Haven 5x06 - Ending Scene (Audrey IS back)

I'm like OH MY GOD right now after that episode! That ending scene was the best scene in the entire show!! Audrey came back and Mara is still here? This is so weird and amazing at the same time!! Excuse while I'll be partying alone until next Friday!

Tim Riggins
What would have been really messed up is if not just Audrey had separated from Mara but all versions.
I'm really happy about this because I seriously missed Audrey, but I have grown to love Mara. Now we get both! I have a feeling Mara won't be around next season though. :(
I love this  couple....I want to know the song playing at the end???
shaquana hyatt
I hope they bring this how back and put Mara in driving seat. Let her see son and father. Explore life into the other world
That subtle smile on Nathan's face when she looks up at him. Culmination of finally bringing her back when no one believed him and LITERALLY EVERYONE thought she was gone forever.
lnge Beijert
I'm in LOVE with this scene. :):):):):) Thanks for uploading it SO much!!
Kirsten Wolfe
What is the music playing in the background? I've looked for it online just about everywhere, but I can't find anything. :/
Musheer Khan Musheer Khan
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Techno Ali
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Nicholas Cuccaro
So after she became audrey and mara died cause her mom did that spell or whatever what memories did audrey have? or did she only have hers and when mara died so did sarah and lucy and the others?
Kota Langsa
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muhammad akram
Amanda Smith
Mara looks confused and surprised at the same time.
Abdulla Abdulla
Big Tanasas
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Bastian Perez
Kimberley Morris
I hate not being able to see this season
Yolanda Barajas
Having gotten a little sick of puppy dog nathen and his constant Audrey obsession, and hoping that with Mara in her own body more fun and lore could be explored and less Audrey and nathen love story, which i imagine everyone guessed from episode one its pretty much your standard boring love story. From day one this was going to be about nathen and parker, im hoping i am wrong and parker goes again but im slowly losing interest in the show because i believe i have an idea of how its all eventually going to end. Which means i was sad to see the return of Parker.
Connie Lamb
I want to see a woman on top of a man while the man humps the woman and no clothes or blankets to cover anyone
Torn Torn