended up at #1 on so many "best guitarists of all time" lists and he deserves every bit of it.
respect the classics man! it's Hendrix!
Eric Gray
Dude, don't upload a half-assed video. The crescendo is epic. The ending is what invokes the most emotions.
best political statement of all time
What's with Who Are You at the beginning?
Reynaldo Stufano
"Respeta los clásicos, hermano, es Hendrix..."
David Ferrara
why the hell is there a Who song going at the same time
Allen Saunders
Beavus And Bomber
Spec ops the line
Pamela Doyle
THE JEMI HENDRICKS EXPERIENCE !!!!👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎵🎵🎵🎵
I came here for some Jimi on 7.4.16
Shayna Ratliff
What the F is wrong with u fools who gave thumbs down for Jimi Hendrix playing the star spangled banner? Idiots!
This is the best rendition ever, fuck the US seedy government and it's immoral wars!
Wolfenstein: The New Order, anyone??? J is Hendrix
The richest sent me...
Peace sells
This is the Greatest moment in rock history without a doubt. God speaked to an entire nation with only guitar and without a single word.
Vinny Roth
listening to Jimi today on July 4th and proud as Hell to be an American!
Ryan Wilks
My grandpa was actually in the crowd. He said this was the greatest musical experience of his life.
Jerado Lomax
Oh say can you see...Damm this is erie just watching the Greates of all time play this rendention.  rockets and bombs and screaming comming from that guitar....Classic
If he were alive today and did this, Republicans would be blasting him for disrespecting the national anthem.
Who came here because of the richest
Brad Maurer
Make America great again
Pedro Lopez
The only version that matters
Slots Player
I agree with Beth... absolutely truly amazing and a defining moment of our population. I do not believe there will ever be a musical or performing event as this again! 
Jon Lemay
I like how people are trying to add meaning to his playing and interpret it as if they knew what was going on in his mind and what his intentions were.... maybe he was just fucked up on drugs and was fucking around
Thugg Staz
Le plus gros clash de l'histoire de la musique.../The biggest diss track in music history...
john ruthger
i wonder how many people in that audience realized that they were bearing witness to something truly special, to a once-a-generation act, a cultural moment even
Greatest Ever
1:35 sounds like people screaming in war
Alexander Glinskiy
Look! No smartphones! How awesome is that? =)
Jimi was so cool 😎
Wojciech Zienowicz
Anthony Simeone
Happy birthday, America! Thank you, Jimi!
The G0ldenApple
Jimmy Hendrix's version of the Star Spangled Banner is powerful enough to go against The Soviet Anthem.
Aswin Anil
Now, this should be played at full volume at every NFL game.
Laverne Stubbles
Respect the classics man it's Hendrix
If they played this version no one would dare take a knee!!
Michelle McDonald
the baddest MF guitar player to walk the face of this earth my OPINION
michael allen
As a white, middle class, Midwestern man, I believe THIS should be the OFFICIAL version of "Banner" as it incorporates the tone of war, economic and racial injustice but also the positives and hopes and dreams of the U.S. in such a complex manner. Sadly, I do NOT believe the U.S. will go on forever. The Egyptians, The Greeks then Romans, various Chinese dynasties ALL thought they would never disappear. But I was stunned when I first played this in 1979 at age 15!: so jarring and so beautiful.
kay schrecklein
the best guitar player of all times
The parts that deviate from the song sound like something Michael Bay would add to his movies.
The Coronet Shop
Just got chills thnx Mr. Hendrix
Cactus Jack
Dark Boubou Fr
Who could have disliked this???
Rockstar Girl
I’ll always love you Jimi 🖤
James Grove
Play this at a Football Game think tank
Pamala Brock
That's my left handed guitar player that visits me in spirit!
Augie Augenstein
My guitar hero Jimi Hendrix
Frank Jr Dulworth
Hendrick is the very best I ever here outstanding 😎
god bless the usa
Ken Mason
they gave jimmy a hard time About this he comment was "i thought it was Beautiful but there you go" I think jimmy beautiful just my opinion love to all
Jonathan Hylgaard
My father was at this concert, right before he was forced to go to Vietnam to fight in the war. Right before he left, he told me it was the best musical experience of his life. I never saw him again.
Janet Basil
I haven't seen or heard this since I was a kid and a friend and I took a bus to a theatre to see "Woodstock." Thanks.
Mitch Ryder
Way ahead of his time is an understatement, Guys and girls now can't do what he did 40 yrs ago
I can't believe African-American people want to stop this from being the National Anthem
Daniel Hösli
thats awesome he was the greatest
It cuts off at the worst point...boo hoo
Floyd Pinkerton
Mitch Rimland
Jimi served also. That makes this even more awesome !
Sean Rogers
My favorite version of our national anthem
Those football players can stand for this anthem... no need for a knee
Jamie F
Should always sound like this, it's completely and totally American! God Bless You, Jimi, RIP
Brian Findlay
A compromise for the NFL?🏈
Robert Lane
He captured the chaos and terror of War and Patriotism in 3 minutes. Top that.
David Ayarra
Home? We can't go home. There's a line men like us have to cross. If we're lucky, we do what's necessary, and then we die.
Pelon 003
Kaepernick not on this level
Jimmy Lopez
"And the rockets red-glaaaaaaaarwoirjg0qrthq0wrbgnqwr0ignqw0r9gfqhrgq340e9wrufasohvn ygq0wrgmqw-r0g8yqwr8mwrhg0rw8hg0wrhg0ehrg0gh, gave proof throught theqefh0iqwjc,tjr0wcjg0qecte night"
Clouded Mind
One of the most iconic musicians of all time if not the number 1
Isaac Wells
Happy 4th of July
meanwhile its 2017 and in the NFL they stay in the locker room
William Darkhölme
Jimi Hendrix may your legacy lives on in all of us.
debbie duran
Jimmie Hendricks did not perform at Woodstock !! Don't believe Woodstock documentaries !! It was just a cover smoke screen for the fake NASA moon landing! Go do your research people!!
Kraft Thisile
Fck, Jimmy, i wish you were still alive.
Un petit air de l'internationalle...
What ever happened to the original video of this that had like, 3 million views and a different camera angle? :(
Nani Sunami
My ears have been blessed
None Of Your Business
It's said Jimi wanted to emulate the sounds of war with this song. At first, it starts off pretty traditional, then unique noises that aren't apart of the song starts coming in. The sounds emulate war, (guns, bombs, missiles.) Drums represent running 1:01 and throughout the song There's specifically a missile sound at 1:34 . Multiple screams at 1:47 . Bomb 2:00 Ambulance sirens at 2:09 and 2:19 More missiles 2:24 to 2:50 Goes into playing TAPS to represents the soldiers who have died for our country at 3:05
Alex K.
And no one was kneeling on that day.
Ethan Males
Just got home from the rock and roll hall of fame and i seen that guitar
Michael Angelus
I have always been a huge Hendrix fan, but.......I think this is stupid. Jimi was way better than this.
Just watched "Voodoo Child" on Netflix. He didn't even get to enjoy "doing something fresh" with his envisioned big band after a break from touring. Bummed me out. He sounded so positive about it, too. Although he did say at the same time, " I don't know if I'll make it to 28. I don't see myself being around when I'm 80..." Gave me the chills.
Wow! Can't get much more American than this. Such a classic.
Tony Daniels
Bruto, rústico, sistemático e selvagem.
Elijah Taylor
Caribe Maravilloso
It's so beautiful and honest, but Jimi's performance has haunted me as well
James Vignali
Time to salute the #1 guitarist of all time.
Big Seltzer Owns Secular Talk
People, still to this day, would call Jimi a "commie terrorist" and that he hates America for this.
Mr C
Jimi RIP brother!
Craig D
Hendrix's song of the star spangled banner. Hendrix was on the ball.... America Has Been At War 93% of the Time - 222 Out of 239 Years - Since 1776. No other nation has been at war for a greater length of time... America formed it's government in 1789 and has been at war with some nation or another since 1789... America also the dumbest nation to use nuclear weapons during war, and were also dumb enough to walk their troops into nuclear mushroom clouds during the nuclear tests of 1951-1957. Now that's stupid. lol.
The way he played makes me thinking his guitar was a kind of mystic animal...
Alessio Riina
2:21 is he tapping?
Karen Wolfsoul Lopez
Best guitarist of all time R.I.P to Jimi Hendrix
Joshua Turnbull
You gotta dig the Hendrix man
Sean O'Brien
Look at the stern look on his face @3:04 while he plays "taps", the tune played during soldiers funerals. this wasnt just a condemnation of the war, but the ballad of those who fought it. the respect and sadness for those forced to fight is there, you can see it in hie eyes.
randy hetrick
Happy 4th everyone