Mariah Carey-The Star Spangled Banner-Live (Outstanding)

Whitney Sang The Song During A Gulf War,Giving Out Strength,And Inspiring People To Go On. Mariah Sang The Song In The Aftermath Of 9/11... Giving Out Strength, & Inspiring People To Go On...

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Thi Hills Music
For me, tho it's not a competition, both Whitney and Mariah are tied as the best versions, both were soulful. Whitney was more powerful and Mariah most soft. Both were incredibly beautiful. Mariah last belt was EPIC. (I mean the creativity of this belt, the breath suport to even add vibrato in the end after doing those ascending/descending portamento (it's not as easy as it seems to be) and the incredible vocal break in the middle of the belt). Mimi and Nippy rules. <3 The greatest female vocalists ever!
shelly amor
Fergie made me watch this I needed to cleanse my ears
Cassidy Banks
This made my eyes water
Marcus Sand
Her voice is so smooth😁😍🙏🏻
Kayla Blackmon
Who else is watching different renditions of the National Anthem?
This is the only version I've heard sung that gave me chills at parts.
Davince Abarado
Mariah Carey: "Oh, the land of the free!!!" Me: *muscle spasms*
Shane Chung
Had to be here to clean my ears after Fergie's disaster.
Nostalgia Blast
Mariah sings with so much depth and emotion you can't compare her to anyone else.
Noah Tetreault
Damn, her voice is softer than butter...
Jordan Phillps
Look at it this way...Mariah, Whitney, Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson, and even Ariana Grande had different versions. Mariah was unique in the fact that she didn't SCREAM the whole song and she made it in HER style. Whitney and Beyonce both made it in THEIR style. Whitney made it powerful and Beyonce put in a lot of runs and really oversang. Mariah and Whitney were the best...
Vernon Visperas
Her voice is incomparably unique
Okay, this is probbably the most inspirational rendition... The song is not meant to be that powerful... Mariah told a story with her singing.... This is my opinion..
Chris Chris
"Who else is watching different renditions of the National Anthem?"
That ending is one I've never heard anyone do before. It wasn't the usual build up chords and then a resolving chord. That was totally different but it still sounded good. I hate when singers change this song up too much so I think Mariah did a great job with this.
Phoenix Ayers
I was watching baking videos why did I end up watching different renditions of USA National Anthem? I'm not even American. hahaha
Sonja M
Both Whitney and Mariah have beautiful voices each one different.....that's the beauty of it.....different but yet beautiful
That's singing for your ass take note Ciara lmao 😂😂😂👍
Lamb Forever
It sounds magical!!! Especially the whistle and the vocal runs at the ending <3
2:07 to 2:18 is amazing. I can't even right now.
daniel helliwell
not even an American and i love this song, Maria and Whitney would win the competition for best versions if ever there was one
Terrel Boudreaux
Mariah &Whitneys versions can't be topped!
This is one of the 2 BEST National Anthem PERFORMACES of ALL TIME!!! You go Mariah! Legend!
Alannah A
2:18 I dislike that part....
Brandon Nguyen
Both Mariah's and Whitney's performance give me chills, different chills.
lovey hernandez
I am in love with her voice
Sorry, I'm skeptical as there are hints of lipsyncing that she is known for.
Kevin Paje
Got back here to clear up my ears from Lady Gaga's performance after watching Super Bowl Halftime and opening. This performance is way so underrated. After hearing Whitney and other singers scream the hell out of their lungs, what I noticed is that they keep on changing the key from verse to verse because some notes were too low for their voice while Mariah stayed on one key. If the notes are too low, she'll hit it. If it gets high, she's gonna hit it. This is a one hell of a masterpiece. This is technically, musically & artistically perfect! And a calmer and softer version. 😹😹😹 Love you, @mariahcarey! 😽😽😽😹
*Most underrated National Anthem performance: fact!*
i get chills at the end when she sings "Oh the land of the...ahhhhhhh"
This is amazing!! Mariah is the best
Cary Carpenter
Whitney Houston is the best out of them all.
MissUniverse Moments
Bring this Mariah back!!!
Dwayne Martinez
Whitney & Mariah Carey did it the best man. Leave at that !!!!!!!
wee wee
Everybody could sing the version whitney did. They may not sound like her of course, but they could do her style but no one could do mariah's version. That's the annoying part of mariah's singing style, it is so unique that ul hate urself for not being to sing like her
Bill Ross
That was the best of all. No disrespect to Whitney with a close second
Nicolás Carey Knowles
The light and airy quality of this performance was very pleasing to my ears after hearing Jennifer Hudson's version. Good performance.
Biggest selling female artist of all time. Most number 1 singles than any one else but the Beatles. That says it all. Mariah is #1!!!
This is a Mariah Carey video, please do not bitch about how Whitney's version and that Mariah lipped. If you weren't a blind Whitney stan you'd know she lipped her performance too.
Just absolute #SLAYAGE.She kept it soft, smooth, and angelic in all the right places and belted in all the right places. #TheQueen! I just dont get why some people want to scream this song at the top of their lungs (ScreamTina Aguilera) lol
Medusa Wilson
To be clear. Whitney sang it like the soldiers are about to engage war and die for the country with honor. Mariah sang it like a grand homecoming after a bloody war, like getting rest after the long battle, Victory!
Bong dity
Mariah did good with her style but Whitney Houston was and STILL is the greatest.
the whistle boner
only Whitney and Mariah gave justice to this song
Rita Raju
awe struck, especially that whole octave jump right on key, mind boggling
Carl Rainier
Best Star Spangled Banner ever from female singers 1-Mariah Carey 2-Vanessa Williams 3-Jennifer Hudson 4-Beyonce
freshly donut
After my ears bled hearing fergie i came hear to heal it 😍 Ps whistle note just came
Sarah Asher
Going back here to clear up my ears from Lady Gaga's performance. Mariah the best!
steven hala
I like both Whitney and mariah! Why do we have to compare! Why can't we just enjoy! Different singers but the best at what they do. No one can even touch these two.
Just Stellar TV
beyonce whitney jennifer hudson mariah carey lady gaga
Deidre Young
do they ever have male singers do it..i dnt think i've ever seen any..
Kiky Kiky
Voice from heaven..
Oliver Karcher
When Mariah hits the whistle tones jesus christ
Julio Hernandez
Whitney Mariah Gaga
mariah careyFAN#1
So sweet and her voice is so soft. Just pure greatness❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️
Bruce On a roll
Rip National Anthem. We used to have TALENTED people sing this: Mariah, Whitney, lady gaga, dixie all we have now are screaming monkeys and Fergie ;-;
Bobby Syaiful
She always sing every song in her own way,...even the national anthem..... thats a good singer.... she never copied other singer way to sing...
sean jun
Ugh...she's the greatest after Muhammad Ali ! Love you Mimi 😘😘
You Made My Day
For me the best vocals of the National were: 1.Whitney Houston 2. Lady Gaga 3. Mariah Carey
Salvador Laurente Jr
To all of today's pop stars, THIS IS HOW YOU SING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mathias martiney
Lets talk about Fergie
Latisha K
Between Mariah and Whitney, I say they both sang the hell out of this song...
Jeliana Bencosme
Who else is watching different national anthem renditions after fergie’s bullshit
AnG!e M
 LORD, that was AMAZING!!! Shew! May just be a favorite over ALL. Hmm.... CHILLS!
Matthew Cameron
That high free tho
Manny Salcedo
The best to ever do it .... Whitney is 2nd in my opinion
village food
I'm sooooo addicted to the whistle omaigaddd
this sux. whitney's version blows this away.
Job van de Laar
Nobody will ever be able to top Whitney's rendition of the national anthem! The only person I saw who ever even came close was Jennifer Hudson.
That's So Kay
Mariah and Whitney, the queens.
Lisa W
Whitney was powerful! No one can come close to her.
beatrix baudelaire
I'm having "best versions of the Star Spangled Banner" marathon because of Fergie (also called cleansing)
Whitney for the power, Mariah for angelic softness.
What a fucking joke,..such a weak performance.  Whisper-y and crackly.  So big deal, she can still kind of do the whistle register thing.  Having the guy introduce her at the "biggest selling female recording artist" is embarrassing after hearing her sing these days.  Most of her sales come from when she COULD still sing; the 90's when she was at Columbia records. 
Pepe Olivares
1) Mariah Carey 2) Whitney Houston 3) Lady Gaga
this was stunning performance 🙌🏽🙌🏽 the end is my fav!
IwannBeOnTop 24
I get goose bumps every time
Tre Moeckel
Here because fergie lol
......Mariah fans are always pressed and whining about Whitney. I love them both but damn! The main reason why people put Whitney above Mariah is because she's held at a much higher position. It's no different than Aretha being held at a higher position than Patti even though Patti is a better all around vocalist. 
the best ending ever. 🙌🏾 🙌🏾 🙌🏾
Kyle Lopez-Vito
Mariah's version at times of peace. Whitney's version at times of war.
Geysi Vieira
1. Whitney 2. Mariah 3. Jennifer Hudson
Dwayne Martinez
Yessssssss!!! Only Whitney & Mariah gave this life!!!
Khim Valmonte
that whistle nobody can beat
BronxBorn Royalty
Whitney I love you Live in paradise but this rendition from Mariah was phenomenal
Randy Robinson
they shoulda just played this video instead of letting fergie sing
She is national treasure of US
Chris Krunchy
Her voice is unreal...however so formal voice for pop singers.
Blues Baby
Freakinnnn AMAZING!!!!! 
Luís Eduardo
first Whitney Houston, second Mariah Carey, third place Lady Gaga
This is effortless perfection.
chris Stoute
WHITNEY HOUSTOUN 1991 SUPERBOWL XXV PERFORMANCE WAS BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I stand by my statement.
Here because of fergie lol
Blythe Reyes
She sings it like its one of her own songs, that's how good she is!
christian soriano
Who are watching the National Anthem after Fergie performance?
Norielle Serrano