Penny McLean - Lady Bump 1975

Penny McLean - Lady Bump 1975 It's a saturday night and I feel all right So come on let's dance - look at me All I wanna do is to bump with you So come on let's dance - look at me Tonight when we hear the music play You might Learn from me in every way. They call me lady bump lady bump it's no lie - aaaaaaaah Lady bump lady bump - Just the music takes me high. They call me lady bump lady bump uh uh uh aaaaaaaah Lady bump lady bump look at me and you'll know why. No I don't need a break 'cause my hips got to shake - Ooh come on let's dance - look at me All I wanna do is to bump with you So come on, let's dance (look at me) Tonight when we hear the music play - You might learn from me in every way They call me lady bump lady bump it's no lie - aaaaaaaah Lady bump lady bump - Just the music takes me high. They call me lady bump lady bump uh uh uh aaaaaaaah Lady bump lady bump look at me and you'll know why. (Instrumental) They call me lady bump lady bump it's no lie - aaaaaaaah Lady bump lady bump - Just the music takes me high. They call me lady bump lady bump uh uh uh aaaaaaaah Lady bump lady bump Lady bump lady bump uh uh uh aaaaaaaah Just the music takes me high Lady bump uh uh uh

Pop 70s DE Penny McLean They call me Lady Bump Just the music takes high 1975

I know I shouldn't love this , but I DO!!!....AAAGGGGGGHHHHHH!!! It always puts me in a good mood...And it was nice to see the other two girls from Silver Convention sitting at the bar behind Penny. Plus Penny sang LIVE!
OMG.....Dorothy Hamill hair cuts abound!!!
Abby Dunlavy
Seth Thomas
This was the Dark Side of the musical Force of the 70's.
Suzan Kristensen
I seriously can't stop laughing, this is brilliant! 😂😂😂 Had a blast watching my 3-year old niece yesterday, dancing and screaming along with this song! Pure gold! ❤️
Jessica Sanders
Who came here to see if Jimmy was telling the truth?
"Hmm, what would make a great dance move? ...I know!! Having a load of strangers bang their butts against the back of your head!"
Skeeter NYC
This is one of the best worst songs EVER!
Mark Jackson
They voted Donald Trump. Donald Trump. They're all white. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!
I wish I could scream so in-tune and consistent
David Aarons
Sorry guys it was extremely popular song in those days played everywhere peoplecouldn't wait to get out on the dance floor to it and it was a really great stress re leaver
James Bell
The guy in the blue sweater vest reminds me of Robby Benson! He does the bump very well!
AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH.........proud to be born in the 70's....
All you haters should look in the mirror. The girl is fine, except for that stupid scream she does. Learn to appreciate assets.
Joseph Di Lorenzo
Was she one of the trio of Silver Convention? Looks like the other two ladies from the trio seated at the bar behind her.
Ayahuaska Pop
que divertido como bailan!
Cristhian Sterling
A cápela no es lo mismo grita como si la estuvieran robándo en chacaito
Oh, dear. I consider myself fortunate that I never heard this when I was growing up in L.A. But it is spectacular in it's awfulness.
one dude loves it the one with the blue jeans
angelo anaya
do you expect some intelectual lyrics from a disco song ? she's fantastic aaaaaaaaaggg!! what else do you want?
Johnny Weden
Meet Penny one night in Germany in a Disco Club many years ago. She was a stunner. Still remember that evening.
Renaud Muller
Real Live, real TV ;-)
This video is why black people know that white people cannot dance. Or sing. This is atrocious.
The banshee schrieking spoiled it for me
She looks so happy singing her song.. :) lovely AAAAAAAAAAAAHHH
Her real name is Gertrude Wirschinger from Austria!
mm 12
Hey seems like everyone was so thin in 1975! this video proves it along with countless others.....2017 i'm young and mid size! Thanks processed foods and all the GMO's thanks for keeping the new young fat!
Most awesome song, ever.
Larson Antony
Damn Penny!!!You Go Girl!
Here from the kath and Kim version
a dance where women smash their asses into mens faces. im down.
This is awesome!!! I think this is where the mosh pits originated from!
Greg Griffeth
Wow ! I have not heard that song in 40 years. Brings back some good memories while in HotLanta. (atlanta, ga)
Frank Carey
She could give a firehydrant a bj.
Just Me
koon lee
เพลงแบบนี้ นักร้องคนไหนร้องสดได้ถึงขนาดนี้ก็ถือว่าเพราะแล้วแหละครับ เพราะจัวหวะมันเร็ว
jenny talia
Looks like a bloody ventriloquist .
She was...The Lady Bump!
Robert Moore
She "Bump"-ed (Screams and all) her way to number 2 on Billboard's Dance chart in November 1975 with that song while she was still charting as a member of Silver Convention.
mm 12
LOL OMG! LMAOOOO! Look at that guy in the blue shirt! WOW.
Sun Storm
I've been around for a while and seriously, this is the FIRST time I've ever seen white people doing "the Bump".
Margit Neumann
♥‿♥) Klasse ♥Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ♥ ♫♫♫
Nurse Grace
I like the deadly serious teen dancers. (And the studio audience looking like it's at a wake.)
The guy in the blue sweater vest looks about 17 which would be 1975-17=1958 That means he's pushing sixty now (58)
Nurse Grace
And is she saying, "They call me LADY BUMP, LADY BUMP..." or "They call me LAZY BUM, LAZY BUM..." (???)
RIP headphones
Jay Crossbow
What a set of teeth. I'm jealous. Gag please when she screams.
Michel Michelsen
Fantastic Dance
Ty Moonspire
I am officially hooked to the periodic screams, collision of body parts, and the "look at meeeee's" - This is so random, it's almost addicting to watch.
Brad KeselowskiFans
Hey, it's Michele Bachmann
0:37 Fortunately there are no CRT-monitors anymore. Otherwise her "aaarrrgh" would have cracked the glass of the screen.
Jessica Mclean
Her scream!
Van Tyc
Super song, super performace, super girl.
Ohhh...Trump. You said Trump !!
Hansel Jensen
I had lot of fun dancing this music. I remember people scream very laud when they hear this song. The kung fu dance was in fashion .
sergio peres
i love this woman this voice penny you are awesome !!
Astroguga - Augusto G. Henriques
wow! She was trully singing! I´m very proud of Penny mcLean! Go girl!!!!!!
George John
This video has seriously blown my many things to say here. Wow.
Kenneth Salt
That scream just made my night! I am screaming in here!
Juan Sebastián Londoño
Hahahahahah ese grito me mata hahahahahahahahahahahaha
Susanne Feddern
What a famous cry, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, love it!!!!
Tanny Ma
Bryce Steven
Los principios del shoke!
...She had huge teeth
@torstenctfxc man wir haben das auch mal so geil gemacht hahahaha
Hecho a perder su presentación con ese grito tan feo, lo hubiese hecho de otra manera si sabe que no le sale en vivo, lo hubiese hecho como cantante de ópera.
Sebastian Gomes
maravilha de dansa nunca vi
Sebastian Gomes
haaaaaaaaaa goooooo lindaaaaa
Mee Khing Lim
those were the peak of the Disco days in the 80s
Edgar Hammett
prehispanic slam o.O
Xonndy Kats
My soul left my frigging body... Omg The dance + the blood chilling scream... I can't even...
Fc. meimei Fcmeimei
That scream, man... On another forum, I saw it described as "OMG THERE'S A STRANGER'S DICK IN MY ASS!" Yep, that's pretty much it. And those teeth. The entire Osmond family put together doesn't have that many teeth. Good God.
Salsa colombiana CALISABOR salsa Caleña
choqueeee jajajajaj
one of 2 solo hits by Penny of the Silver Convention the othe a great remake of Snoke Gets in your Eyes
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Isn't "lady bump" what they used to snort off compact mirrors in the ladies room?
Lovely teeth!
Deborah M
Oh! That is certainly NOT the way I remember that song on the radio here in Australia in the seventies. That's terrible! The scream is awful.
willy lorenzo hernandez gastello
yes sir boogieeee
Max Chou
mouth width and big .....
Edgar Morales
What's going on with those just sitting there? I would be dancing just like the guy with blue seater! and screaming!
Cristhian Sterling
quien recuerda el capitulo de la oruga chillona de los simpson? AAAGGGGGGHHHHHH!!
Sean French
Live vocal
that's the scream we've all come to love! :D
@aallpp55 aha
Gianni Silvestri
Really trash of 70's music. Aaaahrg!
Yup, I call her lady bump.
fuxian zhang
Katie Bell
like it, if you love the seventies,too :D
Jheins Morales
uy mk ya sabemos que el choque no es nuevo de ahi lo sacaron
what those kids are doin at all ? #OMG
Shontae B
I am only listening to this so I can hear her scream! lol Thanks Jimmy Fallon
Ítalo Alves
Oh I almost forgot to watch this today
@torstenctfxc Dieser Ich-stubs-dich-mit-meinem-Po-a­n-Tanz war halt der Bump. Ein Modetanz der mittleren 70er. Und damals war ich Jugendlicher. Wie jeder Modetanz war auch dieser schnell überholt.
Marco Total
"Can you hear?" lol
วันเพ็ญ เชิงพนม
So good (ชอบตรงกริ๊ดนี้และอิอิ)