Beyoncé USA National Anthem Live @ Super Bowl 2004 [HQ]

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Beyoncé performing The Star-Spangled Banner live at Super Bowl (XXXVIII 2004) Beyoncé Singing USA's National Anthem The Star-Spangled Banner on 2004 Super Bowl (It's happened few hours before the Janet Jackson incident. It is such an amazing performance, please do not compare Queen B. OD HERSELF with any other artists (especially, our beloved and late miss Whitney Huston. Everyone can co-exsist in Beyoncé's world. THANK YOU. EVERYTHING IS LIVE.

Beyoncé USA National Anthem Live Super Bowl 2004 beyonce usa star 4\nblue ivy

Luanda Silva
I came here after watching Fergie.
shelly amor
Wendy Williams should watch this
shelly amor
Chills just chills
Yudith Molina
Who came here after fregie?
Chance Ussery
I'm listening to different versions after hearing Fergie today. Whitney is still my favorite.
Tim Jr.
If she sung it just like this today, it would break records cuz her voice is sooooo much more developed
Ateya Rich
Sharita Martin
Fergie brought me here, needed to.hear a real singer.
Niyla perez
How that camera was fading to another part at the end while she was singing made it look epic😂😂❤
love this performance, but Beyonce remains second place. I don't even need to mention who First place in the best National Anthem is.
val jean
I’m here after Fergie’s performance.
Tasha titanic
u know she work so hard to get this right
Beyonka killed it
Renato Santos
WTF man, these american events are so fucking huge! I would like be there someday
Dat Boy James
Fergie anyone?
Mark Timothy Arzaga
who came here after hearing fergie?
She nailed that mess
Lilly Smith
who else checking all the National anthem performances after gaga performance I'm not American though
us black folks be singing tf out the national anthem 😂 the most extra runs and riffs ...I love us
Josh shane
i cried when i first saw this
FUCKK!! that was flawless!!! : S : O and I'm not even her fan but she gave me chills!!! perfect !! on point!!! sharp!!! she's amazing damn!… Screamxtina should learn from these…
Captain Levi.
he has came here from watching Christina Aguilera singing this and thought oh my god why is Christina wasting her time?!
Aww 😂 she sounded so young!!
Raquel C. Gary
No goosebumps like whitney gave me but she still did good with her extra self Lol
Robert wiggins
Her upward scale on "brave" gives me chills every time!
this is so much better than fergie omg 💀💀
Amber Willis
Besides whitney beyonce has the national athem on lock
Rena G
Fun fact: in 2004, NFL offered Beyoncé the choice to do either the halftime or the national anthem at the Super Bowl. She chose the latter to fulfill her childhood dream <3
Mayra German
Fergie take notes 😂
hate Beyonce but that ending was epic compared to some of the garbage attempts out there
This National Anthem performance sustains me 😵😍
kate Cameroon
Who came here to compare after watching Gaga
Edi D
1. Whitney Houston 2. Lady Gaga 3. Beyonce 4. Jennifer Hudson 5. Mariah Carey
Bryce Badura
Literally impossible to not get chills at 2:22
she is better than LadyGaga
Came to cleanse my soul after Fergie's disaster:((
Bong dity
I like how she copies Whitney Houston style... well thats good, because Whitney is still and always the best.
Beyonce. slay
Angee Casiano
meh. i dunno... she didnt mesh well with the orchestra and vice versa in my opinion.
James McLoad
She came the closest to Whitney.
Rafael Oliveira Music
Now my Top #5 National Anthem is #1 Whitney #2 Beyoncé #3 Gaga #4 Destiny's Child #5 Mariah
Shanda Renee
The control on that 4 octave scale on "the Brave" at 2:22 got me in tears over here.
Beyoncé’s vocal execution remains unmatched. When she hit brave and scaled up to the final note. It was magical. I mean, who else does that?
Unknown Love
Fergies performance brought me here
What!!!!??!! I'm only 14 years late seeing this, but daaammmnnn! She killed it and she did it without running it all over the place! And she was and still is so beautiful. I think she was made in a factory 😉 she's almost too pretty and too talented!! Lol
Karina Carter
I came here after Fergie
Peter Pan
Simply amazing!
Whitney Houston is still my number one pick
Beyonce voice is not this high anymore but I really miss it.
Ant B
That ending tho.. Had me in tears! Powerful!🙌🏾
Gabriella Lopez
She killed it!
Elle DeJesus
This is up there right next to Whitney’s icon performance!
Sam March
Fergie's made me watch this one again, and again.
Nicky Nada
cute.. it ain't Whitney though.
ram raman
she was fighting with Sasha fierce
Ryan Tackett
Beyonce & Whitney's are my favorite renditions
Give fergie some tips
Rafael Oliveira Music
1. Whitney Houston 2. Beyoncé Knowles 3. Destiny's Child 4. Glee Cast
Had to hear a good version to balance out Fergies ver-er-er-ersion.. 😂😂😂
amazing melisma gave me the chill..
El Swift
Live orchestra too... yes!! She's fantastic, get tears each time I listen.
Molly Pop
i kinda glad they don't put the 3rd verse because it would make the song extra long and it is kinda creepy...
Natalia Seweryn
Fergie listen to this 😂😂
Wow, guess I gotta take back every thing I said about beyonce not being a real singer, that was dang good!
Lauren Wilkey
Whitney and Beyoncé are the top 2
Luke coughlin
The ending gave me chills wow
Twerk legendz
Whitney Houston sang the Best
jb back
Beyoncé is something else ... much talent ...original
deontae porter
she made me cry
Danny Tennial
Not a fan but Beyonce don't need autotune Wendy Williams.
Jonathan Doyle
Gaga and Whitney were so much better.
Gagas performance brough me here.... The is the best after Whitney... People are stupid...
Mikal Black
thumbs DOWN for the fact she TRIIIIIIIIIED to replicate Whitney Houston's live version. but still lacks the vocal power on the same level as Whitney not to mention NO1 started clapping or cheering lol...girl BYE 👋 and have several
aase raser
If that isn't a perfect performance, nothing is. This is an example of utter musical mastery: Take something simple and just wring it to the max. How anyone could have extracted so much out of an anthem is just beyond understanding. Plus she's about the most beautiful creature that's ever walked the Earth. What a combination. Then she throws it all away to walk over to Satan's side. Get your priorities straight people. 1: God. 2: Family. 3: Everything else.
Calan Tolan
I’m here after Fergie ... Beyoncé is calming my anxiety after that mess
Nick Tubbs
Aedan Alvena
i love her ending. just so.... really, great. one of the best anthem endings she did here.
David Bento
Lady Gaga did it better!
Take notes Fergie
Ariana Racquel
The way she sang “gleaming” 😍😍😍’s the little things
This made me cry
Keon Wright
Fergie brought me here
Chocalate Fafa
i came after watching fergie 💀. i couldn’t with her voice
Super Case
Ebony Miller
1:58 beyonce's signature sound ❤️
jeremiah torrevillas
Wendy Williams doesn't know what she is talking about
lozmgs fo90
Take notes Fergie 😂
Mr dapperness
Who saw Fergie?
romel bobela
This just prove how good of a vocalist and technician Beyoncé is. She stood the test of time and still ruling now wherein most of her contemporaries struggle to sell. Still that girl 20 years in the business and still selling. Wow
Edinso Quintero
better than gaga and Im not a fan of Beyonce
Henry Washington
2:30 I'd like to volunteer to put this old bird out of her misery! Glad I grew up with Whitney Houston.
Đéo Ai Được Yêu Em
Came here to clear my ears out after that Fergie performance
Zeph Ballentine
That fact that y'all compare her to Whitney just shows how great Beyoncé actually is. She's a living legend and that's facts
WHD Studios
Does anybody notice she looks like Queen Latifah in this video?
Just think about this. What if Beyonce, Mariah, Jennifer, and Whitney all sung the national anthem together with an outstanding band and orchestra backing them. I don't think the world would know how to handle that.
Marvin Gaye, Whitney Houston and Beyonce. The best rendition of all time in my book. RIP Marvin, RIP Whitney.
Amie Landsborough
Came here and watched the Queens - Beyonce, Whitney and Gaga to cleanse my ears after Fergie's assault on my ears.
Ester Santos
*Beyoncé Is The Queen Of Pop.*
That Guy
Whitney Houston still holds the top mantle, but Beyonce's right there with her in my opinion just slightly below but not by much.