Golden State Warriors vs Minnesota Timberwolves Full Game Highlights / March 11 / 2017-18 NBA Season

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Shows that the warriors need curry
cj skorek
Zaza look like he's ready for Kawhi return
Basketball Spotlight
What a game from Karl-Anthony Towns! 🔥
Kevin Durant
When I got injured my team went on a winning streak but when my bf got injured I can't even carry my team to victory. I guess westbrook and lebron are the real MVP's
Kobe Bryant the g.o.a.t
I guess it's the right time for everyone to appreciate who Curry is and what he brings to the table....without him, Warriors are a good 3-4 seed playoff team....with him, they are one of the best teams of all time. . This is why Ive been saying this for so long: LEBRON and CURRY are the Top 2 Most VALUABLE Players in the world. They impact the game soo dramatically because each have one skill that you can NOT stop: LeBron driving to the paint and Curry's 3pt shot. If they are on their day, you can NOT stop those. Whatever you do does not matter. So there's that....
Quite obvious Curry can lead a team WAY better than Durant
Riccardo Abdine
What a Game 👏👏👏👏
This timberwolves team is super rugged. Good game!
Back to back Ls since skip Bayless said KD can lead the warriors to a championship without steph
KD is absolutely the best player in Golden State, but Curry is the reason why GS is a generational team. The gravity he has on offense is one of the main reasons why KD and the Warriors get more space to work in.. I am absolutely not a GSW fan, but people need to respect the greatness and ability Stephen Curry.
Abe Zokari
KD built a new house in Minnesota. 11-32🤮
Michael Jordan
How does a team with 3 all stars lose to a team without their best player ?? lmaoo
Htown Rockets
Thank u Timberwolves Rockets getting that number 1 seed 🚀💯
Delano Myrie
Timberwolves with rose 1-0. Road to the finals begins now
2 L in a raw without Curry ??!!! KD you gotta do better than that. and Klay ...... 😐😐😧😧 at least try to prove something when curry not playin.
devin mckinney
Without Curry Warriors Trash!!!!
Shaheer Alikhan
Proves why Steph curry is the best player on the warriors...
Terrence Lewis
The warriors are so trash without curry. It’s sad
Danang Dwiatma
D.Rose had a bad debut. He played 7 minutes, had 2 points on 1-5 FG, had 2 assists, 2 turnovers and -17 in -+ and he didnt play in the entire second half but at least D.Rose helped his team win. D.rose: 2 pts. Curry: 0 pts.
Curry > Durant
Michael Jordan
Klay can't dribble for shit lmao he lucky he plays in the warriors system or he would be average in any other team
G State is very beatable without the Chef Curry on the court. The eyes and numbers don't lie.
Christopher McCall
Warriors trash without Curry smh.
KD needs more help!
BeastMode 21
Draymond can't guard Towns or Gibson on that matter in the Post. He isn't really a PF more like another guard
El Muchacho Tipico
Karl towns Abuse the "Defensive player of the year" 🤣🤣🤣 🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴
I don't wanna here KD is better than Curry again from the dudes over at ESPN. Curry makes his whole team better, its a team game. They haven't lost without KD since last season, yet they've lost twice in a row now and many more before without curry. Durant is putting up empty stats. Curry will always be MVP.
Incoming KD is trash hot takes but when the warriors win and durant averages 37 in the finals, "oh, it's not fair. I wanna cry!" Smh
Hellofellas Threeone
Young Luke
Yeah its confirmed kd good but he needs steph. The team runs better with steph offense. Without him they battle back from opposing leads just to have kd choke.
Prakash NZ
Idk how Curry will play in any other team but it is quite obvious that Steph makes GSW champion
striker xp
Bruh, don’t let KD’s scoring stats fool you from the fact that he was -19 (+/-) in the game.
CURRY>DURANT. Durant find a new home cause thats Curry's team and always will be. Curry=2nd best in the NBA after Lebron
Camry Camry
As a Warriors fan, I am actually grateful for these past two loses, as this is the only way I think Klay will understand that bricking games after games will not always result in his Team’s favor. For the past 4 to 5 games Klay has been extremely cold, building mansions with costly bricks repeatedly, while Kevin Durant has been working extremely hard to overcome Klay’s lengthily draught. It is painful to see. Nevertheless, got to give massive props to Wolves for playing excellent basketball at a very high IQ level, and Karl was clutch as hell. Bottomline: Klay is the significant reason for the Warriors struggle these past few games, and I don’t want to hear that Curry is extremely needed for the Team to do well, as Curry shouldnt be a major factor.
I should’ve swept the legs
D Relle
Save curry till payoffs, warriors need to learn how to play without him.
Has Djeda
This game was trash. Both teams looked horrible. Steph Curry is the best player in NBA.
Jeremy Wilson
Alright so um this proves that KD can't lead a team. And another thing I have to mention people constantly say "oh LeBron can't guard" alright I'll give u that but KD ain't any better. The most he can do is block which is something we all know he does well cause he 7 foot tall but jeez so tall and can't guard shit. Anywho not hating on warriors cause they still going to the finals but I had to put that out there.
william hardenbergh
Muna Kalu
Curry can lead a team without Durant but Durant cannot lead a team without curry
Monkey D Ca5tr0
Durant is not a leader, without Curry GSW won't be champions. It's funny how KD is one of the greatest scorers and can't lead this stacked team
Donkey Green 23
2nd straight loss without curry lol. KD can't lead this team. He can score 40+ but they are not winning. THEY REALLY NEED THE GRAVITY OF CURRY
stepan kostal
12.317Road man12.317
Yes Minnesota let’s go
jpspurs 19
This jus proves Durant can’t lead a team on his own he needs Curry to help out!!
Hahahahahahaha Hahahahahahaha Larriors.
Chuma Mbeki
KEKEKEKEKE WAAAARRRRIORS KEKEKE. Can already see the reaction.
“This is KD’s team” ._. Smh this is Curry’s team. Last 2 games proven it.
MMS MonteroSport
larriors trash hahaha first round exit
Herbert Balating
Im a simple person, the warriors lost i hit the like button
Clifford Peace II
OKC will be the team to knock off GS
Draymond couldn't do shit with Big KAT!
Hellofellas Threeone
Abe Zokari
Minnesota needed this win. Zaza carried the warriors shooting 100% from field. Looks like the warriors gotta be in Houston game 1 of WCF. Big win for the Wimberwolves
HTX 713
Bruh again how yall lose to another team with 1 all star when yall have 3 including a superstar in kd, kd has been exposed😁😁 give Harden that same team and they win those 2 games Harden>Durcant Curry>🐍
Proof that fool KD ain't the best player on the world.
Yasir Abdilhakim
I get hate when I say Chef Curry is the best player on this team, lol I hope he gets traded so the Warriors never winning a championship ever again
Zoe Sh
KD: “Steph is the system here”
Prakash NZ
I’ll never watch Warriors game without Steph now, they never win without him when I’m watching Hopefully everyone understands now Steph is way more important in GSW than KD although KD played exceptional game today. Without Steph, Klay looked useless
RellTell Facts
Curry better hurry back because KD can't run a team that's why he went to Golden State
Giant L
I'm not going to criticize durant for this game because I know what he's capable of as for klay Thompson he's easily the biggest fraud in nba he gets the majority of his numbers against bad teams and without steph so the defense can start to focus on him he's not the same player
A.J. Griggs
Larriors need Stephanie Curry to win 😂
qiushi hu
We need Steph ASAP
I forgot the Warriors need 4 all stars to win
Kung-Fu Kenny Family
Bruh kudos to *Kevin Durant* , he did a good Game Tbh he just can make an achievement for himself but He Can't carry the Team . That's a fact💯
Michael Jordan
This is why KD will never be better than LeBron. He can't carry a team like lebron can
Hello There
Lost to the Butlerless Wolves😂😂😂
Ty Carter
Warriors better pray that curry is healthy when the playoffs come. Because if he isn’t they gonna get dragged
I’ll give a brief description on why they didn’t do good. Steph Curry
P Man
This just in. ESPN reports kD plans to sign with Minnesota next season.
Tshiowa B
Who wants to see a klay Thompson lowlight,😂😂😂😂
Kamil M.
KD is great but he has chemistry issues with the team, when KD was injured they played even better then with him in the lineup....
Julian Miller
Clay has to give KD some help while Curry is gone! Clay keeps missing wide open threes and it seems like cook turns the ball over every time he has it. Warriors missing 5 key players and the refs ain’t showing KD no love right now smh the struggle is real.
Zaza > McGee
Durant needs a better team
Jac Alba
Kevin Durant is just another good player but looser without Curry.
lil isaiah
curry more valuable than durant for gsw, that's a real fact.
Towns was giving dreymond the work
Elpegui Lapara
curry is basically the warriors
Zack McKinley
goddamn it i love it when the warriors lose
Chameleon Facade
Das why KD joined Warriors only way he could get a ring is being on team with 4 all stars 3 all stars not gonna cut it
Kung-Fu Kenny Family
*Towns* was a Monster⛹tonight , Y'all need to stop Sleep on him .
Cy The Grate
Team is getting demolished by injuries... and everyone is pretending it's a legitimate loss, clowns.
Tyreese Pryor
Alejandro Lacsina Jr.
just wait till the playoffs is over the Warriors will be holding up the trophy
Kd, youll always be our cupcake in this sport.. Where my wagons at?
Warriors wont get past the first round without curry.
Brodie Jordan
Never wanna hear that Steph isn't the best player on the Warriors again
Ifeanyi Akunna
It's a good day when the warriors lose.
KD just isn't a winner lol
Just call me Petes
He couldn't close the deal when he was in okc, don't expect anything different if he doesn't have curry
Warriors always crying about something. It’s not enough having 4 all stars? Now you want all the whistles and fouls to go your way too?? Naw bruh
Joshua Bais
Rockets vs Raptors sure finals, agree?
😂😂😂😂😂 I love this stoping saying kd better than lebron he’s nothing without curry
Anything Crazy
Curry, Mccaw, Iguodala, West, Bell ain't playin soooo..m
Dominican Republic gonna go to fiba finals with Horford and KAT! 🔥🔥🔥
Connie B
Warriors rule is knock out and cut off the head of a snake: injureCurry. Knees, ankles , shoulder, heart gone. All fall down. Durant can’t be the man on a team like they wanted in OKC. He’s just a parasite and snake. Down go Warriors.
Minnesota Timberwolves !!!!!
This guy spammin in the comments you can tell he was ready!!! 3 comments as soon as the vid was uploaded 😂 Edited 2 cuz he was typing too fast!