Stereophonics - Have a Nice Day Rock in Rio Madrid

Stereophonics Have a Nice version ever..

Rainbow Roses
Great version, and Kelly Jones, you're a babe...
Georgie Porgie
This ones making the right side of my head tingle.
man you suck in music
greaaat! I love you Kelly Jones.
Nicky Jones
I thought he wrote it about the fight he had in London where he gashed his arm?
@TheLazyBasador Kelly originally wrote Uppercut during the Jeep days at the same time as Have a Nice Day so the link could well be there.
Jason Cabanaw
Drummer is off to the races and singer is not having it.. He's pretty much on strike he's so far behind the beat in the first chorus in this one!
sofia hurtado
it´s nice, they are the simphony of a dream...exellent energy from ¡¡COLOMBIA¡¡
Sebastian White
very nice telecasters!
@1LadyM7 This is from 2008, so I doubt Uppercut had even been thought of yet, but it could have been. When I heard a live version of this song I originally had somewhat of the same question, "What was this intro?", but I believe they just play part of the ending at the beginning.
Mikaela Constandache
do they star this song with a few notes from uppercut???........or is it just me?
Peter Murphy
A day to temember
Sigurður H Sigurðsson
I'M ok but lifely a littlle slow. I like this sog more and more, my decice began with concert i dont,,r. 5 y, 4, y 3 y 1 y this song is realy gooooood. is it be c, i'm slow or the song have a future? Regards Sigurd H.