Bill Cipher Orders a Pizza (Gravity Falls Parody)

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Don't you just hate it when they send you a time vortex instead of a pizza
Imaru Lewis
Bill: "is this pizza" Me: "NOOO, THIS IS PATRICK!!"
RoadOmega The Pig
Bill Cipher is undoubtedly the best reason for an animation with absolutely no logic or sense at all.
"im incredibly lonely"
Super Sloan Boys
Bill: "I guess ill have to find something else for dinner." Bill: "HMMMMMM" *Screen goes red as screams play* Bill: "PIZZA!"
Well, Gravity Falls is over now.... I only cried a lot
Billy Erwin
*I am incredibly lonley!*
I dont know what to put here :p
I should stop drinking my pool
Mona's art and animation
Bogart Rg
gravity falls "logic": how can a inter-dimensional dorito talk without a mouth?
Hello There
Is this pizza? No this is a telephone. Well I beg to differ!
Lance Huskrs
I guess I’ll have to find something else for dinner *HMMMM M M M M M M M M*
I’ll tell ya when gravity falls ended I only cried for 20 minuets
Jackson Otto
This is awesome! I love how you perfectly captured the personality of Bill!
J.J. Simpson
this is me right now *1:13*
I want Bill-ivery to deliver my pizza
John Smith
Bill #1: *Wow! Waiter, there's a Bill Cipher in my soup!* Bill #2: *Hey! Stop drinking my pool!*
Waiter there’s a bill cipher in my soup Claaaaasssiiiiiicccc
Bill-Very xD
Tedd NG
I was wondering if you can make season 3 of Gravity Falls....... ( ͡° ʖ̯ ͡°)
Mabel Pines
Didn't the bill cipher in the soup say stop drinking my pool the 5 seconds later bill is gonna knock it over
L05T_ 50U1
Well, I pressed the like button. But if that was a time vortex, I will destroy you.
Is it me or is it that I'm spitting when I laugh so hard.
The Govenor
Why didn't he eat a book like mcgucket said...
Angel The Dog
Now I feel bad for Bill.
Catty Sans Waifu :3
Bill thinks it's Normal to have a time vortex xD
Burning Dry Ice
Mighty Gurung
How is the animation so good? *Looks at YouTube channel name* Oooooh that makes sense
anomomous bob
Worst ending to the series cuz when Bill got defeated the series why did they end on season 3 they must make it 1 like = 1 season to the show
This is the result of using the first draft of a script that was written ironically...
Sydney Stevens
0:57 You have to appreciate the attention to detail. He opened the door on the wrong side 😉
That Hardworker With A Beanie
Guys dont you just hate it when they send you a time vortex instead of a pizza and they put a bill cipher in your soup.
BonBon fivefour
I'm an incredibly lonely same here bill
Hawaiian Peaches
Don't you hate when you're the only person in a single plane of existence and you order a pizza from yourself
discontinued channel
Would've loved if his body became a pizza slice xD Hilarious and thrilling. Anything with Bill is thrilling to me.
Zay Verse
Please do more of this!! I love Bill Cipher...
Introvert gonwilde
Imagine eating pizza in the shape of your body...
Kellilovestiger KLT
I kinda feel bad for the guy. Does that make me evil for liking him?
Midnight Lucifer
I’m incredibly lonely
Nicholas Johnston
I beg to DIPPER
Wrench OC
Me in a nutshell
Random Rainbows
*I am incredibly lonely!*
This is Your best animation. I'm dead now xD
Joseph Nicholls
“I am incredibly lonely”
Geeky OvO
I love how the music in the video is slightly distorted
Brigid Who loves corgis also hi
it’s just a time vortex!
This is Argus
The life of Bill Cipher after he gets defeated by the Pine twins *Boi, Poor Billy, they shouldn't have done that to him lol jk im not*
Pinkie Pie
I feel a little bad for Bill, despite him being lonely. I'm a pink horse on the internet that cares about people. Don't judge me, I can care about dark demons that will destroy the world that are lonely too! Who knows... *I M I G H T W A N N A D E S T R O Y S O M E T H I N G T O D A Y*
Ally Plays
A magical Dorito eats a pizza. THIS IS MEETING ALL OF MY STANDARDS
mikki hyperfresh
How the hell can he talk with no mouth?
kimand kam
He didn't pay for the pizza because he didn't have any BILLS on him
Bill Cipher
Brianca Ross-Williams
What if Bill's bowtie is actually his mouth Edit:When your greatest achievement is a comment liked 85 times Edit:Jesus christ my comment wasn't that great
Jaden Chavez
0:11 XD
Jason The Gamer
2 years later I just noticed that the clock is going counter-clockwise
Clowny 83
I am incredibly lonely
Göktu Boran
There is a Bill in my soup!
James Kitts
Hello, is this pizza? No, this is a telephone. Well, I beg to *dipper*.
There’s a bill in my soup. why are you buying bills in the soup store
It's called the DreamScape
Psycho Cat
Rip lonely Dorito boi
Canal Play Channel
He eat with your eye
CanineFang Animations
XD POOR SENPAI! “Snaps over a chaotic variety pizza” Delivery guy: how you gonna eat that!? Bill:..... Delivery guy: pay me some dollars 7-7 Bill: but don’t you want some bills “snaps lots of bills” 7w7 Delivery guy:.....I hate wise guys 7-7
my life.
Nadine Depelteau
That moment you realize that your pizza is actually a time vortex.
Ronaldo Agudelo
Ferrin's Kingdom
I am incredibly lonely!
Blaze Rod Gaming
Why does this feel like something tom and jerry would do
Max Usp
the time goes fast there.... THAT'S HOW HE'S A TRILLION YEARS OLD!
Dan The Man
Bill: I Guess I Need To Find Something Else To Eat For Dinner HMMMMMMMMMMM (People Dying In Hell)
Martina Wolf
This is probably happened at some point
Aidan Bitto
Isn't bill friends with all those creatures from weirdmagedon? maybe their ruler
Emily Mcclelland
1:16 Bill:”I am incredibly lonely!” So am I am I...
Spoiler 1230
Mallory Kulcycki
RIP meh fav show
The Harbinger Of Death
I like how the arm that hands him the phone goes limp/dead
Kitana Lathrope
Ha ha ha ha,HAHAHAHA H.....I am INCREDIBLY lonely.😐
Conn Toons
hey a bill, what time is it...? (looks at clock) uuuuh.....
Marisa Kim
I feel like this is what happened and what's basically happening right now when Bill got erased and now he's in some "erased dimension"
Yay it was bill cipher but hes illuminati
-Zane- Discduderules on PSN
*_I AM I N C R E D I B L Y L O N E L Y_*
angel smith
tHeRe'S a BiLl CiPhEr In My s0up!!!
" *I am incredibly lonely!* "
The Janitor Squad
"I guess I'll have to find something else to have for dinner....hmmmmmm" Fire and world destruction goes on in the back. "I know! Pizza!"
Joseph Agar
Is this after Bill got erased?
Unwanted Ghost
This is so accurate to Bill’s personality...
Zeshan Rahman
Wow, Bill:IM LONELY 😩 Alice Angel:dude,meet other demons 😒😑 Bendy:yeah Bill:I already met u guys😂
Bill Cipher
That was one hell of a soup tho
John Smith
Bill#1: *Wow! Waiter, there's a Bill Cipher in my soup!* Bill #2: *Hey! Stop drinking my pool!*
Jaybae My love
I am incredibly lonely
DJL The Video Gamer
Don't you just hate it when you get a Bill Cipher In your soup and a Time Vortex in your pizza?
TulaMinty 146
I clicked this and looked at the creator of the video, and when it said Piemations I said, "OH S**T THIS IS GONNA GOOOODD"
Dogtastrophy 123
He's adorable
Sans Gaming -Animations And Gameplay
1 like=1 Prayer For Bill
Candice C.
Wait as second this isn't pizza it's JuSt A tImE VoRtEX WhAt A rIpOfF!!!!!!
catherine s
Don't you just hate it when you order a pizza and you get a time vortex instead
Nicholas Johnston
I love this