Generals, Elephants, and Cannons: Chinese Chess

Chinese Chess, or Xiangqi, may look similar to international chess at a glance, but in fact, it’s a pretty different game, and not just because of those cannon pieces. Chess Grandmaster Xie Jun and Blind Xiangqi Master Dang Fei came to town to spread the word about Xiangqi, and SinoVision Journal reporter Lani Nelson has the story.

Kieran Ho
2:56 "American" chess...? Americans didn't invent chess played in the West. The nerve of these Americans. The world doesn't revolve around them.
sry but the English titles of the pieces are translated horrendously XDDDD
King and Assistant? I thought it is General and Guard instead, also, Cannon is actually Catapult.
M Lau
Chess ProOne
I thought its minister not elephant
You people only started to embrace this after the restrictions of the Cultural Revolution were relaxed; you guys only managed to save what is not yet destroyed only when it becomes profitable. Nothing can replace the cultural heritage being lost, after thousands of years of accumulation. 文革的限制放寬後,你們才開始擁抱,你們只有在有利可圖的時候才能保存什麼還沒有被銷毀。經過數千年的積澱,沒有什麼可以取代失去的文化遺產。
Jean D
1:05 Did she say she prefers the international version of chess, or that she prefers Xiangqi to the international version? Sorry, but her accent is quite thick! Anyway I play both games to some degree of proficiency and while Xiangqi isn't quite as deep or strategic as Western chess it makes up for it by being very fast moving and tactical. In fact I think a casual player would probably find Xiangqi more "fun" than Western chess, but I know that the characters are something of a barrier to non Chinese players.