RUNE RAGNAROK - Official Gameplay Demo (New Open World Viking Game) 2018

Rune: Ragnarok is a sandbox, open-world RPG set in a dangerous Norse universe where gods, beasts, and the last remaining humans struggle to survive. It was foretold that during Ragnarok, the gods would fall and the Nine Realms would be consumed by frost and fire. Release date: TBA 2018 Platform: PC ►SUBSCRIBE:

Dusty Dinkleman
Still needs a ton of work.
Anri Noir
People say it looks like old Rune, but unfortunately, not enough like old Rune to me! I hope it will get better and more "analog" colours and lightning, because currently it's more like toon graphics, not dark fantasy like original one.
San7a AGAL1eff
oh i used to play this rune in 2000 +
It‘s Alpha Footage and People are crying because it don‘t works how it have to work.. GG Guys..
Captain Cat
Will there be a block, or dodge, in combat for the finished game?
Oh yes, keep doing it like this, i love how you keep the rune vibe with all those details like lizard eating and the sound and all. <3
GTX 1050 Games & Benchmarks
Nothing like the trailer.
2:47 -- nice engine :D
Yuki Mori
Rune was a game with story, an interesting setting, some puzzles, boss monsters, and an ending. What speaks for this title, then? Open world sandbox RPG, for lack of story? Because you are going to release hundreds of DLC cosmetic and otherwise? This seems more like one of those games developers would not trust to be able to stand on its own. If it wasn't called Rune, Overlord, Dungeon Keeper, with the only commonality being the game's name and maybe some familiarity to the original it got nothing to do with, hardly anyone would take much of an interest, but that's the way it is.
Brain Pains!
What ever happened to this game? It just up and left! Maybe the devs are working on it further and are waiting to show their updated masterpiece! I hope...
Game Kang
Add hit damage cuts, bruises, and other forms of mutilation cutting enemies in half etc. games like this should have a huge emphasis on gore
hmm it needs work
Zueus Hellhim
only one atak??? holy moly, but i love this art!
needs a lot of work on the combat system.
serxho hatibi
Just invest more on the combat system and with a good story this can become a great start of a franchise.
Zach Soule
Looks sweett!
Tyson Brady
This looks like the "missing link" between old Rune and new God of War
Tyler Wight
Looks like skyrim mixed with dark souls
slashes vertically and the head gets cut off horizontally lul
Palacsinta Csatornája
I need a good third person viking game that lets you raid
bios ito
seems u cannot lock the enemies
Needs a TON Of Work...this looks as Jerky as the first Rune with a lil Polish ...Thats All...PLEASE Fix this. I've been waiting for a not Good, but (AWESOME )Viking game This Company needs to start thinking more along the lines of For Honor if it didnt SUCK. And Skyrim type World but based in the day of the Viking with a fighting style of something like Mad Max with blades, Shadow Of Mordor for instance.
Real history of ragnarok (fortnite)
Состав Вагонов
Цитируя старину Nomad-а: ХУИТА! (©)
Reistoph Milkayr
Felt like modded Skyrim...
Canal Martins
Qui jogo maneiro
Marinho Aqua
Back and slash is nice, but with RPG elements could be better
Nathan_the_Barbarian 79
Lots of potential here
LeviathaN 8271
Will these be on ps4 aswell...
Am I the only one that thinks the sound of the sword hitting the enemy sounds alot like skyrims one ? "Listen closely"
Game kNight
Yeah, still not there - I'll wait in anticipation.
William culpepper
Why the hell did the guy keep throwing his weapons into the giant
Enzo Oliveira
Well.............😓 what can i say about it ....
Выглядит как старая Руна начала 2000х. Только графика чуток лучше стала. А так всё тожн
Sanity Is Radical
Last time I bought a Viking game for Xbox it was a terribly disappointing experience. This looks no better but I'll reserve judgement until I see a finished product. I've wanted a great Vikings game for years, so of course I'm hopeful.
Maria Fernanda Gonzalez
I think it needs lots of work, I mean, I love the concept, but the witcher still looks like a better game besides it a little bit old, but the combat here looks really simple
A very weird and uninspiring
DesertorMax :D
Is this real? Game looks like the first one...Not like I'm disappointed or something. It's almost the same as first Rune but with - let's say - better graphics. Well, we gonna see. Should be fine :)
how can i get EA copy?
Nice video thanks
Family of Dark Souls 3 😊😉
Sinior Baiker
Just like Beowulf game 😂😂😂
《Saimon YT》
looks like MMO
Dim Val's Games
Looking bad but we will see ta the end.!
Sir Gummy
Woo, so....... unepic, hope they fix that at the end
Huf Rico
Anyone came from fortnite
rafael alves
looks skyrim mod
Welp abandonware now rip
Hami Chahal
is there fist fight?
Caleb Stephan
skyrim is better
Der Erlöser
Kratos is better
It will be a very bad game like every game from Human Head. Played three, beated two and all of them were terrible.
SimOaksAntonaTrees 801
This is the first time I’ve seen gameplay footage of this game and after watching I can honestly say it’s one of those games where the cinematic trailer is really the only appeal to it.
Currently this looks bad. Worst gameplay part to put out... Or don't we all love kiting huge ogres.... Did this in Skyrim already... Lame
Бот Шредингера
Когда же исчезнет эта тупая механика боя...
Cường Hà
looks like a basic hack ´n slash game.. I remember playing the first Rune game back in the day... I was hoping, at least combat wise it would be closer to shadow of mordor with cool executions but here´s hoping they get the overall game right...
Jonas Lee
God of war knock-off
Arbeli Rozenberg
When u try to be Santa Monica but you're not
Life of Desiigner
The cheaper version of God of War 4😅
Puppy Dragon
LOL this look like crap! :P