Kayleigh Live on Top Of The Pops - Marillion (Official Video)

EMI Sessions presents a classic Top Of The Pops performance from Marillion of their hit, Kayleigh. The video is now available to buy as part of a video bundle on iTunes:

Kayleigh Natasha
I was named after this song
Hugo Brömme
Top of the pops and Live. Two things that never should be mentioned in one sentence.
Sparkle in the rain
Brings me back to London, did a lot E around this time too.
This is a classic eighties song that stands the test of time. And I like the lyrics such as the use of cherry blossom trees
Jim Bowie
Still a great song an it’s 33 years ago since it was out
What this only got to number 2 in the single charts WTF?
Classy song, and the 80s the decade of art, freedom and love.
my son had a band(bodyhammer) in the early 1990's and they made a demo tape. i went to fish's home/recording studio on the way back from a 12 hour nightshift and rang the bell, he answered the door with two beautiful german shepards and i gave him the tape and explained that my son was influenced by iron maiden/matalicca and he said he would listen to it.i shook his hand and thanked him. he sent the tape back a few weeks later with some positive comments and advice.what a really nice guy. plus he's a hibs supporter. kenny (scotland)
the faceman
Top stuff, reminds me of being mid 20's and in the pub every night, more please more
For 35 years that I have been listening to Marillion, I have never heard more beautiful love song than this trilogy. Misplaced childhood, lavender, a penny for your thoughts.... Blame it on me.. I can not get beyond you... See you on the 7th of December 💕
Dennis Ricks
This Song is so Good i listen to it often.
Helio Fernandes
This is big sound. Ad eternun!
Jurresp Dougsp
Super sensational this song.. love
Classic collection of mullets-good song aswell
Vocals Guitar
I've listened to this concept album a thousand times and it is still outstanding! I still don't get why Marillion fired Fish. He is a lyrical genius!
a million pictures
I'd liked to hear Phil Collins sing this
Kay Lee was the real name of the ex girlfriend of Fish, a very personal song. The album was published 30 years ago! A real masterpiece.
Conrad Twonine
Fish is a musical poet writing lyrics and songs that absolutely work. The band brings it to life in a way no other combination could. Sorry they ever split. The sum was greater than the parts. Thanks for the memories :))
Marco Galmuzzi
Bellissima canzone, grande !
Luciano Salles
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jenny alejandra
Oh M G ... Memories 💕
Vierka W
RIP World
graham walsh
Can't believe its that old!
Joaquim Fonseca
Max Cornibus
Really live or playback?
Tazz Mohammed
Shelley so sorry i never meant to break your heart
Gros Matou
Purée c'est "style and kitsch"leur costume mais j'adore😄😹
John Taylor
Luke Wagstaff
That kilt 😩😩😩
Lincoln Asl
iadoredavey murray
Uncle Derek
Joanne Dwyer
No relationship comes to a natural end an this songs sums it up an stood the test of time. Obviously this reminds me of an ex
Scot Team
Big Fish fae Scotland.....
suleyman dogan
why the hell you cut that great guitar solo there :S
Crash Beatty
Quite the Scot...wearing a kilt and sporin
Moch. Aswanto
Reyleigh Engineers Indonesia..
The Great Gazoo
Incredible song!!
Simona Vojtíšková
arnaldino quintas
Music of marillions it's my life
Vocals Guitar
Do you remember...
Danilo Arantes
muito top!!!
So good
Denis Desmond
I know 3 girls who were called Kayleigh because of this song.
Dave Night
Fish is huge compared to the band. Massive geezer
callum starr
Ravi Benjamin
it's a cool name....so revel in it !! Yeah MOM ):
wheres the uncut one?
kayleigh sillitoe
my mother named me after this song 'kayleigh' lol my mum goes on about it all the time saying its my song bla bla lol xx
one of the best songs ever. shithot!!!
Love this tune ! a classic (but miss the blonde from the video)
Max Schiet
I cant believe how well this sounds with the original, likely they don't cut, paste or put in fake parts. good job man :)
Poveri Marillion !!!! Costretti dalla casa discografica e dalle regole del marketing ad esibirsi davanti a quei coglioni che neanche sanno che esiste Misplaced Childhood !!!....
Amazing... the best moment of Marillion.