BEST 1 ON 1 BASKETBALL MOVES! [Simple Scoring Moves]

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Get Your FREE Game Specific Scoring Accelerator From Coach Rocky Here ➤ /> Click Here To Subscribe So You Never Miss A Training Video ➤ /> In today's video, Coach Rocky shows you some of his favorite 1 on 1 basketball moves. Be sure to not just watch the moves, but also study every aspect of them so that you know how to do them properly. CONNECT WITH COACH ROCKY: Instagram ➤ />Facebook ➤ />Snapchat ➤ CoachRock1 Twitter ➤ /> Connect With ILoveBasketballTV Here: YouTube ➤ />Instagram ➤ />Facebook ➤

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Hey Everybody! Enjoy these moves and be sure to use them against your friends and opponents. Don't forget to pick up your free game specific scoring acceleration here: It will help you score more points. Also be sure to check out some of our last few videos: 5 Things Every Player Needs To Be Doing This Summer: How to get a quick release like stephen curry: Top 3 Lonzo Ball Scoring Moves: O yeah, and don't forget to subscribe to our channel here: We're about to take things up a notch ;) Coach Rocky
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Aaron Ashley
I wanna see these guys in a proper 1v1
Wtf I swear ppl just be disliking unconsciously😭😭this man is teaching us how to get better for FREE!!
Connor S
Skip to 1:47 for the video, thank me later
Jack Wallis
Stop moving and just show me the talk
Smiling Sh15
306 ppl got their ankles broke by these moves
jesse jubera
I was never good at basketball.... l always wanted to get into it or at least try and become a solid player. I went to the court today and l actually made some tough 3 pointers today even some corner shots l made too and those aren't easy. I appericate this video and when l do go to the court hopefully I'll be able to use these moves very helpful.
That heel tap is genius 💪🏻
Oliver Allan
Do a player breakdown for Markelle Fultz, De'Aaron Fox or Dennis Smith Jr. please. Like if you agree
Hunter Bye
1 like equals you get drafted to the NBA🚀🚀
Adam Flores
do a counter video showing how to guard against these moves
J&N Gaming
Bruh I made my friend fall
Garbage Man
I play so low after watching this my elbows touch the floor
Ali Loves Basketball
I have no friends ☹️☹️🙁☹️
Mightykb gaming
Why are people disliking the videos ? He's teaching us how to get better for no cost
the excited chair
Hey Coach Roc, a lot of players are guarding me low because they know I can finish around the rim. I'm not a good shooter. is there anything I can do? should I practice my shot? is there a way to still get to the rim?
Shayne Cameron
John Wall player breakdown or Tracy mcgrady player breakdown 🔥🔥
U should 1 v 1 coach josh! Like if u agree
Jhonny Dind
Thx bro this is really helpful
Russell Westbrook
You should start a summer camp like if you agree💪
I feel like I’m watching mortal kombat tutorials😂
Mr.Random Name
your moves were lit, Josh didn't stand a chance.
jacob patching
No 4 plus. 5 works so well for ankle breaks I’ve started using these in nearly every game thank you 😊 like if u agree
Ram Singh
I want to play basketball very well
Beau and Garret Hopkins
all of the dislikes are from people getting ankles broken from those moves
wrestling revolution 3d
Thank you coach it really work my frnds were amazed by seeing my moves thank you sir
Scott Petersen
I didn't know childish gambino liked to be called coach josh. Lmao
Aaron Morales
Man this is so helpful
Ascent Explorers
looks like travelling??/
Sanin Radoncic
U should 1 v 1 coach josh! Like if u agree
Ggathletics By Coach Bryant
Coach Rock you are the Instructor don't take suggestions.... I don't I am a trainer too.... #nosuggestions keep doing you buddy.. u love what I see...
Lebron James 23
But how if u can’t make 3point
savage doritos
How do u dribble a ball without it making a sound
Ashton Guttu
It's better when you explain it, but plz also explain the dribbles you have to take within the moves
Isn't the first one considered a travel? You cannot cross with your pivot foot. In the video every time you caught the ball at left-right having your left leg as your pivot and then crossed with your left which is your pivot foot.
ItzurboyIsaiah !!!
4. James harden🏀
nigerian prince
Anyone know what happened to the Shoot Like a Pro series and why he aint uploading it no more? He said its a 6 week program but he only uploaded 4 weeks of it.
Abigail Camp
Some of the moves like the side step the refs call a walk on how can I do these moves without walking??
Super Migo
Am I the only one who wants to see a 1v1 between those 2 guys?
Shrub God
I just gained... *KNOWLEDGE*
Houston Rockets
Daniel A
does anyone know what kind of shoe coach rocky is wearing
Lorenz barce
When you don't have friends so you 1 vs 1 yourself
Isaac Vln
Good job man
The side step he does is actually considering traveling lol idk if he noticed
janrick ph
Cool vid
Nabbia Khan
Hey coach, I did the low sweep move today in a basketball and it was a double dribble, but i think i did the move wrong? HELP
Can someone please let me know how this free workout which was there in the starting of the video works as I will try it for the 1st time???
Nagat Berhan
I wish god help u in a problem like u helped me
Romeo Medina
evey work out u do i do sicne i got better bc of u i made gachous
Jere B3ar
I am the type of guy to call iso every offense play
Wilson W
came in the clutch i got a 1v1 tournament for my camp today
Jack Sparrow
Nice move 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 i like it👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Baller A.N
ILoveBasketballTV When the ball is in my hand I tend to just dribble while running and I make a lay-up but I want to try to make three pointers but my arm tends to be weak on it.I have trouble shooting far distance.
Fuzzycocopops 13
Coach rock just dab on them haters
5 seconds in... Already subscribed
James Harden
Lavar ball take notes
Vid starts at 1:50
Carol Jacobs
In Jamaica malike is the best under 17 basketball
Alae Dean
Is the side step fundamental ? I used in a High school game and I was called for a travel , and to be honest it still bothers me because idk if it is a travel or not
What shoes he got on?
Edible Awesomeness
"he has great hands"
Fábio Roberto
Great vídeo ! Rio , Brasil !
ChampElijah master
Am the best
epicc lostt
So fking boring omfg
Derek Enlow and his Friends
I do the low sweep all the time
Jeanette L
stop talking
dinomite j7
I like the low sweep
Swag 21
Worst feeling ever.. Coach rock uploaded and I didn't get a notification 😭💔
Danilo Balaban
1:53 that is travel in europian basketball
Mister Moulay
Aussie Ozzy Smooth Chill Baller Rasta Hip Hop Verbz
Shut up and do it already farrrrk
Jack da BOSS
I can’t practice out in my grandpas shop because someone’s truck is out there😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Kevin Chavez
John Chacko
Such a channel keep up the good work 👍👌
jojoe pule
Raymund Servitillo
What the best ball
Adan Estoesta
I hate when people underestimate me. I'm one of the best scorers in my school and sneaky defender. It took me about a year to get that respect from my peers. I hate when I play pick-up with strangers and I'm not given opportunities to score. I only score off of steals and rebounds in the fast break. But even after when it goes back to half-court basketball they don't respect me. And I'm not a ball hog, but I'm used to being the one to run an offense or score. I hate feeling useless and underappreciated on the floor, when I know how valuable of a player I am. I'm so used to being first option, what tips do you have to show others my value without being the first option?
Dante CashinOut
Coach Rock. A lot of players who players who play against me knows I'm able to find a way around them so the question is how do I play against defenders who play up close within up close on me like within only 2 feet from me
NafL Abdul Azim
You gotta have one of your top envolved or major fans run the blog page cause outta the numbers whirlwind status..Your grip on so many prelevant necessary opens up capacity on how to cover ground on the overwhelmed through experience..the games in dozens of thousands of programs across the World to many nonsense pages with countless topics going nowhere to not have a natural common staple to bond and find ways to improve ability & perspectives.. Thank You for finding the time to consistently relate with the concerned on how to thrive in an all-time industry. How much so fast will never scratch the surface on severity of significance, i mean OMG one the only Sports were the levels only matters to a spectator Genuine passion & drive are fulfilled with trying to make the Basket, Assist or a Turnover shitted jus to run the Play properly meets all ideal cylinders... Back to the topic at hand.  I live in Phoenix, Arizona...fucking funny part is my first and current employer after 5 years of unemployment/homeless is as a dishwasher in the both of the suites kitchen (3rd&4th floor) so fluent 1st hand clarity is a mucho preciated privilege to embrace unforgettably. Honestly the brimm to conceive so often, interrupretation kyna struggles with how good You can imagine outcomes and emotions seldom succumb tamible.. congrats SEC  haas  Devon Booker tryna stick to the NBA Finals..shouts out Sun on they're 50th Season... Lebron has been around and undebateable that he by far is the undisputed (current)Greatest Athlete on the Court, hecka painfully better than the rest.  though Clyde Drexler has been my all time Favorite w/ Tim Hardaway  Stackhouse  Bibby  Glen Rice  &  Sprewell plus Wilkins & Dr. J/IceMann Bill Russell To hot of a time of the Year to easily consolidate, won't commit that the East can hang(n sumthin lyka throwbacc Sixers A.I. @ present breaths), but now Lakers, Spurs, Kings, Rockets, Grizz, Sonics & Champs still aint even the most doin thangs out here in the rock'n West 4 a cooL ass hot'1.. Been a R8R for decades pre-Janikowski, from Oklahoma so the Durant ordeal does run a number with overall perspectives.  Goin to one of the Phoenix Suns biggest rival anywho yet keeping the West the champ is priorty no matter how yA slice ehm..  jus wish they could've shutdown the uglia rival a bit mas wit Kobe
Ppl be hating because they cant do it ppl need to stop hating
Reese Buckland
can u do more dribbling workouts because wen i play ball i stay looking at the ball and my iq isnt that good so wen i try to look up the ball gets taken away every time i nedd to get better and i wacthed mostly all your videos i been with u for probably 1 or 2 yesrs ago im a big fan and still need to improve my basketball skills and im trying out for my middle school team but now im in 8th grade so im trying for them now ur videos helped me alot but i want to get good and better and better everyday thx for how u helped me and im going to try my hardest i even send my email over and watch those videos i watched all the way to the end and heard everything u said about ur summer and training with kendell something like that but make more videos and thx for that
Real juggler7482
I have Lebron 15s and I can make a squeak what else should I do?
Leo theChibowow
Can't anybody teach or know the move where you drive in and it looks like you ram your shoulder into the defender's chest like a charge while driving in and create contact and pull up for a floater?? and no matter how tall they are, they can't steal the ball cuz you've protected the ball with your entire body turning your back to them while driving in to make contact, nor can they block your shot cuz they're moving back n having to jump going back n right after the contact of your shoulder to their chest - you lift off on your left front foot to put in the floater or kiss off the back board with their body completely bent instead of going in for the scoop under hand layup?? College players do it all the time when the defender refuses to let you pass and you have no room to spin, but no one teaches that move...I only saw it once being taught but it was at a bball camp where the ppl paid for advanced lessons. Those moves you're teaching here is nice, but it would only work if defender is beaten with finess n quickness. The one i'm talkin about , you beat them with power. Ppl do it during street tournaments n it's an unstoppable move, you'd need 2 ppl to stop it.
Aditya Rawat
I think u hav been doing many double dribble.....
Kevin Venzon
Crispy Beats
He's basically teaching you Kobe's moves one dribble shoot from the triple threat position its very effective plus add the fade away much more harder to block of course practice it Kobe once said practice their shots that are uncomfortable like fades steps backs you don't need to play with the ball so much thanks for the awesome tips.
Trilochan Sharma
amazing tips 👏
Bi Cha
i did the heel tap once in PE without basketball shoes coach told me don't do that because i would damage the floor
Bereket Bekele
You know your early when no one got pinned
Arthur Storrslll
Great video coach rock speaking true facts
Gustavo Mata
Can't you come to my house on Monday is José De LA Cruz rd
Åçê ViNs
In 1 on 1 if you shoot its useless💤 you must show technics of how to go directly to the basket because not every one know how to shoot well.
Eddiarky Nolasco
To this guy really told me good
Bro this the right coach i been looking for 😂🔥
Twisted Pie
This is amazing. I always lost against my friend from always having bad handles and from them stealing it and plus I get around 14 just from layups with the low sweep per game