Buying A GT 350 Shelby Mustang | Fast N' Loud

Richard decides to invest in a GT 350 Shelby Mustang 1968 model, has he bitten off more than he can chew? Catch full episodes of your favourite Quest shows here: /> Subscribe to Quest TV for more great clips: /> Quest On Demand: /> Follow Quest on Twitter:

Mohammed Aldaqqaq
lol the kid calling out Rawlings was hilarious
white death
That car is so solid. Hardly even any surface rust. This isn't even close to a rust bucket. It's a great example of an ideal project.
Forza Novitec
Shelby 350 for 25K$ OMG 😲
I would pay 30k all day long. Hey Richard, find me one!!!
Gogo Rushkov
This is a very good example and not "horrible" don't bother painting it. And you practically stole it from the guy
M&M Motorsports
Guy stole it for that price.
Farewell_ To_Normalcy
Richard Rawlings is such a tool.
Yagya Adhikari yagya adhikari
I am from nepal but I always look your video in T.V
Nick B
Everyone loves mustangs because their fun, they're sexy and affordable. Alot of them are really fast too
eric maurer
Wearing your t-shirt in the pool?
Anthony Laudano
The key about selling a car is if you don't have to sell it you will always have the upper hand
Know a dude who found a GT350r prototype. Vin number matched and had a distinctive “r” at the end of the vin. Found it in a barn bought it for 5000. Put it on a flatbed and when he stopped at a light a guy offered him 35k. Put 200k in the car and Barrett Jackson appraised it for 750k. Amazing car.
trillrif axegrindor
Where they going community college lol
"This is one of the sweetest deals ever closed" he says. Soooo what happened to the car?
Winston Smith
Once they started doggin out my car, I'd figure they were there to low ball me and shown them the door...
As is. 30K.
Silentc Breezy
That little kid got'um😂 when he said u said it in one of your episode.
Jerardo Aguirre
Mustang are great cars man!
Robert Adams
Richard is afraid to show his KegPack.
Anthony Laudano
If I had this car I would restore it a 100 percent
Smitty WerbenJagerManJenson
I really love the way it looks now! I would just make it just as not touch the body!
Jerardo Aguirre
Doesn’t matter if it’s rusty you start the metal work or don’t buy it.
Love how people get attached to stuff that’s been in the garage not doing shit but rusting.
Anthony Laudano
Even in that condition the car is 30grand I would have said 30 grand or forget it
Kenneth Brazell
@ 0.59 The red 68 in the clip is not a Shelby...shame on you Richard, you should have caught that!
Shaik Ilahi
Hi bro i want your phone number plz
Alex Navarro
Damn that guy was rich
Austin Moore
I wouldn't have painted it, I think it looked badass.
Juan Sandoval
Use the EJECTO SEAT CUZ @ 1:20
Robert Sole
I’m amazed people sell him these cars, they can post them themselves on Hemmings, BAT, Barn Funds, eBay motors and not get shafted by him. Is it that big a deal to be on TV and get him to get you to sell it cheap to him?
Finn Green
Girl power
Joe Pusic
The Auto Hot-Shot
Aaron says why do people love Mustangs so much ? Why do you like to drop every car you get a hold of straight to the ground ? That makes this show boring, glad he is gone
Carson Meyer
Anyone else see what might be a yellow '69 in the back?
Jake B
Where I live on the east this is what they look like after 10 years lol
srinivas Das
So funny water riding
Adam Lang
Whoever says that is a rust bucket clearly hasn't restored a car from the Midwest
Chriss G
Richards shirt says “ white trash “ lol
Cool dude. Knows his cars
Absolutely no one
I want one, where do you find one like that for 25K
Dante Barrientos
He will be regretting selling it
Osbaldo Duran
For dose people that can't read Spanish the shirt that Richard was wearing in the pool said " white trash in Spanish, but I don't think they meant it in a bad way
Michael Baker
floor floor floor floors flourv8 gold
blacklotus Au'Court
This Richard “DICK” Rawlings is beyond annoying. There’s just something about him... Jesse James can’t stand him either. He just looks like the type of guy that would try to screw your wife if you were out of town. Can imagine he’s had the shit slapped out of him numerous time(s).
Captain FALKEN
That's not even rusty, you low budget pos. Instead of school, you other pos, those kids could've grew up with that car and restored it and gotten more. You can't negotiate. Should've turned down that offer. Another garbage show like Wrecks to Riches. Posers.
Gear1993Head xxx
The good ol gas monkey days
25gs is a lot but damn, it is a GT350
Lesa Atuatasi
That kid called him!!
Cage Rage
Richard had his zipper open again hahaha
Larry Smithart
Chevy more Fords.
Alberto Gonzalez
His shirt says white trash 😂
Ken Of Darkness
How much would it take to restore a regular 1967 mustang? Not running and rusty find some between $1,000 to $3,000. Would it take 3x the amount of money to get it running?
P Sas
The tshirt lol
Michael Baker
It wasnt that rusted. Lol.
Daddy Evo
2:00 wtf was that richard
Geovani G
What season and episode is this
lol White Trash on T-shirt is Spanish
John Carden
Leave it alone drive it
Masked Ninja Games
Lol, Richard's pool shirt says Basura Blanca.... White Trash!! LMAO!!
rene gebecke
it's true
Richard builds really sweet cars.
$35,000 ? The restoration process alone might cost that!
Troy Adamson
I would have sold it to someone a hell of a lot better than him. He's a rip-off artist. He'll destroy that car. Don't try buying a car from, the only test drive you get is from the passenger seat. He'll try to make way to much profit on it and do the least amount of work. He is a piece of shit.
Paul Steffan
Icky Vicky
His grey shirt says white trash😭😭😂😂😂
Henry Recinos
The kid called you .....finally stepped out to the plate lol🤣🤣
john g
C'mon Richie, how many car's do you need in your collection when 99.9% of the shows fans only dream of such vintage car's? Give most of your collection away, since the fans made it all possible. I get first pick since it was my idea-er.
Lathanos Leroy Jordan
Car isn’t that bad. Big babies
luis noel ruiz sanchez
La camisa de Richard. Basura blanca!!! jajajajajajajaja
Colton Hurley
Just find it sad he has no damn etiquette when it comes to trying to buy off a complete stranger. Alot of the cars ive bought you act like he does acting cocky and cussing like a sailor will get you escorted off the property. Have some manners and decency.
Greg Hertko
He says they have been going for 50-60k restored.  Too bad the seller fell for this guys bs.  He tells the seller "I'm in the teens" on price, and oddly, films this ridiculous lowball offer.  Why would anyone sell a car to Rawlings?
Arciniega Victor
His shirt says white trash at 4:58
ramiro mendez
Basura blanca shirt lol
Hinzel 77
The Show where you never see Black people in
Top Scavanger
I'm agree with Aaron about mustangs
Anthony Laudano
If I decide to sell my 93 cobra it's 40grand not a dime less
Ruben Torres
Aaron is right! I don't see why the mustang is the bomb! They rust so bad!
Hirthirt hirt
"why is everybody love them SO much"....I wonder since 20 years...crappiest car ever