Once Upon A Time Season 8 No Longer Confirmed(Show is Cancelled)

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UPDATED: Once has been cancelled by ABC this video was based on Channing Dungey's statement. Once Upon A Time Season 8 got its pre-confirmation! Are you guys excited that show might continue past season 7? What characters would like to season 8? Share thoughts on everything covered in this video and stay tuned for more content! Link to article: /> If you wanna talk more check out all my social medias! Follow on Twitter or Insta, Like The Facebook Page, or add me on Snap! Twitter: />Instagram: />Snapchat: Rob678 Facebook:

Robert Lydon Reviews
Hi Guys, sadly Once Upon A Time  was officially canceled 02/06/2018. This video was posted 01/09/2018 based on an interview with Channing Dungey stating she was cautiously optimistic about renewing it clearly her view changed.
I did a quick Google search while listening and I didn't see anything about Season 8 being ***Confirmed*** and so far, it's just not out of the question. Even if it does get renewed, I would think it'd be better to make it a Hulu exclusive otherwise, the lows will just keep getting lower. The hardcore fans will watch no matter what but the new characters just aren't that interesting in my opinion.
Jennifer McDowell
I feel like they really scrambled to get some kind if show going with no emma!!! So now that they've laid down some kind of story I'm Hoping they'll slow down!!!! I hope the writing gos back to the way it was where u got to know everyones storys. Everything was deffinitly just rushed and crammed in your face this season. I love the show ill watch it. I just keep hoping it gets better...
Salome Arbel
I feel like the writers should read some of the fanfiction to see what the fans want; it might give a better understanding of the fandom... :/
Simone Umba
The marvel shows on ABC are just there because Disney doesn't want them to cancel them. I'm shocked that all three of these shows are up for renewal.
OnceUponATime518 Alex
On the behalf of the fandom Robert. I just want to say thank you so much for this video. you really made a lot of people relaxed and happy your knowledge in the business is extremely impressive keep up the great work
Maddy Fangmeyer
I feel like it could go on 'forever' kind of like Doctor Who. By just renewing the characters.😊
Leo Galimara
Season 8 is not confirmed. And S8 is not going to happen. Rule #1 never ever believe anything that said at the TCA events, it's all PR. And when she says "cautiously optomistic" that's not a good thing. Here are the facts. OUAT is the lowest rated show on the network. Ad buyers are not going to care what the +7 numbers for OUAT are because that does not help them at all and they're the ones that pay for shows. Note that OUAT is the lowest rated delayed viewing show on the network as well. It gets a 0.9. Colin, Lana, and Bobby will need new contracts if they do S8 and all of them have expressed interest in moving on. They're too expensive. Also Lana has been in LA which likely means she's auditioning for pilots. Colin has been sited in LA going to meetings with execs at rival networks. Bobby has his next job lined up and ready. If there's a S8 it will be without any of the vets. The show is going to be dropping to a 0.4/0.3 in the Spring and in S8 would hit 0.2. There's no benefit for the network or the ad buyers for this show to be renewed. A repeat of Shark Tanks delivered a 0.7 and elevated the night. The new game show Child Support delivered a 0.9 and you elevated the entire night. OUAT is a 0.5 and drags the entire nights line up down. It's poison for the night. Shame on you Robert for clickbaiting. OUAT is not confirmed, not even close. I'd do more research next time on the facts if you want people to believe you're a credible source. http://tvbythenumbers.zap2it.com/more-tv-news/fall-2017s-lowest-rated-tv-shows-by-network-crazy-ex-girlfriend-threepeats/ Here's a great place to start your research, learn it before making videos like this again.
joel arroyo
what they just need to do is move back to Sunday night.
clint lamberson
its the simpson of abc or doctor who of abc it well never end
Title is click bait and this video is the definition of Donald Trump's "fake news" scenario.
Season 8? I dont know, season 7 was kind of disappointing for me so far. I might be able to see season 8 if they pick up the interest of the fans. More creative control like you said Robert. Season 1-6 was amazing cause it mainly focused on the savior (Emma) and her family as they struggled with dealing with the evil queen (and others).
Ben Levine
Agents of shield is really good. It keeps getting better.
Vincent Le
Moana - Tarzan storyline + Atlantis? No?
Alice should stay and id like to see more of lady Tremaine and Drizella and Gothal a little but I don't think Drizella is gonna survive. Also Tiana and jack can be recurring for a little. And I think they should add Jackfrost. There's so many little things they could do with him. I have tons of ideas. And with ice powered characters already in OUAT and them talking about Gaurdian and idk...what if Jacks name wasn't really jack just a nickname and his family's last name is frost and his nickname was jack because he was obsessed with a legend of a boy one day climbing a beanstalk and doing all sorts of thing and his name would be jack. Jackfrost ends up making the beanstalk without knowing and then jack one day climbs it. Also jack would be very old as he "died" young and became the guardian. I also have a first name for him and an idea who his sister would be.
Grettee Pham
Personal I do like the story if season 7, the episodes are kind of interesting. But I’m also disappointed because it doesn’t feel like once upon a time anymore. They are slowly differing away from the original feel that makes once upon a time, once upon a time.
Ben And TL
I’ve wanted to see some fantasy shows reach the notoriety that Star Wars/Star Trek have and/or run as many seasons as Dr Who has had, but with OUaT having a weak season... I have mixed feelings about it getting an eighth season since they had the perfect opportunity to leave us with a perfect kind of ending last season without running it into the ground as Fox did with Glee😅
OnceUponATime518 Alex
What a fantastic video Robert. I agree with you 100% except I really love Alice Maybe she could be the next dark one lol I think she's doing a great job and her acting she's epic. I was really impressed of hearing how much people watch Once Upon a Time on Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday I'm really happy that Network looks into that. As a person that promotes Once Upon a Time it's extremely hard and frustrating but now I could be at ease and just enjoy the show instead of worried about promoting it and telling everyone to watch live. I agree Robert fantasy sci-fi night Is not great they did not promote it at all I feel like I agree with you on every single part of this video I definitely think that there should be someone part of Disney supervising Once Upon a Time I think that's a fantastic idea
OnceUponATime518 Alex
3 new characters to introduce into our show 1 Moana 2 Jack Sparrow a version of him not Johnny Depp 3 Scar from The Lion King live version
Lol before I rant, I just want to say: I respect everyone’s opinions whether you like S7 or not 😉 It really should have ended last season cause the end of S6 was a great series finale in my opinion.... I’m so sad that S7 was such a huge disappointment for me cause they ruined a lot of things that I liked in the show :/ Lol Supernatural must go on forever!! It’s the best show EVER!!!
David HESS
I would like to see an animated Once Upon a Time series similar to The legend of Korra or Dragon Ball.
Sevonne Robinson
I barely kept up with watching it on friday sometimes i forget that its on
OnceUponATime518 Alex
Yes Moana yes Moana I so wanted Moana to be incorporated in season 7 Disney ABC let's do Moana season 8 you guys already introduced her door in season 6 finale it only makes sense what a fantastic idea
This season,7, is the final season ;~;
Hannah Paley
What?! Once Upon a Time is confirmed for Season 8?! I think the show is going downhill!!
Leading Warwriter
As much as I love once I felt it should of ended after season 6
Supercorp 45
Yes keep once upon a time forever , keep Rebbecca mader Lana bring belle back and the charming.
tammy Henson
Once upon a time forever
Rachel Thompson
For season 8, all I ask is that the writing and plot is on par with season 1. They need to not drop storylines, develop characters, and write a solid story. I agree that they need to go back to a core cast, that might be causing the problem. Although, of this season, I've enjoyed Gothel and Drizella the most. I won't miss Lucy and Jacinda at all if they get dropped.
W3ird0 Wars
I think they should first finish season 7 by explaining the characters more (more towards new characters) like they did in season 1 with Emma, when they let you get to know her character. By the end of season 7, the new characters will remember their backgrounds (like Snow, Regina,Charming did) with season 8, it will focus on wrapping up the story, and closing in on the magic.
I want a form of endgame. I’m trying REALLY hard to stick to the show but I want to give up on this season and I will drop the show if there’s anything besides a final eighth season. The only show I’ve dropped in my life was Glee. I’ve stuck to the end of every other show but I am not up for a season 8.
Supercorp 45
Lana first directorial dayview on once upon a time , what do you think about her directing an episode , are you going to review it.
Brittany Nowak
Thought it was cancelled? After seven
Once without Rumple is a sad thought.
Once Upon A Monster Fighter
Don’t get rid of Alice or Tiana. Everyone else could go. Although I kinda like the new characters. Except Cinderella. Also we haven’t really seen much of Jack. Once we get a flashback of him I’ll be able to tell.
Christine 926
While I would probably watch a season 8, I wouldn’t be upset if they went off the air with a really good ending this year. Compared to the past seasons, 7 has been kind of weak. I think I’d rather see them go out with a great finale than drag it on and on.
Once is done after 7, there will not be a season 8.
im not even planning on watching the second half of season 7, so there's no way in hell i want this show getting an 8th season
Paola Arteaga
How would the story go if jacinda and lucy are dropped? Henry is lonely and miserable because his wife and daughter died? Cinderella fell in love with jack and left him taking lucy with her? I guess i dont see a good future for him without them because they are a family. The only way it would work is if they were all taken off. I cant see them just leaving henry.
Jacob Anderson
Oh Heck Yeah I Love Once Upon a time!
Brian Beatty
Agents of Shield has gotten excellent in recent seasons. Last season we got an awesome Ghost Rider.
Γιώργος Κοτσερώνηςς
In my opininion at the beginning season 7 was modarate but episodes 6,7,9 and 10 was actually pretty good. I think its false to bring over 4 new characters in season 8 because we dont know anything about Tiana,Robyn and Jack. we have to learn those characters because they are now the new main cast. Also I am very sad that Gold is leaving in season 8. Please Adam and Eddy bring Zelena in season 8 as a main cast, we love her so much . I love all the actings except Cinderella's I hope to leave the show. Also I hope Gother,Drizella and Alice to continue and of course Regina and Hook. For the end, if I have to choose new characters for season 8 I will choose only 3: Moana, Tarzan and Pocahontas.
Fardip M
I love Once Upon A Time. It's my favourite TV show. I got into the show during Season 4 with the Frozen Arc with Anna and Elsa which I thought was absolutely amazing since they showed a glimpse of Elsa at the end of Season 3. I like Season 4. That then lead me to watch the show from Season 1. Season 1 was good in terms of storyline and connecting back to present day from the past. Season 2 I felt was really amazing with all its episodes! Season 3 I felt it was great bc of learning about Rumplestiltskin's backstory a bit more and he redeeming himself and actually communicate with his grandson more. Season 4 overall was good with both arcs: Frozen and Queens of Darkness + Author storyline. Very impressive. Season 5 I enjoyed most episodes though I disliked the protrayal of Hades. Brave, Camelot and Dark Swan, Dark Hook + Dark One Mythology was interesting! Underworld Arc was interesting with most characters. Megara was barely in it. Hercules was ok but not the best. Though, I had a good time with 5. Season 6 was very amusing. Aladdin+Jasmine's storyline was very well-done, A Strange Case was done absolutely fantastic I genuinely believed I was watching a Live Action Movie of Dr.Jeckyl and Mr Hyde. Counte of Monte Cristo was a great character as he showed a sense of etiquette, villany and history we've never seen before on Once. Tiger Lily + Black Fairy were great! I especially loved Gideon's character the most in 6. Season 7 has been alright for me so far. I enjoyed some episodes than others. Top Fav Episodes of 7 so far: (btw no specific order) 1. S7 E2 "A Pirate's Life" 2. S7 E4 "Beauty" 3. S7 E6 "Wake Up Call" 4. S7 E9 "One Little Tear" 5. S7 E10 "The Eighth Witch" 6. S7 E1 "Hyperion Heights" (Good Premier with Alice, Adult Henry, Roni, Tremaine) 7. S7 E5 "Greenbacks" (ok ep) If the show were to do a Season 8, I would be really ecstatic as I love the creativity the show has on character's backstories. But, I hope in 8 it will be much better, much improved, much higher quality of writing, storylines, backstories, etc. In Season 8 I want to see Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians, they could do that OR maybe Moana+Atlantis+Tarzan OR maybe even Hunchback of Notre Dame. Maybe Claude Frollo could be a villain, Maui an anti-hero/demi-god/whatever else in Moana movie. It would be quite enthuastic to see Claude Frollo a villain on OUAT as it would be interesting if Atlantis characters meet Tarzan, Jane and Jane's dad and Moana and Maui voyage to the lost city of Atlantis as Maui recalls actually saving it from underwater and essentially Maui can take the role as the Crystal Guardian. If Esmeralda and Quazimoto met Moana+Atlantis+Tarzan they could all work together to defeat Claude Frollo as being the religious guy he is, he probably might have a way/plan to turn the holy waters into a kingdom of his own or a manifestation far greater than even the Gods themselves by capturing Heart of Taphiti and Eye of Atlantis, which results in him and all the Tarzan+Atlantis+Moana+Esmeralda+Quazimoto etc to travel deep down under even deeper than the lost city of Atlantis to open the Keys of Life where Frollo shall soon be banished. Until, he returns again to conquer his revenge on his sworn enemies. His enemies fear ahead for something much, much worser than you already see him in his Disney movie, capture the Eye of Atlantis and Taphiti's heart so what happens next..............
Quinn Wilder
I still like Supernatural but Season 7 of OUAT hasn't been as good as prior seasons. They might turn that around though.
Please Season 8 WITH Lana, Andrew, Colin, Rose ,Dana and Allison.
Where’s the confirmation that OUAT Season 8 is a go? I can’t find it online anywhere... All I see is that ABC head Channing Dungey is “cautiously optimistic,” acknowledging the live ratings don’t show the actual size of the fan base, but nothing is set in stone.
Being a little honest here, I think this was a filler season I think the writers are hoping this is a break for JMO and the charming so for season 8 they will come back and start where they left off. 7 really does have a different feel to it, it sort of feels like Once went away for awhile and came back like Fuller House Lol I am liking it but it hasn’t been pulling me like the other seasons have. Once is one of those shows in my opinion can go forever, sort of like General Hospital.
Jasmine Agrabah
I think they need a new generation in Storybrooke. Show a happy for the characters and show what Storybrooke be like with the children of the characters they have had. Change it up a bit. I feel like Once is just going to go downhill from season 8 or in season 8. I love OUAT don't get me wrong, but I am nervous that it is not going to do well in season 8.
Movie And tv lover
Season 10 the end game
They didnt actually say that it’s officially renewed though.
Schneckinator 500
Here’s my thoughts on an episode basis 1. Love it 2. Good 3. Okay? 4. Yeesh 5. This Sucks 7x01- 2 7x02- 1 7x03- 5 7x04- 1 7x05- 3 7x06- 1 7x07- 2 7x08- 4 7x09- 2 7x10- 1 When you look at it episode by episode this isn’t a bad season but when you put this all together it’s just been a bit off it’s lacking the flair and it has dragged and confused me so in 8 here’s what I need make jack a real character the little we saw I actually enjoyed bring zelena on as a regular again. I haven’t seen much but I have a good feeling about Robyn and Alice. Keep Hook, Regina, and Henry. So here’s the idea the curse is broken and Tiana is trying to lead but with them being in a real city everyone is having to find one another. For a reason that will later be explained Henry, Regina, Hook, Alice, Robyn, Zelena, and MAYBE Jack go off on a quest or are ripped away. So we see Jacinda and Lucy in 1-3 episodes with TIana while the rest of the season is about our main cast dealing with a different threat (Moana, Tarzan, another mythology like they did with underworld, etc.)
Jayde Kinkaid
I agree they need to drop a couple of the new characters. If they do Moana I would want her played by a Polynesian person. So somone Samoan or Tongan or Hawaiian etc.
tiffany rollins
I would be ok with a season 8 but I think it should end at that. 8 seasons is a great run for a tv show. I agree that they need to get rid of some characters. I actually really like Alice and her connection to Hook but I haven't really been invested in Henry and Cinderella.
Alexandru Octavian
I am very sad because Once Upon A Time is finish after Season 7 i like Once Upon A Time very much i am from Romania
Lady Rapunzel
Not really. :_(
Jacob Anderson
I Can See This Show Go Farr & Up To 12 Or 15 Season’s Because It’s 1 Of ABC Top Show & Just Because it’s Disney!
I love Once but I'm really feeling they are figuratively milking the cow dry continuing past this season
Camden Brewer
I’m worried they will keep most of this cast. Season 7 is okay. But I just want a new story like Moana you say. But wasn’t there an interview saying they would like for every 6 seasons to be the same cast? And it’s understandable to get Moana. Like the Frozen arc. But as you said let’s keep Regina, Henry, and Hook. Any news about Zelena though?
Bribri sings!
Honestly, if it does get renewed. I most likely I won’t be watching. This season has been so disappointing and it’s getting so hard to watch, that I’m actually debating not tuning in when it comes back in March. It just doesn’t seem like the show I basically watched this show since I was 13. It’s been a long and fun run but I believe season 7 should be the last and final season.
OnceUponATime518 Alex
They already confirmed that the Hulu ratings does count Trust me I did research on this as a promoter for Once Upon a Time I have to know these factors and Hulu does
saiyan 4414
I don’t see them removing Lucy
Matthew Hoare
Agents of SHIELD 5 is going really well
Kacie Remata
Unless, where there be a spinoff of OUAT, like OUATIW? Another OUAT spinoff?
Janiya Ward
I will never stop watching it
I’d love OUAT to get renewed! The worst thing it could do is get cancelled after season 7 because then it would just stand out as a stand alone which isn’t great. If the end game was season 7 they might as well not have bothered! I for one am glad it’s all new characters! To be honest Seasons 1-6 should’ve been condensed by a couple of seasons. It was getting a bit boring. I’d like to see another couple more seasons with these characters. But it depends how they plan on ending this season. It could be the prefect ending for the series we’ll have to wait and see I guess. People are too stuck in their ways and are afraid of change! I actually prefer the show without Snow, Charming and Emma. Their storylines were just so forced from seasons 4-6, they were just bland characters for the later seasons and didn’t really bring anything to the show. They were just there for the sake of it.
makeup tutorial
Please don't do this to us please please please don't cancel please😭💔😥😢💔😢😥
Leslie Goode
To be honest im a huge fan of once but sometime its going to have a ending
Moira Rossi
I never want it to be canceled there is a lot of story lines and a lot of different stories that was never told that need to be told
Serena Lara Gonzalez
Was hoping to see Miguel Rivera from the movie Coco and Moana and Maui from the movie Moana in season 8
Samantha Blakeney
Season 7a has had some decent moments. The epic romance of Jacinda and Henry was built up pre-season to be way more than it could ever deliver. Those two characters simply do not have the chemistry to pull off epic. I think it would be ill-advised to drop the characters of Jacinda and Lucy, but I could certainly go for a different actress to play Jacinda. I don't see Colin hanging around forever. There is a fine line between staying long enough, playing different angles of a character, the advantage of being seen weekly (and a steady check) and being typecast. Rogers/WR Hook and Sabine/Tiana have a lot more chemistry, but I am not sure fans are ready for Hook, even though he is technically a different person, being Tiana's love interest. I think it is kind of nice seeing Hook as a father to Alice. This Hook is not Henry's step father even though he feels gratitude to Emma. It might be okay to have a more fluid cast telling different stories in future seasons. I think Henry's love interest should have been Moana (and I have not even see that movie). There are a lot of great concepts in Once. However in order to continue telling these stories, will there always be some curse that takes a group of characters from some enchanted forest (or other fairy tale setting) to a non-magic world and removes all their memories? I like the premise but I think it pretty hard to catch lightening in a bottle two or more times as they did with the cast from seasons 1-6. Honestly, the casting for Once for the most part has been incredible. Honestly, the casting seven is not bad except for ...what I have already said. If stories are well done, I would not have a problem with the show going on for many seasons. A core group of characters could be the base and then move other characters in and out. They just need to avoid being too formulaic (of course that works okay for the rom coms on the Hallmark Network.)
Debolina Chowdhury
Pls don't do this.. I wanna see it till my last breath
Elizabeth Crook
Love you using PLL 7B name what was the “End Game”
TimeAgent Jaki
I honestly thaught that season 6 was the last season becauset everyone got their happy ending and they should have stopped there instead of bringing a new curse into the mix
Philip Humphries
Yes bring on season 8 my brother Jamie and I will be excited. I think for season 8 should be based on the start of a new story and direction. Maybe new snow white and charming. New evil people. New evil Queen. Make it the next generation. More new characters Pocahontas moana pirates of Caribbean into the woods the princess bride Winnie the pooh George Of the jungle narnia Mary Poppins and many more. New arc's. Flashback's of old cast if need. More Disney songs from frozen and other Disney films. Continue making more seasons. 20 will be awesome or 30. Best show in the world
sis vs bro
Season 8 with Mary Emma David and everyone
Kaylee Yates
But what about Maui’s fish hook.. and robin and Alice’s wedding.. it ended beautifully but I want morrreee😭😭
Anna Bunch
I agree with all the characters you said who should be dropped but I would add Henry too. I think it's about time he left the show, no offense to Andrew J. West of course. In my opinion, besides season 1, I felt he never really fit in the show. He was just kinda there taking up space while the other characters were getting more story arcs and character development. What probably attributes to that is acting ability and Jared Gilmore couldn't act worth beans throughout the six years he was on the show. Andrew is trying to reformat (if you will) Henry into a main character but that ship had already sailed, crashed and burned long ago.
Doctor Fantastic
a lot of Ouat Episode Titles Have been revealed Please Give you thoughts and Review Please!!!° Episode 12: Taste of the Hights Episode 13: Knightfall Episode 14: Girl in the Tower Episode 15: Sisterhood Episode 16: Breadcrumbs Episode 17: Chosen Episode 17 Will be Directed By Lana Parrilla I Have So Much Faith in Her She Just the Best. Please Give your Review and thoughts on The Titles
Suzy Almblade
I still love Once. But I think that they need to slow down a little and focus on character development for the new cast members and hopefully introduce some more characters we have yet to see. Like Pocahauntas, Tarzan, Lion King, Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Black Cauldron, the Great Mouse Detective, etc. There are so many characters we have yet to meet.
WHAT happen to Maleficent and her daughter Lily we never found out who was lilys dad theres a story that was just forgotten about !!!!!!
Jacob Anderson
I’m Hoping This Show Will Go Vary Farr & Just Because There Nothing Good On Tv!
Danielle Musella
I'm pretty sure there was an Easter egg for Season 8 near the beginning of this season. Henry had a conversation, during which he said he thought he might have enough inspiration for TWO books, instead of one. The minute I heard that, I thought, "There's going to be an eight season."
I'm a huge OUAT Fan and I'm enjoying this latest season, but I feel the show should have ended in Season 6, this feels almost like a spin off, like Once Upon A Time in Wonderland. Perhaps the franchise should consider doing spin offs instead.
Killia Jones
I want to see Moana, I think they should also add Tarzan, and maybe they could attempt making up their own princess or maybe even their own modern day Fairytale
Stephanie. Page
In season eight could Lucy be new savior because she granddaughter of savior and she was born out of True love and Lucy mean light also or captain swan daughter or son could be new savior who is now 10_13 years old ?
Jacob Anderson
Hunchback of Notre Dame or Tarzan or Malana would Be a Good One!
oncer Ouat
I wished Once Upon a Time Was cancelled at Season 6. Im A Fan but I Seriously Don't Want it on anymore it's Just To Much
Supernatural definitely has its ups and downs depending on the season. This season has surprisingly been really interesting though lol
angelina ruiz
I want it to keep going I love it so much ❤️❤️❤️ I watch it over and over again do you know when season 8 comes out ?
Mother Gothel
I Hope they keep Adelaide Kane As Drizzella And Rebecca Mader as Zelena
Virginia Reynante
Nooooooooooooooo 😭 please continue playing once upon a time season 7 and they should do season 8.
Jacob Anderson
Heck Yeah I Love Once Upon a time!
Troy Schneider
I agree with what you say
Joshua Ford
give henry the dark one powers
Anthony Robledo
Love your videos, I just don't agree with your ideas on fixing season 7. Your "solution" would make the show much worse than it already is. And the show is a mess!!!!! So many problems I have with the writing and characters from the show but removing everyone and adding Moana isn't the solution. The show shouldn't rely on popular characters for success even if they are relevant. That's what they did with the frozen arc that people hated (the frozen arc is much better than season 7). I loved the show for characters like Emma Swan, Regina, Henry, Mr. Gold etc. not because I was obsessed with the original material. OUAT needs to fix their writing and the mess they are in but your solution would make it much worse. Agree that most of the characters are problematic and Mother Gospel and Jack have to go!!!!
Misleading title. Nothing is confirmed yet. I’d like to see what happens next with the newer characters if there is another season. But if they don’t renew the show I’ll be okay with that too.
Zachary Duval
I would of course like to see an Under the Sea Arc or maybe call it Once Upon a Time Beyond the Sea. The stories could include: - Atlantis the Lost Empire - Moana - Moby Dick (I hear Chad Rook is going to be playing Captain Ahab) - The Little Mermaid (Have Joanna Garcia back as Ariel and maybe have Morgana as an antagonist) - Sinbad - Chronicles of Narnia : the Voyage of the Dawn Treader - 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Hope to continue watching Season 7 and as always you guys are the best OUAT newsman I know and I want to thank you for getting me into the show.
Meagan Vogelsang
I got into Supernatural two years ago and i still love it past season 8. So comparing Once to Supernatural for me isnt a bad thing. I love both shows. I say bring on season 8.