Graphic Fire - Ferrari Formula 1 Pit Stop Fire, Brazil F1

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This is wrong. The Ferrari hit 88mph and was transported back to the 1950's when they actually won races.
HAHAHA and the Sauber team has to clean up the mess! Sauber = German for 'clean'
Noah Elliott
Question is, did Kimi go back to the future?
I can't be certain, but I would assume that this was the fault of the signalman telling the driver he was clear to go before the car was finished fueling up.
alex gerhard
After the race: "Kimi, can you tell us about what happened at the pit lane incident?' 'Was hot." 
And after that year, refueling was removed.
Midget Man
fair play to the sauber team
Alvin Darmawan
Bye bye 2009 McLaren lollipop man
Good job Sauber for reacting that fast
thats just beautiful to see how fast they react in F1
Jenna Gentles
What comes flying towards the camera at 0:09??
i hope someone got fired for that
Matthew Coupe
I've seen some stupid things in the pit lane if something goes wrong every team needs to help each other out regardless like when Massa drove off and left the Ferrari team running the entire length to sort his car out every needs to unite and help each other out regardless in the interests of saftey
Hubert Matuszewski
that just looks awesome. Reminds me of Back To The Future
Matthew Coupe
Needs to be new rules! if there is an accident in the pit lane regardless of team the closest crew should help !! in 2008 no one helped and left Massa stranded for minutes while Ferrari crew ran the length of the pit lane ! RIDICULOUS!!!
Dalton Tran
someone was in a hurry
There you see why pit crews wear helmets and flame retardant suits!
Altimis Nuel
To be fair, Kimi is not to be blame though, he go out as soon as he seen the guy in front of him swift up his "signal" GO GO! and refueling team not even done...
big mistake  the man with the flag 
Sloth Guru
Is this a warzone?
Thankfully F-1 pit crews are on top of their game.
Zero Fox Given
When people cut you up on the road..
Another marriage of gasoline and fire. I just saw a couple articles that said refueling would be coming back in 2017.
Matheus Machado
As has always been the fault of the man with the pirulito.Isso took the title from Felipe Massa in 2008!
Prem Krishna Chettri
Is it lollipop issue ? I think he Ungated without realizing fuel rig
mclaren troll
Коля Морозов
вот дибилы
Those engines... WOnderfull sound..
Seppo Kupari
Looking at that Trail of fire going back to the pit haha... Like a damn movie or cartoon.
I didnt know he actually wanted to get rid of the competition.
It was cool! I like it! But i wanna more fire!!!
D zastre
The the red cars like these guys will do anything!!!
Music King
And That's the last time we saw fuel lol
Derek Wall
fucking hell they should've been watching that fuel hose and made sure it was disconnected from the cars fuel intake. then that mishap wouldn't have happened
Wow, I remember watching this LIVE! 
i think it was a joke mate. because Grosjean has a bad habit of causing mayhem when ever he even looks at an F1. hahaha
Julian G
I'm with you. I like that the Sauber Team pit crew immediately grabbed their extinguishers and tried to help. They're all racing against each other, but when something bad happens it's nice to see that they'll help each other.
John Hill
What? O.o I think you need to check your facts my man. It's to force fuel efficiency. Same reason for the 1.6L turbo engines now.
Mario Kart!!!
Will B
Still had the Williams fire last year. That was worse as well.
Accidents have name.Grosjean's flaut.
classic example of y there is no re fuelling now
Charlie Gould
wasnt he actually in that race so maybe, just maybe
Back to the future
The problem here is that Mclaren released their car too early, and that is why there was fuel spraying everywhere when he pulled away. And this is why we pay attention in the pit.
Sportsmanship. Salute.
You mean Heikki?
Adam Rogers
that and to change pit strategies and cut costs (more fuel in a car less that is used because of pressures etc)
If this were nascar everyone in pit lane would be dead.
Marco Cruz
Isn't this Kovalainnen or it also just happened to Kimi?
Darcy Foster
What track?
cause they look fabulous in these.
aaah i seeee.
Harry Strong
F1 is a brotherhood, unlike many other sports...
Gosh, I remember I was crying then xD
Austin Casper
if parts were to come off a car they dont get injured
It's to protect their head.
is there a point for the pitcrew wearing an helmet?
fair play to the other pit crew...
Nemanja Djurdjevic
Not only the braking, but probably mostly because of the exhaust heat.
Marko San
the fire caused by the braking yes?
RingofRae RoR
Lollipop ! What in the world ??? Did not had good sleep!
Satrio Al Azizi
good guy bmw crew
The lollipop guy is going to get "Fired".
Rahmat Sofyan
Andrew Silva
I am glad that hoses at regular gas stations actually half the time do the same thing if somebody forgets to take the nozzle out of their tank, it disengages from the pump itself, but still those fires can be really dangerous all depending on how much fuel was actually spilled on the ground, that it why just after they get done fueling the car, after they disengage the hose from the filler hole on the car, they squirt it with water to wash away any gas from around the filler hole....
James Campbell
yeah, it was fuel sprayed everywhere.. which burns out quickly
I've seen an incident like that in F1 too. One of the pit-crew members caught an invisible fire.
Eject!! Eject!!! Lol
lewis walsh
grosjean's fault
that's why it's better that there are no refuelling during pitstops, becouse fuel is very flammable, so if the fuel pump throws it accidentally to the car, it will flame very quickly and ruin the whole pitstop!
that ferrari must have been going 88 mph....that's over the pit speed limit, it deserves a penalty
Brandon Pitt
as opposed to your multi-functional comment
whats the point of this? cant even really see anything
only at mclaren....
mathieu roussel
Useless comment
Sam Bentley
Uh. Why?
It's Kovalainen...
Come on... that title = overrated. But the clip is good though, thanks!
Elio Fernandes
it isn't Rob. save fuel...
No it was Kov
Tiago Azevedo
No. :) The reason why refueling was banned was because of the new environmental initiatives in F1. The idea behind it is that, if teams are only allowed to use X amount of liters of fuel, they will develop their engines and performance maps based on a limited amount. Which means that, if you want to go faster, you either develop new technology to be fuel efficient, or you just risk running out of fuel. It didn't have anything to do with safety, although there are advantages.
Tiago Azevedo
In Indycar it's way more dangerous (since Ethanol burns without a visible flame, which means you could still be on fire and not knowing it) and they don't have any problems. It's just a matter of making the protocol safe for everyone and thinking things through before doing them.
Was that Hamilton?
I wonder what he said in that moment
Sharon Kerr
While this is true when the fuel is under compression, when the fuel is not under compression e.g. outside of the car or fuel container and burning, it can contribute to a prolonged burning, at high temperatures, that can represent a significant hazard beyond the usual automotive gasoline fire, as octane itself is highly flammable. It's not about explosivity, I'm sorry I didn't explain that more clearly in my previous post. :)
Octane is not a measurement for the explosiveness of a fuel, its actually the exact opposite ;)
Sharon Kerr
Personally, I love that refueling in F1 is no longer done. Refueling was incredibly dangerous for all involved. Can you think of anything much more terrifying than fighting a fire that could involve gallons upon gallons of super high octane fuel, that could engulf entire pit crews? No, refueling is a good thing to have disappeared from the sport, and I'm glad the FIA has seen the light of day on that.
Sharon Kerr
My dad worked in open wheel racing at various levels (from Formula Ford and Formula Vauxhall/Opel up to F3) in his career, and a multi-team response is for the most part, standard practice. A fire in pit lane is a threat to everyone and everything (including highly flammable and very expensive race cars), so there's a lot of incentive to help anyone who gets into trouble, especially with a fire, whether the people do it to be good people, or to save a lot of expensive equipment. :)
Niko Bellic
He obviously broke the pit lane speed limit. 88mph is well over!
I like the fact that all teams close to the incident respond to it and not just the teams that are involved.
In my opinion, he needs to lighten up
KR: "I think this sport is dangerous and if you are not happy to take the risk then you should do something else". Misleading Title and refueling in F1 was awesome.
silly lollipop man...
of course yes! its dangerous anyway.