Three Days Grace - Wake Up (Unplugged) Live


Three Days Grace - Wake up Live unplugged

three days grace tdg 3dg wake up live unplugged

David Mejia
8 people do not wake up
Oguzhan Varan
0:38 That was close :D Saying talk instead of fuck was worth to see. He was like oh, at the last moment, keep it low :D
Bobby Morris
how the hell does he play guitar and sing at the same time. i can't even play guitar
AH Brandon Anime Reviews
thank god he got off the oxycotin cause he looks super stoned
zachary Dearden
everyone's singing about getting second chances and I haven't even go my first
Very talented band
Lauren Goldstein
I miss these days
Victor Chaparro
Rock will never die
Kaprice Kowalski
Guys his voice sounds exactly like the recording
Alexander Cube
I've known this song for more than 4 years and only now after all my life experience it truly speaks to me
Stoned 3DG and Adam with mohawk is the best thing you can listen to.
ok we will do wake up first ok
Kay Kay
Иван Иванов
Ништяк песня.
Bboy Darky
1thing 2say 3days grace 4ever!!!! <3
Adam Gontier
How Could Someone Dislike this Ps adam is my bae
я дурак Ильмир
Круто))))) Я по-ходу единственный из России
its unbelievable how little his voice has changed over the years. god i love TDG
Tiff B
no words it was perfect😍
AH Brandon Anime Reviews
@ovechkin8er15 i dont agree with that the second and third album is way better
burning charcoal
4 ppl dont get that three days grace rocks!
Gosh, at 2:24 the guitars and drumbeat, it's orgasmic. My favorite part of song personally.
Sensei P
If girls needed so many drinks to talk that would be fucking awesome :)
habeeb alhalwajy
This isnt music It's greater than music I just miss the old tdg
круто чё сказать
The evolution of Three Days Grace
Paddy O'Connor
Shayde Turing
Why is this censored?????? I mean we all know what he said so I don't see why it should be censored xDDD Anyway I LOVE HIS VOICEEEEE
Eric Cartman
i love adam's hair =] he suits most hairstyles going =P
Where the hell are you when I need you!?
Ardit Sadiku
Wow! Awesome! Adam and Barry were really great and Neil was awesome on the bongos!
David Looby
what do u mean? three days grace is better and better every time they make a new song. All of their songs are just amazing, just leave it at that.
i like fuck better lol. Uhhh didn't mean it like that...well actually that wouldn't be untrue lol
Que hermoso *-*
Brian Reddington
I think it sounds better unplugged then the album version go ahead amd disagree
Is it just me or does Adam sounds groggy and broken voice on the high notes? It also sounds really forced here too
Tori Langille
suppose to be drunk enough to fuck
Natasha Watson
ahhhh perfect
@sukamepeep haha it sounds weird him saying talk.This is the best band ever!!!!!
Robin Jung
Adam is amazing great song
i wish he said "Fuck" its so sexy when he does. :)
Where the hell are YOU... when I need you??
Sarah Rey
Sounds as good as the original😊
@worldman1031 Barry's too bad ass to sing
GyM KinG
cade os Br dessa porra ??
Where is Brad?
Darcie Peterson
Favorite TDG song ever!
Martin Kanashiro
couse you´re not drunk enough to TALK hahahahahahahaha
Kyra Vink
lol I wish I could go back in time 
Sensei P
I'll never understand people who dislike videos with low views like this one. It's not in their face like that MTV garbage that appears everywhere and "Wake up" is probably the most underrated 3DG song. So basically they've searched this song and disliked it.  I don't normally make a big deal with dislikes but damn it.
love three days grace
Naama Loll
lol wtf ? they only get better!!
Eduh Chokito Nunes
wake up ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
liz lizard
I miss Adam the new guys good but he will never beat Adam :( Even when Adam sings live it sounds awesome <3 love him so much I hope he feels better
very good song
Sandy Storm
Where is brad?
Marwan Abd El-Ghany
Damn I miss these days
Maurizia Villa
What a voice!
Decker Bautista
Excelente Adán Gontier me a encantado
I would of loved to be a teen at 16 and 17 in this era. I would of loved it, I'm nothing like anyone else in 2017 and I'm 19 stuck in the wrong time.
Where was Brad ?
ponokio Car seller
Does the one on the drums look like jay from the inbetweeners? (Sorry I don't know his name,i know all the others names) Like if you agree
Ricardo Ricci
what a voice
240p we meet again...
Official Noodle
I wish that I was there
Rimuru Tempest
His voice was so good at that time...Now for some reason his voice got lot worse than it was .. :(
the hypocritical show
24 people don't wake up.
Tanner Fry
Adam is extremely pilled out here
so clean.. :D
Riccardo Seghetti
Great voice Adam!
TheBanana Man
23 people like dubstep
Elizabeth Gutierrez
They said talk not fuck
Isabella Marshall
trying to teach myself to pay this song
Triatan Albrecht
Back when MTV played good music
Rich Thomas
GREAT version of this song
Lisa B
what a voice
Queen of the Imperium
He's beautiful. I'm so happy he finally found the love of his life and is happy.❤️
Britney Mace
Where's Brad?
Oscar Lugo
I love This song
love it
+Oguzhan LOL yeah, that was a close call, Adam did a good job.
talented n great
Голубь Городской
какой Нил красивый был в молодости....
Anonymous 27
I love this, Three Days Grace is the best. They're my favorite band.
what guitar is that? what size is it? I want one :D
is that adam
Danny P
Neil Looks so much younger, this was what 2003, 2004
Bianca Pereira
Stefan Pacher
What is the god damn tuning of the guitar in this Video? I can't figure out. Its so much easier to sing this way.. Please help me out on this one
Jose Alejandro Riquelme Plaza
adam porfavor vuelve
Briseis Charming
Love you so much. My favorite rockband
Anime Freak
RLZ ;)) rocktime :)
Стюарт Ли
не единственный))
Where is brad
Where I brad?
Gazda Gruja
lol no... you must be a newbie
Danny Sands
That is a really hard song to play on guitar
Gazda Gruja
its 1 step down
Angel Smiley
Whys it gota be censored