MEGATRON (DOTM) - Short Flash Transformers Series

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Dark of the Moon ver. Megatron. Hope you enjoy it :) Adobe Flash animation, After Effect composition

Film Transformers Flash Animation short Transformers: Dark Of The Moon (Film) DOTM Dark of the Moon Megatron (Fictional Character) Decepticon (Organization In Fiction)

Susan Willoughby
Megatons vehicle mode looks like he can survive in a zombie apocalypse
Susan Willoughby
Megatron was so badass... Until galvatron came and ruined the fun... Like this comment for megatron to come back
Awesome Productions
"Oh, my poor master. How it pains me to see you so wounded, so weak..." "Spare me, you gaseous sycophant! You know what you are told, which is nothing!"
Jesse Ly
This new form just makes him look more badass. Like if you agree
Dicky McDickface
I always imagined they used parts of bonecrusher in order to make him.
To be Honest Megatron has a lot of Forms Through the Transformers Franchise. G1: He was a Gun. Beast wars: He's a Predacon Robots in Disguise (Old): He Turns into a Hand, Big Car, A Jet, a Bat, and a Dragon with two Heads. Prime: He was a Cybertronian Jet. Armada: He was A Tank. FOC/WFC: He was also a Tank. Movie (2007): He was Yet again a Cybertronian Jet. Revenge of the Fallen: He was again, a Tank. Dark of the Moon: He was a Very Old Oil Truck.
These are getting better and better!! That was amazing! I really hope you are able to pull off the Age of Extinction ones just as well. Especially since characters like Crosshairs dont transform int the movie.
Isaac Zelinski
Hobo with a shotgun.
Aleximus Prime
Love the addition of the mech tech weapon!  :D
Flame Kai'zer
All Hail Megatron
Oh, if only he had used that big-ass cannon in the movie. And not been so pathetic...
Radu Danculea
y does every one hate his robot form in dotm I think that hoodie thingy makes him look pretty dope
Amazing JOB!!!!!, This is by far the best thing I ever lay eyes upon. Huge question where did you find the SFX of Megatron's fusion cannon. Cause I only have the G1 version. :/ Is there anyway you could email me the SFX From the Dotm Megatron, His SFX Were so badass in the film. Keep doing your best at the videos, You Rock!  Primus Productions.
When i was like 4-5 i thought that barricade was megatron!
Kelly Botto
The guy is so talented he can change animation history
Александр Борданенко
если есть игрушка мегатрон можно купить??
noob56639 The roblox master
I like Megatron
АлексБро | AlexBroAnimation
Oh shit, that was soooo cool ! I always liked the sound and transformation, this process is very epic! Anaways i like it)
The Lying Triangle
Don't be greedy fragile ones
JayMasterDex DEX
I love it when all the deceptions come out :)
Alex Diaz
Super duper amazing as ever. Especially with the extra Decepticon drones you added behind Megatron. You are super cool and amazing Osro. Thank you so much for uploading Dark Of The Moon Megatron. Only Que and The Wreckers remain from Movie 3. But if you are moving on to movie 4, then i'm okay with that, as your biggest fan. XD
Dark Messenger
Lucad Alexsandro
You can do but short flash of transformers videos
Hamd Khan
Megatron had a big gun like that. It was shown in MPX.
polycraft empire
my favoriote vehicle mode is in dotm and favoroute robot mode in rotf but strongest megatron is in t1
Gold Slivers
Megatron receive the mechtech before Optimus Gets it
I wish he was this cool in the movie :( You made him look like he could actually kill something! Nice work as always :)
Metal Man
Megatron in retirement
1:12 *WHAT?*
William Anthony
That MechTech weapon scene was cool
Alan Duque
The Dinobots?
Meijor Emerald
Here we are..fight us now...
Calvin Ramjeeawon
wow megatron's hands are different ! I'd never seen that before !! Thank you !
nikt ważny
When transformers 5
Agripino Quiroz
make transformers 4 age of extinction like galvatron, lockdown, prime and the other ones too
Mikhel Rowssen
did someone saw long haul at the portal
Legions Typhoon
Megatron of arabia!
lucas y honh nie les freros de COD
lockdown please
Nick Osborn
All hail megatron
RedKid Fi
Megatron is beast 😎
Trueblox gaming
what is DOTM?
Enzo Segura
Hyperendocrin Giganotosaurus Productions
I luv mega from d.o.t.m.
Peperina Alegria
este video es mui buenisimo
isur marin
REALLY GOOD JOB! you just need to do the wreckers and wheeljack, and you can make the transformers age of extinction characters :D
Durodes Duvo
I wasn't expecting much, but damn this is just unreal. I hope you get sweet deals in the future, you are stoopid talented!
Nightmare Rat
Wait that looks like a cybertonian longhall!
# joeynshadow
When did megatron had the big mutiple gun thing
xX Xx
Do Grimlock next Pleeeease
kelly lemonds
It's raining grey, hallelujah!!!! it's raining grey!!!! :)
of upland
If you do age of extinction then please do grimlock first or drift remember drift can turn into a bugatti veyron and a helicopter
JC- Jaden
Man.....he change his veichle form in every single movie but this one is the best
Andrew Garcia
Go megs
Dude! You should make a 20 minute show with voices and everything
Haris R*
Jordan Harrington
YOU DID IT AGAIN!!! (Applause)
Maria br
destruído não fica mais foda ;-;
Ali Raza - Whitehorn PS (1335)
Pause at 0:15 , i've alwas seen a smile in megatrons face (except in tf4 and tf5)
Piero Minaya Rojas
I hope you make the TLK Megatron.
FOC Brawl
Kryten Prime
O_O You, sir, have actually made him even more epic than he actually is in the DOTM film itself. Bravo! :D
Afeeq Syarizman
0:32 OCD ALERT. Look at the balance of those hands. They are not straight!
Ennard Dude
Megatron couldn't reload his shotgun. It has no reloading part in the video.
Режим автомобиля Megatron = Режим моторного двигателя
владимир горский
зделай оптимус протиф логдауна
LuAnn Snavely
Do Mohawk from the last knight
Leo T.rex
I admire your incredible work you like your creations
Frederick Clark
Wooooow, this is Epic!
Has un nuevo video de galvatron de la extincion 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Goldbug 456
*Just casually walks with a freaking shotgun in his hands*
TheGamer 2099
Im making my own transformer so i was going to odor optimus prime toy and watching this i realized maybe i was looking for the wrong transformer toy to make myn
Jeremy Cruise
hi osr NEW BEE NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
Dane Sammy
Megatron is bad ass right
A T Byers
Ace Witch Hunter
one word: WICKED!!!!!
Zachary Jorgensen
Awesome work as always. All you need to make now is Wheeljack/Que and the Wreckers, (Leadfoot, Topspin, Roadbuster) and then you will complete the DOTM characters, and move on to AOE! Also, we NEED a tutorial for your animation skills sooner or later, we are all dying to see if we can create some stuff too.
natalia oetama
tranformers 5 please
natalia oetama
tranformers 5 please
natalia oetama
tranformers 5 please
natalia oetama
tranformers 5 please
Matt Monster382
He still has that scar that Optimus gave him in RotF
shanic Primus
What about Transformers The Last Knight transformation
iiPrandz - Official Youtube Channel
“All Hail Megatron” - Megatron DOTM
RickyRizky Tadle
белый дэдпул
Автоботы победят десаптиконы нахер пойдут
Ardi Daanish
I love this part!! 0:32
natalia oetama
tranformers 5 more please
natalia oetama
tranformers 5 more please
natalia oetama
tranformers 5 more please
natalia oetama
tranformers 5 more please
Sayeda Quadir
I am left side decepticon right side autobot and now Megatron will die star scream will be the first honor to Megatron and stars scream I need to talk to you😈😈😈😈
Ugandan Kunckles
osro do a video animation about megatrons little green hatching that says my master!
A T Byers
Megatron (DOTM)
The Gibus
I like that his right hand is different to his left hand, that just gives even more continuity to ROTF, as he did lose the cannon arm during his fight with optimus
Anthony Mendez
My friend from school told me that Megatron from transformers:the last knight looks like Ultron from Avengers age of Ultron.
never EVER understood his transformation it was the only one that never felt like it worked
Vlad 117
Always found megatron's mouth pretty creepy.
Anthony Fonlebeck
C'est même pas pour de vrai😑😑😑