Tom and Jerry, 47 Episode - Little Quacker (1950)

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The short three-minute fragment from series is a 1950 American one-reel animated cartoon and is the 47th Tom and Jerry short directed by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera and produced by Fred Quimby. It is the first Tom and Jerry short to be released in the 1950s. Little Quacker marks the debut of the eponymous character, Quacker the duckling who would go on to appear in seven more shorts, making him one of the more enduring supporting characters in the Tom and Jerry cartoon series. Interesting facts: The scene where Quacker's mother is shown in her undergarments after Tom accidentally mows her feathers away while chasing Jerry and Quacker was removed in the Middle East because it was deemed inappropriate for young viewers. The voice of Quacker and his parents (who make their only speaking appearance in this cartoon), along with a single WAH WAH! line by Tom, was supplied by (uncredited) Red Coffee; Coffee's rendition of Quacker's voice was mostly an impersonation of Disney's Donald Duck as performed by Clarence Nash. All rights reserved Warner Bros. Entertainment.

Sparrow VM
Wow, the quality and the fluidity of animation is much better than most of the cartoons of today. Plus the art style is so good.
Singh Anmol preet
Believe it or not, I've seen every single one of them. Every SINGLE one.
Martin Amarilla
I can't believe this is from the 50s. It used to be my shit back in the early 2000s and back then I used to think it was from the 90s lmao.
Sasidharan Karthikeyan
Watching it in 2019 and laughing like I'm mad. I'm 33.
Zackary Ruhland
2:21 Mama Duck: He did?! Tom: WHA, WHA! Mama Duck: HENRY!!!
Ah yes, innocent times where guns and dynamites didn't offend anyone and was considered a norm.
the number of dislikes interests nowadays will never experience cartoons like these....the OGs. Nowadays cartoons are poorly drawn like some dude on ecstasy animating them.
Nico Fan
Who love Tom and Jerry ?
Adam Milette
2:36 - It was at this moment that Tom knew, he f*cked up.
Gia Phúc Nguyễn Nho
I laughed so hard when the ducks talk =))
Jovanne Boothe
How the hell can 22K plus person hate Tom and Jerry?
Shayed Hasan Shohag
those 12k dislikers didn't have any childhood...poor fellas!!
Tomboy Doll
Tom and Jerry classics.. it gets no better then this
ayman shakil
I am 18 and still as obsessed with Tom and Jerry as I was when I was 5...this cartoon never gets old❤️
Mistress Kixen
2:28 when you know you are screwed.
Devon and Cornwall Trainspotting HD
I love the daddy duck at the end. he even got a tattoo on his stomach
Noir Chandler
"A Rough Translation of the Ducks Talking" Starts at 2:06 Baby Duck: Mama! Mama Duck: Baby! *Tom snatches Baby Duck* *Mama Duck snatches her back* Baby Duck(2:12): "That's the big old cat that's been chasing me all day! Every time he gets close he gets this great, big ax and he goes WHAM, WHAM, WHAM, WHAM!! That's what he does!" *Mama Duck scowls at Tom* Mama Duck: He did?! Tom: *Curses in Duck* Mama Duck: HENRY!!! *Big, buff, sailor duck comes to her call* Mama Duck(2:28): "There I was, minding my own business and this big bully just ran over me with a lawn mower, see?! And he talks smart, too!" *Henry scowls at Tom* Henry: He did?!
Tom is like I need to lie down for a sec 1:34
jasminne mcdonald
Baby Duck: "That's the big old cat that's been chasing me all day, on the count of because he had this great, big ax and he goes WHAM, WHAM, WHAM, WHAM! That's what he does!" Mommy Duck: He did? Tom: WAH WAH! Mommy Duck: HENRY!!! (Henry shows up) Mommy Duck: Now I was minding my own business and this big bully here ran over me with a lawn mower. See? And he looked smart, too. Henry Duck: He did?
Dipesh Dubey
Fan of this show. Love from India.
Rayan Hassan Reviews
Is this duck saying Obama in 0:41 ?
JGBUnique Beauty
I love when the papa Duck shaves tom. SO COOL!!!!!!!
Godzilla Earth
Why do they all sound like Donald Duck
Rex67Diego9 fandub
did anyone understood what the duck said?
I almost cry laughting everytime i see the scene in 1:32 XD Tom is just so stupid hahahahaha
Genaro Rafael Sotomayor
Nykeya R
I just love the way how Tom look and stands there after hitting himself with the hammer 😂😂
Nico Alcock
Who else like Tom and Jerry ?
Johnnyboy JT
Baby Duck: "That's the big old cat that's been chasing me all day, on the count of because he had this great, big ax and he goes WHAM, WHAM, WHAM, WHAM! That's what he does!"
1:30 My favorite scene out of all the episodes.
Amy Reid
Terru Mon
i like Tom and Jerry
A timeless work of art
Let's see here: Tom was abusive to Nibbles in: The Milky Waif and 4 years later, he was trying to kill Quacker. He's also a stupid cat cause he shot his backside at 1:23 but acted as if it didn't shoot him
Who would win in a fight Henry or Spike?
1:29 That face expression when he hits himself in the face XD PRICELESS! they don't make 'em like this anymore
Sarkar Ahmad
best memories ever!!
A. Rod
I like when the father duck appears. He was a sailor with that anchor tatt! Hilarious !!!!
Kaur Puneet
just love this episode ...Jerry with all his cute little friends😄😄
Riri Simps
2:29 I love how Henry has navy seal.
Wow, the quality and the fluidity of animation is much better than most of the cartoons of today. Plus the art style is so good.
siphe mgcaleka
I love tom damn 😂😂😂
Jonni Valentayn
For easier viewing video, see him through the playlists, so you do not miss anything.
KissxSister Lips
90's kids experience this and we are proud
Hitman Bang Introduces Hit-It the Second Audition
at the age of 26 I still laugh REALLY HARD at Tom & Jerry!!!!
Nia White
i love how jerry's just standing there watching how this all plays out
md shakib
1:33 watch at tom😂
bharat singh
It's sad to see so many dislikes. Like how could anyone not like this ?! This is possibly the best cartoon of all time 💯❤️
Raviteja K childhood with these cartoons juss amazing why did they stop making new videos
اميرة بكلامي
ههه احلى كارتون بحياتي
The original Yakky Doodle!
My favorite part was when Tom shaved some of the mother duck's feathers off to reveal her underwear! X)
BrowN boy ManisH
I really love the duck voice 😂👌
ياسمينة علي
That ending is so cute :P
Nicat Zekili
2:25 Henryyyyyyyy!!!
sh sh
Tom's reaction after 2:28👌😂😁
وردة جوري
ريحانة ريحانة
ايام الزهور لاتنسه
Dr.Asfandiyar Khan
My childhood in one series ❤
Eye See You
the duck's father looks like maui from moana XD
Aarti Sharma
i just loved it when the ducking was complaining him Tom troubled was hilarious..
يوتيوب عبدالعزيز
اجمل فلم كرتون مر لجيل التسعينات والثمانينات
انت حيآتي
انا بحب هذي اكثر وحدة .في توم جيري لانه كنت حفظاة زمان وكنت احبه اكثير ⁦🇮🇹⁩▪🎄😃☺💋💋🏃🚶
Bashovel D.WanPohs
Funny Ever After..😂 memories of Childhood..
1:23 dam tom is thicc xD
LittleGigaGum 123
Nicole Bonnett
When he hit the tyre and the hammer hit his face XD
Theme Park Lunatic Fringe
Best ducking episode!!! 10/10
rifi 43
my favourite scene was 1:20 XD
Brett Soyars
Toms face at 1:34 😆😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣🤣
Hooga Masele
Thank you Tom and Jerry for making my childhood awesome...😊😊😊..!!!
无神论 者
ive always loved Tom more than Jerry
Sanskari Baba
beleive me or not tom and jerry series of those days is better then most of the todays cartoons especialy indian cartoons like motu patlu ,etc
this is really funny
51.9 mil views to date, and well deserved too.
stephen carroll
1:32 when I drunk text my crush and wake up the next morning
Anyone else notice that in Tom and Jerry, the background and parts that are touched/moved/etc are shaded and/or colored differently?
WTF 12k dislikes????
soha das
i just love too see itt......🙌
0:04 when you know which part will move
Collection Surprises
Good old Jerry and Tom!
Kaito Ka
I love jerry.I wish he was my best buddy.
foxtrot les
So many Dislikes ??!! Who dislikes Tom and Jerry ?!
Mahek Punjabi
I love tom...😙😙😙
John Smith
Brilliant stuff
Naylton Santos
Esse desenho e muito bom.pura nostalgia
Karthika Dr
my favorite episode
my favorite song Yoga
I like and love you tom and Jerry😘😘😚😙😗😍😍
الرازحي Yemen
افضل كارتون 😂
Yoan Dimov
If I was a rapper my name would be lil quacker
TARIQ princess
The gun made me laugh at 1:22
Ricky Senpai
1:56 obey? More like *EBAY*
David Narcizo
en serio es de 1950??? no me jodan
Grey Light
MAN!!! This never gets old!!
When cat knows more than 1 language
Hahahahah I laught all the time when I watch this cartoon
Blue Diamond & Zura Asatiani
the tom and jerry is good animation it is my favorit animation s good
supongtoshi jamir
Tom and Jerry is the best..