TUS Airways | First Official Flight | Saab 340 Full Flight LCA-TLV | GoPro Wing View - NEW AIRLINE

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The official opening flight of a new airline in Cyprus, TUS Airways! GreatFlyer AVP was the first passenger to board demo flight CYF100 to Tel Aviv. Buckle up onboard and enjoy the unique experience of the airline's first flight in this Saab 340B, reg. 5B-DER, as we start up, taxi, take off from Larnaca, and approach and land into Tel Aviv with an amazing view of the city! A detailed walkaround in the cabin, as well as the flight attendant safety demo and announcements are all included! For more trip reports, feel free to support my videos on patreon here! ➤ /> ➤Subscribe for more similar videos: /> Facebook page for more: /> Watch plane spotting videos from around the world here /> Watch some incredible airshow videos here: /> Watch full flight videos, from the cockpit or the cabin, here /> Watch glider/sailplane cockpit videos here: /> Watch general aviation aircraft flights here: /> *More about my Channel* My name is Demetris Gregoriou and I am 18 year old aspiring private pilot from Cyprus. Since I was young, I was always fascinated by aviation and my goal with this channel is to share with you my passion for absolutely free. I always try my utmost in providing the world with every possible kind of aviation videos. Please show me your support by commenting and liking and/or sharing my videos and subscribing to my channel! *Where else you can find me online* Google+ />Facebook group /> *Seat* 4C then 4A (Rows for passengers start from row 2, not row 1. Row 3 does not have windows!) *Cameras Used* GoPro Hero 3+ Black @ 1080p Superview Panasonic HDC SD-90 @ 1080/60p *Mount Used* GoPro suction cup mount *Microphone Used* Sony ICD AX412, mounted in my seat's pocket where the magazines are

Can't believe you were the only passenger, hopefully their sales pick up!
I'd fly that airline just to get that flight attendant to smile at me like she kept smiling at you......
I wish it all the best, but being the only passenger onboard the first flight can't be a good thought for the airline
Paul Thomas
lovely Greek laidies KALIMERA,KALIMERA
Joe Proctor
That flight attendant sexy af tho
Timothy M
Demetris, those two flight attendants were very pleased to see you on board. It doesn't hurt you at all to be, most of the time, looking good. I'm believing your presence assisted them for making their day a very large success. In the Caribbean, Seaborne Airlines, headquartered at San Juan Puerto Rico, also flies the SAAB 340B for all of its land based flights, and uses the de havilland Twin Otter for their sea based, float plane flights. Are you intensely looking for a job? I'm just guessing, but I'm believing you still need some more training in multiple engine aircraft; I.E., both propeller and thrust propulsion. Very interesting video production, you have posted.
Bobby Paluga
Best of luck to TUS Airways I hope their airline does very well they seem like a very nice cabin crew. The blades are new to me, very different, very quiet takeoff as well as inside the cabin. Beautiful city below I'm not familiar with Heraklion, the place is huge. Thanks for the video
Celtic Whisper
Have you ever had a flight attendant tell you to stop filming her. I had that happen to me once, she was not happy about it!
Stefan's Aviation P3D & more!
I still miss Cyprus :c
Kahsam Sudki
If u wanna take a ride on this plane just travel to Puerto rico then travel to St.Croix and back
DFW Aviation
Fantastic video! Must have been awesome to be the only one on the aircraft!
Matt's Aviation Channel
Great video! I love the Saab 340. WOW you experienced a private flight. Sure you enjoyed it :) Cheers Matt
Αχ εσύ η μαυρομάλλα, τι κουκλί είσαι! Τι χαμόγελο είναι αυτό απίστευτο! Ζηλεύω αυτόν που ξυπνάει δίπλα σου για τη στιγμή που απλόχερα του το χαρίζεις και του λες "Καλημέρα".
Eric Walls
propeller is not bent look at the shadow on ground
adrian P
nice video
JM Taylor
What a great video and a great aircraft !
Calum Hartwell
#SD90MasterRace! Haha
Gregori Quirós Dos Reis
Amazing video mate ! :)
Yaniv Cohen
Really enjoyed the video I used to work for Business Express Airlines in the 90s (They were a Delta Airlines Connection Carrier) they flew the Saab 340. The Saab is my first favorite prop plane followed by the Dash 8
Speedbirdys Aviation
Cool airline...
Thomas Toh
i like it
RJ Toth
I would definitely fly them. Those FA's look so happy! I love when flight attendants are happy and love their job.
Oliver Ballam
great video ! im shortly starting my mpl course with easyjet at CAE oxford avaiation school and will be joining them in around 16 month. hope you achieve your dream
Ifly 777
Coincidence!!! Egypt air MS181 was in Cyrus
Semsem Eini
Good luck on your new route. I thought Cyprus Airways flys the route.
gil zur
Great video .
Good clip. I hope business picks up. Great destination, I hope you have a great time in Israel!
Congrats Demetris! :) Safe flights!
Ifly 777
The propeller looks likes flower
Northern Aviation
Mmm the Saab 340 Loganair's workhorse well I wouldn't say they "work" very well
blue yu
Hi Demetris I am an Irish plane enthusiast with and interest in simulators. Can you tell me where you got your Flight Simulator X 2006 game. Thank you in advance
Анатолий Бочаров
Demetris, judging by the video the flight was not hit on that mess in Larnaca 29.03.16 ?
Blue Skies Flyer
Finally our 744F is captured on video in LCA :) 0:27
It looked great, F/A were two beauties, congratulations to TUS Airways. I enjoyed watching the flight.
I wish them many happy years of safe flying with the very best aircraft and staff... Thanks for sharing
where is the passengers ?
Did you see the hijacked egyptair plane?
Pilot Collins Aviation & Plane Spotting HD
What GoPro suction mount did you use. Great hard to beat quality video by the way
Luke Rogers
Love your videos! Keep them coming! :)
ANGEL productions
Yaniv Cohen
were you alone on board?
Radulescu Dorian
they heav huge  price for this rout
Flagged as spam for misleading title. Not a full flight.