Fueling a Formula 1 Car

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Red Bull Racing show how the fueling system works during a pit stop

Parth Kapur
Someones unemployed.
Elton Xia
How does the driver pay? Don't they need to swipe card and input zip code?
Jonka Olofsson
12 liters per second?! Damn
Bring refueling back in F1!
Lesser Miles
NASCAR they are spilling fuel everywhere causing fires, and f1 they are driving computers with pcs controlling fuel intake. That's advanced technology right there
jp davidson
how do you get into this kinda job? im a fueller for a bus company fuelling 70 buses a day, yeah i know its different but its kinda the same job.
Raymond Isaak
Now that's the proper F1, the FIA just threw out!
heck it takes 6 guys to fuel a race car and I am the only one fueling a 747 or any jet on my tarmac ! A simple task, but yet a complicated bureaucracy that helps to create jobs. Well done smart engineer getting pay to tap in the computer!
Siegbert schnösel
but there was no safety precaution for win 98 to crash while refueling process. these guys had balls of steel...
Ze Rubenator
To everyone saying "hah he's out of a job now," what you fail to realise is that the pit stop is only the secondary function for a crew member, their primary function is to build the cars, test them, and analyzing data.
k ly
so how many people were dropped after they stopped the fuelling
now if as much effort was put into developing the world as these F1 cars, I think we would have flying cites.
How do make that fuel pump?
Huey Freeman
They do all this between 2.7 & 3.0 seconds? Good God that's fast.
Kron Dizzel
12 liters per second?! oh hell yeah!!!
Hey need to bring this back cuz formula 1 pit stops and just the whole genre of f1 is incredibly boring
Engines should be efficient enough and fuel tanks large and safe enough to need no refuelling for a 300km race, otherwise it's just more proof that F1 has become technically irrelevant.
Rahul Chaudhary
Bakchodi unlimited
Blackjack 91
Refuelling is gonna be back for the 2017 season.. now that's formula 1..
You can tell this is old since refueling isn't allowed in F1 these days
ZN Gamer
He has no more work LOL (Refueling in f1 is banned)
Jandalf PL
isn't mid race refueling banned in f1?
I don't understand the need for some many people to attend to one car for a pit stop...
Numerius Maximus
I am so glad it will be back in 2017.
Siddun Khwaja
Did he just say fuel flow speed is 12 liters Per second. unbelievable.   
Somasundaram Ganesan
12litres per second??!!!that ain’t filling that is pouring..close to free fall velocity
Aa A
Benzin oktan
Grim Reaper
so many changes in 10 years
Nicky Surr
same weird hose as the "airplane refueling" atta boys... we need more people wearing black and white stripes, it convince us better...
Husky Corporation
The league depends a lot on speed. Refueling quickly can be dangerous, which is why practice is required. Reduce risk by working with quality equipment, especially the fuel hose and nozzle.
Paul Fisher
how many miles to the gallon i used to have a carlton gsi 3ltr it was 7 miles to the gallon when i floored it.im just curious
Let’s Wind It Back Christos
Fueling at 12 liters or 3 gal per sec? Not a drop of fuel drips from the nozzle when it is pulled away? Not a drop of fuel seen anywhere. Hmmmm!
Nicholas Cox
Fuel density of 0.999? I don't think so! Somebody needs to check their density measurements!
Asmr Asmr
Très sympa
Krishna yashas
refueling while the car is on.....also the car doesn't have a inbuilt starting system
Tahir Rana
@2.28 this is a hoax, 11 code's!
Devanand k Bineed
12 l/s Dammm !!!!!!!!!
Bad Santa
We need refueling back. Ban the battery!!! I want 20,000 rpm again.
Joshua Bliffen
how about that windows 95 on the fuel computer. thats what iam talkin about
How much fuel does an F1 hold?  And how many refuels per race do they average?
12 l/s wow. lol
Goku Black
Wow, all that just to put some gas
Why is an f1 car so god Damn fast Well it's not the fuel they use The use red bull XD
Julien-Pierre Langlois
so after all, ur useless
Luiz Felipe Vilela
One great part of the race that doesn't exist on F1 anymore. 
Jason Kim
did that man lose his job after FIA rule change?
Those people seemed really happy to speak to a camera.
Why isn't he wearing a fire retardant suit?
Auch wenn es für Unfallvermeidung verbannt wurde, finde ich das es falsch war. Dadurch werden die Reifenwechsler mehr unter druck gesetzt und kommt dadurch auch zu mehr Fehler und Unfälle...
Killed Raikkonen? Lol give over, it was a flash 'fire' and he was wearing flame retardant clothing. If anyone was at risk of serious injury in that moment it would of been the pit crew close to him as he could of easily lost control of the car in the panic.
There were a lot of accidents involving the fuel rig in the seasons leading up to the ban. Spectacular ones like driving leaving with the hose still attached spraying fuel all over the place.
Medzsik Ez
Yes,the KERS and the DRS is shit.The drivers has fireproof overall.Ok,only for 10 secs,but They can go out from car over 5-6 secs.
Medzsik Ez
I know,but the fueling was great!
Medzsik Ez
Refueling-Oh,love of God,why it is banned from F1?
Did he get fired when they removed refuelling?
Thomas Williams
They should unban refuelling as it would make the races more unpredictable
Adrian Trosclair
No more lines at the gas station.
paul marks
there was both bad and good things about refuelling: good things cars were lighter at start and first laps of the race and bad things pit stops were longer and too much fuel pump mess!
is this from 2006 dvd season review?
I'm so happy they've banned refueling!
F1 was much better when they had refueling it provided more race excitement because of pit and fuel strategy
Badger at Toad Hall
i like racing but the refueling ban is kinda gay
Now it's only 0.8 lps in the garage only. Pretty sad shit, man...
Probably not. Pit stop mechanics are just normal mechanics who volunteer for the job. They dont normally get paid extra. They have other duties.
flinny OwO
he lost his job.....
Cloody Tube
Old good days...
nuff said, Ferrari International Assistance banned refuelling to prevent a repeat of the Felipe Massa incident.
He's out of a job...
That's the first thing I thought of too, haha
i cant help to think what would happen if Ray's laptop decides to bluescreen during a race lol.
ray sounds interresting
12 liters per second - enough said
@Winobie75 why would they need to? re-fueling is banned this season onwards :D
yup. ittl be more competative, and jenson button just won the world championship!!! woo