Simple Silicone Rubber Molds (no parting line) - Updated

Ideal for smaller projects (less than 12" x 12"), this is the easiest process for creating parts, patterns, tools, & molds. We demonstrate creating a silicone rubber mold and then the casting of parts with Repro, epoxy casting resins and polyurethane elastomers.

I have no idea what's going on or how I came here, but I watched the whole video.
High Ways
Appreciated! Sir, plz, tell me, can I produce fish eggs hatching incubater tray by these mathod
Den Stump
Kinda useless to say "No parting line" as any other method to make a flat one sided mold like that would also give no parting line,  there is NOTHING to part!  Make a 2 part mold if your going to CLAIM no parting line.  If your going to try advertising your products this way then also you should mold an item that actually has some kind of shape and some details, not just a basic blob with a few contours,that car body looking thing was pretty useless really. That half a valve was kinda nice, try making the entire thing both sides as 1 solid piece though and show us that it then has no parting lines using a 2 piece mold to make it.  Or better yet, make that valve in a 2 part mold with a core to make it hollow end to end through the center and THEN show us "No Parting Line"!
"The mold is reaching the end of its life." well that was phrased quite... morbidly...
I'm so glad I found this channel right now. Thank you 🤐
High Ways
Hello sir, Can I used the same mathod for the preparation of the trough tray of fish eggs hatching incubater
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why am i watching this...*continues to watch*
So, do you sell these products?
lo veo más interesante que el modelaje 3D. Para diseñar un producto y ganar dinero con su venta lo veo muy interesante
freeman mfg
The silicone rubber can be used to create molds to cast plaster castings
sara rodriguez
Can I use this for plaster apares..
Susie silicone
Hi, Do you need silicone rubber for concrete? feel to contact me. [email protected]
I think I left this video with double my IQ
Silicone is not typically recommended to use as a mold material when casting cement. Because of the pH in the concrete, the silicone can leave a white film on the concrete casting that will not come off. Molds for cement castings are typically made of a flexible urethane. We offer the Freeman 1040 and Freeman 1035 Flexible Polyurethane Elastomer.
Adam Robertson
Hi :) Do you know if this would work for concrete? Also how long did it take you to clean the molds above? Cheers - Potential Customer
What the hell am I doing here!??
Unfortunately, our materials are not food safe.
Justina Matilda
is this food safe
David Garcia
Hi can I buy this in the UK and if so where about thanks
Contact Customer Service at 1-800-321-8511.
This was so cool^^
Hi, where can I buy your products? I need something for making parts for model trains. out of resin.
Thank you, is it available here in the Philippines?
We would suggest taking a look at our Freeman 1035 Flexible Polyurethane Elastomer.
Hi if i will make mold for masonry purposes, 2ft x 3ft (24x36 inches) , for flooring or vertical stamping purpose, what good product im going to use? thank you and God Bless
D Russell
what would be the best way to mold a shoe?
@Karl Azzopardi - We are not sure what you mean by ingredients. The car pattern is made out of Repro 83 Fast Cast Urethane. We applied Plast-econ Modeling Clay to adhere pattern to mold box. We brushed on a layer of wax release to help with the releasing of the silicone mold. The silicone we are showing in the video is the V-340 Base with CA55 Catalyst. If you need to know the incredients of these materials, our MSDS are available on our website.
We would not recommend our silicones to be used for gumpaste sugar items. The silicone is not FDA approved.
Karl Azzopardi
What are the ingredients using in the mold and the silicone pls ?
Gerardo carta
What products do you recomend for silicone for gumpaste sugar items.
could you mold utencils?
Nino Braw Junior
anuncie grátis
Frank Kirkpatrick
What shape were u using?
Minh Son
What's name of product and company? Are there these productions in VietNam market? Thanks
cool awesome!
Aww okay...
The Bluestar Addition Cure Silicones would be a good material to cast the wax in.
We would not suggest using our materials to cast lipstick bullets.
Unfortunately, there is no method of increasing the hardness of the silicone rubber.
Can you make a mold for lipstick bullets?
this is absolutely fascinating!! I plan on making small scale replicas of various items throughout history, and I'd like to use silicone molds. This has been very informative!
There is really no way to get around not using a release. If the mold was made our of a flexible urethane, you would not need a release to release the silicone part, but you would need to use release agents when making your urethane mold.
thanks for you quick helpful reply. after i have made the silicone mold. would i need a release agent when using that. i would be making models out of polyurethane. or is that optional.
Marco Smud
What do I have to use so I do not need a releaser? What is the best material for a mold for casting silicone?
Yes, you can use silicone mold to cast silicone, but you would need to use a release agent. Silicones do not stick to anything, but silicone. If you need to release silicone from silicone, you can use Pattern Release 202. It is basically petroleum jelly in an aerosol.
Silicones are self-releasing so you should not need to use a release agent. We are not familiar with the newplast nor the ptflex85. We believe you should not have a problem, but it is always best to do a test sample first.
Marco Smud
Thank you. One more question: Can I use silicone molds for casting silicone?
Silicone cures at room temperature. The vacuum degass is used to rid the air bubbles from the silicone that were introduced during mixing. Our PT Accelerator can be added to the Addition (Platinum) cure silicones to accelerate the cure time.
im really stuck. i have a model which i made from newplast sulphur free. now i want to make a silicone mold from it where i can make this product into polyurethane. first. will i need a release agent to put on the newplast or will it be fine without. then will i need a release for the silicone when i pour ptflex 85 into it.?
Marco Smud
Is there another way to get silicone to harden, except vacuum? Can´t silicone harden in an oven or by itself?
Morgan Norman
Super cool.
The blue flexible material is the V-340/CA45 Silicone Rubber. The blue rigid material (car model) is our Repro 83 Blue.
The blue thing i think that its a car
What is that blue thing suppose to be?
These types of shapes can be made by rotocasting.
We offer the Freeman 1090 Clear Polyurethane Elastomer for rigid castings. If you would like a clear flexible casting, we would suggest our V-3040 Silicone.
What do you use for clear casting?
You cannot degas while in mold. The material rises during the degassing process and never completely levels out during this process. You can use a pressure pot while in mold.
Please note our materials are primiarly used for mold making and prototyping. Our materials are not meant for continuous hand contact. We would suggest taking a look at our V-330 Silicone Rubber for your mold material, and our Freeman 1085 for the prototype/ casting material.
Can you degas while in the mold?
Unfortunately, we would not recommend our materials for this purpose.
Would the ashtray be for display only or for actual use?
Your mold material selection will depend on what material you will use to cast an ashtray and configuration of your ashtray.
Depending on the size of your mold, you can use our V-340 Silicone rubber with the thixo additive to make it a brushable silicone. Create a glove mold and back up the silicone with Freeman 1030 Polyurethane reinforcement paste.
Helluva Hellova
What would I use if I wanted to make a mold for large scale epoxy?
Our materials are primarily used for prototpying. We cannot guarantee how long the flexible material, being urethane or silicone, will hold up. We have cured sample kits available if you would like to purchase to test its suitability.
Sgt. Hartman
so i have an airsoft gun target that has a sticky outer layer (to catch bb's) and a layer of foam under it (as the thing that you actualy aim at(the sticky stuff is clear)) but the airsoft guns brak and shread this foam over time, rendering it useless, however i was thinkin of using two different collored, soft/rubery material that can absorb the impact and have diferently shaded rings to aim at, what two would you recomend (i wont need a casting material, i already have a cast)
simple? you sure?
A rigid mold would probably be best when casting silicone rubber parts. We would suggest taking a look at our Repro Fast Cast Urethanes to create your mold.
Rocky s Mum
thanks :)
Please visit our website wwwfreemansupplycom. We have branches throughout the United States and Canada.
Rocky s Mum
where can i buy those bucket of rubber silicone? i checked local stores and all they have is bathroom sealer or cement repair, do you have any website or a name of the store where you bought them...great video, thanks
Freeman Manufacturing & Supply 800-321-8511
where can i buy this stuff the only place i know is smoth and there expensive and i plan on making props
The condensation cured silicones can handle up to 350°F. The addition cured silicones can handle up to 400°F.
What is the maximum temperature the Silicon Mold can withstand?
Shrinking Violet
As long as you use proper releases you should not have a problem. We would always suggest doing a test sample when working with materials you are not familiar with. We would not recommend using our silicone to create the silicone band. Our materials are not meant for continuous skin contact.
so i should be able to make a silicon band with a silicon mold, as long as it is a two part mold, right?
You can use the silicone rubber mold to create an acrylic model.
You can cast silicone on silicone, but you would then need to use a release. Silicone will not stick to anything but itself. You can use Pattern Release 202 or simply Vasoline.
ErdeneOyun Mashbat
hi,can i make acrylic model by this silicone mold?
Our materials are not considered toxic, but the material has not been tested for continuous skin contact. Because the products have not been tested, we would not recommend. We would suggest looking into FDA approved materials.
quote "Our products are not meant for continuous hand use". Why is this, are they poisonous to the skin?, What can I use for a item that would be held in the hand regularly? Thanks
Could it be possible to make a silicone band with a silicone mold?
every girl needs one of these kits to mold stuff.
Sir. iàm really interested to your products can you tell me if you have any of this for make Models as Fantasy miniatures? are really hard to sculpt and are really detailed... so we need a products for make the detailed models can be used the freeman 1060?
Yes, our silicone can be used to create a two part mold. Our silicones will not stick to anything but themselves. We would suggest Pattern Release 202 to release silicone off of silicone in a two part mold application. We have additional videos on two part molds available on our website.
Can your products be used to make a two part mold or will the silicon stick to the other half during the second molding?
@honeygooyumy69. We would not recommend our materials for this application. Our materials are primarily used mold making and prototyping. Are products are not meant for end use applications.
@ryan715..most urethanes and epoxies are compatiable with our Bluestar Silicone Rubber.
Manwell Haumu
Hi there ...I have an issue I hope you can help me with. I am trying to find a product which I can make a mould for a crossbow limb tip. I have upgraded to a more expensive string and shortened it by and inch to increase the power load. The issue is the cheap tips blow after so many shots because the expensive string is a lot thinner than the standard string and cuts through the item easier because of the increased pressure. I am looking to make a tip similar to the EXCALIBUR 'Magtip'..cheers
@Ryan715ify. Please contact Freeman Manufacturing and Supply.
@jtkeabdtate, Our products are not meant for continuous hand contact. We cannot recommend our products for this application.
Vicky Lim
Hi, are you buy the silicone rubber in local distributor?
@xbrandonxmassacre.. depending on the casting resin, the silicone mold should work fine.
Hey i was just wondering, how would you create a mp4, Ipod, phone case mold? im very confused on how to make one!
Brandon Major
I want to make plastic pieces, will this rubber mold work if i pour platic mix into it or no?
are these rubber?