Once Upon A Time 7x08 Regina to Rumple - I'm Awake & You're Awake -Mentions Belle Season 7 Episode 8

Joshua Jucutan
😂😂😂 She didn't even try to be nonchalant! She was like, I know your ass is awake. I ain't got time for this.
alia aaice
"You're always awake" lmao
"you're always awake" LOL
Hey, I just realised he's Weaver because Rumplestiltskin weaves Gold
"That was Rip Van Winkle and we're not doing this. I'm awake and so are you. Your always awake." I love it. Especially the way she says the last line. That's Regina
Dylan Lobos
why you always lying
Aimee fish
I like this season better than season 1 ( it feels like a reboot of season 1) but with better acting and more twists and turns. It feels slightly darker than season 1.
T.S. Music Videos
I just don’t understand why he can’t tell Regina! They could be a good team! 😩
Ugh Rumple!!! I really want to see him and Regina take on Drizella and the other witch. No one messes with Rumple and Regina and gets away with it......BTW why is only Henry the only one aging? Do you automatically not age if you have magic?
Gluteus Maximus
Rumple refused to acknowledge it. He doesn't want anybody to know yet that he's awake.
Katie Signer
1. Mixing up Rip Van Winkle and Rumplestiltskin really Gold 2. Yes your grandson, the one person who you care about other than Belle Baelfire/Neal and Gideon 3. Omg mentioning Storybrooke and how they couldn’t go back and that their family can’t know they’re in Seattle broke my heart but I also want an explanation (and how can Regina/Henry go to SF but not Maine) 4. The fact that Regina still calls him Gold lol 5. I’m curious what his reaction would have been if she mentioned Neal or Gideon (we still don’t know what happened to him) like would he have said something then 6. I really want to see Gold/Regina happy hour scenes I feel like those would be really funny
JP Gorski
Damn Rumple, that was cold even for you. I mean I get you can't use magic, but come on man atleast point her in the right direction.
I think there's more going on than Regina and the audience realize. Rumple knows, and he's trying to protect her and everyone else. He may have changed, but teamwork is still a foreign concept to him. And it does seem really important for him to keep his cover. I don't think he was really trying to convince Regina of anything — he was just telling her to back off. Besides, he knows she won't let anything happen to Henry, so he can let her handle that while he focuses on the bigger picture, whatever that may be.
Reyna Garcia
He is a terrible liar. Pausing when she mentioned Belle gave him away
Nicolas Pace
I know he's awake and he knows what's she's talking about
Blenda britt
I'm sure Rumple has a good reason for keeping secret who he is even from Regina. There's things we don't yet know.
Supercorp 45
Rumple is lying he's in for himself.
Christopher Cervantes
What happened to Storybroke?!
I know he's lying about not being awake or who Belle is, but there has to be another reason why other than the fact he's being a bit of a butthole right now. Whatever happened before they came to Hyperion Heights scared him and Rumple doesn't scare that easily. And he must know Regina's role in it. That's why he doesn't want to work with her. She knows what she did, too. Maybe, if they change things, he might not be able to be with Belle.
This was the highlight of the entire crappy 2 hour episode to me. We need more scenes between these two, because I think they're completely carrying what's left of the show, even though I do believe it's getting cancelled. I'm sorry but this season kind of sucks. It's too hard to invest in all of these new characters, including Wish-Realm Hook (Hah) when we spent 6 seasons getting to know the originals.
Kee Leichtle
I really thought Rumple was past all this ridiculous lying! Seriously! He and Regina should be working together! He better have a damn good reason for this! Like maybe he was promised to be reunited with Belle if he continues with this charade or maybe Gideon's life is at risk or something.
Mariam Ekeolere
am I the only one that wanted to cringe when he said "The only thing we've teamed up for is a few happy hours." because of what happened in SB
Mckenley Pearson
Rumple made me so mad like come on rumple don't be stupid we know your awake stop lying
Adri Adrian
Why can’t they just drive to Storybroke?
Christopher Cervantes
Damn Rumple..
Mikayla Prince-Brown
I'm confused now! Is Rumple really awake?
once upon a timer for ever
Why ivy wants more magic and l am not talking about the land whit out magic I am talking a bout that we already saw the black fairy most powerful person to even can breaks the laws of magic but even she failed please some one tells me
Maryam Muhammad
I am awake and so are you. You are always awake. This was my favourite dialogue in this episode
Wafflecones and The wolf
OtakuMetal 17
THis MothaFucka Is Lying!!!!
Rumple has me really pissed, like you play to much 😂
Wafflecones and The wolf
Iam kinda made he said who’s belel
Amber Crosland
Gold is a true Lier he is awake and won't admit it!!
Steven Crosio
Regina: "I Need A Partner Gold And As Much As I Wanna Go To Storybrooke For Help That Can't Be Done We Can't Get There And They Can't Know That We're Here!" WHY REGINA SO THAT EMMA CAN SEE YOU FAIL AS A MOTHER TO HENRY
Newt Wilson
Why can't they go to storybrooke and why can't they get them to come here? Ps I'm only talking about the the show not the actors not wanting to come back.
Jeff Girl
Why cant she go to storybrooke? Emma could help break the curse.
Storybrooke need to know where Henry and Regina are so they can send help
Nicole Shivers
Is this part 1
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Rumple's up to something. He's probably just trying to play along, until the precise moment
My Dy
Rumple 's always awake!!! Damn him. Long live Regina
His face when he mentioned Belle though
Joel Brewton
Did we ever find out WHY Regina can't get back to Storybrooke? I can only assume that the curse on the town line is still active, making it impossible to return without The Apprentice's scroll (the one Ingrid used to enter Storybrooke). What's more, THIS curse doesn't seem to be behaving the way that the first curse did. It didn't CREATE Hyperion Heights the way that it created Storybrooke, and it seems like people can come and go as they please. Regina and Henry were able to leave town to go recruit Zelena, afterall.......... URGH, MY HEAD HURTS!!!