Simple Silicone Rubber Molds (no parting line) - Updated

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Ideal for smaller projects (less than 12" x 12"), this is the easiest process for creating parts, patterns, tools, & molds. We demonstrate creating a silicone rubber mold and then the casting of parts with Repro, epoxy casting resins and polyurethane elastomers.

I have no idea what's going on or how I came here, but I watched the whole video.
Den Stump
Kinda useless to say "No parting line" as any other method to make a flat one sided mold like that would also give no parting line,  there is NOTHING to part!  Make a 2 part mold if your going to CLAIM no parting line.  If your going to try advertising your products this way then also you should mold an item that actually has some kind of shape and some details, not just a basic blob with a few contours,that car body looking thing was pretty useless really. That half a valve was kinda nice, try making the entire thing both sides as 1 solid piece though and show us that it then has no parting lines using a 2 piece mold to make it.  Or better yet, make that valve in a 2 part mold with a core to make it hollow end to end through the center and THEN show us "No Parting Line"!
"The mold is reaching the end of its life." well that was phrased quite... morbidly...
Gamer PandaGPDigital
why am i watching this...*continues to watch*
D Russell
what would be the best way to mold a shoe?
What the hell am I doing here!??
This was so cool^^
freeman mfg
Depending on which foam board you are using, you may have some curing inhibition with addition cured silicone.  Once the silicone mold is created, you can pour cement into your mold to create your casting.  If you need further assistance, please contact our technical department.
Muralee 888
I like lean make silicon rubber mold
What would be a good combination if I wanted to mold a knife and make a prop rubber knife that was flexible but looked rigid?
katikalasai kumar
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Sharon Hodges
is this ok to use with aking soap
My Space
Why not a glass or plastic surface instead of a wood base.
Nai Edizm
no entendí ni verga
I have a great problema i'm using a blue rubber silicone but all the time my silicone rubber sticker in my metal balls molds, any know how i fix it?
Vaskor Palas
Hello how do I purchase the product ??
Matt McMahon Inventor
I could use some help. I am a beginner well it will be my first time making a mold. I have purchases acrylic 2 part epoxy. A friend of mine will be printing something that will look like a 2 part small box. After the box has been printed. How can I make the walls smooth to take a mold of it. What type of rubber epoxy should I be using. I will be putting gasoline in it the acrylic box. I hope it won't interact with gasoline. I need to know what type of plastic epoxy will not react with the gasoline if this 2 part acrylic epoxy will. I would also like to make gaskets that are heat resistant and resistant to sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide. Any help would be extremely appreciated. Thank you
Pepe beast
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Alvin Baez
I need to make a mold for some exhaust hanger bushings i want to make out of Polyurethane. Can you guide what to use to make the mold for the bushings? Original bushing is made of a hardened rubber.
R.J. MacReady
How much silicone would it take to say cover a body. Just asking...
Jo Sa
What is the best mold material if your final items will be in rubber silicone?
Albus Parcival Wolfram Bertus Perkamentus
You cant melt rubber.
Bernarda Franco
I have a question!!! I need to cement cast a model for my architecture class and my model is made out of foam board. Can i apply this to the foam board to make a mold out of it? or will the silicone break the foam board? and can i pour cement inside the mold after?
Vocal Umi
freeman mfg
We would suggest taking a look at our Freeman 1085 Polyurethane Elastomer.
Pepe beast
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Pepe beast
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Leonardo de Castro Libório
Dear, what would be the best method to build a mold silicone to copy the body of a mockup of a bus with about 40cm in length where the part would be hollow inside to reduce weight.
Freeman Manufacturing
Leonardo, it would be difficult to say how the mold should be configured without seeing the part configuration.  You can contact our office for further assistance or contact us by email.
lo veo más interesante que el modelaje 3D. Para diseñar un producto y ganar dinero con su venta lo veo muy interesante
Beca Vídeos
Legal, se eu entendesse alguma coisa que ele tivesse falando!
do you have  sell in  taiwan   i   want  to   buy  it   
Eternal Skyy Costumes
What type of silicone pour/produce did you use to create such a shiny casting result? Oomoo 25 didn't give me a good result and yours looks super shiny, which is what i'm after. My objects are super glossy and shiny to begin with, so I just need a better product to use.
Dream Net
Hello. I want to know. from where. Got a silicon accustom know ration price. In any country. Existing.
بس الك بس الك
harah jamil ya mubdae lkn yaseub ealaa maerafih mukawwinat alssaylikun waismah
Sauercrafter XD
What? Rubber? What is this
freeman mfg
Clay can be used if it does not contain sulfur and it is sealed.
Mark Kram
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freeman mfg
Yes, the silicones can be used for wax injection molds.
karen jones
hi can you use this to make jewelry mold
Purple Space Cow Studios
Isthe repro hard plastic??
Karman Wilmot
I need your help. I'm trying to make paw pads and I went your site and found the Freeman 1050 Polyurethane that I wanted but I don't know which ones I need or if I need anything else to make the paw pads in my mold! Please answer, I don't know who else to ask.
Betus CB
interesante maestro
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Sergio Barreto
porradia de mulher
Would this work on a clay model?
Linzi Thomas
What mould is this? I'm completely new to silicon mould but I need a pouring one like this? What is it called and where can I buy it from?
The Restoration of Dr Who
Can you cast silicon in a silicon mold without problems? I'm trying to cast a black rubber part but half the time can't find any of the shit any of these people use.
katie wishart
can you buy silicone rubber premix
St. Apollonius
Can you pore the silicon? Into large cracks in the rubber mid souls of training shoes for repair?
Henrique Jatobá
Zak Hoskins
It has a flat bottom, of course there's no damn parting line. IT'S A ONE PART MOLD!
The blue prototype (car?) . . . how you reproduce it seems fairly straightforward but how did you make the original one (the prototype itself)?
Cade Wassabi
How do u get that
hes got the alsa corp spray out car lol
علي محسن
Ray Butt
3D printers are going to end all this in the very near future
Nuna Elmagnuna
I wonder can I use this Freeman 1060 to fix a shoe sole that got small part missing ?
Freeman Manufacturing & Supply
Our silicones cannot be used for body surgery.  It is for mold making and prototyping only.
+freemanmfg, Is your material ever used for body surgery for tissue degeneration? Hydrogel polymer is something that is being used for back surgery and is there any input you have or information on the risks of having these in your body? How long they would last? Do they disintegrate inside the body and leak, like silicone implants? Do they become hard and non-flexible?
bertie botts
can we use this for keychains? I mean, for example I have a clay keychain that I want to duplicate, what material should I pour in? 
Donald Ruddock
freeman mfg
The silicone rubber can be used to create molds to cast plaster castings
sara rodriguez
Can I use this for plaster apares..
Susie silicone
Hi, Do you need silicone rubber for concrete? feel to contact me. [email protected]
I think I left this video with double my IQ
Silicone is not typically recommended to use as a mold material when casting cement. Because of the pH in the concrete, the silicone can leave a white film on the concrete casting that will not come off. Molds for cement castings are typically made of a flexible urethane. We offer the Freeman 1040 and Freeman 1035 Flexible Polyurethane Elastomer.
Adam Robertson
Hi :) Do you know if this would work for concrete? Also how long did it take you to clean the molds above? Cheers - Potential Customer
Unfortunately, our materials are not food safe.
Justina Matilda
is this food safe
David Garcia
Hi can I buy this in the UK and if so where about thanks
Contact Customer Service at 1-800-321-8511.
Hi, where can I buy your products? I need something for making parts for model trains. out of resin.
Thank you, is it available here in the Philippines?
We would suggest taking a look at our Freeman 1035 Flexible Polyurethane Elastomer.
Hi if i will make mold for masonry purposes, 2ft x 3ft (24x36 inches) , for flooring or vertical stamping purpose, what good product im going to use? thank you and God Bless
@Karl Azzopardi - We are not sure what you mean by ingredients. The car pattern is made out of Repro 83 Fast Cast Urethane. We applied Plast-econ Modeling Clay to adhere pattern to mold box. We brushed on a layer of wax release to help with the releasing of the silicone mold. The silicone we are showing in the video is the V-340 Base with CA55 Catalyst. If you need to know the incredients of these materials, our MSDS are available on our website.
We would not recommend our silicones to be used for gumpaste sugar items. The silicone is not FDA approved.
Karl Azzopardi
What are the ingredients using in the mold and the silicone pls ?
Gerardo carta
What products do you recomend for silicone for gumpaste sugar items.
could you mold utencils?
Nino Braw Junior
anuncie grátis
Frank Kirkpatrick
What shape were u using?
Minh Son
What's name of product and company? Are there these productions in VietNam market? Thanks
cool awesome!
Aww okay...
The Bluestar Addition Cure Silicones would be a good material to cast the wax in.
We would not suggest using our materials to cast lipstick bullets.
Unfortunately, there is no method of increasing the hardness of the silicone rubber.
Can you make a mold for lipstick bullets?
this is absolutely fascinating!! I plan on making small scale replicas of various items throughout history, and I'd like to use silicone molds. This has been very informative!
There is really no way to get around not using a release. If the mold was made our of a flexible urethane, you would not need a release to release the silicone part, but you would need to use release agents when making your urethane mold.
thanks for you quick helpful reply. after i have made the silicone mold. would i need a release agent when using that. i would be making models out of polyurethane. or is that optional.
Marco Smud
What do I have to use so I do not need a releaser? What is the best material for a mold for casting silicone?
Yes, you can use silicone mold to cast silicone, but you would need to use a release agent. Silicones do not stick to anything, but silicone. If you need to release silicone from silicone, you can use Pattern Release 202. It is basically petroleum jelly in an aerosol.
Silicones are self-releasing so you should not need to use a release agent. We are not familiar with the newplast nor the ptflex85. We believe you should not have a problem, but it is always best to do a test sample first.
Marco Smud
Thank you. One more question: Can I use silicone molds for casting silicone?