The FINAL Version of Windows is Coming

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𝐖𝐇𝐀𝐓 𝐖𝐈𝐋𝐋 𝐈𝐓 𝐁𝐄 𝐋𝐈𝐊𝐄? ● More Tech Discussions ➤ />● Subscribe Here ➤ /> Windows 10 is not only the latest version of Windows, but it's slowly moving towards possibly becoming the FINAL version of Windows. But what is the ultimate goal of Microsoft and how will this help other devices made by Microsoft such as Xbox, Windows Phones, Hololens, and anything else? The "onecore" will be used in every system, and will have all the same most essential core components. The idea is called Windows Core OS, which is a project in progress. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ⇨ />⇨ />⇨ />▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

FaZe Shai
Windows XP 2.0 is coming?
Win 7 was the last proper version of Windows. Win 10 is just a travesty.
Drone Danny
Windows 10 is awful for gaming too much bloatware and processes running. All I want is a OS for gaming and the ability to do what I like with it e.g. disable crap from running. I dare anyone right now to disable the pc input tablet service see if you can
Roblox Tripreporter
Windows= Done It should be; Curtain 1.0
Rickard Zingmark
That means that your phone, your X-Box, and your computer will crash in exactly the same way -that's cool.
Steve Reeves
So basically, Microsoft is adopting the Unix/Linux approach.
Janis Vaskevics
So, Microsoft will make windows modular, like Linux or BSD variants? Linux has been modular for a ... forever...
Dalmation /KCS Productions
The one thing that Microsoft should do is release Windows XP 2.0
Dennis ten Hoove
Linux did it first! :P
Microsoft already said Windows 10 is the last version of Windows
Brendan Siwik
Guess I'm switching to Linux as there won't be a version of Windows to fix everything wrong with windows 10
It's like they're deliberately trying to bankrupt.
windows releases *M I C R O S O F T 2*
lol okay
i thought wiwndows 10 was the last! liers
Xeno Bardock
Microsoft should abandon Windows platform completely and make a GNU/Linux distro with fully open source Windows as a Desktop Environment, port Windows software and game compatibility and Directx over to Linux but keep that part proprietary. Do that and Microsoft has advanced in Operating System technology. Linux is far more advanced and superior than Windows. Linux is also lightweight and doesn't hog resources like Windows does. Gaming performance will be also higher than Windows due to how lightweight Linux distros can go. Lot more advantages for Microsoft and users if Microsoft makes a GNU/Linux distro for desktop.
Didn't they already announce that Windows 10 would be the final Windows version when it was released?
Dug Nice
I thought version 10 was gonna be the last version, just with updates. Didn't they state that MONTHS ago?
REJOICE, IT'S THE LAST VERSION OF WINDOWS.... but not the way you might think
Αντώνης Μπίνιας
Microsoft has made Windows an EA game. To use the bare minimum, you pay 200$. For Wifi 100$. For Tweaking and Personalizing it 150$ etc.
Hyp3rSoni X
Windows starts to get more and more closed to the User, just like 'iOS' is on the phone market. It does what it wants, it updates itself whenever it wants to -> without asking me, I can't completely deactivate bullshit like Cortana, settings are getting more and more scuffed and hidden... It collects data that I can only partially deactivate... puhh... dunno if they really think they can be successfull by declaring this abomination of an userunfriendly OS as the final product. Best Windows that has ever existed imo: Win 7. They should have optimized it under the hood, change the GUI for tablets and phones, and there you go. Missed opportunity, now it's to late. But I shall not care. If the MS ship sinks, I hope Linux will be ripe enough for me to change to.
Sourour Khatib
So Microsoft is following Linux model in one kernel and toolkits for all platforms and devices
I dont have windows 10 that shit a creepy windows 7 all the way
Khalil xD
What about the windows xp 2018 edition ?
Doug Johnson
Curtains for Windows.
Gamers Squad
😂You Are Dope! I don't who believe in these videos
SF Beautement
Windows 11 Instillation Service: Installing packages: 83% -Tracking and telemetry package (required) But in any case, this still sounds interesting :)
Ed Jonson
Wow, just like any rolling realize of GNU/Linux
The final version is "windows definitive virus".
Windows following Linux development. Rolling release, go figure.
Gabriel Vieira
Better be better than w10 because this w10 is an crap
Darshan Phaldesai
Explains why windows is so interested in Linux lately
Bailey Foxo
E E E E E E E E E EEEEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEE 3 3 E E hi windows give you ads and force you to download Mickey mouse wonder game
Don Barron
It would be nice if they could spend five minutes on refining the UI so each element, settings, title bars, etc. matched and it didn't feel like you were using a mishmash of four OSs.
Lone Wanderer
System 32 is a virus. Delete it now *_AND INSTALL UBUNTU_*
John Schlicker
So.... In short. Microsoft is going to model Windows after the way Linux has been doing things for many years.
Rahul Dhakne
Ha ha! This isnt even my final form
Luc van Kampen
Packages.... Microsoft... Did I just hear you say LINUX?!?!
Windows 10 is such a convulated mess
Gaming With Heroman44
When you get your new windows 10 laptop...your loving it... Then windows 11 comes out a day later😫 R.I.P MY 700$ GOT TO GET A NEW PC😌
Feigengunner Feigenhut
The kernel in windows hat no Security feature
It'll be called:"Wind-OS"
So basically turning Windows into Linux
Orclord Barbok
Sounds great.
Everything Cool
This is like saying that all Linux distributions are the same just because they may use the same kernel
MC273 MC
Polaris = Chinese knockoff copyright of Oracle Solaris.
linux is better.
Matt W
Hoping that these modules will not get treated like dlc and have to be paid for via micro transaction, or worse that because of its modular nature winds up costing thousands like 3D studio Max before even buying any "plugins". Gonna feel sad for any kid who builds his own Gaming pc thinking he can play Xbox games only to be hit with a 400-500 hundred dollar for the Xbox gaming software.
Alex Kr
Rolling release? Microsoft is bending to Linux again.
microsoft doesnt release windows but windows releases them ;)
Mr. Carroll Ware
Lol final version give me a break will never happen.
The final windows final coming is version
KJR Channel
I doubt Micromanagementsoft will ever make internet explorer a sandboxed plugin. It is too much like konquerer on KDE. Multipurpose file managers are nice, but can also be less secure. I would like them to go back to a simpler look and feel like XP had. Starting in 7 finding programs like control panel, display properties, and even system properties were all screwed up from where they were and should have stayed. Even now that I heard MS bought out Ubuntu's backing company that even Linux Mint is rethinking who they base their core OS files from. You may not find many distros that aren't Debian based instead of Ubuntu.
Conner McKay
So it's like Linux?
Inspector_ Alex
Windows 10 has so consistency across the UI and it just looks a bit bad. There wasn't a reason to upgrade to windows 10 until they started to artificially restrict the hardware that could use windows 7 and refuse to implement features like directX 12. This was a similar story with XP which they had to murder to continue pushing people up the chain. Windows 10 is ugly slow trash and I will hold out for as long as possible without upgrading.
*T H E Y F O R G O T W I N D O W S C E M E N T*
so MS is going to copy the linux ecosystem now? that sounds nice
Gianluca Badejo
Microsoft have played the long term strategy and outmaneuvered and outfoxed everyone . How long before they overtake Apple as the MVC again (doesn't need a question mark)
Nicolas Sebastian Massu de la Carrera
I have Microsoft Lumia 950 XL on Windows 10 mobile. Will Microsoft be realising a new Windows 10 mobile phone. That's why I have not gotten another mobile phone.
Funimation Unlimited
My favourite windows was windows xp. Best system ever!
Quite frankly my man, I don't give a damn ! Still using Vista, next is $350 Chromebook, never Windows again !
I really want Windows to fail and for another OS to come up. Maybe Linux and MacOS will be more popular! I want to see what will happen with a world without Windows, because in my opinion, it’s not necessary. For the hospitals and the companies and government computers that barely even see the home screen of Windows, they could make their own or use a kind of Linux. For home users and people who prefer style and premium stuff, they could use MacOS. I think we would see new Operating Systems come up and it would be better and much more diverse and full of choice!
Alt Luigi
Windows 10 will change wen Apple change OS X to other name. That's a reality.
Lapis Blaze
R.I.P. Microsoft fanbase. :(
the final version of thiojoe is comiing soon
bit group
Talking about windows core PowerShell
Lapis Blaze
What about Windows XP v2.0? :(
shivam gupta
there is another version of windows xp is coming windows xp 2.0
• Angus •
Wait? So no more "please update" pop ups every 3 seconds?!?!?! *Faints*
Sonic Roshan
I heard Microsoft are releasing doors 10 with windows 10
Iku Ze
Windows is going to be garbage if its like this. They are going to exploit this and squeeze every last dollar for an OS. If you have to pay for the base OS, screw it. You eventually going to be better off with popular version of linux like Open SUSE or Ubuntu or it's variants like Lubuntu or Ubuntu Studio. This can also wreck the software compatibility and dependencies. It not going to depend on the OS. It'll have to depend on 3rd party software and/or OS upgrades. This is a stab in the back to the people that want the whole operating system there. I don't want to have to install a bunch of OS upgrades to use certain software and games like Photoshop and GTA 5. Another big issue that revolves around Windows (especially the newer versions Vista, 7, 10, etc,) you should just have the ability to turn these features off completely from the control panel. Also, I like the idea of intercompatibility between Xbox Windows Phone, etc.But, the way Microsoft is kind of dodgy. Like only doing it for their first party games. How about adding built in support for legacy programs for 2000 and below. Finally, what are they going to do about drivers? I do a lot of music related things like midi composition and recording. After a certain amount of OS upgrades my soundcard probably will be incompatible with my OS. There is going to be no simple way of seeing what will break and what won't. Older graphics cards might not work. The could even pull an apple and purposefully break things in the OS with certain OS upgrades. We know that in the OS market, Microsoft does a lot of shady things, like forced upgrades, like when they were offering free Windows 10 upgrades, or on Windows 10, forcing apps on to your PC while giving the illusion of being able to uninstall the unwanted app on your PC. This is why I don't like the idea of this.
Anto Mani
Linux as been like that for decades.
Kalin Dimitrow
That final version of windows is already out. Its called linux
Peter Fraser
OneCore: One downside - if a hacker successfully infiltrates a vulnerability in Windows, he'll potentially be able to use the same hack across all Windows devices.
RIP Windows 1985 - 2018?
Christopher U.S. Smith
Windows 10 was supposed to the the last version.
Miss Windows 7
The PlayStation Fan Boy
:( Microsoft end of supports Upgrade to Mac or lunix
Y'all stupid is going to be called windows 9 v2.0
Windows 20 for the year 2020
Sounds a lot like Linux...
Hopefully it has no WIFI needed
So basically it's going to be ArchWindows?
Lars LRG
Just get w7 back
All that'll happen is everyone will get the minimum amount of Windows so Microsoft will have to jack up the cost of that to what people pay now for a much fuller OS.
ali99 _
Honzík Kubina
Windows 7
Techno Arafat
Windows 11 Confirmed
John Gomez
Windows 95 is coming :D!!!
Johnson Jackson
this better be the XP of the future
Edgar M
So like linux?
scotty thompson
cool final verison on windows talk joe
Michael Jameson
Windows 7 is my favorite
George Hay
I bet Joe wont pin this.
Techno Voyage
You can already download the beta!
This dude made me think I could get xbox one with the 360 so I think everything he says if fake
Windows XI
Diogo Almeida
Can't wait for them to try to get my money with these DLCs ... I mean, Modules!
ur eyes arent trustable looking
Jonathan B
Windows Skynet