The Yacht Week - Aftermovie 2013

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2013 was a great year which saw 60 nationalities join the experience over 6 events between the Caribbean, Mediterranean and Adriatic seas. Join The Yacht Week in Greece, Italy and Croatia for the summer and the British Virgin Islands for New Year and Spring sailing from €500 pp including a skipper! For more information and dates: /> Produced by Orillo Productions ( />Music: Felon - Colour DIMMI - Promesses Felon - Isla Music by Felon Soundcloud - />Facebook -

This is the ultimate. Being around great people, enjoying life and having fun. It's amazing!
daniel winsor
What's the name of the song starting at 3:08
José Pinto de Luna
Maravilha de festa!
Thomas Rahill
the music for this video changed. can i find the original???
Are people over 30 welcome there ? :)
Marcel Vigneron
Thanks for the cameo at 2.40 honored to be in the vid. 
Sick vid X
Drew Wibben
starting to look into doing this what currency is this in? us dollar amount??
Christian Zachary
anyone know the name of the opening song? so sick
Yiming Oh
Ante Mustapic
song name?