Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 3, Ep. 1 - Clip 2

Daisy gives a crash course on Inhumanity in a clip from the Season 3 premiere of "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."! Watch it live Tuesday, September 29 at 9/8c on ABC. ► Subscribe to Marvel: /> Watch more from Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 3 now: /> Follow Marvel on Twitter: />Like Marvel on FaceBook: /> For even more news, stay tuned to: Tumblr: />Instagram: />Google+: />Pintrest:

Mr. Quixotic
Chloe Bennet literally has no bad angles.
Ok not that i didnt think so before, but skye/daisy looks soooo hot...
Dang!! her tank top is screaming for help!!!
Deandre Hamilton
Daisy is officially growing up from hacker to S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and now an inhuman ambassador.
Season 1: She's cute. Season 2: She's beautiful. Season 3: She's HOT!
Gator J
Sky is so hot i might masterbate right now
I thought I was the only one who thinks Skye looks beautiful with short hair..but then i saw the comments XD lmao
Sky is SO HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
God Saiyan5002
I haven't even seen season 1 and already I'm in love with this daisy/skye chick like OMG is there a number that can describe this level of hot?
damn sky, do you have a kik?
Alex James
He took that pretty well
Damn Skye is Sexy as hell.
You know what I like about this scene? No melodrama BS that you usually see on most shows. Joey received the information about his condition, processed it calmly and rationally. He even asked a pertinent question and Sky gave him a straight answer. MORE WRITING LIKE THIS PLEASE!
i know im not the only one that thinks Skye is hot.
hernan frankrajch are they going to explain Attilan and Black Bolt?
all the comments about daisy rn 😂😂
Pedro Lourenço
Bye Skye , Hello Dayse
Jéssica Cruz
Well, someone got one job in-between seasons ;)
Talia al Ghul
I guess this guy had fish oil vitamins.....
Katie Kian
So excited !!!
Shellyman Studios
I'm going to ask her out... Now excuse me.
Richard Tse
0:55 chucking a quick sneeky beeky
Did they really need to hire an actor who looks like Ward's less attractive older brother???
this is the guy who play pablo escobar cousin in narcos
Dare - wait for it - Devil
I like Joey. I wanne see more of him. And Daisy is looking gorgeous and strong.
Chloe Bennet 😍
Damn skye got hot
Alberto Villamar
Gustavo from Narcos :)
Damn. Skye/Daisy/Quake is getting hotter by the season!
Dang why is Ward still on these posters?
Dante Phantom
Sky now is hot, guy took being part alien ok, alright how will this guy live for until Lash (possibly) kills him
Daisy:How are you feeling? Me:I think I'm in love. Daisy:Really, with who? Me: You look pretty. Daisy:Thanks. *Nick Furry comes in* Nick:Looks like someone is in love.
Ice Cube Director of Shield
This looks promising
i am goig to be honest i came here for the chick she's hot
Mr. Nunuisance
Daisy just does not come off as in agent.
She looks HOT in that dress reminds me of Black Widow Oh ! "QUAKE"
¡Uau! que impresión Juan Pablo Raba en los Agentes de Shield...
She could play in a tomb radder movie
Jay Town
(Mugatu voice) That Skye.... *SO hot right now*
Sebastian Maregatti
I miss this look for daisy:Short hair non-emo
I'm here because I genuinely love Chloe's character. She's really come along since Season 1 and I love it XD
Scott Korin
Joey was thinking he had cancer or something. Melting cancer...I guess.
Deli Choices
i'm dying!!
John Santos
When that Agent of Shield season 3 started on Netflix?
lookin up at the Skye but staring down at them sweet Daises
lookin up at the Skye but staring down at them sweet Daises
The best there is
Siraj Habimana
So, that is how Magneto is born, or atleast the marvel version of him
Coleni Gn
i'm so proud of her omg she's daisy she's with shield okkkk
JooshYT - Welcome ツ
40min :D
Georgia Wilksch
I'm pretty excited for this. I recon this season will be great.
Lauren Matsuo
Yay 😂😂😂😂
Timo Burggraaf
what the hell happend to joey? i haven't seen him since episode 1 did i miss something?
Great episode! Looking forward to next weeks episode. Check out my Agents of SHIELD TOP 5! :)
Kieran Holmes
And channel 4 still haven't released a UK air date :|
Is that the guy from Battlefield: Hardline?? Nick Mendoza I think.
Yay!!! I love seeing her in a leadership role, you better kick ass Skye <3!!!
Will season 3 ever be added to Netflix I wonder?
thomas E
Always watch like few ESPiosde then drop the show mid season then watch toward end
Ven Em
wow, daisy is stuffed into that tank top
Ronin 3451
Everytime I see this Joey character, I think he's Ward
Damarys Espinoza
OMG ese es juan pablo raba?
She 2 hawt 4 mah eyes
based on what I saw in the first clip, this Joey must be an Inhuman version of the Iron Man villain The Melter.
Would there be any word when it'll be televised in Britain, or is it still too soon to know? Also what channel?
Chris Vanderhoof
there was a lot of talking during that clip, but i couldn't concentrate on any of it, because of Sky's eyes. :o
Man, she's so fine.
Thomas Squires
Is there a good place that I can download/torrent the first 2 seasons?
Chloe Bennett is so amazing
All ppl talking about Skye/Daisy but no one gonna say that guy looks very similar to Ward?
Oscar Monserratt
It's so cool what you're doing with Chloe's character: the way she has been evolving, how she will keep doing it and the role that she's going to have in the Inhumans movie. I'm loving Marvel more and more very time.
Caius Ballad
Skye, Swipe right on tinder
nova avon
How is mack alive
Rosie Diamond
under 350?
TrueBag PipeRock
Really great writing. High intelligence level just laid right out there in a few lines.
It's Flash all over again
0:12 "Believe me she is the muscle" Yeah.. especially in the upper part ;)
Riley Lannon
What is his power?
ryan brathwaite
looking back from the first episode, never thought she'd make it this far
Ryan Mak
Can waiting to see that agents of shield Daisy lover name I like her she very pretty
Richard Parker
dat girl
Me to Daisy: "How you doin'?"
Joel Pulido
hail hydra
kubilay ç.
Skye is sexy as hell
The Inhuman Rises!
That short hair really works for her. Damn
LS Luikart
@Top-comments Guys her name is Skye! With an "e"
Khairul Anam
OMG, why is this show so lame, i could watch it if coulson stays dead
Ronit Rathore
looks like this chick was using her powers for BOOB job . and finally i am glad that skyward shit ship has sailed .
Can't wait
that guy looks like ward o.o
Enzo Matrix
So many Tweens.
Metal Armada
this episode was terrible. only the villian Inhuman,and the end cap scene was the only thing that wasn't cringy.
Sam Mundy
Anyone know where I can watch all of episode 1?
Helloooo Daisy!
Yup. she is hot.