Star Trek - Spock Becomes Brainless

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A strange woman stuns the Enterprise crew and removes Spock's brain (Spock's Brain)

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Why are so many people trashing this show? Did you make a wrong turn and end up watching this by mistake or something. Unlikely. You love it. Enjoy👍🏻
When I die, I want to be reincarnated as Lt Uhura's swivel chair!
Charleen Swiger
Brain and brain what is brain
Paul Jackson
Another alien babe for Shagger Kirk and his five year mission to boldly chase skirt, where no skirt has been chased before! LOL
Tye Bear
I always thought that Scotty's ion power comment was very nonsequitur and warp field technology was certainly light years more advanced. Ion propulsion was theorized in the early 1900's, was developed in the 50's, and was an electric propellant system that could never get anywhere near the spped of light. A little diconnect here. Nice ship though!
Season 3 was hit and miss. With that being said it also had some wonderful episodes. My favorite from Season 3 is The Tholian Web
Dan 23
Oh they've changed How the ship on the view screen looks. I don't like it.
Charleen Swiger
Take trumps brain
That vapid smile kills me.
Mr. Carroll Ware
Boy two whole guards.
terry wilder
And how the men were hoping that she wanted their body!
George Smith
I do not understand.  WALL WALL WHAT IS WALL?
Andrew Lankford
Hey, that lady was a regular on Lawrence Welk! She dressed a little differently, though.
Those boots would make any man brainless.
Walter Black
Alien or not, I want to shag her.
David Horgan
"Spock becomes a Liberal."
Splaticus Blah
When Spock becomes brainless he is named Trump.
This is the worst episode of the series!
In the third season, everybody eventually realized that the show wouldn't be renewed. One of the "go-to" plot devices for hurried writers seemed to be beautiful women, alien or otherwise, who were featured over and over again. Jan Shutan, Lee Meriwether, Kate Woodville, Sharon Acker, Kathie Browne, Marj Dusay, and others all were featured that last year of production.
Who is hotter, Marj Dusay or Sheila Leighton?
Michael Maritato
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Miss Informed
Marj Dusay is the hottest brain stealing bimbo in the galaxy.
DJ BassMic
Oh what I wouldn't GIVE to be Uhura's swivel chair right now. . .
I don't know why this is so often listed in the "worst of" category. It's one of my top picks. Great story, great ending when he begins to talk again.
@1:09 Space hooker on the bridge! Space hooker on the bridge! PS, I did enjoy this episode but it's so very cheesy by modern standards. Of course it's STILL not as bad as Star Trek Begone... ermm I mean Beyond.
Kim II Sung started the Korean War
Hmm. Nice lady alien.
Tim Hars
I wish I could see her wearing just that intergalactic garter belt
David Corrigan
These are not FULL episodes.
Alphavill3 3
This may not be the best episode, but Fred Steiner's score is still top notch throughout.
Martin Aracon
A similiar girl took the might of our state, our goverment 2015! Her agent, Angela Ferkel, open all borders of Europe. So she could kill our armies, our resistance!
I would be interested to know why this clip is filtered by Youtube as if it contains adult content.  Is Marge Dusay the brain-stealing Space Alien too hot for Youtube?  I think she's pretty hot...she is the one reason I have always liked this episode.  She clearly knows how to deal with the men in her life!
Patrick Immel
This was the worst? Wow! I can think of much worse episodes: The Empath, and that one with the immortal "Flint" guy with the hot but dizzy girlfriend android who turns, "Human! Down to the last blood cell she's human!" according to Kirk. These come to mind.
Yes... Must be tough to have written the ST Ep. which has continuously been voted by Trekkies as their least favorite story! I don't know... maybe it looked better on paper than it did in post-production!
I forgot how the woman was able to manage to remove Spock's brain.
Spock brainless sounds like a contradiction in and of itself.
Bander Snatch
A. RUDE! B. isn't that why she wants his brain? hmmmm...
I love a girl who knows how to enter a room.
BL Ranch
That's some classic method acting.
if it wasnt for adds id get my tv back and pay the cable co 300 dollars a month but i need a add blocker advertisments are so offencive exploitive criminal decietfull
I only came here to find out who Sheldon from TBBT was always yakking about
Ryan Stokes
She right-clicked em the f*ck out!
when adds exploit offend and breach moral there all there to be but wen it comes to helping the costomer the resorcses are extreamly limited
It's hard to find good head.
Brain and brain!, what is brain!?
Ah, by the sound of it she's powering that wrist device off of the Warrior comics...
death to all advertisment and those who make them.
@AngeloNiklis You mean Christine Chapel?
Thumbs up if you love Spock's/Leonard Nimoy's hair. <3
Doesn't she play something else? in a different show?
It's interesting how in this scene, alien women are not that different from human women. The alien women has make-up, her hair is perfectly combed and permed and,when she puts her hands on Spocks head, her nails are perfectly manicured.
Giovanni Ahrcherii
@collegeman1988 MST3K for the win!
Sylvanas Windrunner
His brain is gone!
John Goerger
"Ion Propulsion" funny---more efficient than a "rocket engine" but no way as "efficient" as matter/antimatter engine---question: IF a "civilization" has the cap for space travel within their solar system, why just remain below the surface of their home world? They would colonize the other moons and planets within their system, at least!
Ben Jenkins
Spock: The Enterprise is under attack! Kirk: Lieutenant Uhura, run to my quarters and grab my hair gel... Scotty: Aye Captain, that'll seal the hull up so tight, nothin will get through to us...
Kirk: " I am Captain Jame Kirk and this is the starship Interprise...BAM! Everyone got pwned LOL
I love the quizzical brow!
P.J. Pless
@collegeman1988 Holy Crap! That's Amazing! I Thought that I was the only one that remembered Mystery Science Theater 3000.
Why haven't the MST3K gang riffed this episode???
@scotpens omg i was thinking that she looks like a barbie haha
Spock at 1:16: I can bang you hard with my mind.
were the purple boots panties crotchless ?
Agegsa Agssf
She doesn't want his brain, she wants his hair!
Interestingly, in one of Nimoy's books, he really dislikes this episode, saying that, like many of the third season episodes, it was very cheesy and simply ridiculous.
Larry Horricks
brain and brain what is brain
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I love this episode!