Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX MR [email protected] (Boost 14psi)

Rare, beautiful and extremely fast Lancer Evo IX MR that develops 870+Ps running on Pump gas and low boost of 14psi! For the full article, photos and tech specs of the car visit: /> Music: Dj Kas - Requiem for a Dream (Dubstep mix) Shot on: Canon EOS 60D, Panasonic HDC-SD 700, GoPro HD Motorsports Hero /> Follow us on Facebook: Magazine:

FlyTwoHigh 83
Evos Rule. The most reliable and highly tuneable cars out there. Any other 2.0L cars out there pushing that power? No.. Haters gona hate, simples!!
Ethan Hon
Sometimes I shift at "gravel"
I think that Tac is wrong. That doesn't sound like 11k rpm. Sounds more like 9k, still high. Listen to the sound when it reaches the 7k rpm redline, it sounds like most cars do at 5k. 
Neo Barrera
Sick car, love evos!
best car ever
teo sidiropoulos
This is a Greek one ;-)
Uzumaki Naruto
Japanese cars>>>>>overrated & overpriced euro cars :)
Πραγματικά πάρα πολύ καλό, αλλά ρε Ελληνάρα βάλε μια ζώνη για τα μάτια του κόσμου έστω όταν τραβάς βίντεο!
The Punisher
Greek Power
Rest in peace Mitsubishi Evolution. If they really just stop producting the model which has always been the reason for Mitsubishi being such interesting and good brand all over the world. I swear its the end of Mitsubishi car company. Can't believe they planning to just focus on eco-hybrid-green stuff and forget why the brand is as strong as it is. It's like removing the toilet seat from your toilet. Such a shame for the company as they clearly have no idea what this all means and leads into. Luckily the other japanese car companies like Toyota and Honda saved their brands by understanding the fact. Toyota really needed the GT-86 to prove they still care about their customers. I'm not saying Toyota wouldn't sell good anyway, but there has to be right product for each type of customers to keep the brand strong and looks like Akio Toyoda did understand that. And the is more to come as the legendary Supra will get its follower. So if this is the end of Lancer Evolution, i really hope there is some plans to bring back sport cars. I apologize for my bad english, but hopefully you could get my point.
in this world i love too cars the first one it's the GT-R and the second one it's the EVOOOOO
LM4 300zx
does the owner of this car have an Instagram? this car is PERFECT. my favorite Evo hands down.
I don't have this car.
2015 is the last year of the evo production. :'(
Kiansy JS
El mejor auto del mundo <3
khalid isleem
evo :( i must buy one
Nick Moschos
Greece poewer
Ελα το εργαλείο!!!!
Инспектор Тртовић
I would like to see some cocky mom and dad's son in lambo or any other exotic car, to get owned with this one. Looking the exterior, car looks so regular but classy. The machinery, man, different story. :)
Arto Saari
It's not all about what kind of power your pumping, it's about how that power feels, just imagine how epic 11k rpm would feel, And that sound...
E500 Tunes
I would of call this damn tank ,  The " Best Corvettes trap " .....!!!
Gonzalo Paiz
My bro in law has the same one but not the MR he has the GSR, the fastest model of evo ;)
let me drive it plzzz
WE ARE GREEKS AND WE ARE CRAZY....and you can see that in our cars :)
Garlic bread
this evo9 is beautiful. love JDM cars
Fistin Your Mom
This evo is from GREECE...!!!
Antony Kinuthia
Damn cuz, thats a sick ass Evo!! I love the rims and the paint work
Andrew McLaughlin
That he's making that kind of power on pump gas
Maciek Bialystok
-This is madness! -Madness?! THIS IS EVO! :D
Sotiris Zogos
Πόσα λεφτά έδωσες για να το φτιάξεις αυτό το θηρίο; Είναι το όνειρο μου γι αυτό αν μπορείς πες μου ! :)
Robban Metcalfe
It cant be 11,000 rpm?? sounds compere to other evos like 9,000. and when it sounds like 4,500 the rev meter is above 6,000 on this one!..
Kristian Nesbeth
This guy can shift!
Karin Kuruma GTA5 <3
Παναγιώτης Βοσταντάς
Ελλαδάρααα <3
Christian Aboody
Nice car it's perfect
Dreamcar *-*
Baron Wilson
Who is this guy driving? I was looking for his Audi video.
Flight Mania
laughed so hard at the "GRAVEL 11000 RPM!!!!"
King Impala
What a beauty and.....holy shit...... what a beast!!!
ahmad salafi
Amazing Evo
Denis Shvaichenko
бешеная табуретка )))
only 14 psi and 1000 hp??? turbocharged and revving 11k rpm?? WTF????
dionisis kagias
καλυτερα να πατησεις το συμπλέκτη την αλλη φορα
...and now the same car but with 1171WHP (low boost)!!!  1171 WHP SpeedNation EVO IX Extreme Tuners (TEASER)
matt Dominic
Glenn Juane Hernandez
(high) maintenance = (high) performance
What is that wire on the gear lever at 2:04?
Ruben ToroBravo
This is my favourite car 😍😍❤❤
DevzyXV † | Good Vibes |
I love this car <3
Carrie White
William Diaz
Sick af
does anyone know what shift knob he is using ?? i love the look of it
Buddy Duffy
11K  rpm  my  friggin  foot!  if  that  motor  spins  11K  rpm  the  Bugatti  Veyron  makes   11  HP  
Isaiah Knutsen
Can't we all get along.
Thomas Anderson
into song: Requem for a dream (lux aeterna)
giantgga a
this wheel size 18×9.5j? 18×9j?
LuZaK_TuRbO Wot blitz México
Magnífico coche!!!!!!
Awad Ullah
power shifting????
Rafa Opc
γεια σου ΕΛΛΑΔΑΡΑ ΜΟΥ με τα εργαλεια σου!
christian sanchez
What's the name of that shift knob?
Already cant wait to get mine... only two years left of saving to go
All Music Free Music without copyright
WooW Good Job ;) You Rock Man
Damn.. I miss my MKIV Supra and was looking to buy another one soon but I kinda want one of these... Don't know what to do.
Vincenzo 95
è una macchina pazzesca :) fortunato ad averne una :)
Matt Purcell
The gearbox is more then likley a built 5 speed from an e7 with sequential shifter
Jordan Mcnally
what is the wire leading to the shift knob?
No way 11000rpm, this is 9000rpm max according to sound. Nice car btw good job
Δημήτρης Λάντζος
guys pirate to respect mou... άμα έρθετε Σέρρες να το τρέξετε στο αυτοκινητοδρόμιο μας θα χαρώ πολύ
ισως το ομορφοτερο EVO που κυκλοφορει!
dog box with an ignition cut for no lift and no clutch shifting?
XXRs and federal 595 rsr. Gotta love that extreme budget wheel/tire combo.
Sarah Dell
Спасибо подрочил*
Спасибо подрочил*
this guy shifting gears without clutch
was he powershifting
tire rim specs? suspension specs? in the process of building my eve and i want this exact stance!
that damn requiem for a dream song just cant go away
thenfs overclocker
but, how many time this engin can do this before blow up?
عدل بنفسك
guys. What kind of gearbox on this evo?? PLZ help
Gustavo da Silva
Guys: song: Dj Kas - Requiem for a Dream - Dubstep mix
Abdul Choudhury
Gravel RPM XD
eastcoast rifraf
Full gas , no clutch, in an Evo. Interesting
Infinite RPM's? LOL
Aom Shrok
Piece of art!
Core Tech
sick machine
this is not drifting, this is power sliding, mad skillz tho
Antonio Garcia Aleixandre
Bestial! No tengo palabras!
it goes over 11.000RPM because he sometimes shifted at snow and if gravel=11.000Rpm how much is snow?
Ηλιας ΠΑΟΚ
ωραιο εργαλειο
fook yu
Sometimes I shift at snow.
Nice evo. I miss my rs from time to time.
Sage Five
Man these evo's look so damn sexy
Absolutely brilliant!!!
Tom Heaselden
Seriously quick car! Love it
Ivan Trump
Full boost at 7000rpm... Laaaaaag monster.