Bobby Fischer Makes 4 Consecutive Crazy Opening King Moves Against Short Game 2/8

If this was the Legendary Bobby Fischer playing against Nigel Short,, this was one crazy crazy game. Having gone for the most bizarre opening, just like he did in his previous games, Fischer had played a very eccentric game. Please consider donating if you enjoy this channel. PS. Please note: I have secured a very good deal for those who are interested in chess and chess related materials. Please visit and obtain a 25% discount offer by using voucher code: CHESSPUZZLER25

Of course it was Fischer because he knew all that all he had to do is to force his opponents to actually play chess rather then repeat all the moves they memorised for every situation which is what almost all chess players do. He just made moves that didn't exist in any textbook and that were never played and therefore there was no memorized defence so the other players had to actually play chess.
This is hands down the greatest excuse ever for losing a chess game.
Admit it, you just cannot handle defeat guys. Fischer was alive then. Did anyone even bother to ask him? According to those who actually played against him, he really was that good and didn't need to stoop to using a game engine. He even beat every single one of those, by the way, even those created by MIT. "He was too good. There was no use in playing him. It wasn't interesting. I was getting beaten, and it wasn't clear to me why. It wasn't like I made this mistake or that mistake. It was like I was being gradually outplayed, from the start. He wasn't taking any time to think. The most depressing thing about it is that I wasn't even getting out of the middle game to an endgame. I don't ever remember an endgame. He honestly believes there is no one for him to play, no one worthy of him. I played him, and I can attest to that." -- Peter Biyiasas "It was like I was being gradually outplayed, from the start", that line is your answer. And it is exactly what happens in the above game in the video. Fischer essentially gave him 3 free moves and still crushed him. Fischer was simply making it interesting after decades of boredom destroying grandmasters he considered noobs. Face it, when Fischer sat down he had already won, he was that many moves ahead.
Peter Newbranch
A grandmaster that gets humiliated and defeated of course have to claim that his opponent, a former world champion, has to be cheating. This was for sure Fischer. Fischer had said that he hated todays chess, that it was just players trying to remember the openings and not playing the game as it should been play over the board. That is why he choosed new openings to from move 1 shut down his oponents preporations and begin the challange to play real chess.
Neven Šinko
There you go kids - no need to study openings at all 😁
Martin Whalley
This is what Bobby looked like shortly before his death. I met him in 1983 at Lina Grumette's Memorial Day Classic tournament. I was 16yo and won the under 1600 section 51/2-1/2. He crushed me two blitz games, then observed IM Shirazi take 2min to 1min odds vs.GM Djingihashvili(?). Fischer left with Paul Koploy, the Chess Columnist for the Orange County Register. Seems he was hosting the former world champion. At that time, Fischer had been M.I.A. as far as public appearances. I can think of no other visitations , although he was staying nearby in Pasadena. That summer, 83, the US OPEN was at a beatiful Hotel on Oak Knoll Rd. (We were three miles away at the Hilton). I heard Fischer made a brief appearance, spoke to GM KORCHNOI, the #1seeded Grandmaster. One of our young brood of A players just missed the cut and played Korchnoi on stage, then was paired with GM Christiansen in rd 2 (whom had taken bye in first). Memeories
Mandela Effect Comedy
This wasn't Bobby Fischer.... I can tell by the rope a dope maneuver it was Muhammad Ali.
I don't even understand chess, but I like watching your tutorial of how this game was played out. Really well done.
Ronak Badhe
Engines at the time would not have been strong enough or fast enough to beat Nigel Short at blitz.
Padmanabhan K.S.V.
Early 1970s, always referred to "Fisher Boom" in USA. Those days, 1970s, 3 big players internationally, (a) Bobby Fischer (b) Spassky and (c) Anatoly Karpov (USSR). Greatest Chess Player of all time - some times had set conditions of his own for World Championship titles! While I was a learner of Chess in early 1970s, friends used to mention his name and used to wonder a lot about Bobby Fischer! Jan 2008, sad news as he died! Great chess champion ever seen!
Tellestus 0
Chaos always prevails. It is the only order there truly is.
John Scott
This was Fischer, Bigfoot told me about it.
Peter Cam
Nigel was Duped!... But not by Bobby in my view!
I've been playing chess for 47 years, have studied every one of Fischer's games from when he was very young. Fischer read over a 1000 chess books, studied every chess personality intensely to find weakness. He knew the board six ways from Sunday and his memory was so good you could ask him to place the pieces correctly from any game he had with anyone at any stage of the game and he'd do it. For example, 1972, Spassky, game 6, move 8 and he'd fill the board as it was, he had a photographic memory due to his Autism. He also had incredible problem solving skills on the board far in excess of any player that has ever lived to this point including Tal, Kasparov and Carlsen, the only player who would come close to his level when Fischer was in his prime was Ivanchuk and it's a shame they never played blitz being from different era's. Ivanchuk could have been better but he was too irratic and lost concentration too easy when it mattered, he didn't put the effort in that the others did. Now the question is, was this Fischer playing Short and if not who was it? The question of whether it was an engine playing Short cannot be considered and i'll tell you why. Chess engines of the time were not up to Short's standard especially at blitz, you would need a team to do it even with Deep blue because not only do you have to cross reference all the moves with the ICC interface at an incredible rate of knots, the opening sequence of King walking which was obviously human moves could not be computed fast enough after you let the engine take control. By this I mean, contemporary chess engines of that time are two stage programmed, they know all the opening sequences, they can compute outcomes from those openings quickly but once you start giving them unorthodox situations which are not in their memory banks then it begins to slow them down and they were not suited to Blitz against GM's above 2500 at all. Imagine a human making a series of errors then presenting the engine with such a situation against one of the best blitz players in the world? Besides that, who ever Short was playing also made some errors (none critical) that are not characteristic of an engine during middle and end games.The engine wouldn't have the power to achieve this not in 2001.The other engines were rated below 1800 and that simply isn't good enough to spank Short 8-0. You'd need an engine rated above 2500, you'd need more than one person to interface it with ICC and you would also need a computer handy just in case Short asks you about a game in 1970 then answer him in seconds. The likelihood of Short playing a chess engine in my opinion is less than 5%. So who was it? In my opinion it was two people and this is where people have mistaken the sequences as an engine. What you have is a classic example of over the shoulder tuition.......continued on my next comment.
Tanja Gordon
Fischer is just having fun - he's playing the player
I've been playing chess and watching chess videos for a long time. Never have I cracked up laughing over chess the way I did watching the first few minutes of this video.
Chris S
I love using my king to intimidate and gain leverage😂 since most are taught not to move the king othere then to Castle it tends to make player's a bit nervous.
Fischer was the OG Bongcloud Player
Colin Jewell
Great video, thoroughly enjoyed....some great moves to try out in future games :)
Dirk Mueller
never Fischers game ... cant believe it!
Adriel Defelice
Hi, in the minute 9´, when you propose RF7, you are not considering PB5, to protect B7. What do you think?
piotr monn
13:39 -> in this position a3 is also possible right? of course its not great but it is possible :P
Lawrence Akin-Odujobi
That absolute lack of respect had to be an engine, only the engines crush you like this with seemingly shocking opening sequences exposing weaknesses that can always be defended JUST in time.
Rich Pope
Fischer would NEVER have played this way. It wasn't him.
What? Not even Fischer? Well, then the uploader is the goofy eccentric milking the name. SMH.
I had my thought on knight g1 to d4 check, then e5 just to bait the king
If the game was in 2001 then it would be very hard to play blitz at this speed against a GM and survive. No engines in 2001 could play a blitz game that well and fast with such unorthodox moves. It is possible but very unlikely. As unlikely as the possibility of Fischer being the other player. I am not convinced either way.
Winning Technique
Didn't Magnus play this in a recent lichess bullet arena which he won.
If it wasn't Bobby, it was the Ghost of Steinitz!
Abel Mishima
i dont think these games / openings were played by R.J. Fischer.
Dan Urech
All the way up to 2:00 youre saying random square names
His 3rd move crack me up.this is interesting,i never see this move b4 on gm game.
William Daniel Balmaceda
What chess program did you use for this?
Sounds like he had fun in that bee shop..... 😂😂😂😂
Gregory Trane
I would have loved to see Fischer and Morphy play each other in a tournament match.
Garry Morgan
Once again CP, great presentation and explanation. We know Fischer hated the rise of the "Machines" as they only calculated, not created artful chess moves and thus inspired game play. I believe his brilliance was unrivaled, he was a man from my time, he was World Champion as he defeated Spassky in 1972...dates me a little. I kind of understand his railing against the techno-mages, silicon wizards, calculation crunchers, electronic programmed minds almost always making the same move in the same positions, because that is what millions of nodes per second say is best. No romance, no creativity, no real style, causing we mere humans to doubt our "moves" because Silicon says this move is .47 centipawn better. Yet they fascinate, educate, and beat the tar out of us each time we try, even the 2nd class engines now. I remember the joy of defeating the chess engine on my Radio Shack TRS80 computer almost 35 years ago! Look how far they have come, and how far we have gone...Thanks again CP for your excellent work...Your devoted attendee, Garry
Mark McPeak
This is where a really great world class GM lost to a pure genius!!!
Nicholas MacNutt
kudos GMBF i still remember that timed game i lost.
That first opening reminds me of playing my sister.
I've heard others say that on assessment 80% of the moves made by fisher weren't even 2nd or 3rd choice by a chess engine they used. I don't know, and won't presume to judge anyone's view on whether it was fisher or not. What I will say is that it is nice to think that it was - and as we will never know, maybe that's how we should leave it - in the realm of of a legend that once again showed the world that creativity is more than memorization.
He must have been so bored of the game at that point
Henry Seidel
That guy is just cheating the audience by abusing Fischer's name. Sensationalism.
I have tried this. It works. Especial f6 - c7 - kf6 ......
Jack Wehrung
I thought wht would Rf7. myself.
Judgement Ravi
As far I know so4 no any gambling in diz but in future? May be
Jason Baronov
why not c5 instead of d4 and then queen b3?
Mike Rountree
Easter egg hunts are all about finding dyed eggs soooo I like the yellow and blue colors, with feathers!! YES!
vijaya raghavan
At 2:20 short could have played e5 f*e5f*e5 simply punishes black for exposed king( sac the pawn and controlling the center..night....)instead of d4...its my intuition
Guys, I know who was behind this game. It is an artificial intelligence cybernetic machine that has travelled time back to aniquilate human kind. It's name is alpha zero.
David Schmidt
If your such a good chess player with all the moves you show why aren't you ranked anywhere
Jacob Fortier
Hi there, I don't play much. Wondered if someone might tell me if at 10:53 black rook H6 could push off to F6 (not F7). Could this lead to a different outcome? Cheers-
Unbelievable. Seriously amazing
Mj Hill
An engine would never move like that. Also, Bobby must have been sitting there.
Dan Litvinenko
1:07 so exited cant contain the burps
Homa Simpson
It was me , not Fischer , I do not like orthodox openings
Red Shield
If you know anything about Bobby Fischer! This looks like something he do! I think Nigel was just shocked he lost at that position.
Michael Kanellos
I am not a strong player, but I remember that many years ago I played in ICC against a player who gave odds (from pawn to queen(!)), played crazy openings just like here, with a strong leaning towards moves like f2-f3 and moving the king around..! But apart from that this player played incredibly strong and almost humiliated me, with knight odds on my side I had no chance and even with queen odds I had quite some problems! Because in these days the 'Fischer' conspiracy theory was already up, I simply asked: 'Are you Bobby Fischer?'. He simply answered 'Yes'. :-) I think I played against Fischer, I have no other sensible explanation.
Nate Byars
Never seen a computer move the king into a weak position 4 times in a row!! Definitely Bobby playing mind games something computers don't do
Preussen über alles
Nigel should have read Vasily Panov in order to know how to take care of such weird Fischer's opening. Sometimes, great masters are so engaged in theoretical openings that they fail at rebuking antipositional moves. The last sound antipositional opening is the Alekhine Defense 1. e4, Kf6 that made masters such as Nimzowitch complain about the superiority feelings of the Russian champion.
Mick M
I am amazed by the passionate arguments going on in the comments. I play chess a lot but have no idea of the chess world at all so this is a bit of an education for me. I love the fact that even the more inane comments are relatively well written and coherant. Comment sections in most other youtube genres were starting to make my eyes bleed so I sought refuge here. I liked the commentary and the featured game. Thanks GM.
Macey Murrell
..."Good-Morning Alice can say".... Be "nice, ifWal-Mart is a loss if we think groovy, the game is re-thinking. The curiousity can be taought by any
this game looked like a blitz game between two 1100 players
Ivan Ivanov
Some say that if this was Fischer indeed, he played these opening in order to avoid modern chess opening theory.
jason young
Junk moves from Short not taking advantage of Fisher's king gambit
Elliot Jackson
Its a stragety to get your opponent to open up..i did c chekmate for short though!!so its a greater risk...
Galvonce Gravel
What's the tune in the intro?
Looks like two 800 playing dancing around with their kings
Not only is this not Fischer, this isn't Short. The real Nigel Short would have won this easily.
Billy Joe
When you're Nigel :)
what is that opening music from?
Shahid Nasir
3:30 after Bf5 + ... Fischer should have played Kb6 and then if c5+ then Ka5 and so on
Navins Awesome and Divine Account
SOMEONE ON CHESS.COM USED THAT SAME FISCHER OPENING ON ME AND I THOUGHT " oh my god what a dork" .....he won that match
jakeson magtoto
You keep saying king instead of queen
Chris Allen
1. e4 yeah, that was Short definitely lolz
Vladislavs Dovgalecs
Nigel was lured into dark forest as that hunter chasing a deer from the fairy tale.
Great video, thankyou, but didn't fishcer himself deny this?
(5:07) - " a flush..."? Flash?
Tum Pau
It is not a crazy move , each move has a different response, that may change the result.
Fischer would be glad to know that modern chess theory has not killed the game: Alpha Zero is rewriting many opening theories with it's AI performance, proving that the game is alive and well. It is us humans that need to dig deeper, not chess.
Arthur Gil
I do not believe Bobby Fisher played this game
M. Yasir Ali
Bobby Fischer.... Taking trolling to ever greater heights
Judo Johnny
You never posted that link.
Engine confusion play
Plot twist: its AlphaZero
Daniel Brown
is this an early bongcloud variation? the Fischer Bongcloud?
Larry Davis
That man saved my life ... In December '99... Truth.
cousin leigh
Trolling at best 😂😂
Ablejack Courtney
I do not believe it was actually Nigel Short. It was Fischer playing against an engine.
Nihilistic Nut
Trying to get my 7yr old interested, I'm sure sure he'll do well. Just need a way to ignite the fire. P.S Thanks for upload.
Neilre Hattingh
Magnus did something similar on lichess
it was bobbydrunkenstein before the bongcloud was known
Freddie Capillan
the way Fischer open and finished his opponent, it only prove that the opening is not the basis for winning. other people can do the same opening but will lose the game. it's the tactic and the error if the opponent that gives the winning
Bobby Hall
I remember in the early 2000s when this “Fischer” guest played on ICC. He didn’t only play Short. He played some other people too and he even let me play a few games against him. I remember I had shouted on ICC “Fischer is the greatest!” and the Fischer guest sent me a personal tell saying “Correct. Challenge me, son.” I chatted with him a bit too. I thought I had saved the games I played against him and also some games against other players but I’m not sure if I still have them. I’ll have to look again. I don’t believe this was Fischer and Fischer himself denied playing Short in a radio interview.
David Anewman
Bobby Fischer Beast Mode.
Robert Caplinger
What Engine starts with Pawn and King Play like that, either Short us poor against computers ,(I don't think Kasparove would have list against such computer play, or thus was the legendary Fischer who had worked out such a unusual opening for Black. Hmm, sounds like Fischer seeking the Holy Grail.
Fisher was amazing
Jesus Christ Follower
all those King moves were cracking me up lol I laughed so hard at that LOL
mike A
what is a bee shop?
That seems exactly like Fischer at that time, unconventional and relentless