Yoga For Beginners - 40 Minute Home Yoga Workout

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This sequence is beginner friendly and with a focus on FOUNDATION and FLEXIBILITY. Hop on the mat and start to build the foundation of your own yoga practice with this 40 minute Yoga For Beginners video! For more, check out my Yoga For Beginners playlist: /> For more free yoga videos and online yoga classes, /> Stay connected~ Facebook: />Twitter: />Pinterest: />Instagram: @adrienelouise Intro music by Shakey Graves. Check him out here:

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I tried yoga last week but the instrutor was too stressful so I decided to search for classes on youtube. I just did this begginers' class and in the middle of it I started crying. I think it was on the child pose. I don't know why, nothing sad happened to me or anything during the past years but I think it was stress being released. I suffer from generalized anxiety, last year I even had a seizure and ended up on the ER. I've been a lot better now with medication and exercise, but never tried yoga. I just ended this class and I am so surprised! I don't feel the usual stiffness on my shoulders anymore. To be honest I am surprised with how light my body and mind feels after only 40 minutes of yoga. I will keep doing these online classes and even look for a new instrutor. Thank you.
So this is my first attempt at yoga. I don't really want to join a class..there's people there and I don't do well with crowds..So I decided I'd try it online. So in with the search, this was the first video I found. So I gave it a shot. And I gotta say, holy crap I felt defeated. I am a little over weight so some of the position would just simply not work for me because of my gut. I did the 40 minutes and came the end doing the corpse I actually cried a bit. I'm not quite sure why, probably just the stress from feeling like I'm failing. Or the frustration of being a bit over weight. So a few hours later I figured, well she is healthy and skinner than I am, maybe I should look into over weight yoga or someone with a body type similar to mine. And I have to say, after like hours of searching. I'm coming back here. I like how you explain things. You're not stressing me out or anything like that. The stress I was doing was just my own ideas of what I should be and think I am not. I'm going to try sticking to this. Thank you for these videos. I think they will help me quite a bit.
SiK TiK Media
40 minutes seemed like 5.
Im 40, served 12 years in the army, 8 in war zones.  And I lifted weights and carried around 100lbs of gear for years.  My back, knees and ankles were all in pain constantly.  I quit working out over and over again because I hated the constant pain. 4 weeks ago I decided to try yoga, and now Im doing this video 5 times a week, mon thru fri and I feel better then I have since I was 20!! Adrienne your the best, thank you so much for this video and I wish you all the best in life.
Kathy Lopez
I decided I wanted to try yoga for relaxation and to help me be more balanced and flexible. I did your 20 minute video yesterday and felt great, I just got finished doing this one and feel amazing. Thank you for these videos, I hope to be doing them more often and join a yoga class as well! You're very helpful and I like how you make yoga more about how you personally feel about your body rather than getting the poses exactly right.
Bethany Koop
I'm way better at this than I thought I would be. She's a wonderful teacher; I love listening to her voice
Ami McManus
i know some people are not liking your chatter,but its one of the reasons i find your video's so easy to relate to. thankyou for making yoga alone a special and fun experience. i love my time on the mat with you.
I remember doing this video, when I started yoga 6 months ago. And I remember that this was quite hard for me, today I found it really relaxing. I am so much more flexible and happy with my body. I did the 30 days of yoga twice already, and I started doing power yoga, which is a new challenge for me. I want to thank you, because through these videos I found my love for yoga ❤
Nina Sanderson
I have a terminally ill husband and mother, as well as (like many of us) a fairly stressful job.  Without even realizing it, I had become quite sedentary while sitting at bedside with mom & hubby, and had stopped checking in with how I felt.  I tried several yoga videos, which just stressed me out because I wasn't doing it right.  I love, love, love Adriene, she is calm, soothing, and accepting.  This is a little vacation from stress I can do right at home while my husband is sleeping.  Adriene, if you read this, please know that sharing your gift in this way made a profound difference for me.  Thank you.
Masha Gasparova
I am one of those people who want to do yoga , but somehow in 15 minutes i want to quit everything and move on to something else, or i just check time every five seconds. This is first 40 minutes video i have accomplished and i'm so happy and so relaxed, thanks for the video
Dont do this the day after leg day and then right after you do arms! That was so hard XD but i loved it. Imm just lay here in shavasina for a few years
Katie Safar
You've helped me immensely in finding what feels good to my body. Thank you for making yoga more about what feels good and less about perfection! I've finally established a routine doing a couple of your videos every day. I cannot thank you enough for getting me so excited about something positive. You are absolutely delightful, Adriene. I'm sure you get this a lot, but specifically what song is playing in your introductions? I looked up Shakey Graves but have yet to find the song! Thanks again for all of your guidance. Namaste. 
Joell La Brie
I think it's funny I had to watch an add for McDonalds before this video
Hannah Seitz
I did your 20 minute beginners yoga video this morning, and I enjoyed it so much that I'm doing this one now, but I'm struggling to stay balanced and mindful of my body with fatigue. I think I might have been moving too fast. I'll go back to the first video tomorrow morning
Lindsay Wade
I'm so glad you exist and decided to make these videos !! I've struggled with exercise and anxiety for a long time. I don't know anything about yoga or you; I've only been doing it two days, but I can honestly say I feel amazing!! :D
Sookyan Siew
I relaxed too much and when I almost fell asleep the music turned up and shocked me ahaha
Eugen Munteanu
I almost fell asleep at the end! haha
great session adriene! thanks!
Megan W
So I don't know how to say this without being crude but when I'm in a lunge position with my fingertips to the ground, it's hard for me to stay on either side of my leg, because I have a big chest. So I modify it by putting the leg to the outside of the arms which allows for more stability through my fingers. Is this a proper way to modify it?
Ever Life
I'm no way a beginner but this is good for me since I'm returning to the mat after a long break from yoga. Namaste Adrienne! 😀🙏
Kathleen's Closet
My cat thanks you for the corpse pose, she wasn't happy that I kept moving around but as soon as I laid still she took the opportunity to cuddle hahaha
Perci Carvalho
this video is from 2014. We're in 2018. so i thought it'd be a little silly to leave a comment. but then i scrolled down the comments and realized your videos from 4 year ago or more keep helping people that, just like me, are trying new habits, looking for health and harmony.... for that... thank you. your channel is amazing.
Kel B
Are your wrists and hands supposed to hurt really bad when you do this??? I really like this, but I'm worried I'm going to break a wrist.
Patricia Kuiper
Bought a yoga mat today, put on some nature sounds as a background noise and lit some candles. This was my first time doing Yoga with Adriene and I'm already addicted. I loved this one.
any tips for someone who has sweaty palms and always loses grip to the yoga mat in some excersizes?^^
I loooved this video. Have been doing it a couple of times. Which video would you recommend I do next? I don't want to get discouraged by a super tough one, is there a yoga video from you that is great from beginner to the next level?
Is it a problem when I have to fart when doing these exercises?
Lauren Miller
You're the best teacher :)
Débora Lopes
she speaks a lot
Rachel Williams
This was absolutely lovely.
Luke Hawkins
Think I stayed in that last pose for a good five minutes after the video ended..
Eleanor Rosemary
This makes me feel calm before sleeping. Thanks! x
Liene Cernigina
Way too much talking, sorry I understand need explanation, but there too much unnecessary information. I would enjoy more, if less words, speaking slower and clearer.
Mark Bigelow
Great beginner series! Due to a military injury I have an artificial knee and a strong but painful natural one. Any advice on how to gracefully transition from sitting to other positions for my limited range of motion (which I'm sure yoga will improve).
Maya Ariel
I just finished Ytt about 2 months ago and I recently started teaching a beginner level yoga class. I have been finding it a bit more challenging to plan than a mixed level class. Today I really needed some inspiration for my next class and this was so perfect! I incorporated a couple of things from this video into my sequence for the class. My students are really going to love it. :)
Stitchy Witch
Thank you so much for this video! I just found you a few days ago and I am in love with your channel. My 15 y/o and I have started doing yoga together and your channel has been the one we love most. This beginner's video was very basic but by no means easy. We struggled with some of the poses which is common for beginner's. We plan to keep doing this video in between our running days and we are excited to see how much further we can go with each pose. 
Crystal Loree
I've tried yoga before but this is the best video I've found. I always feel so rushed but here I could take my time and really stretch. I have realy tight hips and they already feel better after one video!
Sam O
i think all this breathing gave me hiccups
Maddie Lee
GAHHHHH!!! ADRIENE YOUR AMAZING!!!! Thank you sooooo much for this video! I did your 20 minute yoga practice and felt great after, and i didn't know whether or not to do this one because it was so long and blah blah blah. But OMG IM SOOOO GLAD I DID 😍!!! I feel amazing!!!!! Like I'm sitting at my desk right now typing this and i feel so self aware, and my back feels stronger, I'm sitting up more! It really feels great and you definetely just got a new subscriber! I plan on watching your other videos :)
Michael Symon
This was great. Took my phone to the beach and followed the lesson. Made for a perfect afternoon. Thanks
Michelle McDonald
I enjoyed the yoga video. I will definitely subscribe to the videos.
Daniel Roach
My wrists and toes feel like they are going to break every time I do cat/cow or poses like that. Am I doing something wrong? These feel like I am straining and not strengthening.
Rawl Campbell
What if you can't sit in a cross-legged position? How do you sit?
robert kraut
I am a total beginner, and every time I wanted to watch a video, I was always distracted, either by this (fake-ish) "enlightened" attitude, overdoing voices or with some kind of zen music. This is such a refreshment, it is a good quality video, nice room,  you are lovely lady, good voice, not pretentious, very natural. Just perfect! I will definitely continue!!
sydney benham
I am 15, and I have really bad anxiety and ADD so I started doing yoga and this video helped me relax so much!!
sofie lambek
feel so great after just doing this video, thank you :-)
Kishor Shah are amazing... the pace is just perfect .. .not too fast...and you are funny... just a lot of fun to follow your videos.. thank you.. Namaste
Ariel Brown
No hell no 😂😂😂😂😂😂when she said that I almost died
George Vasilev
How many times a week can you do this session?
Danielle Campbell-Angah
The instruction on how to root hands and feet for strong foundation is extremely helpful!
How many more times should I do these starter positions before moving onto intermediate? :)
Excellent beginners class. I totally recommend it. I had to stop yog about 2 years ago and re-started with Adriene. She's awesome!
It was amazing, I was so relaxed I almost fell asleep. Thank you, Adriene.
Thank you that was quite a nice beginners yoga I have enjoy it. gr8 t!!!
Virginia C.
done this evening.. Very good feeling but very difficult..
Christina Havelka
Just finished and I feel awesome!! I know this video is three years old, but man it was great! I would kill to be able to do that before I teach every day.
Rianne Cabanier
You crack me up so much, Adriene ^^ "Jazz hands.. Jazz knee ! Haha ! ... Shut up." I giggled out loud at this. Felt good to come back to foundation ; needed this ~ Thank you!
Jim Rustle
Hey Adriene, Hey Yogis, i wanted to start yoga, because i know abaout my lag og agility. So i tried the "easy pose" the last two days. The problem is, that i can't stay in the pose for 5 minutes. It takes my constant willpower and "muscle-strengh" to keep my chest straight and my shoulders away from this "Mr. Burn position" as you call it. And then, after 5 minutes my whole body is covert in pain: my ankles hurt from the streching, my legs hurt from the tention, my back hurts from me trying to hold the pose and i#m practing out in sweat from the tention i put in to keep in position. :( PLEASE help me! I feel so sad now, that i can't even aacomplish the first practice :,(
Melissa Ann Gabel
I have been thinking of starting Yoga. I've never tried it and know little about it. After watching your video, I'm getting really excited to start! Thank You! I'm really glad I found your channel.
hedwig tjizoo
omg this is my second time doing yoga...I must say I really love the way it relaxes my body...I'm new to it...but I'm having alot if fun doing it...I must say that it's not as easy as it seems but I'm willing to continue for as long as forever...thanks adriene I'm really enjoying your videos😊😊
So... How many days should I do this video until I can move to 30 days challenge - ease into it? I already did the other very basic video for a week and I did this one today and I'm not sure where to go from here...
Sahiba Taneja
i love adriene, she is amazing. Her voice is so calm and makes me feel so relax especially the breathing exercises. Its my first time doing yoga, and i feel in love with it. but it was hard for me but i still love it.
Elizabeth ***
SO good. I needed the focus on foundation. Thank you. Still good after all these years!
I just tried this as soon as I woke up this morning, and I honestly have never felt so peaceful and floaty afterwards. I'm definitely going to do this again - now I can't wait for tomorrow morning
Chris Hinton
YO, ADRIENE!!....I DID IT!!  Uh-hmm.  Sorry for the terrible Rocky quote, but yo Adriene, I really did do it and it felt great.  Thank you for the vid and Namaste or whatever.  
Erin Levine
This was GLORIOUS, to say the very least! Thank you so much, Adriene! Can't wait to do more yoga with you! :D 
Just want to say thank you iv never felt so relaxed than I did at the end of this video I cant believe 40 minutes went so fast! iv been suffering with depression anxiety and panic attacks for a while now and not even drugs could reduce my anxiety as much as this did again thank you.
nittanan narasan
Thank you
Andrea A.
Adriene I love how your videos feel more like yoga with a friend and not some overly bubbly, intimidating instructor :) Thank you so much for all you do for us!
Gee Bees
I've been curious about yoga for some years now, but having a majored in oriental studies i was also a bit skeptical of new age reinterpretation and yogis without proper qualification. When my anxiety hit kazoo levels I decided to give a try, keep my mind occupied, try new things, try not judging, allow trust. I love working out with Adriene. In the most relax oriented pose her voice is so calm it really encourages you to let go. And her chatter and jokes are great, it really makes you feel at ease. I'm still a little worried I might do things wrong and pull a muscle, but this gave me motivation to get out there and try classes. Thank you, Adriene. I hope life always treat well.
R Martin
She is so darn awesome. My mornings now begin with Adriene
Zoey Legend
I've been doing beginner's yoga for four days now and I'm proud of myself for completing this video with hardly any difficulty. For someone who lifts weights and stresses out a lot, yoga is perfect for helping me open up my body and relax. Thank you!
I just came across this video. Being extremely tall, I've always found Yoga frustrating. This video is fantastic. Even though it was a beginner video, I found myself sweating (of course, that may be the summer NYC humidity - haha). Hits all my trouble areas (twisting poses and open hips). But, the attention to focusing on the foundation was an incredible help - especially with downward dog and the twisting poses. Awesome video!
Jessica Campbell
WAIT .... I have a better Idea ... :D what about a yoga mat video and talk about different mats, what you like, etc. :D .. lol thanks
Kim B
Thank you Adriene for a relaxing & energising class!!
Stacey K.
Amazing! Thank you, Adriene! I've been practicing on my own for a few weeks... just doing my favorite poses here and there. But it felt SO great to return to this video and intentionally a take 40 min. yoga retreat! You are so comforting and helpful. Namaste. :)
thank you adriene! you're the best :)
Awesome thanks for the vid. I'm a guy doing this yoga workout, I hope that's okay. :-)
I have done yoga for about a week now. I am far from being a pro but I have seen some major improvemens. it is easier for me to keep a proper posture I don't have to think about it so much. also I've never truly successfully been able to touch my toes. well the other day I felt adventures and decided to try and I did it! for the first time I was able to touch my toes without bending my knees. still a ways to go but made a huge leap for me.
Yulia Petrushkevich
Very little yoga, too much of bla blah blah!! Yoga practice shouldn't be like that!
I'm actually impressed at how I could do all the poses! the backs of my legs were complaining but I did them without falling on my face :D
Hi Adriene, Thank you very much for these workout guides for beginners. I have very recently decided to start doing yoga, more for that inner balance and relaxing feeling than weight loss or other reasons. I am so far impressed with how good it feels to do even the shortest 5-minute exercise and how it relaxes your body. Is there any recommendation on how often and how much should be done daily/weekly? Currently I do one of the shorter routines in the morning (20-minute routine), or throughout the day (the 6-minute one for the desk workout), and then do this 40-minute routine in the evening.
Daria Rejczak
today was my very first time doing yoga! 😄 i feel a little like jello😂 but I feel great, thank you! and as a wife, mother of two with two jobs I admit it was hard to leave the last pose..I wanted to lay there forever LOL 😜
Yetti's Gaming 8225
Thank you so murch , love your videos .
Ged Rawson
How many times would you recommend doing this before moving on?
Heather Williams
I'm 20 years old, I look like im in good shape but this video made me realize I'm truly not. I thought this was going to be easy peasy but I struggled so much with this video! 20 minutes in, My wrists were hurting and my legs were sore and trembling - so much so that I could barely remember to breathe lol. I plan on sticking with these videos and hopefully improving. Yoga is not as easy as I once thought.
Lien Nguyen
Thank for sharing great video. It's very helpful for the beginners with subtitles
Kirk Olsen
Great video. Best one I ever watched. The detail in which you describe each pose is fantastic. Totally enjoyed the practice. Looking forward to your other videos and growing in my practice.
Sophie Francesca
I've been trying to build up the confidence to go to a yoga class at my gym but still way too nervous, so when I discovered your youtube channel I was thrilled! I loved the 20 minute beginner's video which I've done a few times, and just completed this one. Loved it. I'm feeling far less anxious and low, so thank you.
Raisa Saraf Chowdhury
my first experience in yoga and i have to tell you i LOVED it.. i feel great and refreshed. :D i didnt even notice how 40 minutes went by. you are amazing and i love your  voice :)  love,  raisa :) 
Sharon Dowuona
Great workout video.I feel great after practicing this! I will try to do this everyday. Thank you Adriene! :)
Amy Payne
I love your teaching style. This was the best yoga class I've done yet.
Jok Nyangoma
I'm so glad I finished my first lesson with you fully and I am making it a habit every day. Thank you! <3
chinyere okoye-oti
loved it thanks Adriene
James H
6'5'' 290 pound ex foot ball player with two back surgeries under my belt. This exercise was great. Yoga is much more difficult than I thought. Yet relaxing. Thanks for the video
Khushbakht Awan
and one more question can I break it in pieces sometime? Like do half of it once and then the other half some other time if the day? #Motherproblems
Sahra Polat
this was amazing! thank you a lot!
Kristin McElligott
I like that this was easy enough for a first-timer like myself, but challenging enough that I felt I was actually accomplishing something. Thanks for the video!
JJ22 Zhu
Thank you. So relaxed