Lara Fabian - Adagio - (Live) (Armenia, Yerevan 18.03.2011)

Lara Fabian - Adagio - Armenia, Yerevan 18.03.2011 Запретили фотографировать и снимать видео. Извините за качество. Banned from taking pictures and shooting video. Sorry for the quality.

In assoluto una delle più belle voci del mondo!!
very nice
Rafael Petrosyan
hrashq dzayna! great performance!
Ma Vie
thank u for sharing!
so amaaaaaaaazing!!! love this woman!
Levon Gyulzadyan
Shaaaaaaaaaaat lavner [email protected])
Mary Yolchian
i have no words to explain my feelings.....i adore this song...great performance, great makes me cry...bravo Lara!!! you're amazing!!!! You're an Angel!!! Awesomeeeeee!!!!
Oh my God. She is amazing again. She is amazing always. Just incredible woman. There is no word that can describe her. I think only language of songs can do it. So, Lara-Angeles, learn how to sing perfect and then perform a concert with Lara's song. And, surely, invite her) Thank you, Lara. You returned your name of live sing-diva!
Anahit Masuryan
the concert was a huge success, on t'aime nous ange!
Thank you, once again!