Pink Floyd - Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts 6-9) album version

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Pink Floyd - Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts 6-9) album version ''Shine On You Crazy Diamond" is a nine-part composition written by Roger Waters, Richard Wright, and David Gilmour as a tribute to former band member Syd Barrett. It was recorded for the 1975 Pink Floyd's album ''Wish you were here''. For parts 1-5 click the link: />Enjoy and thanks for watching! :)

Happy Mask Salesman
2:25 is by far my favourite part of any PF song ever. Such power
William F. Silva
4:12 the guitars seems scream, it's amazing!!!
Gabriel Carlos
6:00 starts the perfection
This is the kind of music that it's worth it not to listen for a while and then, someday, on a proper moment, just enjoy it intensely 
Shoumik Mahmud
Even if God came down on earth to play guitar, I don't think even he would play better than Gilmour
Martin Lundqvist
4:40 when the tempo changes is absolutely amazing
12:07 Anyone else notice Rick's little tribute to 'See Emily Play' at the very end of the song?
Benigno Sales
Dont talk anything, just listen the David Gilmors guitar and enjoy this moment... and do it again, and again, and again...
I was blasting this in my car with the windows down at a red light, and at 9:00 I yelled "PERFECTION!!!!", and the lady in the car next to me gave me a stern look.
This is literally the best song of all time. every little sound and riff by them fit the song perfectly. This is perfection. The transitions are smooth, and the emotions build up across the song. And i reach a cathartic feeling in part 8, the funky one...... Also the drumming on part 6 is incredible, very smooth, but the way it makes this "ladder" feeling is awesome. And to say nothing of the guitar riffs in the background by Gilmour....
Stuart Davy
The other three lads say that Dark Side was their most favoured album, but Rick always said this was. I agree. It's my favourite of all time.
4:12 is just perfection! Words cannot express that enough.
shturman glyuk
RIP Richard Wright
God I love this song so much.. Thank God my dad loves pink Floyd or I wouldn't have ever known about them.
Dylan Eckert
part 9 has such a haunting feeling to it you feel Rickard Wright's spirt play that what I always liked about Pink Floyd they have their unique sound
JS Initials
I feel like an eagle flying through the Grand Canyon.
andrea scala
high point of human race in music?.....yes......that or Echoes.....
Dylan Eckert
7:30 to 8:45 sounds sick
Martin Partida
Oh such glorious keyboards! RIP Richard Wright
San Abnormal
i love many parts but "the moment" i wait, i need, is from 4:35 till it says "nobody knows where you near or how far........shine on you crazy diamond" i think that is the best of the best. :]
Biswajit Mitra
7:00 is the best funk bit of the song.
To me the Synthi-Intro is the definitive Rick Wright moment besides Any Colour you like. The SOund of that Wurlitzer always makes me go apeshit.
Part 9 made me cry
Kevin Pennell
How come classic rock stations never play this half?
I wish part from 9:00 played on my funeral
Volker Bauer
Yes, the best Album from Pink Floyd forever.
sinan güngör
2:24 - 4:35
ricercatore attento
Richard William Wright..........THANK YOU BROTHER!
ricercatore attento
best moment in music history? if not it is Echoes the ending reprise
Edvardo Rodrígvez
7:00 the best part
Nick Rossi
Roger Waters!!! generating sounds of wind on the VCS3 Synthesizer. coupled with some groovin bass and the sounds of Sir. David Gilmour and you end up with one bad ass song! R.I.P Richard Wright, Syd Barret and Storm Thorgerson. Pink Floyd forever!!!
Shubham Jha
11:19 chills
roger plays bass in the beginning :O
Kaffe Phrappe
4:43 best transistion
Nuno Santana
nothing compares to Pink Floyd
Gonzalo Monedero
Genial, música para imaginar mundos paralelos y surrealistas, teníamos toda una vida por delante y creo que la mayoría la hemos aprovechado, y si no, aún estás a tiempo...
Fan Guo
Véronik Charente Maritime
Wish you were here...... Album magique +++++
Slim Shady
part 8 is my favorite funk progression ever  
The Best Ever.... Thank you Pink Floyd for so many grand memories!
Zack Glickman
it's funky man can you dig it?
Nick Mason is just sooooo good on this whole album. Sublime drums.
Tim Mick
This is the music I choose to listen to when I traveling through space
see emily play at 12:07
That slide stuff from 2:20 on is amazing.
Manuel Cristobal
good memories
XInfra RedX
Damn! That synth, the bass and that lapsteel guitar are so awesome!
Sir Chilliam
Man I feel this walkin through town after closing. Brings about memories and imaginings.
ricky rafael
creo que son partes unicas de esta gran obra de arte
Final Verdict
This half of the song is actually the best feeling any human can feel its not just for the ears it's for the soul
Luan Almeida
8:55 <3
Wise Owl
This is just divine
ricercatore attento
possibly best moment in music history.................or Echoes
Al Dos
Second 0:57and the seconds following Wright’s solo is the absolute projection of space emptiness and this continues to set up a masterpiece of contemporary music still unsurpassed!
The beginning just cleared my mind
esploratore estremo
welcome my friends on the P F planet
Daniel Ardeline
This is one of the my favorites out of all of the Floyd material because they were able to make Syd's leaving the band which was sad, into such an upbeat set of tracks. Actually I believe the whole album is the most upbeat one of the bunch. We all know that Roger is very smart and liked to write about weighty things and politics. I like it just as much 30 years after hearing it for the first time. And it still sounds like nothing else in music. Animals I like too, but comes off as a bit more disturbing to listen to.
George Texstel
It was such an wonderfully alien sounding piece of music when first performed for us in London. It was a few days before the LP release, and virtually no one had heard anything like it. Blues just doesn't come in a 6:8 container.
Luiz Gustavo de Souza Matos
Lindo!! Rick fez um ótimo trabalho nos teclados!!!
Ray Robinson
I've never did drugs...but this dream state of sound put you in mind of a certain euphoria, high...pure rush that must be close to that chemical intoxication. Don't do drugs just listen to Big Pink.
John Wolf
Robert G. Carley (aka New York) .  Shine on you crazy diamond 
JB On the streets
This is my Favourate Floyd Piece, just masterful, blows me away.
sinan güngör
JB On the streets
The 4 minute mark on this track is truly amazing.
Eunice muñoz
thaks to my boyfriend, who show me these albums!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ryan McMullan
when Richard drops it at 7:01
Echoes of The Times
7:02 reminds me of Alan Parson's Project somehow.
Lizard of Oz
I can't even imagine if Syd was healthy when this album was getting done in studio or the past albums or all of them!! Some much we will never know!
Alfonso Greco
0:36!! 💆🏻‍♂️.
i love this one, i lose myself in the zone with this song. especially on LSD
The Black Lodger
9 people are losers and miners for delusion
un tipo cualquiera :v
No entiendo como esta parte es tan infravalorada, es JODIDAMENTE HERMOSA.
When you let your conscious mind slip into the flow, and find yourself glistening on the edge of oblivion. It is times like these, quiet times, when we create music such as this. Only a lucky few, only a lucky few.
London Thirteen
when insanity comes..
Floyd's songs are classified as Rock but there be lots of Jazz in them tunes
David Gilmour ladies and gentlemen, is there anything else that needs saying that his guitar already hasn't.
Terrence Reardon and Friends Podcast Podcast
Part 6 proves why David Gilmour makes pedal steel guitars rock (especially when put through Hiwatt amplifiers and WEM cabinets). Plus his Fender Stratocaster rhythm chords offset the steel guitar solo. At 3:52 is where Gilmour hits the notes on the steel guitar that only dogs can hear!
Could someone please tell me the instrument used at the 7:00 mark? It doesn't sound like a bass, but that almost seems what it could only be?
Владимир Петров
У кого то совесть позволяет поставить дизлайк.успенскую слушаете?так нахуй от сюда
6-9 is probably my favorite floyd song, and echoes. But's all about the same for me. Just amazing music.
salvatore tardini
<3 <3 <3
Geraldo Quites
1:41 the best
part 6 took me to space..
danny lugo
6:50 through 8:50 is deadass a 70s porno
Kicking Vids
3:55 is insane
Echoes of The Times
The beggining sounds like "One Of These Days" mixed with "Have A Cigar"
Part 7 of this song is something of another world
Chris Ramos
9:00 is so dark, it embodies the tragic turn for Syd imo.
if only it could go on forever, but everything comes to an end
Maurice Mason
.....and I'm # 93,000!!! Phat Track!
Vincenzo Palumbo
Amazing !!!
Alee Janet L.
olindo pereira dicosilva
사람이 만든 곡이라는 게 안믿길 정도로 환상적이다.
Kicking Vids
6:25 Rogers bass solo is absolutely nasty
Klaus Heck
Absolut das Beste.Pink Floyd setzte neue Maßstäbe. Ein muß für alle die mit guter Musik Leben
Soon after dark, Emily cries, ah ooo.
12:07 the moog plays part of the vocal melody of Syd Barrett's See Emily Play.