LOWRIDER Model Car and Bike show

@adaywithcaliboy checked out some of the baddest lil half scale model cars and bikes on sunday

Top Dog customs 63 Chev
Love everything in there thank you for sharing CALIBOY if I was there I'd have been trying to buy up everything amazing work some of the most greatest Builders out there the paint jobs were unbelievable
Lupe Jojola
Homie you're videos are kool as f#@& keep em coming
Styrene Sleds
Thanks for showing the MODEL'S , BIKE'S & PEDAL CAR'S Caliboy. Some out standing Build's with the paint jobs, super Details. Another Great Vid. Fo'life.....
What up man it was cool meeting and i'm the guy from Orlando with the all Gold parts on the Caddy.
Ashley Davis
those hydraulic suspension is crazy I want 1
Chris Clark
Someone must have a video documenting one of these builds. I would love to watch one getting built. I’m in awe of all the detail.
Ivan Luna78
Thanks for the great footage caliboy 🔥 always bringing them dope azz videos keep doing your thing homie 😎👊
Love to go to an event like this and maybe buy some already built. Amazing work
I still got my monte and 59 with switches and gold ones.with big knock offs
Manuel Cruz
Wow that drive inn from down 2 scale is bad ass. 👍
michael burnett
Good look Caliboy I live in the Philippines and building a bike right now very inspiring cause it’s hard as you know what to build a Lowrider here car that is cause of customs but I will build one or buy it lol
JUan Olivares
Sick dude😍
Firemanfood 1988
Nice need to do that to a 1/64 scale with the hydraulics
football life
Those lowrider bikes 🔥
8:01 Kane's 5.0 Mustang with cheese from Menace 2 society lol
John Beer
next year 2020 we all should come out with the 1:18 scale lowriders buy them from that oldschool brand American muscle and others & build them the 1:18 metal ones with switches dam that be sick like that hot wheels one purple 65 convertible impala😉
Kevin n Kade LowRider Addiction
Me n my son(6yrs) enjoyed the hell out this post.. RESPECT n Always 100 Kakaaawwww
Bigg Stan's Hobbies & Collectibles
Shout out to the homie CaliBoy for the exclusive model car show footage from Caddy Fest 2018!
Madlab Models
Some really awesome scale lowriders. Thanks for Sharing
16:07 what brand are these beauty’s
Ronald Hawkins
When I watch this, I feel like I'm being teased.
Dope video bro thanks big dogg
Victor Ortiz
Thanks for sharing this is absolutely awesome sooooooooo much attention to detail the paint jobs are unreal mostly on something so small mad props to the builders!!!!
The Homie Juan
I've always been scoping fa these
Jose Figueroa
This video is dope 💯
That Diorama where the Guy had The Model of his House with all of the Low Riders In the Yard was So Dope. That gave me some ideas. The people in California are So Creative. I Truly Admire what Everyone Does on The West Coast. Vic...... I am into the Same Things as well. This is all A Lifestyle for me...
lelo miliken
Awesome!!! I felt like I was there.. Felt.😎
Drew Gberg
Great video homie! Only thing I could say to make it better is try zooming in so we can see the detail.
SNKY Solez
I see David Champion cars are there
Buds Galvan
What year and model is this car 6:17
Sic a$$ video Big Homie I had no idea cats were doing model cars at this level! Makes me wanna try and get bac in the game..the attention to detail that’s put in nowadays has these cars looking like the realdeal if not better.. 29:20 damn I remember that bike from bac in the days had the poster on my wall too😎
Nelson B
I want them all!!!!
Nick Fiscina
Even got a low low on tow tow lol
J Francisker
Jeqwan Williams
Where will the next one be and where at?
Man and just think, most of those builds came from So Cal. But there are sick sick model car and big scale car builders and painters all over this globe. I just knew DOWN 2 SCALE, MASTERPIECE, MCBA would be there holding it down, I have not seen those fools in few a years, but we still homie's, They would know me as "HYDROHYPE" from layitlow and the first Cali dude to rep LOS UNDERGROUND KINGS model car club..
I use to have a gold 78 cadi like that model and that 68 green. mines was rootbeer brown real cars tho.
8:02 ......Ha...Menace to Society....Cane's Mustang.
Haki Shakur
Looking to purchase a lowrider rc but everyone I come across won't sale or point me to any place or person. How do I get my hands on one because I want to start collecting?
John Beer
dam all them clean Cadillacs the one black el Dorado at 2:50 look nice
I remember I had a red impala remote hopper toy that I used to have when I was like 5 maybe. An my moms dad had toy lowriders behind some glass cabinet and i wanted to play with them so bad but he would get mad if anyone touched them. The last time I got a toy lowrider car was like 07 when I went to visit in L.A. an we went to some swap meet. I always liked toy cars though even just the dub ones at Walmart I used to have a lot when I was a kid. A orange gto and some hummer and a silver Jeep is three that I had.
willam marion
Looks Like I might get back into this hobby this weekend. OMG last time I built me a Lowrider Car Model was back in the early 90s. ;) Thanks for sharing this hobby to us.
Road Glider
That's about all I can afford right there. 😭😭😭
Just when u thought u seen it all! I luv it! Good lookin’ out CaliBoy!
What up Cali do you have that flyer from the beginning of the video of the show if so let's do business
Ronald Hawkins
How do they create the bodies for these?
Robert Wesker
Hey Los. This Is a Nice Video. This is the Future of Low Riding right here. Everyone there was having a Great Time And The Atmosphere looked and felt Relaxed. You should start a Model Car Club and sell Model Cars on Your Web site with your Merchandise. I saw Jeveries there with the R. C. Lowriders at his booth. I build Models Cars and Space ships for people all the time. I wish we had Events like this in Kansas City. Vic
Alex Moreno
Where is that place located
David Paz
a donde puedo comprar un carrito de esos
💎💎💎💎💎💎THANKS for this ViD Caliboy....I'm from Philly ...your car videos are SICK...this video of the models I'd KOOL....so they sell these models there 2 or just show them off?💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎
Badass vid bro!!
romdre 81
Would any of these b up for sale if so how can I get a up with em? I collect diecast lowriders but the only ones I got r the old revelle n hot wheels with adjustable suspensions. I've been all over the internet look for the kits to make my own but can't find shit
Johnny 112400
That’s fucking dope........
Bobby Powell
Nick Fiscina
Someone is not fuckin around with Thier cars homie
Sick vid follow my Instagram model car build's @chevyboy602
Dope video 🔥💯Caliboy’s the shit!!!
That shit stupid.
Barbara Hernandez
Sick ass model cars
Hot Wheels Matchbox Kustom Miniature cars
Yo homie That's my boy Dennis from my part of town Orlando. I see u D still doin it with the model cars. I do it with Hot Wheels Caliboy check out my Facebook page if u got facebook. Sc00p's Kustom Die cast builds. I build anything and everything come check me out
Steve Minor
Cool ass toys