How to get your rabbit to come when called

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Hello everyone! We decided to make a video about how we trained Pigi to respond to his name. You can teach rabbits to come when called, it just takes time, patience and lots of repetitions. The key part of this training is food. Bunnies soon learn to associate sounds of food, for example, bags (when opening bag of food or using a jar with treats) with food. So you have to combine those familiar food sound associations with the name of your rabbit. Whenever you use food sounds, call your bunny. Whenever rabbit comes to you, award him with few food pieces. You have to be patient, since, it may take months for them to respond to their name without any food involved, and even then, some may be very stubborn and decide not to respond at all. Pigi was stubborn, so it took us 8 months (since he was a baby) for him to start reacting to his name. Nowadays, we don't use food to make him come, but still, we choose to reward him sometimes, so that the pattern will remain. Music used: "Life of Riley" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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ednalyn Kim
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Omg that is the cutest little pom pom
Every time I hear someone saying Pigi I laugh because it's such a cute name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Baby Jihope
he is so cute and adorable , hes so fluffy , name is adorable
Kaythia Star
That is how we trained our bun-bun, Tabasco, to respond to her name. Our family gathered in the living room, sat in a circle. We took turns calling her name. But each person had a unique clicking noise we made with our tongues. So not only did Tabasco learn to come when she was called but WHO was calling her. It took a month for her to learn her name and the unique calling sound of each person. We used homemade treats of apple peels. Each piece was about 1/8 of an inch. Supplemented with bits of kale and cabbage.
Oyuncu-nun Yolu
%50 Ginepig - %50 rabbit
gabriela chavez
Is he a long haired dwarf bunny?
pay de manzana
yo estoy utilizando este "truco" con mi cobaya. Creo que esta comenzando a pensar que su nombre es "ven". (?)
Sheikh Ahmadi Grandeur
I have two female rabbits and they are so cute and adorable... they fear no one and whenever they see someone they run to them and starts sniffing them... omg like they are my love 😍
Candy Butler
So cute! The bunny looks like a rabbit / cat/ llama/ something else!
Mukesh D
i like your bunny it is soooooo cute
HE'S SO FLUFFY I'M GONNA DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Martha Carreon
i have a bunny called Oreo. its a female.. we have her outside because she is not trained yet and shes scared of me.. was you bunny scared of you when you first got it? i dont understand
Your bunny is like an adorable puppy!!!!!! :))))
Raushani Singh
😍 i am getting a cute attackkk.....😍😍😍😙😙😙😙😙
Xing Pip
Somehow while I went to boot camp. My older managed to make my pair of rabbits respond to "Swastika" He'll shout "SWASTIKA" and the two furballs will come. By further investigations, The female's name is "Tika" and the male's "Swas" :I
Twain Tay
It look like a cat
Ash lynn
Daisy x
Awww pigi is adorable 😂💕
Hey Lol
Your bunny is so cute! It almost looks like a mini panda 🐼 :D
rimmi prajapati
So cute
oh my god. the cutenesss killing me
I will try this was helpful! my bunny always distracted lol
Loreta Loretaite
Your bunny is so cute😄😄
I think that is a super good tutorial.I think some bunny who live inside houses has a comportament like a dog.I really don't know if Pigi has a comportament like a dog... maybe a bit, but this is a very good thing because the bunny will be more obedient. Love for Pigi!!!I really like this bunny! [If I wrote words wrong, scuze me for my bad english, I'm romanian]
It is unreal ... 😍
Lulu Likes Bagels
My bunny started coming to me a few days after he turned two. You can make the whole training thing go by faster if u do the bunny taming method, while calling they're name. After that try to make them respond
t a
I love him and his name super cute !!🐷🐰💖
Rebecca Clarke
He is adorable 😍😍
Is ur rabbit a llama?
King Tim Leung
Why is your bunny come every times you call? When I call my bunny, he come if he want only.
Arya Jonathan
I really regret not training my bunny when I had him now that I gave him to someone else.
Day Herd
He looks like a big fluffy panda! What kind is he? He's so cute!
Adinda widyaswari
Why your rabbit has a small ears its so cuuuteee
Dan Winkelman
U sound like Mei from overwatch
Ivy L
10% dwarf 40% angora 50% llama 100% adorable
Its so cute it looks like a cute cuddly mini llama💕💞😍
Is she a double mane lionhead?? She's sooooooo cute! Love this video, super helpful with my own two buns. 😊♥️
with bunny
So cute
Daksh Singh
what kind of rabbit is this..??
dont know why im watching this but i am
Harmony Jeanniton
Soo cute
Karolina VV
this bunny run like a dog :-D
Dark-Blade Wolf
Nag Soh
I'm crying right now how come u have such a cute bunny 😚
A Brain
This appeared on everyone's recommendations.
michannah featherstone
Beautifully smart rabbit.
What bunny breed is this? I have a bunny and I am getting another soon and I really want this kind of breed :3
Meenu Rana
I also have a white bunny
Aaaawww so cuteeee!!!
Erik Lopez
my bunnys name is Pigi
I did this but now my bunny is so fat he can't walk help plz
DJ Jenna
Parakeet&Budgie Lover
your bunny is cute🐰🐇
Lumpy Gaming
You have a new subscriber here😉😄
Vicky B
Oh my goodness, he is so adorable!
Julie Norris
big fuzzy bunny feet!! so cute when he hops away. u n ur Pigi r so cute when u call him for treats
Ingrid rodriguez
what type of rabbit is your piggy it so cute
Maisy Allen
I want a dwarf angora but can't seem to find anywhere that sells them where did u get yours from ??
Tender 10der
im gonna try it right now!
Crazy Lps
omg cute little bunny omg!😍😘😗😙😚i like bunny May 2 bunny Kinia1 and Kinia2
iistarry RBLX
Awww your bunny looks like a little kitty aww
montana corleone
what kind of rabbit is that?
Wimsem - Tekenen & Knutselen
my rabbits always comes up to me because FOOOOD
Sharif Pathan
omg you have a beautiful bunny
Kenzie Whittington
awww pigi is tooooo cute!!!🐇
pawlow teached us
Arianna Clearwater
I have a netherland bunny who's mom was a rex and dad was a dwarf. His name is Albie and he is such a good boy he loves to make his territory but only on one corner of the cage. He's gotten to be such a big boy. He comes when called sometimes because he's usually eating my grandma's hay baskets. 😂
Eri Vix
Mine learned alone, just one day I realized He came by my side when I was talking about him, not even to him, so I did a test, I walk aroud the room calling him and he run to me every single time 😀🐰
Lady Godga
My rabbits name is Alejandro so calling him is so hard sometimes bc I get tongue tied very easy 😂
Ahhh so cute I want to take care of it!🤗🤩
Gacha Chan
I love rabbits your rabbit its cute and one of my favorite <3
brody toaper
Pigi: 20% smol 50% cute 25% bouncy 100000000000% floofy
Sec Ret
Omg so cute
Mya Davis
Yaaay she gave me a heart thank u god bless you and your cute little bunny
He looks like he has anime eyes
Vikram Singh Alawe
your bunny is so cute like a cat
Love Rose
Omg so cute
Omar Mahmod
very cute
Jenifer Hernandez
I have a bunny that followed me ever day
Can I train my fish to come?
Mya Davis
Awww ur rabbit
Hazrul Nizam
That rabbit is so cute and fluffy
Hunniya Hassan
Ivanaliz Fondeur
Your bunny is adorable
Tatum :D
Tessa Smith
Kirby Casabuena
Taresa Jones
thx this is really helpful for me
Aww your bunny looks like a llama
Michael Schmidt
soooooooooooooo cuuuute! Like a little teddy! awwww
Gabriela M Figueroa
I've had my bunny for 5 months and he comes when called and has been for 2 months. I didn't train him he just knows his name haha
Why does it take so long for bunnies? I got a chicken in the past, and it only took it 3-4 days to associate a sound/calling with food. And the darn thing took shorter time to dissociate that calling after a few days of me calling, it came running, but no food.
Kiriko 霧故
He's so fluffy !!!!!!! He's adorable ! I'm melting ;;;;;
Your bunny is soooooo cute he looks like a cat or a alpaca not a bunny so cute❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍🤣🤣🤣🤣🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽I’m going to try and teach my bunny this it would be helpful I’ll try and comment back when I teach her
MB Junior
What about the person who have more than 1 bunny? How to train them?
My four months lion head rbbit seems like he really doesnt like his pellets that much. Shall i buy the expensive one? And idk if i cam feed him some fruit and veggies🤔
ehla 01
I want Piggy for myself😣😢😭
What a cutie. I have 2 buns of my own. My little fuzzy lop doesn't come when called but if I say his name he will stop and look up. They both come if I kneel down and snap my fingers though, probably because they think I have food.