Darkest Dungeon Season 4 - 1st Come, 1st Serve Challenge! - Episode 15

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Subscribe if you've enjoyed this video! ►► />PATREON CAMPAIGN! ►► />MY BAND ►► />Sinvicta returns to one of his most acclaimed and popular series ever in this all-new adventure as this time, THE VIEWERS choose the fate of the series in Darkest Dungeon! CHALLENGES: Holy Rites Must use only religious characters (Crusader, Vestal, Leper, & Flagellant) for the next dungeon Maggots Run a party of all new recruits. Don't give them any new skills or modifications, just pull them straight off the stagecoach First Come, First Serve Can only attack what is in the first position, mob, corpse, whatever. Sinvicta can move the opponents though, pull, push, clear corpses Raining Blood Only allowed to use abilities that have a bleed effect of some kind, either inflicting it or resisting/curing it The A Team Complete two boss dungeons, one immediately after the other, with the same team DARKEST DUNGEON ON STEAM /> DARKEST DUNGEON TWITTER /> MODS USED: Jester Old Finale Anti-grind & Larger Roster 1.0 Trinked Overhaul Project Stacking Inventory Mimics! Level Restrictions Removal Reduced Crimson Curse Chance Marco's Inventory Balance Mod Affliction Balanced Chance -------------------------------------------------- TWITTER: />FACEBOOK: />TWITCH: />EMAIL: [email protected] STEAM FAN GROUP: /> OUTRO MUSIC: The Word Of Lawder - War Infection

#challenge Let Me "Axe" You A Question Must have Bounty Hunter, Hellion and Grave Robber in the party All damaging skills have to have animations that utilise an axe Pun per attack; optional
Connor Pickens
Ancestor Wayne: BEHOLD! A star-spawned horror! Mathas: Hold my beer.
#challenge 100% Income On a medium or higher run use an antiquarian (3 other heroes of your choice) and interact with every curio und clear every room of the dungeon.
#challenge Blood for the Blood God Do one boss run using only religious caracther that have blood craving.
Jeremy Hostetler
#challenge Role Reversal Medium or long run with the following characters: Vestal, Crusader, Antiquarian, and Grave Robber. The setup for the team would be a melee Vestal using only Mace Bash and Hand of Light (no heals), a battle standard setup for the Crusader using Battle Heal and Inspiring Cry, the scorned Antiquarian that can only use Nervous Stab and Festering Vapors, and a Grave Robber who apprenticed to a plague doctor that can only use Toxin Trickery and Poison Dart. I'll allow the Crusader to use Zealous Accusation only if you feel that the damage of this composition is too low and only because the Crusader has misplaced his sword for this run. ~Sohtli
Wyatt Grodzins
#challenge Beauties and The Beast. You must use a team consisting of nothing but an abomination and your choice of female hero's for a roster. No additional restrictions apply.
Oh that was amazing, thank you so much for the votes! Fair play Sin! Better than I could've hoped for.
Yami Hikari
#challenge Underleveled: go on a veteran or higher mission with apprentice characters
Nightmare of Onyx
Mathas is still a badass, and Vesli is the biggest bro in this game…
Christopher Chin
#challenge Binding of Issacvicta: Must full clear a long dungeon (or two medium dungeons with the same party?)
#challenge “Unhappy campers” - Use one less firewood than you are given in a medium or long mission. (Medium - 0 firewood; Long - 1 firewood) You can dump the extra firewood to make room in your inventory.
Hutton Spier
#challenge pestilence You can only use characters that have at least one blight attack
tangsoc 1 eye is lazy and the other is that of an eagle.
Luuh Sheep
- That's no problem to Mathas.... *A wild Shambler appears* okay... :|
Daniel DiPilla
i am just now noticing that the pig drummers drum, is a big sad face...and now i cant unsee it. You know considering the way this game is i wouldn't at all be surprised if that is canonically an actual persons skinned face that the drummer stretched around a bucket edit: just as a quick addition after the fact...He's also using the poor bastards femurs as drum sticks that is totally a persons face
Jake Pizorno
#challenge Damage Control Only classes that can heal other people, no healing skills that target self only. Single target heals ok as long as it can target other people. Must have all available skills that can heal other people Other skills are at your discretion. Must keep health above 50% Bonus for keeping health at 75% Crusader and Flagellant highly reccomended Supplies at your discretion Location and length at your discretion. Light levels at your discretion.
roberto krieviņš
#Challenge. One piece. Any team characters can use only 1st slot attack or support. Must do a medium run. Every shop item is only taken once a piece (can bring only 1 blood also). Also can only have one trinket of choice. GL.
Unknown Brony
#challenge "Getting Close and Personal" you can only use melee attack at the first position or use a melee skill that move the character to the first position no range attack is allowed (that does damage ) ,but riposte and marking is allowed and have fun >:)
To bad in this game that you can't either use gold/resources to actually pick/choose what class/character you NEED. Like..10k gold and you can choose w/e you want (positive/negative perks/detriments are random and you get a lvl 0 character/class). I think that would be a pretty nice addition.
#challenge Splash damage: aoe and dot attacks only. If it buffs or heals multiple members at once or had the ability to, it's allowed. Must be torchless/dark run/crimson court.
wheelz hoehn
#challenge the weakening can only use skills that debuff enemies
I really think corpses should only have 1 "health" so that way theres no way they won't die when you hit them.
Wait why did the shambler just appeared ? Wasnt It suppose to be proc with a torch? Edit: someone already explained, apparently the shambler has a chance of apearing at 0 torch
#challenge Path of the Damned On 1 long run or 2 medium runs, not allow to use religious caracthers.
Tangsoc, the legend with one lazy eye and one eagle eye... Yeah, sounds about right.
Kastor Mener
Wow... of all the things to fight in a fight... it HAD to be a shambler...
Thomas Brown
#challenge Monster mash! group comp of ocult abom flagetant and mathas, any order. abom MUST TRANSFORM occult MUST use skills that summon from the abyss.
how did the shambler spawn? is it part of a mod?