SwAFHF SAAB SK37 Viggen display at Stord Airshow 2018

Highlights from The Swedish Air Force Historic Flight, SAAB SK37 Viggen display at Stord Airshow 2018. This was the very first display performed by this two-seat Viggen, after spending nearly a decade in the hangar since its retirement from service in the Swedish Air Force in 2007. Today it is the only operational aircraft of this type in the world. Note the occasional sound of car alarms in the background, as a sign of the immense Power generated from the fighter's afterburner.

As a kid in the cold war 80's I grew up with these beasts in the sky, patrolling the airspace in the south of Sweden. Almost every week I could see (and hear) them coming. The roar was incredible. They always came in a pair. If you saw them coming in at low altitude, you better protect your ears. I'll never forget when they did their low altitude fly-by's close to our village.
Loke Ångström
Nice too se SK-37 back again! Very good video as well!
Denny Belbot
A masterpiece of Swedish engineering.
Magnus Hansson
Jag ser bara 2 grova fel. 1=Det finns en ledig plats bakom ff.2= jag sitter inte där.
Viggen, Draken are original designs but with Gripen came terrible boredom...sorrowful. But I'm glad for 14 Gripens who fly over my head ....
Anders Piniesjö
When I grew up in Sweden those planes made us feel a bit safer during many cold war years. We saw them quite often, even though not living close to a base. Nowadays I am proud to live in Linköping, where all SAAB fighters have been and are designed and built. It is really fascinating that a small city with around 150.000 people still can compete with new fighter jets and it warms my heart when I hear retired people here talking about memories from their years at SAAB.
Mathias Örbo
Wouldn't be a Viggen showcase without car alarms in the background!
You can hear coming miles away, enough time for you dust off, recharge the batteries of your air defense system and ready to welcome this thing.
Patrick Harrison
As an Englishman the Viggen along with the Avro Vulcan are my all time favourite aircraft. Fond memories of the Viggen lighting up Finningley and Waddington airshows.
John Larsson
As for the starting and landing distance some have mentioned, was designed with this in mind to be able to take off and land on Swedish roadways for cars in the case of Airports being destroyed or attacked. Also many of them would have been stationed away from airbases. In Sweden there was (and some still are left) "special" stretches of normal roadways that are very straight and widened to handle the aircrafts!
Oh. Btw...No Viggen show is complete without car alarms going off.
F-21 Luleå between 1996 to 2003 2nd division. Best time of my pilot career flying the Viggen.
She still looks futuristic even after 50 years; fast stood still. Nice display and video!😎👍🏻
SuperSix Delta
You gotta hand it to the Swedes. When Dassault, Panavia, Northrop, Lockheed, North American Aviation and General Dynamics were all trying to sell them fighter aircraft, they said "no thanks, we'll build our own".
Jasper Koops
That is some impressive short takeoff!! Such a nice plane to see
Yngve Samuelsson
I have also worked with Viggen as a mechanic in the late 70's, and also think it was an advanced plan at the time. It could have been a perfect aircraft for a carrier ship.
R m
Love the viggen and love the camo scheme!! Beautiful aircraft. 👍
Åke Andersson
my heart raises everytime i hear the sound of a viggen....but when i hear draken...dont even talk about ti
Viggen is a beast. When you hear it it sounds like it is ripping the air apart. It was my favourite plane back in the days. In those days you could see it quite often in training, even if you was not close to an airbase. Nowadays you may open a bottle of champagne when you see a fighter from the airforce...
Alan W
You can see where Eurofighter and Dassault with the Rafale got their ideas from. The Swedish must have been miles ahead with the concept of this style of wing configuration.
Aviation Plus
1:10 The crowd must have been pretty cold and thought it wasn't windy enough. No worries the Viggen has that covered.
Beautiful aircraft and performance! I'd never seen one flying, live or recorded. Thanks for the video!
isnt it amazing what you can build from IKEA? and what about the swedish navy sub who sank uss ronald reagan during an excersize?
Kemal Farezy
cool design, looks like aliens space ship. greet from Indonesia. SAAB Amazing.
Tom H.
In the book "Lockheed Blackbird: Beyond the Secret Missions" former SR-71 pilots revealed that the Swedish Viggen was capable of zoom climb to the Blackbird's altitude whenever the SR-71 neared Swedish airspace. It was a technically advanced aircraft with all Viggen pilots in a formation being able to see a map showing where all the others were.
Erik B
Legendary Cold War fighter plane. Truly epic! A real marvel of engineering, so advanced for its time.
Doppel Diesel
FANTASTIC SOUND of the powerfull viggen. I CAN´T GET ENOUGH OF IT
GosaL Saab moji.
Steven Quigley
She can still set car alarms off what a beast
Carpet Climber
Stukas had a diving siren to intimidate. The Viggen had its engine. Their roar was insanely loud. Viggen didn't have a max speed, they ran out of fuel first. A pilot accidentally entered the stratosphere during a mistake in an exercise. The only plane to get a missile lock on a Blackbird. Amazing aircraft for its time. Notice the car alarms being activated by the Viggen in the video, lol.
The noise of the VOLVO RM8B is fascinating !
Maurice Laidler
Lovely. Sounds awesome. More like a rocket than a jet.
Captain Nostromo
It's really a badass looking aircraft well ahead of its time😈
damn, that was a short take-off! beautiful job filming. a joy to watch.
Wheeling right in front of a crowd, blowing clothes off them like a boss. You could never do that in the US. Someone would be triggered by the scary loud stupid thing.
Beautiful display, wonderful video & editing thoroughly enjoyed it... thank you!
Frank 1960
At first: SALUTE for this perfect filming! My opinion: SAAB Viggen - the flying Viking Axe! Enjoy this Video with full throttle on good Sound System or a high Quality Headphone... the amazing mighty VIGGEN !!! Big THX for this footage !!! Regards, Frank ( Germany ) ;o)
Viktor Gadestedt
Love it! This aircraft just got its markings back from when it was based at F 15 Söderhamn, 50 kilometers from my home. :)
marc count
From the time she started to move at the runway to all landing gears left the ground took only 10 sec ... What a powerful engine and short distance take off ! ! She's not only a pretty but also a Monster in the air ! ! Distinguish & Excellent Swedish technology... That's why I am now driving a Saab ! !
Always been one of my favorite airframes. Also the Swedish Bikini team are some of my favorite frames.
Awesome display and video! It is wonderful that the SwAFHF has brought this two-seat Viggen back in the air. Hope to see (and film) them on an airshow this year. Hopefully at RIAT. :)
jannica tjärnlund
That loud and noisy old beast. It even sets off car alarms in the video..=)
Anderson ' '
"Irei ver se encontro essa aeronave (FSX) para ser pilotada."
Tom Johnson
On my list of all time favorites, and one of the coolest looking aircraft perhaps ever. Great to see her fly, thanks.
@ 4:05 That sound ALWAYS gives me goosebumps!!!
fred Ted
Love the Navy style , no-flair landing , you can the see the nosweheel compress and the reverse thrust come on . Brilliant vid . Valdigt Speciellt Flygplan ! The whole plane looks so bloody angry !!!! Wales UK
Kenneth Woolard
Really short take off!
blaubeer prinz
solid hardware, stable quality
Arno nümuss
Wtf? that is some crazy performance for such a old plane. Regards to the pilot, that must have been quite exhausting.
gerald 413
Nice to see our Swedish friends airpower on display. 👍
Paraluppi Massimo
God bless Sweden and Saab. Respect.
Jhonny Bob
It is also fun to see the bystanders feeling the thrust of the engine! Look at the cap flying! Nice. Long time ago I felt that thrust. Miss it./Johan S.
What a majestic fighter aircraft! And the camouflage pattern is the best i´ve ever seen......
xavier lacorne
À fantastic look👍 i like the engine sound and a good air show for this Saab 👍😉
Skärgårds Doktorn
Pretty impressive. Sweden designs- and builds several generations of fighter jets. Sweden is comparable to New Jersey! I guess what we have in common is depressions, winter, and garden state status?
I remember when they still were in service. Three of them flew over my house when I was 4 years old back in 1997, they were bulkier than the new JAS Gripen
One of my favorite aircraft of all time. Wish the Gripen looked as good
Lasse Lillbacke
I was a scribe on one of Sweden's weapon systems (Bandgun 1) which was claimed to have nuclear weapons capacity in Boden (small town north of Sweden) We were on exercise and we all wondered what is going to be rumbling from ... Until we got to higher heights! Then we witnessed how two Viggen "sailed" as a skitboard in a valley forward o back ... It was an incredible sight to see
Magnus Hansson
Vid 11minuter:00sek hör man fordonslarm, Volvos RM8 skakar om och låter =)
X Gen
This has got to be the best vid on youtube for this awesome aircraft. Love the Viggen.
Dennis Wall
Question: what is the purpose of small propeller located on the aircraft's port side between the canard and leading edge of the main wing?
I have walked inside the engine tunnel on one of those, it's roomy enough to have a banquet in there :-)
Getting STOL vibes by the crazy short take off's :D
For me; still no.1!
Hats off! 1:15 :D
Love the Drakken as well.
Johan G.Bruère-Dawson
Such a beautiful aircraft ! That second takeoff is literaly ''Harrier style'' ! Impressive !
MIG-35/SU-35 Os pássaros letais russos
Olá! Tá operacional ainda na Suécia. 👏🇧🇷
What a survivor! outstanding. So ahead of its time...
The new DCS mod looks fantastic.
Thanks for sharing, i remeber the distinct sound from the Viggen from my childhood during the cold war, living not far from a military airbase. If i only knew that the SAAB Viggen [lightning] actually had a Volvoengine. Absolutely love the sparkling rumble lightningsound from that old engine with afterburner turned on. The closepass at 9:08 induces goosebumps on my arms. This is just as i remember when they passed by, usually in pairs. My favorite aircraft togheter with the Vulcan which also has an amazing propulsion soundsignature. Thanks again for sharing this video!
Prof. Michael O. Zeee JCD ECS
Probably one of the best single-engine fighter-jets ever built!
Matias Stieben
Excelente video!. 💪💪👍👍👏👏👏.
William Moore
What an old beast, lovely.
Eric the Viking
One of the best looking and finest Fighter Aircraft ever...
"1/3 Boeing 727 with afterburner"...… The P&W JT8D used in the 727, among others, is the basis for the Volvo RM8 in the Viggen. Even with the afterburner the RM8 still have thrust reversing. Hence the very short landing roll.
Thank you for this excellent video, and editing as well. I was an enlisted member of the 54th and 12th Fighter Squadron (F-15C) while in the Air Force, and I was lucky enough to get a ride in a D model the day before I left Alaska (2 ship Combat Training Sortie) late in 2002, so I'll always have a soft spot for that aircraft, but the Viggen is such a killer jet! I'm into the RC airplane hobby, and I've always wanted a flying model version of the Viggen...maybe someday. Again, thanks for the video, and greetings from the U.S.!
Hans Strouf
The best European plane and perhaps the world, but there is too much to force Sweden to ban the bomb H
Benny Svensson
nice aircraft love the coulers
Matthew Dobbs
Still a beauty....Saabs are amazing aircraft!
Theophilus Thistler
IKEA vs de Havilland 😖🤪🤣🤣😄😁😁😎😎
aleksander zaric
Marvelous human achievement.
Orgeeba Harvin
A fighter ahead of its time, what a beauty!
I don't know why but I feel like throwing up every time I see those cannards.
Christopher Puls
thx very nice # ! It like a high up evoughe and a crazy ivan too? Echt Supergeil dat Ding ! Ich bin immer für ne eklektische retroarchitektische Konstruktion aus F104 , Draken und Saab Viggen 37 SK samt EF2000, mit viel Hydraulik und Mechanik gesteuert samt fly by wire überwacht und Analokskalen angezeigt ;)
Kim Jakab
Great fighter jet! Great video! Also funny to know according to the specs of Viggen, it could spank F-22 ass in dog fight :)
Dave P
Great video of a fantastic aircraft! And I love the camo scheme they had. Well done Sweden!
PointBlank Racer
You can fly this beauty on a flight sim Called DCS World by Eagle Dynamics. She is fantastic to fly and  land  on very short runway's even roads.
Harry Fundin
En stor fördel med det svenska luftvapnet  var att man inte behövde flygplatser, man kunde gruppera i skog nära en raksträcka av asfalt där planen kunde fungera.
Wow! What an awesome video of this beautiful Viggen! Beautiful camo paintings! Liked! Greetz
supike 0525
Vacker silhuett Jag kan inte tro att det var första flygningen 1967 Innovativ design Förmåga att ta av och landa kort i nödfall Tack för en bra video Jag sågs länge.
Mark Bennett
My parents took me to the 1972 Farnborough Air Show at the age of 7 and loved it but was so scared when the Saab Viggen was displayed!! Never forget the noise!!!!!!
что-то на мировом рынке эти самолеты не очень хорошо представлены. Не пользуются популярностью. И оборудование самолета очень старое.
Bill Yost
Back while stationed at Finthin Army Airfield in Germany during the mid eighties these birds brought out the most skylarkers. The sound they made... well, it's EPIC.
Jocke Aronsson
The Sk37 Viggen must be the most aggressive looking fighter jet out there!
01:10 That entrance! HATS OFF MFs! Priceless \m/ LOL
The best fighter after Ан-2/ Ан-2 can flight reverse! then yuor shit can`t
Fantastic! Than you for this great video - the past our austrian army usehe Saab 105 and the Saab Draken - I lieked them very much....
Thanks for sharing, TAH!
Very capable aircraft.🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪