How to Slav your car - How to be slav

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Buy Boris stickers: />Buy Boris merch: />Ten easy steps showing you how to make your car more Slav. Grab your boring car and make it slav with this tutorial. Watch whole series on How to be slav: /> Intro music: Gopnik McBlyat - Snakes in tracksuits />- - - Outro track: Cheeki breeki hardbass anthem /> I make cheeki breeki slav videos of gaming and cooking. Subscribe for more! />Like it if you enjoy it, share it if you love it. Buy Boris merch: />Twitch: />Boris on Facebook: />Boris Instagram: />Boris on Twitter: />Boris on VK: /> Enjoy!

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It was all fun and jokes (3:09) Until i saw that it actually was a VR6 (3:51)
*puts on VR6 badge* Hahahaha what a joke *Shot of engine bay* Oh..
Adam Stewart
VR6 Sign 😂😂😂 VR6 Engine 😶
2 plus 2 is 4 minus 1 thats 3 qick matsh
1. Alot of vodka 2.hardbass music 3.blyat my dudes
Данил Катюбеев
I'm offensive and i find this russian
3:36 I thought it was gonna be "BLyat"
Naruto Comunista
This car is blyatful.
0:19 “Slav girls after this video” I’m done
PandaKiddo Plays
1. Buy Lada
Justin Unknown
but you forgot about the USSR anthem in the car radio !!!
Alois Albrecht
I always wondered why Russians put cameras on their car, I thought it was to dodge insurance scammers in court, but I guess I was wrong.
Sir Hamma Drama
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Joseph Stalin
We approve
Sherwin Saverimuttu
5:11 Does anyone else know why Boris covers up his front facing camera on his phone? ;)
Valdis Lācis
4:58 Ring Ring BLYAT. Mama Calling.
Tux Tux
would've been funnier i you said "backseat is for tsars"
Gamers Strike
Thank you my mazda rx8 is more slav than me now all i need is vodka
Wheres the Josef Stalin propaganda?
Konstantin Kodjabashev
h hi h This took me so much time please like
3:56 to 4:01 And Just For A Minute Forgot The Fact Thatt It's Sucking In, Sand, Rocks And Your Neighbors Dog. xDDDDD
Vuk Gladanac
Great! Now all I need is a car.
Ori Mayorchik
Little kakadu
Determination Corporation
I want them slav girls
1:34 song??
Dave A
Boris my friend, you see passenger seat in Slav mobile is only reserved for lady friend. Typical gopnik comrades must squat on top of moving car
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Blyat thanks boris
This is genius
Slylie Zeroseven
You make Make Russia proud my friend
United we stand
I'd put an AK-47 in my car
Nam Vet
Your a real Slav bro
Mario's Channel
¿Como llegue Aqui? :v
Nintendo Mac
Yağız Buğra Bozkurt
Ahh Nu Cheeki Breeki Iv Damke!
holly shit that golf really is a vr6 😂
the penguin king
VR6 BADGE HAHA VR6 engine :p
Bacon Mr bacon
The Creature Boi
Never forget the vodka and hardbass
I love how you say subwoofer
Ethan Hill
I swear i learn more from this channel than i do school
you missed to put 2 p90 on the car for rush b so fast
Onivlas Brony
Kakadu deserves to wear his seatbelt though !
Dragon Spirit
Please Boris I need Slav girl now!
Boom Boy400
First video I've watched of him and I'm already subbed
Nikolai aka CasSpell
Ring Ring Blyat Mama Calling Hello? Mama? Issoupready? 😂😂
Luna Kurosaki
Why bother youll be hit and land on the roof inna few weeks...
Sweg Game
He should have used vodka as fuel it makes car faster
fok balığı
Biz Türkiyede bunlara keko diyoruz
GirixK YT
I was always slav... but now... I can take it to a whole another layer of slav **Hardbass gets harder**
If your Golf not slav enough? You go buy Lada.
johny BMX LIFE
Boris best slav Russia and best video
Logan fletcher
the seats I have only reduces stress *by 4*
The very first video of boris i watched
Watermelon 82
EPA loski
Cj Foo
nice vr6 boris
madeline campos
my friend owns a Volkswagen Golf VR6
mike finestra
Прошааа т ььлопвчрл
Artom Plays
I slavified my phone blin
Mete E man This has helped me survive in Russia. Now i dont get jumped. Thank you for helping me pimp my ride. Regards Mete
Everett blue
this is actually a cool car
Mobile Gamer
Gordon Freeman
Slav OUR car comrade.
Ysbrand vd Velde
Slav my ride
ady gombos
I'm not gonna lie the backseat looks pretty cozy.
Does it work on lada niva?
Best tuning video i've ever seeeeeeeeen :v
Jude UK
Thank god the category was comedy I nearly thought he was being serious...
Comrade I am not of have car but I possess mighty truck of name Katusha, I shall make her into Super Soviet 3000.
Asriel Dreemurr
I think it would be more correct if we do this slav changes to a russian car, like Lada cars
Ness Productions
I could actually put cushions and tugs in the back :D
Geometry Dash Pixel Snowy
Finnaly i can be a polish gopnik
im sorry boris but with that carpet in the back seat i think it is very hard to put on a seat belt.
Stefan I
Russian but drives a VW, WHERE IS UR LADA BLYAT!?!!??!
Pokémon Master
Blya, eto samoe lutchee video kotoroe ya Kogda Libo see , thank you Boris for your sovet for my car , now my car is maximum Slav and don’t matter chto ya live in Russia SAUS NERUCHIMI RESPUBLIK SVOBDNIX CHIKI BRIKI I V DAMKI OPA BLJA RAZ RAZ RAZ ETO HARDBASS
Arka Chanda
I life would've been a lie without the subtitles.
Marian Kotúč
More stripes, more Adidas!
Sponsored by Adidas.
Ricardo Gomes
Holy shit his car is actually a VR6? ;_;
Sandris Virsis
Kvas my favorite drink lol
Rush 🅰️merica
Slumped Seagull
This is the greatest car in history
Justin Kim
2K people wear Nike
Hey cousin!! Its Roman! Let go bowling! You cyka!
Скажи ты серьезно умеешь говорить по-русски или ты просто используешь этот акцент извини если я тебя обидел но я просто хочу знать
Perez Right here
can i do this wih my motorcycle?
nika modebadze
he forgot the RUSH B SYKABLYAT.
Hi forgot 3 little saint icons for risk-free driving, cyka
The golf actually looks better now. Well done
DeadRewind XD
Do you do squats for breakfast like me because squats are my breakfast till night or at night Tri poloski
Holy crappie I did that and I love my car
how to slav ur cumpooter
имя фамилия
Сука блять
1:26 Putin Subwoofer :P
HAHAHAHAH blyatmobile!!!!!
You are the best!!!
kostas papadhmhtriou-vasilakos
Part 2 plus 😂😂🤣
B. P.
100% slavified
Now that's a real Blyatmobil.