Mark Knopfler - Brothers In Arms (A Night In London 1996)

Personnel Mark Knopfler – vocals, guitar Richard Bennett – guitar Guy Fletcher – keyboards, backing vocals, acoustic guitar Jim Cox – keyboards, backing vocals Glenn Worf – bass, backing vocals Chad Cromwell – drums Paul Franklin – pedal steel guitar Sonny Landreth – guitar Jools Holland – piano Dónal Lunny – bouzouki Liam O'Flynn – uilleann pipes Seán Keane – violin Máirtín O'Connor – accordion Sonia Slany – violin Jules Singleton – violin Jocelyn Pook – viola Dinah Beamish – cello

Janis Giddings
What ever idiot put a thumbs down to that tune has no ear for music, That is one of the best tunes ever written .
This is Censure Asylum
I was still ateenager when this albuam was released. It featured in the No1 hit Tv show of the day "Miami Vice*. I watched that show religiously, never missed an episode. Then one episode featured the title track "Brothers in arms" When I came of age in the Margaret Thatcher years - there were no jobs for youths like me, so I joined the British army - I went to war in the Gulf and then Northern Ireland and many more fighting and conflicts after that. I carried that tune in my head the whole time. I look forward to seeing you in concert Mark Knopfler.
Xolani Makepula
One of the best songs, I've heard so far in my life.
RIP to the lads that paid the ultimate price never forgotten
Sternchen Stinker
I love his scratching voice and his singing guitar ^^
no matter how many times you have heard this song, it will always thrill and make us think that we are brothers here on this planet and we must love the next one and not cause wars or evil things.
Magnix Breehm
There's so many different words-so many different suns - and we have just one world but we live in different ones...
Cyprien Mihigo
Amazing Mark Knopfler. Thank you
james walker
Bit drunk here this amazing performance made me cry x
This always makes me think of all the senseless killing in the wars around the world, millions of deaths for what... greed, power ! Then what ? more wars.. more killing ! It brings tears to my eyes...
Benjamin Walkenhorst
Amazing song, amazing performance. The message seems more like plain common sense to me, but it seems that too many people still have not learned that lesson. Let's hope our children will finally learn it.
Damn it’s so good , you cannot compare his tune to anything else ...
Knopfler makes it look like an 8 minute long improvisation. Like it's just one take. While he plays some of the most sophisticated licks ever.
Jens Haenel
Mark Knopfler.. Dire Straits.. Simply the best. Brings so many happy moments!..
Kostas Faidas
Chloe kenny
We played this song at my dads funeral as he loved this song and also could play this and many dire straits on guitar god rest his soul xxx
Camilla Pehrson
When I listen to this, I remember my father who loved this song.
Grouik R7
Magnifique À jamais le meilleur
Jesus Gomez Mateos
mucho mejor que de más joven y ya era muy bueno pero ahora melodía para mis oídos fantástico🤟🤟😂🙌
Job Almeida
Que música linda, a voz, o instrumental, de onde venho a inspiração para compor essa música? Sensacional.
The Jazzbass
One of the most important Songs in music history. This Version just from another world. Goes direcly into the heart.
Eunice Oliveira
Este é o cara👏👏👏na hora que sola...uau....bravo!👏♥
joseph humphrey
This man is a true artist in that he does't just entertain, he makes a powerful statement. His guitar playing is legendary, but I think his real gift to the world was lyric writing. Great idea using the live strings, they provide a powerful voice that is hard to replicate w/ keyboards. Beautiful stage, very nice job on lighting.
८૦ɱԲ૦Ր੮คცՆע ძυɱც
It's really nice to see so many music lovers coming back here for this song... So many different worlds... So many different suns 😑
Riffat Alam
Theres the rest of the world and then theres mark and david gilmour...2 of the best guitarists ever
Out of this world...calls to my very soul.❤️✨
Imagine being lucky enough to play along side legends such as Mark Knopfler or Eric Clapton 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
That Les Paul guitar sounds ecredible!! What a deep, almost unexplainable sound he creates without a pick. Deep respect!
ismail yildirim
Perfect !! nothing more to say it´s 2019 and nothing u can compare to this
Claire Barton
Thank you. Your music is beautiful.
Pavel Blokhin
Thank you! Excellent picture and sound quality! Like and to favorites. Who puts the dislikes? What's not to like here?))))
jim grainger
Well that was pretty fricking awesome, that's all.
Abdullah Moustafa
These mist covered mountains Are a home now for me But my home is the lowlands And always will be Some day you'll return to me Your valleys and your farms And you'll no longer burn To be brothers in arms Through these fields of destruction Baptisms of fire I've witnessed all your suffering As the battle raged higher And though they did hurt me so bad In the fear and alarm You did not desert me My brothers in arms There's so many different worlds So many different suns And we have just one world But we live in different ones Now the sun's gone to hell And the moon's riding high Let me bid you farewell Every man has to die But it's written in the starlight And every line on your palm We're fools to make war On our brothers in arms
Charles Portilho
Uma das melhores músicas de todos os tempos, mas tem horas q o Mark Knopfler demonstra claramente q não quer cantar. One of the best songs ever but there moments which Mark Knopfler let escape he doesnt want to Sing It.
Dave Rademan
Classic. A beautiful track.
Holy NewPie
best song
Emma A
Thank you for giving me a wonderful nostalgic trip to youth and so much memories! Love ❤ Emma
miss loli
Encore plus beau en live une voix envoûtante et un musicien hors catégorie
STEVO 1967
Never a big Dire Straits fan but that was quality from Mr Knopfler.
Joachim K.
OMG, who's cutting those onions, can't stop crying. This is so heartwarming and wonderful! <3 Love and Peace to everybody out there!
Bilal Naoui
It's an 8 mins song, when I finished it I felt like I lived 8 years full of mixed memories
annie caouren
c'st plus de la usique,, du son...c'st de la magie...quelques accords, une phrase, et on pleure....tres tres boulversant
One of the greatest musicians of all times, wonderful....
Just gorgeous!! This intimate concert was the best performance of this genius ever! His way of singing, seeming to be tired of, the way he picked his guitars, optimized with accuracy for each piece as here this magnificent Les Paul, that he makes cry so longly.. That's actually true pure jewels!! Thanks for sharing!!
Superbe mélodie, un grand musicien 👍
Alex Dellaray
Pure pure class
Bo JingYun
One of the best musicians ever ....together with Prince and david Gilmour
I listened to this song for the first time when I was in the army (1986) - that's something I can't forget.
David Mann
This is my favourite rendition of this classic and timeless song, thank you for performing it for us. I now live a long way from my homeland and this never fails to both remind me of it and also bring tears to my eyes.
Tracy Cartwright
Brilliant guitarist and band, love your music, it touches my soul, just out of this world.
Karl Knopf
pure beauty of guitar sound
Hugo Bertani Dressler
This is the most incredible version of that song
Élio Madeira Jr.
Magic Guitar 🎸 song for dream, amazing.
Paddy Grant
My God, the lyrics!!!! xxxxxx Thank You XXXXX
Love you guys, always have, always will....thank you for bringing so much love, relief, hope, POWER and compassion into the world - put your music in my ears when ever I need some starsearching!
Merci beaucoup, merci beaucoup, merci beaucoup et merci beaucoup!!!!,,, 😅😍😍😍😘😘😘 superbe!!!!!
David Santiago
Uma das melhores músicas de todos os tempos! Letra incomparável, emocionante!
Max M. K
I miss you my brother RIP.
Greatest guitar player of all time.
Simon Butler
148 dislikes guessing they were born dead!!!
paul Sergio
Excelent! Feeling...
Jesús David Rodriguez
Maravilloso Video de Mark Knopfler; desde Valencia Venezuela...
J-Pierre Lassalle
Purée, qu’cest beau! Amour amour .. de la musique !!
Nick hgv
so many idiots have hit the thumbs down.
Danthe Couch
Wow; that just blew me away. What a legend.
Passarão novas gerações e não muitos irão saber oque é música de qualidade, assim como essa.
Michael Caldwell
Thanks with all my heart Mark. You've the same name as my big brother, n he's a beautiful man. Thanks again. Love you brother.
Edson Siquara
Thanks Knopfler for this.
He is the most decent guitar player I know
Johan Palmqvist
Thank you! A song that you will never forget!!
Titus Rudolphy
I'm completely silent by this beauty....
This is magic! Not music
Grace Young
when I was young I did not know to appreciate all his songs but then, after some years, I just realize so much to appreciate his songs...including the folk songs. song with great message and impeccable unique guitar playing. thank you sir, me n my husband truly enjoyed the music together..n thank you for uploading this high quality clip..💖💖💖
Nick Cox
back in the days when artistes wrote songs with great music and with a message about humanity-now we just have the shallow crap from the likes of Katy Perry or the hip-hop crowd
Jason Alf
Breathtakingly beautiful. Thank you.
75 lahaye
Magnifique musique 😑
rob knights
Such a beautiful. and distinctive sound he gets from that Gibson
Pepe Cañizares Fernandez
Tu música entra directamente al corazón gracias Knopfler
celio vieira
Ele passa uma simplicidade , uma segurança vocal e instrumental como nenhum outro artista .
Titus Rudolphy
So impressive, I'm flabbergasted, by such beauty!
Taylor Kay
That lick at 7:08 what an amazing guitarist mark knopfler never fails to amaze me
justin mills
Rest in peace Russ , Loved this record , we will always be brothers in arms, Till we stand together again.
Harry Prüfert / Illustrator, Karikaturist -und Pressezeichner
So ein toller Song, so traurig und doch so schön
Nikola Milic
his face on 3:51 the tune, he lives in it
Abdelmalik Rais
Le grand monsieur mark knopfler
Norman Neskio
Mark Knopfler never changed. He never became the Pop-star. He just kept on being - the one. I just love this guy.
Cris Lara
love ❤🙏❤
Johan de Ruiter
To all of us.. For the horrors we've collectively endured through many many lifetimes. We're all brothers and sisters in arms..
I'M crying for them boys xx
Валентина Тарасюк
Спасибо душевно!!!!
Mounir Bekkaoui
Un musicien hors norme !
George aye
Guy is gifted, no one can deny that
Pietro Lai
I love this voice definetely.And this guitar
Truly a masterpiece! Brilliant musician !
karim hassani
these were the good Ol' days, music will never reach this level ever again, sad!
Mogwai 75
Every man an Emperor.God bless lads!!
CBO Franci
Andre Flores
Essa canção eu sempre preciso tá com meu bromazepam e um copo d'água antes de ouvir .. Paixaoooooo essa muita eu tenho por ela !!
thiago leão
Obrigado Mark knopfler
Manda Austin
excellent track this...pure legend they are especially Mark knoplfer... touches your soul....