A Haunting We Will Go - Casper The Friendly Ghost

An old cartoon featuring Casper The Friendly Ghost. "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use."

One of my favorite cartoons as a kid,,,
Animation was so beautiful back before CGI
Riley Andersen
1:37 A Hunting We Will Go! A Hunting We Will Go! Boo, Boo, Boo! AHHHHHHH! A Hunting We Will Go!
Mahdi Noushafarin
it is a beautiful old cartoon..
thomas abbott
first vhs tape I ever had, wow do I feel old
Julie Smallwood
This brings back sooooo many memories. Poor little Dudley :(
Izzy Dragon
These old cartoons really make you hit the emotional rollercoaster! You cry because you think Casper's losing his friend, then like a minute later he gets them back. Sad then sweet and so many tears shed! :) P.S. I wanna know the name of the tune where Casper's teaching Dudley to fly! So great!
"I might as well be dead!" You _are_ dead.
Brian Battles
"I might as well be dead" Uh, guess what?
- Please, Dudley! Say something! *- Quack quack*
The Marvel & DC Report
Boo unto others as you would have others boo unto you. Lmfao
Akanksha Dixit
How cute the Casper is .. I want to be a friend of so cute a ghost as Casper .. 😀😀😀😀 .. Casper Wil you be my friend ?
Meghana Naga
My school buddy I love you Casper 🤗 ...cute 👻
Roberto Santos Costa
O desenho é de 1959 e não de 76 como está escrito na pré sinopse em inglês....
Cindy Montiel
Casper is soo cute especially the duck in this episode awwe!❤😍
Really friendship is such a beautiful thing... Who have the true friends they never need to say something.., 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
Fiorella Carolay
Gasparin 💙💙 sin duda este capítulo es mi favorito.
Foysal Hussain
প্রায় আঠারো বছর পর দেখছি, কেউ কি আছো বাংলাদেশ থেকে..
Lloyd Lifestone
Thank you very much. Great upload and a Casper without commercials.
Biswaranjan Patro
Such a heart touching story.
Immanuel Weaver
WHATA cute ghost :)
I love the show!!!👻
awwn, that was so cute anyone *2019*?
Çağla Çağla
Casper My childhood🥳🤩
Jackie Trujillo
Casper is a good friend to have. I would like to be his friend. It's great to have friends cuz friends are for ever. 😀
thanks for upload this!
The ironic thing is, while Casper is attempting to make friends the first few times, he actually acing his homework.
Moflehun Naher
I can't believe he is a ghost he is so friendly to everyone 😮😃
This, like the other two original Casper shorts, is in the public domain. The rest of the Casper shorts are under copyright, but not these three.
Tony Montana
I wish everybody was as sweet as Casper !
Mini Joks
i love casper he is too cute
Pratam Bose
I love❤😘 Casper 👻
sarah hayes
i use to watch this in the 90's :3
I can relate Casper.... I can Relate.....
Aasiya Ansari
I love it very much....
Perihan Bürüngüz
Keşke bütün insanlar Casper kadar iyiliksever olsaydı ........
marcos estavos
You are welcome
marcos estavos
You are welcome
marcos estavos
Beğenmenize çok sevindim. Ben paylaşmak için daha fazla Casper olsaydı
Perihan Bürüngüz
CASPER ı asla unutmadım 45 sene önce TRT de yayınlanırdı çocuktum...ne kadar zevkle seyrederdim..daha sonra pek yayınlanmadı...net sayesinde tekrar seyredebiliyorum..55 yaşındayım aynı zevkle seyrediyorum
dennis klippel
Thanks a ppppohui I 6766666 fffdfyy
Amal Musa
Thanku 4 the upload
Megarah King
I had this and lost it and bought it again today, theres a good boos tonight and this one makes me cry.
Casper= Marilyn Monroe,Kurt Cobain, Roger Waters,etc.
i want to watch the one where it has casper and these trees that are killing stuff
Interesting little note about this particular cartoon, it's in the Public Domain.
such a cute ghost!
Mary Fortich
I Still Like Casper 3
I haven't seen this since I was a little girl. Thank you for posting it. :)
Daisie Bundy
I used to watch this when I was a kid! :D
marcos estavos
elagi selva
elagi selva
elagi selva
elagi selva
Great video!
marcos estavos
Glad you enjoyed it. I only wish I had more. This is the only Casper I have
Manish LEe Manish LeE
super great cartoons animetion amzing and old is gold
Mr Usta Türkiye
where can i find subtitles?
Esther Ampofowaa
Anyone 2019?
I remember since I was 4 years old
Jonathan Mendoza
The Same thing as Little Lulu Cartoon
indima nissanga
My best friend casper
Sweety Momtahina
Cz They r on their mission
Vijaya Maniam
My fav cartoon ever
I am Sal
i'd be Casper's friend any day
Adrian Perez
I remember watching this short in Spanish when I was 6
The best part 1:46
Elijah Hebert
Md. Shahriar Hasnat
Old school 😍❤️
roger funk
Fish rather get eaten
Ionut Constantin
I remember this...
kp saranya
Good not Tamil
XD my names Dudley! Oh god
I love that scream at the begining. Is that Mel Blanc?
Srīdhãr Raja
Always have a great animation cartoons
Scott A.
How can 286 people vote this down. I remember this show when I was a wee one - brings back memories. Thanks for the upload!
bere any
Is he not aware he's dead?
amir. amir 9088
so nice show
Upscale Avenue
This is so cute. They should make an episode involving a demonic entity 😆
Veronica Binns
He is s my favorite ghost luv him 👀👤😉😉🎃🎃😍❤️❤️❤️❗️😂❗️♥️👀👀👀
Melissa Cooper
I know a lot of people can relate to Casper. Here he is an outcast among his ghostly brethren. All the other ghosts want to do is scare the living. All Casper wanted to do was try to make friends with the living. I feel sorry for him that the living people and animals run in fear of him before they get a chance to know him.
So, in this cartoon, Casper was basically a "fright school" drop-out.
Casper reminded of the ungodly love child between Rodney Dangerfield and Michahael Jackson
Pallavi Telure
King Bee
Isn't this Casper cartoon #1? I believe so...from Paramount's then-new animation division, Famous Studios.
Haley Goodwin
Poor. Casper, having no. Friends, even. Though, he's. Not. Like. The. Other. Ghosts', & frightening.
LoveConquers Hate
One thing Casper teaches us is just because we may look the same doesnt mean we all are the same
I used to watch 18 of the greatest cartoons as a kid. I just wish they would release it on DVD! Thank you so much for posting this!
Divya Divya
Kannadadalli madi
Casper choosi chaala yellu ayindhi... Chinnappudu maa Annaiah Akkaiah nenuu choosevaallam... I am 4m India. This is Telugu language we usually speak in South India...Well ..True Genuine feelings are always expressed in our Mother Tongue ..my mother language...I like our CASPER alot....I was really a very little kid & my brother made me see this for the first time...My Sister, Brother and I used to watch this little CASPER during our very childhood days...Miss my life of those days....
sourav mondal
Still missing
jayanthi nav
Childhood memories
dhinesh johncena
2019 any one watch??
Gowri boccaro
My fv8
This predates the Harvey Toons Casper most of us remember. As a matter of fact, his name here is "Casper's Friendly Ghost".
Jacob Powell
7:00 is my favorite. I laugh.
Meenal Shaha
My fev .cartoon