Yoga For Beginners - 40 Minute Home Yoga Workout

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This sequence is beginner friendly and with a focus on FOUNDATION and FLEXIBILITY. Hop on the mat and start to build the foundation of your own yoga practice with this 40 minute Yoga For Beginners video! For more, check out my Yoga For Beginners playlist: /> For more free yoga videos and online yoga classes, /> Stay connected~ Facebook: />Twitter: />Pinterest: />Instagram: @adrienelouise Intro music by Shakey Graves. Check him out here:

Perci Carvalho
this video is from 2014. We're in 2018. so i thought it'd be a little silly to leave a comment. but then i scrolled down the comments and realized your videos from 4 year ago or more keep helping people that, just like me, are trying new habits, looking for health and harmony.... for that... thank you. your channel is amazing.
So this is my first attempt at yoga. I don't really want to join a class..there's people there and I don't do well with crowds..So I decided I'd try it online. So in with the search, this was the first video I found. So I gave it a shot. And I gotta say, holy crap I felt defeated. I am a little over weight so some of the position would just simply not work for me because of my gut. I did the 40 minutes and came the end doing the corpse I actually cried a bit. I'm not quite sure why, probably just the stress from feeling like I'm failing. Or the frustration of being a bit over weight. So a few hours later I figured, well she is healthy and skinner than I am, maybe I should look into over weight yoga or someone with a body type similar to mine. And I have to say, after like hours of searching. I'm coming back here. I like how you explain things. You're not stressing me out or anything like that. The stress I was doing was just my own ideas of what I should be and think I am not. I'm going to try sticking to this. Thank you for these videos. I think they will help me quite a bit.
I tried yoga last week but the instrutor was too stressful so I decided to search for classes on youtube. I just did this begginers' class and in the middle of it I started crying. I think it was on the child pose. I don't know why, nothing sad happened to me or anything during the past years but I think it was stress being released. I suffer from generalized anxiety, last year I even had a seizure and ended up on the ER. I've been a lot better now with medication and exercise, but never tried yoga. I just ended this class and I am so surprised! I don't feel the usual stiffness on my shoulders anymore. To be honest I am surprised with how light my body and mind feels after only 40 minutes of yoga. I will keep doing these online classes and even look for a new instrutor. Thank you.
Kathleen's Closet
My cat thanks you for the corpse pose, she wasn't happy that I kept moving around but as soon as I laid still she took the opportunity to cuddle hahaha
Im 40, served 12 years in the army, 8 in war zones.  And I lifted weights and carried around 100lbs of gear for years.  My back, knees and ankles were all in pain constantly.  I quit working out over and over again because I hated the constant pain. 4 weeks ago I decided to try yoga, and now Im doing this video 5 times a week, mon thru fri and I feel better then I have since I was 20!! Adrienne your the best, thank you so much for this video and I wish you all the best in life.
Ami McManus
i know some people are not liking your chatter,but its one of the reasons i find your video's so easy to relate to. thankyou for making yoga alone a special and fun experience. i love my time on the mat with you.
SiK TiK Media
40 minutes seemed like 5.
I remember doing this video, when I started yoga 6 months ago. And I remember that this was quite hard for me, today I found it really relaxing. I am so much more flexible and happy with my body. I did the 30 days of yoga twice already, and I started doing power yoga, which is a new challenge for me. I want to thank you, because through these videos I found my love for yoga ❤
Lauren Miller
You're the best teacher :)
Joell La Brie
I think it's funny I had to watch an add for McDonalds before this video
Kathy Lopez
I decided I wanted to try yoga for relaxation and to help me be more balanced and flexible. I did your 20 minute video yesterday and felt great, I just got finished doing this one and feel amazing. Thank you for these videos, I hope to be doing them more often and join a yoga class as well! You're very helpful and I like how you make yoga more about how you personally feel about your body rather than getting the poses exactly right.
Bethany Koop
I'm way better at this than I thought I would be. She's a wonderful teacher; I love listening to her voice
Stacey Brush
I have attempted yoga off and on for about the past 6 years. I even took a few classes til I just gave up, thinking I just dont get it, its not doing anything for me, It hurts, blah blah. I figured I could give it 1 last shot. I am now on week 2 of daily guided yoga with your videos. I cant believe it, I am addicted! Something finally clicked in my brain and I was able to grasp the concept of the flow of energy. Its not supposed to hurt, it feels amazing!!! I started actually listening to your words instead of just trying to mimick your moves. I feel like a brand new person. My life is so positively affected. And it is all because of you! Thank You Thank You Thank You!!! :) Please dont ever stop sharing your videos, they are truly life changing.
Debbie Sutherland
Wow i feel amazing and so much more educated after your video. Its great to have the time to get into each pose with you and to concentrate on my foundation-it really made a difference to my practice. Thank you for such a wonderful and well explained sequence. I have subscribed to your channel so i can visit my mat to learn more fom you each day. Thank you.
Patricia Kuiper
Bought a yoga mat today, put on some nature sounds as a background noise and lit some candles. This was my first time doing Yoga with Adriene and I'm already addicted. I loved this one.
Masha Gasparova
I am one of those people who want to do yoga , but somehow in 15 minutes i want to quit everything and move on to something else, or i just check time every five seconds. This is first 40 minutes video i have accomplished and i'm so happy and so relaxed, thanks for the video
Lindsay Wade
I'm so glad you exist and decided to make these videos !! I've struggled with exercise and anxiety for a long time. I don't know anything about yoga or you; I've only been doing it two days, but I can honestly say I feel amazing!! :D
Jennifer Walsh
So,after a week of yoga for beginners (20 mins), I moved on to this and found some of it a slight struggle. Second day now on this workout and Ive managed to balance better and my breasts and tummy didn’t inhibit me as much as when I first started. My posture has improved exponentially. Don’t be discouraged, take it day by day and you will slowly notice the changes in your body. Movement will become easier. I’ve tried everything from the gym to a personal trainer and I can honestly say I’ve found exactly what I needed.
Kristie Comeau
I'm very new to Yoga and found this beginner video (and your others) SUPER helpful- I already feel more loose and less tense after only a few videos! Thank you Adriene!!
Sundara Griffiths
Adriene, you are the cats pajamas. I started out sitting on the mat and having trouble even keeping my back straight because of pain. I finished with little to no pain in my back and with a feeling of wanting to master the rest of the day. Thank you!
I have social anxiety that got pretty bad last year and this year. I avoided everything and everyone. I've been doing a lot to get better, I'm on meds too. But I've always been suggested yoga, I've always wanted to do it but I always just do it for once than refuse to go back because it hurt me too much. But I tried it again yesterday, I'm going to do it again after this comment... but I felt free. I wasn't so stressed to do well, I wasn't stressed to do it perfectly. These videos help so much, you're so nice and help, you explain things well and don't put too much pressure on doing the pose. At the end I just felt freedom, which I've always strived for, to feel free of the pain thats in my body, my head and mind. To feel free of anxieties and stress, the sad and darkening thoughts even if for a few minutes, it felt good. My body felt lighter, I feel better. I hope I can get into this good habit.
Yolanda SaBe
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
pedro Pascual
All i can say is WOW!!!! The video feels like 5 minutes.
Keith Whitburn
Hi Adriene - never done Yoga before and found your 20 & 40 minute and flexibility videos just brilliant to help me with having a better mindset. Keep up the great work
Louis Gagne
After several recommendations, I am turning to Yoga to improve my physical and mental state.  What a great instructor we have all found here.  Thank you so much for these online classes.
Dont do this the day after leg day and then right after you do arms! That was so hard XD but i loved it. Imm just lay here in shavasina for a few years
Brenda Martin
I’m 59 , just started yoga. You are very good at keeping my interest. I hope to strengthen my core & firm up. It’s gives me more than I expected. .
zach taylor
My room mate and i are diving in. He recommended your video and all is well. As a drummer of 20 years, my wrists can suck sometimes. At the end of each session each morning my wrists are STEEL. It may hurt a little when my morning begins but is GONE sometime during session. Amazing videos and thank you.
Eugen Munteanu
I almost fell asleep at the end! haha
Sookyan Siew
I relaxed too much and when I almost fell asleep the music turned up and shocked me ahaha
Michael Symon
This was great. Took my phone to the beach and followed the lesson. Made for a perfect afternoon. Thanks
The Rock
Omg I started crying at the end of this video. Like many of the comment say down below. I feel like I just relieved a lot of stress completing this 40 min video that felt like 5. Thank you so much I can’t wait to continue this journey of yoga practice! :)
Danielle Koeber
This video is great. Thank you so much for making it easy to follow. You are awesome!
Hannah Seitz
I did your 20 minute beginners yoga video this morning, and I enjoyed it so much that I'm doing this one now, but I'm struggling to stay balanced and mindful of my body with fatigue. I think I might have been moving too fast. I'll go back to the first video tomorrow morning
Those 40 minutes went by so quickly! :)
Katie Safar
You've helped me immensely in finding what feels good to my body. Thank you for making yoga more about what feels good and less about perfection! I've finally established a routine doing a couple of your videos every day. I cannot thank you enough for getting me so excited about something positive. You are absolutely delightful, Adriene. I'm sure you get this a lot, but specifically what song is playing in your introductions? I looked up Shakey Graves but have yet to find the song! Thanks again for all of your guidance. Namaste. 
Rachel Williams
This was absolutely lovely.
Nikki Moore
This was my first attempt at yoga, as someone who does not have the most healthy physical or mental wellbeing. I finished the session feeling much more fluid and open in my posture. I particularly like the way it was a positive to move within a pose a bit, and find what works for me, as I always assumed yoga, like many exercises, needs to be done 'right' which intimidated me. I'm not going to lie, there were a couple of poses I struggled with (runner pose and hovering cat) but equally, I was proud and impressed with my flexibility through my shoulders and my upper back feels far more relaxed as a result of it. I will be coming back to this video and your other beginners videos and who knows, I may even get up the courage to join a class!
i just started doing yoga on my own and your videos have helped me a lot!! this one is my favorite so far!! so many good poses that feel soooo niiiiiceeeeee!!!!!!
Poses are good and synced. Works for all. Nice work.
Brianna Call
This was the first time I've fully been immersed in yoga. The way you explained it as an opportunity to find what feels good to your body changed it for me. Yoga in the past has been so rigid, heels to the floor, perfect hips, etc. that I focused more on trying to have perfect form than the practice itself. Adrienne, you changed it for me. The 40 minutes FLEW by and I felt SO relaxed and in tune with who I was. I spent a good 15-20 minutes lying in corpse pose feeling the weight of my body, inviting thoughts into my mind and letting them go. It centered me so well for the day. I will definitely be back. Thank you for making yoga so easy to understand for even a novice like me.
tried your 20 mins yoga for 1 week. then easy transitioned to this 40 mins.. great job Adriene!
miss jennifer
I found your channel a few days ago and instantly hit that subscribe button. I love your videos and how you create them with your beautiful calm voice. Adriene you really seem to be such a nice person and I can't wait to learn yoga with your help! You and your videos really inspire me, so thank you for your work! ♥
FINALLY a truly Beginner Yoga... Thank You
Luke Hawkins
Think I stayed in that last pose for a good five minutes after the video ended..
Sharon Dowuona
Great workout video.I feel great after practicing this! I will try to do this everyday. Thank you Adriene! :)
It's what You make it
NEVER was explained like this before. So dang helpful going to the basics and POINTING OUT ITS ABOUT YOUR BODY AND WHAT FEELS GOOD INDIVIDUALLY! sorry for shouting but, it's the lil tricks on how to press and breathe into all bases, thanks again! 💞💫🙏🧘‍♀️👥
Petra Hartlova
Thank you for getting me through periods of sadness!
Lu Anders
Your videos are soo awesome! Started the day with the energizing morning sequence and now I did this to relax from school. Feel relaxed, balaced and just overall great! Thank you! :-) <3
Lori V
Adriene, it's been several years since I practiced, so I stumbled here for your videos for beginners to start fresh. This is my 5th day of 7, and I am so incredibly grateful for your style of teaching. I've always hated yoga DVDs bc I never felt a connection to the "instructors." Thank you for your "realness" in helping motivate me to work with my body again! :)
Danielle Wynne
I really enjoyed it! So relaxed in corpse pose that I alsmod dozed 😂 thank you
Lien Nguyen
Thank for sharing great video. It's very helpful for the beginners with subtitles
Jennifer Thompson
I am in love with this video! When I’m stressing or really tense, this is my go to vid for the last 2 years. Adrienne’s voice is happy and relaxing. I like how she doesn’t rush through each pose but moves as if the whole vid is one move 💕 You made my day again. Happy Friyay 🧘🏻‍♀️
WOW you are amazing !! Thank you so much ! Where are you from ? where do you teach ?
Kristen Berkahn
Thanks Adriene for making yoga feel accessible to 'normal' people! I'm a mum and work part time, so finding 'me time' can be a challenge sometimes, but your videos are so easily accessible and simple to follow. I'm loving my new-found love of yoga, thanks to YOU! :)
R Martin
She is so darn awesome. My mornings now begin with Adriene
Dusky Lake
this video was everything, thank you so much for that experience <3
Nancy Thiessen
Thank you adriene! you were the drop in the pond for me today... I just wanted to say that your directions of correct alignment and suggestions for mindfulness were wonderful. I am a follower on the yogic pathway, however since experiencing several body injuries in the past year got away from asana practice. I kept in mind a wise saying to never forget beginner mindset. this is what I was looking for and you gave me that. thank you
Amber Mitchell
thomas the dank engine
angela johnson
love love love. perfect for beginners and im 57 so no spring chicken.
Stephanie I
I couldn't make it all the way through this . . . probably a two years ago I could have. However, I would like to thank you Adriene for making these videos. I am trying to get back to my yoga practice after years of being very sick and surgeries. I am very out of shape and discovered that at the 25 min mark when I couldn't reach and hold my balance on one knee and foot. You are making this so practical for me and I don't feel guilty that I couldn't finish. I just know that I am working my way back into my practice. I will come back for this one. I am determined and that's because you have created a peaceful and non self loathing environment. Thank you Thank you Thank you! (My shaking knees and arms thank you too :) )
Pajama Reefer
Last 3 mins is the best part 🙂 self hug rocking is my favorite, thank you for this video
Mohammad Hafezi
last pose just felt wonderful... thank you :)
Did you reupload this video? Was there a problem with the previous one?
I have been practicing yoga with your videos for almost a full month now. I took my time with your first beginners 20min video you did and found myself at ease with the transition to this video (which is a little harder with the lunge pose). I'm so so glad you do these videos because it's such a transformation for the mind and body, and I'm surprisingly good at it (confidence gain woo-hoo!). Big thank you, Adriene!
D Angah
The instruction on how to root hands and feet for strong foundation is extremely helpful!
I love yoga with Adriene !! Your very relaxed and easy to understand. I just signed up for the 14 day challenge and I cant wait. I am new to Yoga. I have done yoga in the past. I did Hot Yoga once and I thought I was going to die!! It was a good workout but holy crap!! Anyway I am excited to have found Adriene on line because since I have I can do it at home on my own time and I love it!! Good Stuff!! Thanks so much
Maia Sitter
I've decided to try Yoga again. I was doing a Yoga with A friend 30 day program and then...I stopped. I can't remember if I finished the program or not or why I stopped. I just stopped. And I've missed it. But, I just got my first ever Yoga mat and I want to put it to use! I decided to start with your beginners videos and go through the 13 videos in that playlist. Once I finish it, I'll start another. I've missed this, though I didn't do it very long, and I want to do it again. I love yoga. ❤ I'm ready to find my strength and find myself.
Laura Rodriguez
Excellent video. I have been practicing yoga at home for years (and even wrote a book on doing yoga at home which is on Amazon) but need to diversify (greatly) the number of poses I do. A friend recommended your videos. I love them so far because you are so thorough, down-to-earth, clear, and detailed. You truly make yoga accessible to the beginner. No wonder you have 4 million plus subscribers! Kudos to you! AND, thank you for your excellent work! I am going to learn a new pose a week watching your videos.
Joshua Bradford
I've been wanting to practice Yoga for a while now, but I've never had the time or the chance to do it until I found your channel. I've been trying to lose weight since late January and to date I've lost almost 45 lbs. I want to get back to being my old flexible self, but with a greater understanding of just who I am and to do that, I'm dedicating myself to doing Yoga and a 30 minute meditation session every day. This was a very enlightening moment for me and I sincerely wish to thank you for your channel's ability to help out even a beginner like me
Yetti's Gaming 8225
Thank you so murch , love your videos .
George Goulding
I've been wanting to start yoga for some time now but I've been too nervous to join a class locally so I thought, hey, let's try YouTube. This 40 minutes flew by and I feel great, didn't even realise I was so flexible. Would definitely recommend :) Simply amazing teacher, Adriene. Thank you!
Jessa Landshark
Whoa, i got so lost in this i couldn't believe that it had already been the full 40 minutes. Awesome! I love your videos, so relaxing :)
Craig Nicoll
Started the 30 day challenge the other day with my partner. Im used to fee weights... but after the first very relaxing class an hour later my back was talking to me like i was on a day 3 mussel DOMS feeling. Sooooo good - i sneaked in this class before we do the day 2 video tonight. Tu Meke Adriene!!!
Augusta Sugarbean
Thank you! Just the right amount of stretching and exertion for my beginning/injured/arthritic level.
Jojo S
That Yoga Workout is so great. Just what I needed. I feel so relaxed right now . Thank you so much Adriene! :-)
Edmund Dantes
Very Very GOOD Yoga instructress. Adriene has to be the best Yoga instructress I have ever had to guide me through my Yoga Practice (and I have been doing yoga since 2011). Yoga is a great de-stressor which I use after a heavy day's work (I work as a Consultant Physician and Endocrine specialist in a busy Tertiary level city hospital in Australia). From the soul I thank you Adriene. If you ever visit Australia's Gold Coast city, you have a friend!
Nina Sanderson
I have a terminally ill husband and mother, as well as (like many of us) a fairly stressful job.  Without even realizing it, I had become quite sedentary while sitting at bedside with mom & hubby, and had stopped checking in with how I felt.  I tried several yoga videos, which just stressed me out because I wasn't doing it right.  I love, love, love Adriene, she is calm, soothing, and accepting.  This is a little vacation from stress I can do right at home while my husband is sleeping.  Adriene, if you read this, please know that sharing your gift in this way made a profound difference for me.  Thank you.
Mark Bigelow
Great beginner series! Due to a military injury I have an artificial knee and a strong but painful natural one. Any advice on how to gracefully transition from sitting to other positions for my limited range of motion (which I'm sure yoga will improve).
Mary Lou Nemione
My son sent me a link to your yoga workout after telling me how much better he feels and how he noticed significant alignment in his body. I'm 71 and I just did your 40 minute beginners workout. I love your stress free and specific instruction. The is my new health habit. Thank you so very much!
Kirk Olsen
Great video. Best one I ever watched. The detail in which you describe each pose is fantastic. Totally enjoyed the practice. Looking forward to your other videos and growing in my practice.
I'm actually impressed at how I could do all the poses! the backs of my legs were complaining but I did them without falling on my face :D
robert kraut
I am a total beginner, and every time I wanted to watch a video, I was always distracted, either by this (fake-ish) "enlightened" attitude, overdoing voices or with some kind of zen music. This is such a refreshment, it is a good quality video, nice room,  you are lovely lady, good voice, not pretentious, very natural. Just perfect! I will definitely continue!!
Thank you for this video! I suffer from back and neck pain and neurologically caused tinnitus. And these excercises work so well for me! Thank you <3
Mary Sabina
So I have a studio at home that has many classes for older adults which I’ve been practicing at for five years. I’ve never found an online class that is the right “speed” for me before. Adriene’s classes are great for me as a 66 year old practitioner!
chinyere okoye-oti
loved it thanks Adriene
Faisal Rusheidat
I'v been looking for a Yoga channel on youtube and luckily I found yours. Thank you for this!
George Vasilev
How many times a week can you do this session?
Jasmine R
I am new to yoga and your videos have been some of the easiest, most down to earth to follow. Thank you!
Aubrey B
When looking up yoga for beginners, yours is the first video I was drawn to. Since then, I've moved on to the 30 day yoga challenge you have on your channel. I start day 3 tomorrow, and I'm surprisingly excited and I realize it has everything to do with you as a person. You're bubbly, laid back, so kind, and understanding of the struggles people might have when starting yoga, and you are so encouraging with your words. I tried yoga many times in the past and would always get discouraged by other instructors who made it seem like if my form wasn't perfect, then I'm doing it for nothing. I felt like I was doing everything wrong. Whereas, your approach is more like everyone has their own pace and will get better with time. That's the reassurance I and so many other people need to keep going. Not only that, but you actually are a very skilled yoga instructor. I'm so happy this kind of experience has been made accessible to me because I am struggling very hard financially and it's hard trying to stay healthy when everything good for you comes at a price, and a high one at that. So thank you, from the bottom of my heart for being so overwhelmingly awesome with everything you do.
Jok Nyangoma
I'm so glad I finished my first lesson with you fully and I am making it a habit every day. Thank you! <3
Raisa Saraf Chowdhury
my first experience in yoga and i have to tell you i LOVED it.. i feel great and refreshed. :D i didnt even notice how 40 minutes went by. you are amazing and i love your  voice :)  love,  raisa :) 
Khushbakht Awan
and one more question can I break it in pieces sometime? Like do half of it once and then the other half some other time if the day? #Motherproblems
Hi Adriene, Thank you very much for these workout guides for beginners. I have very recently decided to start doing yoga, more for that inner balance and relaxing feeling than weight loss or other reasons. I am so far impressed with how good it feels to do even the shortest 5-minute exercise and how it relaxes your body. Is there any recommendation on how often and how much should be done daily/weekly? Currently I do one of the shorter routines in the morning (20-minute routine), or throughout the day (the 6-minute one for the desk workout), and then do this 40-minute routine in the evening.
Christine Staufenberg
I just want to say that you rock! I've been searching for yoga videos online that I actually like the instructor's energy and you made me feel comfortable. Been doing your sun salutation video for the mornings and just did this one tonight, thank you for your videos!
I wanna increase my flexibility so this looks like a great place to start. cant wait to bang this out 2 days a week.
Reconnect Yourself
Loved the video, loved doing the yoga practice, felt really relaxed after the 40 minutes. Thank you
Tanja Tuominen
Hi Adriene! I just wanted to tell you, that because of your videos I found the enjoyment in excercising again. I tend to feel very unconfident about my body and myself, and tend to feel anxious. But the lovely way you talk about body and the way you talk in general made me cry. This is like therapy for me also. Just - thank you.
Alison Madalinski
I've done 3 of your videos and I love them. They are so clear and easy to follow. I can't go to the gym and do normal yoga class because of my knees(they go so fast!), so your class is really a godsend.