Jennifer Hudson - The Star Spangled Banner, Super Bowl XLIII 2009, subtitles lyrics HD 720p

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Jennifer Hudson performs 'The Star-Spangled Banner' for Super Bowl XLIII at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida on February 1st, 2009. Closed captions subtitles of the song lyrics added so you can now sing along with Jennifer! 1280 x 720p, 271 MB © NBC, © NFL 2009 All copyrights and trademarks acknowledged, respected and reserved. This video is for non commercial purposes only.

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Bomb ass kale salad
I'm on a "amazing National Anthem performances" binge. Trying to cure myself from the damage Fergie did.
fed Z
Better then Fergie
just amazing anazing what more can I say?
JESUS FREAKIN CHRIST that was amazing!!! Probably the best living singer (I mean vocally before anyone gets mad)
90s Baby
Came here to cleanse my ears after Fergie disrespected every US citizen lol.
Mar Zea
I'm on a National Anthem binge watching session right now. I just watched Lady Gaga's version, Whitney's and J. Hudson. Now off to Micheal Jackson, Beyonce, and, I might even throw in Janet + Justin for s**ts and giggles. :]
Really great job but it rates a 2nd in comparison to Whitney Houston's version.
Eroni Bale Lagilagi
Beauty!!!! Gives me chills every single time. Definitely one of my favourites and I'm certain will go down in history as one of the best reditions ever.
Dimi G
Who came here after seeing Fergie’s version??
Jala J
them dudes trying not to cry! XD
Nick G
Thanks to this, my ears are now cleansed from Fergie. I’m happy again
VERY close 2nd to Whitney. I love that both of my top two national anthem performances both took place at a Super Bowl in my home metro area: Tampa Bay.
Dody Mahulette
Her Thao
Only fergie could top this
Withus Masunda
The best performance of this rendition I have ever heard.
bubblegum baby
Lol everyone is watching national anthem videos because of Fergie
Kenyen Bloe
dang the end. that was perfect
Igor Henrique
She is capable, but unfortunately it is playback 😔
Krystle Martin
She is a close second to Whitney, in my opinion. And she def did better than Gaga!
Mike Kay
A hair better than!
Dandreb Salangsang
J. Hudson made the national anthem a breakup song. lol
Regina Knox
she killed it I must say!! but Whitney Houston MURDERED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rockyj Owens
Aretha, or Whitney have nothing on this rendition.
currently watching every Superbowl anthem to cure myself from fergie
Génesis Muñoz
holyyyyyyyy She was AMAZING. Chicagoan here. <3
malik Essex
Only one that came close to Whitney Huston
Just swinging through here after hearing Fergie's anthem..
napoleon lafayette
All these people who acting like they know everything about music and vocal classifications get on my nerves they think they know it all and the only degree they holding is from the university of Wikipedia and the community college of YouTube. Some of y'all can't sing a fucking note but want to talk about someone else. Just stay behind your computer and keep convincing yourself you know what your talking about! 😂😂😂😂😂
she is so underrated..
Gabriel Alves
playback. 2:41/ 2:42. "O'er the laaaaaa(breathe)nnnnd..."
M Julie Kaur
After Whitney this has to be the only one that comes close...unbelieveable!
Rodney Setzer
Came to get away from Fergie
Irwansyah Pevensie
fergie's horrible rendition brought me here
Photis Wizard
goosebumps ... even i love the american anthem after that, and i'm like from Cyprus :-)
Jimmy Martinez
Her singing was pre-recorded, as with most "live" national anthem performances. The reverb in huge stadiums like that are far too echoey.
Waylon Landers
Jennifer has a beautiful voice I love her singing I keep watching it over and over and it just bring goodness to me and thank you Veterans for what you did fighting for our country we love you veterans
Marcos T
Fergie take notes, this is how you sing a National Anthem
Came here to flush out Fergie
Chills baby, chills!!!
Anthony Sharp
not as good as Whitney...
Aj Anane
I love this soulful rendition. lol im gonna start just Watching this and Gaga's version every superbowl.
Weyland-Yutani Corporation
The best national anthem ever performed.
she actually hit the highest chest notes out of all the singers! I would stop complaining and just appreciate spectacular talent.
Nei Ferreira
percect,magnific 😱😍👏👏👏👏👏😢👏👏
Frances Lovato
Extraordinary! 💖🎤🎶
Simply Wonderful!
gaga who?
Rockhill Focho
Best rendition ever. Players were all teary.
Renzairo Airp
1st- Whitney' Version 2nd- Mariah 3rd- Hudson
jo ratner
her voice is magnificent...but the arrangement is awful....this isn't theater...
1000 views in and im not tired of it yet. Greatest rendition ever. Flat out.
Precious Baby Doll
Jennifer did one of the best rendition of this song ever done. Jennifer , you killed it !!!
This has too be one of the best National Anthem performances i've heard!
The only performance of the US national anthem that tops this is Whitney Houston, although it is pretty close. Gives me goosebumps every time.
Angelo Fontenot
This is the best version I have ever heard!!!
That’s one of the most amazing national anthem covers I’ve ever seen. I saw Metallica, Joey Belladonna, Luther Vandross and even Whitney Houston and they are all fantastic. These performances are way better than Fergie did
ari ramsi
2:53 is that even voice ? OMG, im AMAZED
Who’s here after Fergies fail performance?
Ryan Tackett
Jenifer has such a powerhouse voice and she killed it
chychy lol
real talent so understated #sad
minvydas bisigirskas
1) Lady Gaga 2) Whitney 3) Her or Beyonce
Sherry Dalton
She is absolutely amazing! For me, this is 2nd only to Whitney Houston’s rendition.
lordJr _
her voice was absolutely incredible, but our national anthem should not be sung like that, it has to be soft, beautiful, and less screaming.. (suddenly reminds me of aguilera's moment)
amazonjungle z
Fergie can learn a thing or two from Jennifer.
Wendy Smith
Absolutely amazing. One of the best versions I have ever heard.
Gnomeo Haranga kill
she done turned this Damn song out lol
RJ Garcia
the best version of national anthem of usa goosebumps!!
Azariah Williams
she made me cry. she sounded so beautiful💙💗💛💜
Jian-Min Zhèng
This has been the best rendition of the US national anthem to date!
Valerie Sanchez
she killed it very beautiful voice
DaisyB Katala
She is great
The best of our time after Whitney's
Juan Ignacio Fernández Fernández
1 place whitney, second place, Jennifer Hudson , 3 place: the brilliant Lady gaga!
Tunner White
I got goosebumps. This song's like her own song
Mark Hudson
Fergie got me here!! JHUD what a master class on how it should be done.
Rubie Mendosa
Jennifer, Ariana, Alicia Keys. ..are the best.who is agree.
Kasa Masaniai Koli
♥ this powerful💯
Bombs doesn't burst in air, but actually they burst on civilians.
Kimberly Plourde
Wow Jen, you got some chops!
I'm just real Period
Whitney Houston had the best sorry... but she sound good
Felicia Griffin
What's significant about this performance is that she did it several months after the murders of her mother, brother, and nephew. Such strength and courage!
Bossy Tweed
Closest to Whitney’s perfection. Since we don’t have Whitney anymore to bless our eardrums with her vocals of the anthem let’s just give the job to Jennifer and let it be. I’ve been rewatching this and Whitney’s performance to clean out my ears after that Fergie bullshit!
Hiburan Youtube
German Rosero
It doesn't even phase her. Comes natural.
Another great rendition of this song!
Aurelia Bessard
Her performance of the star spangled banner is right there with Whitney Houston's!
Joey Atwaini
best version i ever heard..💯
samiam goat
So good right under Whitney.
MegaEpic KiwiMaster
Fergie: can I copy u Jhud: yeah just make it a lil different so they don’t notice Fergie: different you say?
Cortezia Holmes
If I was with Jennifer Hudson, we should sing that together.
Letícia Feitosa Barreto
Jennifer Hudson definitivamente foi a melhor de todas que já cantaram o famoso hino nacional americano!!!
Kiah Jackson
This gave me unending chills. This was her first performance after her temporary leave from the industry after her mom and brother were murdered. What an amazing come back.
Irene Cara
This is how it's done! Perfection!
Alex Clarke
Who has the music producer of Jennifer Hudson's super bowl rendition of the star spangled banner?
Her voice is amazing
Queen Baby