Jennifer Hudson - The Star Spangled Banner, Super Bowl XLIII 2009, subtitles lyrics HD 720p


Jennifer Hudson performs 'The Star-Spangled Banner' for Super Bowl XLIII at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida on February 1st, 2009. Closed captions subtitles of the song lyrics added so you can now sing along with Jennifer! 1280 x 720p, 271 MB © NBC, © NFL 2009 All copyrights and trademarks acknowledged, respected and reserved. This video is for non commercial purposes only.

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Photis Wizard
goosebumps ... even i love the american anthem after that, and i'm like from Cyprus :-)
Tera 태라
just amazing anazing what more can I say?
Eroni Bale Lagilagi
Beauty!!!! Gives me chills every single time. Definitely one of my favourites and I'm certain will go down in history as one of the best reditions ever.
This has too be one of the best National Anthem performances i've heard!
Weyland-Yutani Corporation
The best national anthem ever performed.
She make any song a church song
ari ramsi
2:53 is that even voice ? OMG, im AMAZED
Mar Zea
I'm on a National Anthem binge watching session right now. I just watched Lady Gaga's version, Whitney's and J. Hudson. Now off to Micheal Jackson, Beyonce, and, I might even throw in Janet + Justin for s**ts and giggles. :]
Alexis Guzman
Wow. Unbelievable. You'd all stand up for miley cyrus or selena gomez but when ACTUAL natural born talent comes along you shut it down. Any one in their right mind would know a phenomenal voice when they hear one. Sorry but your opinion is invalid but thanks for stopping by(:
Kiah Jackson
This gave me unending chills. This was her first performance after her temporary leave from the industry after her mom and brother were murdered. What an amazing come back.
Raven Shaw
This was good but NOBODY did it better that Whitney. Whitney didn't need all those runs to show she had a powerful voice.
Her Thao
The best ever was done by none other than Whitney Houston period... I damn near got teary eyed hearing that wonderful voice grace our national anthem.....
God Bless That Incredibly BEAUTIFUL AND AMAZINGGG Voice Of Hers !!!
Kenyen Bloe
dang the end. that was perfect
I love the late Whitney Houston but this rendition is on the top of the list! Whitney's rendition was pre-recorded and all the flaws were erased!
Manny A
I don't like when our National Anthem is changed up, but Jennifer still sounded great and LIVE
Withus Masunda
The best performance of this rendition I have ever heard.
Harry Patton
After you reach a certain level of excellence (Whitney, Jennifer, etc), there is no point of debating which version is the best. However, I must admit that I really feel the anointing in this rendition!
This rendition will never go unnoticed. It will always be timeless. I love this!
man what a powerful voice she has.. natural talent.. among the best.. bravo!
Kenzo Tanaka
Good, but nothing comparing with Houston's performance
Mike Kay
A hair better than!
JESUS FREAKIN CHRIST that was amazing!!! Probably the best living singer (I mean vocally before anyone gets mad)
Bombs doesn't burst in air, but actually they burst on civilians.
she is so underrated..
Such a powerhouse performance! You know someone is emoting the meaning of the song when the voice behind the words sends chills through your body.
ary top
Whitney's version is the best....forever and ever...
Zack !
I can't believe how people on here are being so hateful. I would love to see you sing that long and powerful. You people need to just lay off!
Cookin with SurfinSapo
The best ever!!
Chris Deleon
No Way This is not lipped synched, you can see her breathing and everything
Jeremiah Saint
those belted notes are insane  no one tops whitney but this sure comes closer than anyone before  holy crap - usually i am underwhelmed when I hear this sung, but jesus she slayed it 
Anderson Andrade
The best singer of national anthem!! Better than Beyonce, Lady Gaga The best from YouTube!
Venus Aziara
Thats what Christina Aguilera was trying to do at the end
Really great job but it rates a 2nd in comparison to Whitney Houston's version.
Marlin Smith
As much as I love Whitney's Houston's rendition it is obvious that Jennifer Hudson's was better! Whitney sung this flawlessly but she lacked emotion, pride, and I found it to be quite bland. Jennifer Hudson has always sang with with emotion and power and thats why hers is the best! So stop denying the truth please! Thanks!
Jala J
them dudes trying not to cry! XD
Génesis Muñoz
holyyyyyyyy She was AMAZING. Chicagoan here. <3
This was damn good! I would definitely give it a strong #2 over Whitney! I am so tired of people saying her version was prerecorded and she was lip synching. Well, WE ALL know that was the committee that required that because of the size of the stadium. The sound quality in 1991 was not the same quality we have today. her prime in 1991 would have song the shit out of this live and we all know that. Recorded or was Whitney and her rendition was effortless mmmmkkk! Go J Hud! cause she too sung her face off!!!! She is in arguably the Whitney of the millennials....but in my age bracket...watching it in 91 Whitney's version would never be topped.
Jonathan Brealey
This is dreadful. Just sing it dammit!! The British national anthem is never allowed to be murdered like this!!
Jian-Min Zhèng
This has been the best rendition of the US national anthem to date!
Matteo Carvalho
1. Whitney Houston 2. Lady Gaga 3. Jennifer Hudson 😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇
Ryan Nicoletti
This is so beautiful
I may be very alone in this (I don't mind); this is the best rendition of the National Anthem.
Keanan Lyle Mitchell
Absolutely spectacular, soulful and it served it's purpose of inspiring the players! It's way better than some of the awful pop singer's version! 😪 Jennifer Hudson's talent is straight from heaven! Haha beautiful!! Listened to it about 50 times!
Jason Mcphie
she sings so calmly... it doesnt even look like shes singing lol.... she good!
Sassy Sophia
Shut the he'll up. She made the national anthem better than that dry as version yall got.
Brandon Bailey
I felt the struggle lol. I love effortless. Like whitney.
Joey Atwaini
best version i ever heard..💯
Black women from America CAN sing!
Zack !
Jennifer Hudson is so freaking amazing!! Now that's how its done!! Yes!!
Stacey Savage
I am so sorry for ever thinking Jennifer Hudsons technique was spotty this was flawless
napoleon lafayette
All these people who acting like they know everything about music and vocal classifications get on my nerves they think they know it all and the only degree they holding is from the university of Wikipedia and the community college of YouTube. Some of y'all can't sing a fucking note but want to talk about someone else. Just stay behind your computer and keep convincing yourself you know what your talking about! 😂😂😂😂😂
Rockhill Focho
Best rendition ever. Players were all teary.
Badjess Sarcon
No one beats whitney
Making my yearly viewing visit on Super bowl day as this was my favorite version to date
Waylon Landers
Jennifer has a beautiful voice I love her singing I keep watching it over and over and it just bring goodness to me and thank you Veterans for what you did fighting for our country we love you veterans
Water Lay
the best of the best...
Tramaine Mason
I'm sorry but this was not better than Whitneys redition.Whitney kept it Patriotic While still being a power house. Hudson turned it into and R & B why did you leave me redition, Belting and screaming 80% of the song. She can sing don't get me wrong. This for was just doing to much with a song where it isn't needed. Whitney's was flawless
Gabriel Alves
playback. 2:41/ 2:42. "O'er the laaaaaa(breathe)nnnnd..."
Lol...sorry not even close to Whitney's. This girl just tries way too hard
Richard York
There's a difference between singing and screaming. Whitney sang that song!!!
Pete Wong
Krystle Martin
She is a close second to Whitney, in my opinion. And she def did better than Gaga!
Chills baby, chills!!!
It was a close fight, but... at 1:51 JHud started landing multiple blows. 2:14 she had her on the ropes. 2:25-2:39 was a damn near lethal combination. 2:45 was the KO punch to Whitney's Version. By 2:52, JHud was just monkey stumping her at that point.
Dody Mahulette
Regina Knox
she killed it I must say!! but Whitney Houston MURDERED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jimmy Martinez
Her singing was pre-recorded, as with most "live" national anthem performances. The reverb in huge stadiums like that are far too echoey.
Simply Wonderful!
No one has or can sing it better...
Not even trying to wipe the tears from my eyes....
she actually hit the highest chest notes out of all the singers! I would stop complaining and just appreciate spectacular talent.
Thomas Keenan Music
Personally I think this version is absolutely breath taking, and It doesn't bother me at all. I'm proud to say that America is home to such an insanely talented singer who did more than give our national anthem justice. J HUDSON IS MY GIRL ✌️
Aj Anane
I love this soulful rendition. lol im gonna start just Watching this and Gaga's version every superbowl.
Goat icey
The best ever.!!!!
Rockyj Owens
Aretha, or Whitney have nothing on this rendition.
Patrick Gallimore
One of the best renditions of the US National Anthem, that, I've ever heard...Comparing this rendition to Whitney's is like comparing two Bugatti Veyrons or a Van Gogh and a Rembrandt...Why bother?...I'd, rather, just enjoy and celebrate them bith.
Teheran Height
They need Fantasia to do the super bowl
Ricky Muniz
SPECTACULAR! Her vocal range is beyond amazing. However, Lady GaGa just has more star power, it just is. In my opinion, Jennifer Hudson can outsing just about anyone. The order of amazing for national anthem is 1)Whitney, 2)Mariah, 3)Jennifer Hudson, 4) Lady GaGa, 5)Justin Timberlake.
hOgÉ gOt FaNz
She killed it 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼😁
malik Essex
Only one that came close to Whitney Huston
1000 views in and im not tired of it yet. Greatest rendition ever. Flat out.
The only performance of the US national anthem that tops this is Whitney Houston, although it is pretty close. Gives me goosebumps every time.
Igor Henrique
She is capable, but unfortunately it is playback 😔
WOW that was just...  just horrible.
Tristan Robin Blakeman
No, it was written so you could get on youtube and write nasty meanspirited stuff about people who are able to do things you can only dream of doing.
Nei Ferreira
percect,magnific 😱😍👏👏👏👏👏😢👏👏
minvydas bisigirskas
1) Lady Gaga 2) Whitney 3) Her or Beyonce
VERY close 2nd to Whitney. I love that both of my top two national anthem performances both took place at a Super Bowl in my home metro area: Tampa Bay.
gaga who?
Anthony Sharp
not as good as Whitney...
Jake Luna
The best National Anthem the Super Bowl ever had and ever will! Her voice is amazing! Not a single flaw. (:
Nicolas Correia
It is playback and I hate to admit it.
This is still one of my favourite vocal performances of all time! To me this even marginally beats out Mariah and Whitney's versions (although I prefer them as artists).
Chris Lee
For the people that think her rendition of our National Anthem was horrendous(which I don't at all), everyone has to remember that just months before the Super Bowl, her mother, brother, and niece were murdered. While the murders did take place in October, there had to have been some emotional ramifications at the time, even if 5 months had passed.
Gnomeo Haranga kill
she done turned this Damn song out lol
jo ratner
her voice is magnificent...but the arrangement is awful....this isn't theater...