MEGATRON (DOTM) - Short Flash Transformers Series

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Dark of the Moon ver. Megatron. Hope you enjoy it :) Adobe Flash animation, After Effect composition

Jesse Ly
This new form just makes him look more badass. Like if you agree
Amazing JOB!!!!!, This is by far the best thing I ever lay eyes upon. Huge question where did you find the SFX of Megatron's fusion cannon. Cause I only have the G1 version. :/ Is there anyway you could email me the SFX From the Dotm Megatron, His SFX Were so badass in the film. Keep doing your best at the videos, You Rock!  Primus Productions.
Isaac Zelinski
Hobo with a shotgun.
Susan Willoughby
Megatons vehicle mode looks like he can survive in a zombie apocalypse
Awesome Productions
"Oh, my poor master. How it pains me to see you so wounded, so weak..." "Spare me, you gaseous sycophant! You know what you are told, which is nothing!"
Susan Willoughby
Megatron was so badass... Until galvatron came and ruined the fun... Like this comment for megatron to come back
Dicky McDickface
I always imagined they used parts of bonecrusher in order to make him.
Oh, if only he had used that big-ass cannon in the movie. And not been so pathetic...
When i was like 4-5 i thought that barricade was megatron!
Aleximus Prime
Love the addition of the mech tech weapon!  :D
Flame Kai'zer
All Hail Megatron
Kelly Botto
The guy is so talented he can change animation history
Radu Danculea
y does every one hate his robot form in dotm I think that hoodie thingy makes him look pretty dope
These are getting better and better!! That was amazing! I really hope you are able to pull off the Age of Extinction ones just as well. Especially since characters like Crosshairs dont transform int the movie.
noob56639 The roblox master
I like Megatron
АлексБро | AlexBroAnimation
Oh shit, that was soooo cool ! I always liked the sound and transformation, this process is very epic! Anaways i like it)
JayMasterDex DEX
I love it when all the deceptions come out :)
Lucad Alexsandro
You can do but short flash of transformers videos
LEGOboy 360
His smokestacks should have combined to make a shotgun
William Anthony
That MechTech weapon scene was cool
Александр Борданенко
если есть игрушка мегатрон можно купить??
Nightmare Rat
Wait that looks like a cybertonian longhall!
The Lying Triangle
Don't be greedy fragile ones
Meijor Emerald
Here we are..fight us now...
Peperina Alegria
este video es mui buenisimo
Allan B. Duque
The Dinobots?
I wish he was this cool in the movie :( You made him look like he could actually kill something! Nice work as always :)
John Kelso
this Megatron is a badass when he look like a truck
Dark Messenger
lucas y honh nie les freros de COD
lockdown please
Jacky Tran
Megatron g1 the planet of the tron part 3 confirm
Taco Troll
Megaton looks like a bounty hunter
nikt ważny
When transformers 5
Alex Diaz
Super duper amazing as ever. Especially with the extra Decepticon drones you added behind Megatron. You are super cool and amazing Osro. Thank you so much for uploading Dark Of The Moon Megatron. Only Que and The Wreckers remain from Movie 3. But if you are moving on to movie 4, then i'm okay with that, as your biggest fan. XD
Enzo Segura
Legions Typhoon
Megatron of arabia!
John Kelso
big chungus
Hamd Khan
Megatron had a big gun like that. It was shown in MPX.
xX Xx
Do Grimlock next Pleeeease
lol Lol
Megatron receive the mechtech before Optimus Gets it
Trueblox Gaming
what is DOTM?
Agripino Quiroz
make transformers 4 age of extinction like galvatron, lockdown, prime and the other ones too
Megatron in retirement
Calvin Ramjeeawon
wow megatron's hands are different ! I'd never seen that before !! Thank you !
Long haul drones?
# joeynshadow
When did megatron had the big mutiple gun thing
Mikhel Rowssen
did someone saw long haul at the portal
Nick Osborn
All hail megatron
Hyperendocrin Giganotosaurus Productions
I luv mega from d.o.t.m.
polycraft empire
my favoriote vehicle mode is in dotm and favoroute robot mode in rotf but strongest megatron is in t1
1:12 *WHAT?*
isur marin
REALLY GOOD JOB! you just need to do the wreckers and wheeljack, and you can make the transformers age of extinction characters :D
Durodes Duvo
I wasn't expecting much, but damn this is just unreal. I hope you get sweet deals in the future, you are stoopid talented!
Nicc Rabadee
of upland
If you do age of extinction then please do grimlock first or drift remember drift can turn into a bugatti veyron and a helicopter
kelly lemonds
It's raining grey, hallelujah!!!! it's raining grey!!!! :)
JC- Jaden
Man.....he change his veichle form in every single movie but this one is the best
Andrew Garcia
Go megs
Brody Smith
Dude! You should make a 20 minute show with voices and everything
Hxris ¡
Maria br
destruído não fica mais foda ;-;
Jordan Harrington
YOU DID IT AGAIN!!! (Applause)
Sass Master XIII
Absolutely stunning! How long did this take you?
I failed you Lord Megatron...All Hail...Lord...Megatron...
Majd Khawandy
This virsion was awesome but very but very weak and he had short screentime
Piero Minaya Rojas
I hope you make the TLK Megatron.
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Symbiotic Firecracker Productions
Other than Animated, this is my favorite Megatron design. It looks like he was in a war for eons...which he has.
John Kelso
I like this Megatron form
Dragoljub Vasic
This Megatron is look like peace of bad metal.But he is still a Megatron
Kryten Prime
O_O You, sir, have actually made him even more epic than he actually is in the DOTM film itself. Bravo! :D
train fan 4014
This Megatron would fit perfectly in the Madmax universe
I disliked ROFT Megatron the most 2007 megatron is me up to the sixth grade, good grades and doing fine 2009 megatron is me in a bad state (head is showing in the transformation) my fat is showing and getting worse and let’s say the shot to the face is a cut or 2 to my arm DOTM megatron, I started to hide but it didn’t help, and then I got help, and I’m a stopmotion I will make when I have the figures, of my ending to DOTM I would make a great leader, if I had friends to get it started...
Ryan Fong
The gun did not have pump action tho
Cupson Plush Productions
I loved this version of megatron
Leo T.rex
I admire your incredible work you like your creations
Jordan Lopez
Tbh I shitted when the intro came
Anthony Mendez
My friend from school told me that Megatron from transformers:the last knight looks like Ultron from Avengers age of Ultron.
Has un nuevo video de galvatron de la extincion 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Callum Wilkinson
all hail megatron and galvatron
How do you get the sound effects?
Valmir Urban
Megatron and mixmaster.are awesome lol mixmaster Beat bump mixer is tje scud!
renato marin
deberia ver un short flash de optimus prime de transformers 3
natalia oetama
more transformers 5 please
Uzma Butt
Galvatron and megertron transformers 5
natalia oetama
tranformers 5 please
natalia oetama
tranformers 5 please
natalia oetama
tranformers 5 please
natalia oetama
tranformers 5 please
Optimus Prime
I must stop megatron
natalia oetama
tranformers 5 more please
natalia oetama
tranformers 5 more please
natalia oetama
tranformers 5 more please
natalia oetama
tranformers 5 more please
Alfredo Marquez
I want you make a Verizon that is prime rip Megatron head and I want the other prime fght
Martha Lepón Muñoz
Have the devcon
OrhanDaLegend ,
The last badass looking megatron
Назар Шивелюк