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Kaiba Man
Despicable Me 4: The Grinch
chris Sumner
I thought dr. Seuss wife will not allow anymore of his books to be made
Popular Pen-Name
Two seconds into the *T R A I L E R* and the first thing has already been done wrong, the original Grinch was a story told visually under a narrator and it was perfectly affect, this has talking, they are going to do to it what they've done to every other adaptation of Dr. Suess, mark my words!, if there are talking and Illumination involved then this will crash and burn! those are the two deadly sins of animated Seuss cinema that when combined shall cause the 2012 of animated!.
Youra kid Youra squid
Eh, too much like despicable me :\
Under 342
*Waiting for Meme*
Eh, I'd watch it high
say what you want about illiumination, they have some of the best detailed animators in the world as far as i know
Jim Carey is the og grinch & this will not come close
I,m sorry did that say Benedict Cumberbatch!! IM WATCHING THIS!!!
They made this movie coz it's like Gru... if that ain't lazy then I don't know what is.
Ricardo Echavarria
Wow nice I want to see!!
Cancer Man Aka. SlaayerPlaayer
2:10 How many times is illumation gonna use that font? Seriously, wasn't that used for the lorax and some other movies???
James Lawner
Is this part of the same universe as The Lorax?
Ally Rose
My favourite movie plus Benedict Cumberbatch! 😍😍
This is a terrible looking Grinch. He doesn't look mean. He looks cutesy and it's hard to believe that he's harboring some kind of hatred for the Whos.
alejandra garcia
Why does he remind me of gru in the first movie 😂
No need for a remake the live action was good enough
maya damerum
I didn't know grinch was an fan of despicable me
Killstreak 64
This has nothing to do with the jim carrys or the book version and if this is a box ofioce hit im going to be pissed
\ BreadDisposal /
Uh yeah they can get a different voice actor for the grinch and also never play the song happy again ok thanks xoxo
atiliopool Atilio Rg
brandon snow
nope ill stick with the Jim Carrey version.
Hope Wessel
Absolute garbage how dare they
ecky babs
I will be extremely surprised if I enjoy this 'movie'.
m'kay bye
Cartoon Nation Animation
He still looks like a rapist
From the creators of *DESPICABLE ME* everything kinda looks like despicable me style. , *THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS* dog is named Max after the dog from the secret life of pets also kinda looks like max from the secret life of pets. And *SING* ... i didnt saw any simularities.
MeMe Smile7
I love this I think this is going to be a great movie but this can’t beat the Jim Carrey version we all know that
Did anyone else see Club Penguin at 2:03
Wonjae Yi
The Who’s should be afraid of him.
Odd Audrey
The only good movie this company created is Despicable Me and they quickly ruined it because of the success of the minions...This Grinch seems more petty than anything, not as much there compared to the original and Jim Carrey.
Arnel Andrada
All ready better than the other one with live actors.
1:55 did that pickle shrink or am I just missing something?
The part where Grinch calls out for his dog and where he says no to a grocery store customer helps me to see why Cumberbatch was cast into the role. He can make his voice really deep when he wants to. As for the rest, I just wish we could have spent more time with the character’s speaking moments to fully understand what he’s going to sound like. Mostly because I can’t help but feel like someone could do the Grinch better. Like Christopher Lloyd. Also, I realize that the trailer makes it look like it won’t come close to the book, but, maybe the second trailer will be better and give people the idea of what it’s going to be like. Plus, I think some of the things featured here could only be there for the fun of it and to play with our eyes and minds.
Bill Cipher Triangle Boi
This doesn't actually look that bad
Extinction Animation
Damn it Illumination when will you realize that Blue Sky is the only company that can make a good Dr.Suess adaptation.
Bruh, everyone sayin it sucks but havent even WATCHED it yet...
There are already two Grinch movies....the perfected animated classic, and the abomination that was Jim Carry's take. Why again, so soon?
velli Bean
I’m upset, this will never be the og grinch movie😭and the ad to this came on before the video 😂😭
Eduardo Escobar
josmar tecson
He is like gru
This movie reminds me of Horton Hears a Who.
Thomas Godts
I want to see minios and that movie everyday!!!
Alexander Marston
Animation 🤢
Kayla Meredith
The ad for the movie came on before the clip so now I'm just watching it again...
this animation <3 still... i feel some type of way with all these classic adaptations and remakes...
YES! It’s going to be so good! I’m so excited!!
Sam Boyd1981
We need a grinch and minion crossover! Like if you agree!
Lena Mathiason
Really? 😕
I can still see Gru in this Grinch. But I guess it's a funny movie for kids sure they like it.
Are you guys absolutely positive that The Emoji Movie is the worst?
Stop ruining movies
Mason Eubank
Guilos Gamer
Da me tu cosita
Leafy Junior
Should of made Jim Carrey do the voice of the grinch✊
Geneva Perez
every day that passes, the grinch gets closer and closer to being a second version of the onceler... i cant go through this again. not a second time. i think the internet has had enough. please dont do this to me, pixar, we dont need more material. also benedict cumberbatch has played both sherlock (a really terrible depiction of a genius, super insulting to everyone) and like five million whitewashed roles, so not a fan of that either.
LPS Doggy Girl
Oney Buttwillies
Grinches design is too clean, and the voice doesnt really work for the character
Anna DuBray
noooooooooooooooooooo pleeeeeeeeeez
Okay literally the only thing making me want to see this is the fact that he's nonchalantly walking into town. I thought all the Whos feared him? Or... is this a prologue of some kind?
1. Cash cows at the start 2. Happy by Pharrell Williams 3. Bad song remix 4. Bad voice 5. Seemingly bad storyline 6. Illumination 7. Illumination 8. Did I say Illumination? 9. Doesn't release in December.
Mark Gaming
Bitzh Titz
eXcUsE mE, that don't sound like Jim Carrey #notmygrinch
Why does universal always put happy in all the movies. Wasn't it enough to have it in DM2 The Secret life of pets but no they had to keep going and they decided hey let's put it in the grinch. And it happened. What I'm saying is happy is old
Vernon Smith
2:04 XD
Valerie C22
I thought people were afraid of the grinch. Now he's just shopping at the super market like whatever lol. And he's basically me in the morning 😂
Hardcore Barbie GamerGirl
First hand drawn animation, then live action, now CG animation. I propose a new Grinch movie in a different medium every decade. Next up: stop motion animation.
Francisco Lucero
hahah doctor strange is the Grinch he died in infinity war so his soul goes to grinch
Kittyexploshin Ascencio
....The animation is good but the grinches voice doesn’t suit him at all
Angelica King
I LOVE the way the animation looks! :D I'm actually pretty excited for this movie. Plus, it's got Benedict Cumberbatch as the Grinch... I gotta see it. XD
Quintus Gaming-MCPE-
Myster grich
IsThis Cosure
So many angry people begging for failure...A movie you don't like (despite not having seen it) is not going to make your life worse. Jim Carreys Grinch will always be my favorite, but I'm not gonna be irrational about a movie that doesn't have anything to do with it other than having "The Grinch" attached to it.
Alana Johnson
I'm sticking with the Jim Carrey version
sily sister
They took the chring out of crinch now its ice skater....nice...I guess
Sam Zheng
This is gonna make Jim Carrey's grinch seem like a masterpiece
Garvey Neal
Omg I like to see what benidict cumberbatch’s grinch is better than Jim carrey’s Version
Enola Paul
Prosecution quarterback hurry grain shot obvious particularly eventually guitar gentle Arab spend
Toonex Media
Not digging the voice, we need jim carrey. This guy just makes him sound like the once-ler
Elvira Crona
me plat sig
Alexander Ayala
Go away
Why are his teeth white!!! Why is his home orginized!!! Why aren't the whos scared of him!!!! This is not right!!!
I bet he hates "Smile Darn Ya Smile" too!
lina bell
Alex toyworld
I liked the Grinch song but from the original animation. The rock version isn't that good.
T ruffles
OH dear. THe grinch has that cumberbatch face. Good job illumination
Tg111 Fore
Brandt Johnson
lucyedith idarraga
Qe marravilla
Ryan Babin
robert the cartoon charactrer
Jewels InWonderLand
Because I’mHappy
I-really-dk Anymore
When he started yelling I could immediately tell that it was bandaid carflesnarp
Delicious Delights By Denise
Still not as bad as the Emoji Movie
Lovable panda
I wanna see this
Joyce Lee