Beyoncé USA National Anthem Live @ Super Bowl 2004 [HQ]

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Beyoncé performing The Star-Spangled Banner live at Super Bowl (XXXVIII 2004) Beyoncé Singing USA's National Anthem The Star-Spangled Banner on 2004 Super Bowl (It's happened few hours before the Janet Jackson incident. It is such an amazing performance, please do not compare Queen B. OD HERSELF with any other artists (especially, our beloved and late miss Whitney Huston. Everyone can co-exsist in Beyoncé's world. THANK YOU. EVERYTHING IS LIVE.

Beyoncé USA National Anthem Live Super Bowl 2004 beyonce usa star 4\nblue ivy

Luanda Silva
I came here after watching Fergie.
piaoliang jiejie
Wendy Williams should watch this
Yudith Molina
Who came here after fregie?
piaoliang jiejie
Chills just chills
Sharita Martin
Fergie brought me here, needed to.hear a real singer.
us black folks be singing tf out the national anthem 😂 the most extra runs and riffs ...I love us
Amber Willis
Besides whitney beyonce has the national athem on lock
Beyoncé’s vocal execution remains unmatched. When she hit brave and scaled up to the final note. It was magical. I mean, who else does that?
val jean
I’m here after Fergie’s performance.
Ryan Tackett
Beyonce & Whitney's are my favorite renditions
Mark Timothy Arzaga
who came here after hearing fergie?
Wow she sounds so different now . She has a deeper fuller voice now
Dat Boy James
Fergie anyone?
Ateya Rich
Elle DeJesus
This is up there right next to Whitney’s icon performance!
Came to cleanse my soul after Fergie's disaster:((
Rafael Oliveira Music
1. Whitney Houston 2. Beyoncé Knowles 3. Destiny's Child 4. Glee Cast
Nathaniel Thomas III
She nailed that mess
Ariana Racquel
The way she sang “gleaming” 😍😍😍’s the little things
Danny Tennial
Not a fan but Beyonce don't need autotune Wendy Williams.
this is so much better than fergie omg 💀💀
What!!!!??!! I'm only 14 years late seeing this, but daaammmnnn! She killed it and she did it without running it all over the place! And she was and still is so beautiful. I think she was made in a factory 😉 she's almost too pretty and too talented!! Lol
Had to hear a good version to balance out Fergies ver-er-er-ersion.. 😂😂😂
Mayra German
Fergie take notes 😂
The best National Anthem ever in history... after Whitney Houston's😇
Beyonka killed it
Celestia Martinez
Came here to cleanse my ears after hearing gaga's tragic performance
Emmanuel Dayoro
Wendy Williams is an idiot
romel bobela
This just prove how good of a vocalist and technician Beyoncé is. She stood the test of time and still ruling now wherein most of her contemporaries struggle to sell. Still that girl 20 years in the business and still selling. Wow
That Guy
Whitney Houston still holds the top mantle, but Beyonce's right there with her in my opinion just slightly below but not by much.
That fact that y'all compare her to Whitney just shows how great Beyoncé actually is. She's a living legend and that's facts
The “gallantly” part was so beautiful. Proud to be an American.
Gustavo Garcia
Claire Lee
my ears are healed
Aww 😂 she sounded so young!!
Kiara Sainte
Who’s here after Wendy’s false statement?
Nicky Nada
cute.. it ain't Whitney though.
Calan Tolan
I’m here after Fergie ... Beyoncé is calming my anxiety after that mess
Craig D
The end of this with her rising octaves of Brave is fantastic.
El Swift
Live orchestra too... yes!! She's fantastic, get tears each time I listen.
Wow, guess I gotta take back every thing I said about beyonce not being a real singer, that was dang good!
El Swift
She really rates up with Whitney. Astounding
Someone's trying so hard to be Whitney... (calm down fucking bees, B herself admited that she watched Whitney's performance a thousand times to prepare for this) Still better than Fergie though.
Tim Jr.
If she sung it just like this today, it would break records cuz her voice is sooooo much more developed
Đéo Ai Được Yêu Em
Came here to clear my ears out after that Fergie performance
jeremiah torrevillas
Wendy Williams doesn't know what she is talking about
Karina Carter
I came here after Fergie
Dangerous Prince
Two words: QUEEN BEY!!!
Show of hands if Beyonce should of sang
īż al
#mariah #Whitney #beyonce #gaga #jhudson
Gabriella Lopez
She killed it!
Unknown Love
Fergies performance brought me here
Lilly Smith
who else checking all the National anthem performances after gaga performance I'm not American though
That Girl khaylaaa
i came after watching fergie 💀. i couldn’t with her voice
How do you look so flawless after a performance singing like that??! Only Beyoncé ......that was awesome 👏🏾 👏🏾
Ester Santos
*Beyoncé Is The Queen Of Pop.*
Joe Oliobi
1. Whitney 2. Beyonce, Lady Gaga 3. Jennifer Hudson
From Time
Had to clean my ears with Whitney and Beyoncé’s national anthems after watching Fergie’s
Mr dapperness
Who saw Fergie?
Jude Johnson
After listening to Whitney and Jennifer Hudson and even Christina Aguilera. Beyonce sound and look like a white girl...Compared to the Rest.😅
Rafael Oliveira Music
Now my Top #5 National Anthem is #1 Whitney #2 Beyoncé #3 Gaga #4 Destiny's Child #5 Mariah
Whotsson Jhonas
Diva suprema
Keon Wright
Fergie brought me here
Joy Evans
This was good. I’ve been watching a lot of people singing the anthem after Fergie.
Bongz T
1:03 I jizzed my pants when the orchestra hit that
Rein Kleefstra
Beyoncé's vocals are so underrated..
João H.
Perfect, Beyoncé is a vocal legend
Ruthie Young
She's so damn talented!!!!!! And gorgeous too! Well done Beyonce! Well done! Love ya!!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤
monique simone
40% of the comments - i came here after fergie 60%- yasss bey sing it 😍
Ladavia Louis
She’s beautiful and she sung beautiful
Basically Tionne
I love how she got on the stage so innocently then when she started singing she became a beast. Her vocals are so raw. It's amazing.
I need this to cleanse my soul after Fergie's performance.
La'lani Forever Flawless
Whitney Houston Jennifer Hudson Beyonce Alicia Keys All of them were perfect at singing the united states national anthem.
Ternice Liner
This version is cute or Watever, but not enough power to compare to Jennifer, and def not Whitney!!!
Chart Data
Lmao Fergie whats good
Hemylie A Vazquez Gerena
Top 3 best national anthem performances: Whitney, Jennifer Hudson and Beyoncé
Amber Murray
Beyonce is perfect in every way
It's Aubrey
So far only this and Whitney Houstons performance have givin me chills. ❤
Arthur Wira Yudha
Cleaning my ear after watching Fergie
Her upward scale on "brave" gives me chills every time!
Who else needed to come here to compensate after the Fergie disaster?
john john
At her age Whitney Houston was over🤫🤫🤫 #facts
Samuel Marchand
Fergie's made me watch this one again, and again.
Lulwa Allahou
My heart is warmed by this
Ebony Mitchell
1:58 beyonce's signature sound ❤️
tatiana jacques
Fergie made me come here ...thanks Bey
Parm Mohan
Wow! Beyoncé looks sooooo beautiful when she was younger! Shows women you don't have to show skin just to be beautiful! Beautiful woman inside and out!
Devin Bedford
I just realized she sang Whitney's arrangement. She did a good job
lozmgs fo90
Take notes Fergie 😂
Ant B
That ending tho.. Had me in tears! Powerful!🙌🏾
3liana .e
You know when you eat something good to cleanse your pallete after something bad? Yeah I just came from the fergie video.
Tanja Müller
I came here to cleanse my ears after Fergie's national anthem.
Give fergie some tips
Meh, she overdid it. Not nearly as good as Whitney Houston or Jennifer Hudson.
Key Swish
She sounds beautiful
Lati Matjeni
Yes, Fergie brought me here 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
truthseeker89 for life
A million times better than Fergie wow
Aizen Knaik
She climbed that note in the end like the rent is already overdue by 10 days. Earn it Bey!
Just think about this. What if Beyonce, Mariah, Jennifer, and Whitney all sung the national anthem together with an outstanding band and orchestra backing them. I don't think the world would know how to handle that.
Knoah Harlan
I felt like her and Jeniffer Hudson had the best they just underestimated vocally tbh