SwAFHF SAAB SK37 Viggen display at Stord Airshow 2018

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Highlights from The Swedish Air Force Historic Flight, SAAB SK37 Viggen display at Stord Airshow 2018. This was the very first display performed by this two-seat Viggen, after spending nearly a decade in the hangar since its retirement from service in the Swedish Air Force in 2007. Today it is the only operational aircraft of this type in the world. Note the occasional sound of car alarms in the background, as a sign of the immense Power generated from the fighter's afterburner.

She still looks futuristic even after 50 years; fast stood still. Nice display and video!😎👍🏻
As a kid in the cold war 80's I grew up with these beasts in the sky, patrolling the airspace in the south of Sweden. Almost every week I could see (and hear) them coming. The roar was incredible. They always came in a pair. If you saw them coming in at low altitude, you better protect your ears. I'll never forget when they did their low altitude fly-by's close to our village.
Keith Allver
The Swedes sure know how to make sexy ass looking Jet Fighters
Patrick Harrison
As an Englishman the Viggen along with the Avro Vulcan are my all time favourite aircraft. Fond memories of the Viggen lighting up Finningley and Waddington airshows.
Viggen was retired to early.. If modified the striker mod - like this one- the A37 could still do there tasks.. BUT we have fools for politicians in Sweden... Our defense is so small now it is a joke ...
marc count
From the time she started to move at the runway to the front gear lifted up ( climbing ) took only 10 sec ... What a short distance take off ! ! Excellent Swedish technology... That's why I am now driving a Saab ! !
Viggen is a beast. When you hear it it sounds like it is ripping the air apart. It was my favourite plane back in the days. In those days you could see it quite often in training, even if you was not close to an airbase. Nowadays you may open a bottle of champagne when you see a fighter from the airforce...
Denny Belbot
A masterpiece of Swedish engineering.
Mathias Örbo
Wouldn't be a Viggen showcase without car alarms in the background!
F-21 Luleå between 1996 to 2003 2nd division. Best time of my pilot career flying the Viggen.
Anders Piniesjö
When I grew up in Sweden those planes made us feel a bit safer during many cold war years. We saw them quite often, even though not living close to a base. Nowadays I am proud to live in Linköping, where all SAAB fighters have been and are designed and built. It is really fascinating that a small city with around 150.000 people still can compete with new fighter jets and it warms my heart when I hear retired people here talking about memories from their years at SAAB.
John Larsson
As for the starting and landing distance some have mentioned, was designed with this in mind to be able to take off and land on Swedish roadways for cars in the case of Airports being destroyed or attacked. Also many of them would have been stationed away from airbases. In Sweden there was (and some still are left) "special" stretches of normal roadways that are very straight and widened to handle the aircrafts!
isnt it amazing what you can build from IKEA? and what about the swedish navy sub who sank uss ronald reagan during an excersize?
Magnus Hansson
Jag ser bara 2 grova fel. 1=Det finns en ledig plats bakom ff.2= jag sitter inte där.
Loke Ångström
Nice too se SK-37 back again! Very good video as well!
Oh. Btw...No Viggen show is complete without car alarms going off.
Tom H.
In the book "Lockheed Blackbird: Beyond the Secret Missions" former SR-71 pilots revealed that the Swedish Viggen was capable of zoom climb to the Blackbird's altitude whenever the SR-71 neared Swedish airspace. It was a technically advanced aircraft with all Viggen pilots in a formation being able to see a map showing where all the others were.
Imagination Is Power
USA stopped this being sold to India like the USA always do as they fill the market with their well over hyped over priced propaganda based crap year in year out.
Kenneth Woolard
Really short take off!
Awesome display and video! It is wonderful that the SwAFHF has brought this two-seat Viggen back in the air. Hope to see (and film) them on an airshow this year. Hopefully at RIAT. :)
You can see where Eurofighter and Dassault with the Rafale got their ideas from. The Swedish must have been miles ahead with the concept of this style of wing configuration.
Aviation Plus
1:10 The crowd must have been pretty cold and thought it wasn't windy enough. No worries the Viggen has that covered.
Arno nümuss
Wtf? that is some crazy performance for such a old plane. Regards to the pilot, that must have been quite exhausting.
Eric the Viking
One of the best looking and finest Fighter Aircraft ever...
R m
Love the viggen and love the camo scheme!! Beautiful aircraft. 👍
Viktor Gadestedt
Love it! This aircraft just got its markings back from when it was based at F 15 Söderhamn, 50 kilometers from my home. :)
she was made to intercept ICBM´s and such.Climb to great height´s fast..
Beautiful aircraft and performance! I'd never seen one flying, live or recorded. Thanks for the video!
Yngve Samuelsson
I have also worked with Viggen as a mechanic in the late 70's, and also think it was an advanced plan at the time. It could have been a perfect aircraft for a carrier ship.
Steven Quigley
She can still set car alarms off what a beast
Frank 1960
At first: SALUTE for this perfect filming! My opinion: SAAB Viggen - the flying Viking Axe! Enjoy this Video with full throttle on good Sound System or a high Quality Headphone... the amazing mighty VIGGEN !!! Big THX for this footage !!! Regards, Frank ( Germany ) ;o)
Maurice Laidler
Lovely. Sounds awesome. More like a rocket than a jet.
Lovely! Thanks :)
fred Ted
Love the Navy style , no-flair landing , you can the see the nosweheel compress and the reverse thrust come on . Brilliant vid . Valdigt Speciellt Flygplan ! The whole plane looks so bloody angry !!!! Wales UK
Åke Andersson
my heart raises everytime i hear the sound of a viggen....but when i hear draken...dont even talk about ti
Hats off! 1:15 :D
TeeBee 303
I wanna ride hooooo hooo
Kim Fuck U
That thing is huge!
Anderson ' '
"Irei ver se encontro essa aeronave (FSX) para ser pilotada."
Most excellent, thanks.
Harry Fundin
1987 (militärtjänst ) bevittnade jag, först en mörk sak som kom i hög hastighet  på ca 300 m ,  jag hörde ljudet samtidigt som den mörka saken blev fyra vrålande maskiner som fingerade sin attack på vårat mobila förband,  några sekunder sedan var de borta. På 80-talet var dessa flygmaskiner något man inte ville se som fiende på svensk mark.(alltså, mitt förband var den lede fi.)
What a meaty sound :)
Miss Hacker
I was a mechanic in the Swedish Airforce for viggen, it was a fantastic piece of machinery of its time.
gtaawesome Gta6
HAT off
Dave S.
Robert Mayfair
I wondered what that gap in the rear fuselage was for, but now I see it's for reverse thrust.
Fwd Kad
The cougar of warplanes
Tom Johnson
On my list of all time favorites, and one of the coolest looking aircraft perhaps ever. Great to see her fly, thanks.
1:13 Hats off! :D
greatt viggen
Dante Bregan
Carece de velocidad !!! Parece un avión a hélice .
Tony Vilters
What is the story with the RAM (Ram Air Turbine) being open on the ground and taxi? ? Is that normal? When does it close?
Where is the SAAB DRAKEN? I remember them from the Danish Airforce. Much cooler looking fighter with big full body delta wing.
DoubleDee ́s Rc Channel
wow verry nice!
Tommy Andersson
A monster
Tamás Hargitai
Horroristic engine sound!!!!!!!
Wow! What an awesome video of this beautiful Viggen! Beautiful camo paintings! Liked! Greetz
Tommy !
Cool Jet 👍👍👍
Austin Wood
Beautiful airplane, great show, and great video. The Viggen is a truly great and beautiful jet, though it is sadly often forgotten or overlooked. It was very advanced for its time, though.
nice, nice, nice.
Dan Edpalm
Thunder is coming
Hong Dongjji
This is a mean looking machine, looks fun as hell to fly too. Like an F1-11 and Vulcan got a baby
AlphaGaming 1952
Feel the sound of the thunder and power of those volvo rm8
Doppel Diesel
FANTASTIC SOUND of the powerfull viggen. I CAN´T GET ENOUGH OF IT
What a survivor! outstanding. So ahead of its time...
john lloyd
Remember flying at 35000 ft and looking down to see 3 vigens screaming below,loved building airfix vigens as a kid
Benny Svensson
nice aircraft love the coulers
Bill Yost
Back while stationed at Finthin Army Airfield in Germany during the mid eighties these birds brought out the most skylarkers. The sound they made... well, it's EPIC.
predetor 1
This Swedish Viggen is just a absolute beauty.
Beutiful video of a beutiful craft.
I love this plane
Andreas Kirs
Worlds sexiest, bad ass fighter jet ever and forever.
For me; still no.1!
Catarina Andersson
The swedish fighters are allways well ahead other nations fighters
Captain Nostromo
It's really a badass looking aircraft well ahead of its time😈
Getting STOL vibes by the crazy short take off's :D
Samuli heinämäki
heja Sverige!
William Moore
What an old beast, lovely.
gerald 413
Nice to see our Swedish friends airpower on display. 👍
ken cohagen
I want one!
Detomaso Pantera
What a beautiful aircraft...with a few mods it can still be useful
blaubeer prinz
solid hardware, stable quality
Jhonny Bob
It is also fun to see the bystanders feeling the thrust of the engine! Look at the cap flying! Nice. Long time ago I felt that thrust. Miss it./Johan S.
The noise of the VOLVO RM8B is fascinating !
I remember when they still were in service. Three of them flew over my house when I was 4 years old back in 1997, they were bulkier than the new JAS Gripen
His R.A.T. (ram air turbine) was deployed as he taxied in.....and he pulled up close to the people and then turned his exhaust on them. WHOA !.....DUDE ! Women and children there.
All hell broke loose for the parents when the jet turned it's blast towards the crowd lol
damn, that was a short take-off! beautiful job filming. a joy to watch.
William Craft
Just like cars-They dont make em like they use to.
Simon Richardson
Lovely aircraft
xavier lacorne
À fantastic look👍 i like the engine sound and a good air show for this Saab 👍😉
badrudin lazim
That's one mean bird!!!!
jannica tjärnlund
That loud and noisy old beast. It even sets off car alarms in the video..=)
mark vaz
looks too Fat and un maneuverable
The new DCS mod looks fantastic.
Johan G.Bruère-Dawson
Such a beautiful aircraft ! That second takeoff is literaly ''Harrier style'' ! Impressive !
That plane is weird. I'm not doubting it's capabilities I'm just saying it is a weirdo.
Very capable aircraft.🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪
så jävla enorm
Jasper Koops
That is some impressive short takeoff!! Such a nice plane to see