240SX Gets A Wing!!

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The S14 gets the best looking wing ever!! In my opinion at least lol. Check out our apparel! /> Follow us on Instagram! @randytruongg @kevinjude7 @kazbaru @baggedyams @exclusive_fb6 @knguyenie @vu_le_le_ @static.ka9 @tomasuhh @decpaslow @dc2_nick @royalrandy

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Kuro Lifestyle
Clean Kouki Gang. Looking good and has come along great. Dooki Kouki and period red blood Kouki 🙌🏼 gotta collab lol
Too damn hot today bro 😭😭😭
Stanced Image
Thomas the type to tag you in every Daquan and hoodclips post 😂😂
Jonathan Singh
I felt guilty b/c I watch this channel on the regular but I haven't subscribed and then Randy got pretty deep by breaking it down and by looking me into my eye...so I subscribed.
This dude has two modded cars and I can barely afford an airfreshner for mine....
cale saurage
the candy apple red looks sooooo goood!
You mfs drink more thn Mexicans😂😂
I didn't think the wing was going to look good but that shit looks fire🔥
Javier Fernandez
Honestly wasn't feeling the wing at the beginning of the video but at the end it looked sick af
Adrielle Pasia
Wait wtf, Randy's car looks like the street sweeper 240sx from years ago.
The 240SX Looks so aggressive in that colour, i like it ;)
Brandon Le
ahahahaha I didn’t know America had Spam! We have it here in Australia 🇦🇺, I legit do the same as you! Cut it in thin pieces then cook it 😂❤️
Randy you have some sick ass videos! But when are you gonna finally work on your guy's engines. I always see you working on the cars but never the engines
African Kid
Everything looks nice except those wheels dude u gotta change em
Looking good Randy! I meant both of your cars, not you fool haha jk jk ✌️😂👍👍 Been a subscriber since 100k, and your channel just keeps growing everyday! Keep it coming...
What are the wheels that you have ? THAT THINK IS FREAKING SICK !! One of the cleanest S14 <3
Alan Morales
You guys made pop sockets?
Mercury Official
It's looks clean randy but I thought u were gonna get a carbon fiber haha
Rayhan S
Peter you useless assistance 😂😂
s13kid Racoma
Sell those too tony man his VIP Acura would look so clean at least test fit for some content
Tom Carter
I love the color
when is kaz gonna buy a 240 and start a yt channel
Danny Phantom
Them sasuke and naruto posters at 0:22 thooo 👌🏾
I love ad blocker, nobody makes money from me.
Rjay Ping
Tbh I dont like it. Ducktail spoiler would have look 100x better though.
Probably Longboards
the wing looks a little small from the front m8. but still sick
Jacob R. Doty
Yoooooo the 240 is lookin' mega cute
Marcos Zazueta
Dude I'm from az and yesterday was 113
Imagine if the spoiler was miss match
Ju an
Yooooo that kouki S14 wing looks fire af on the 240 but I still think you should get a D-Max Roof spoiler and paint match it !!!!
Kyle Brossia
Put a chassis mount wing on the s2k
Carlos Leyva
the ideal set up for a drift 240 would be 17s up front and 18s rear
Odin emCee
Clean af
So is Kaz the new Sonny? We miss you Son....
ItsJustaSlw1 C.C
You should tint your front windows a lil more darker and a little on front it will make it soo clean
Adam Secora
Yeah that do look tight brah
Chanton Sovanna
the 240 is sexy asf
Rodrigo Olayo
Sick ima get a wing for my z4 today, it makes a car look meaner and cleaner!! Like your car 🏎
Fernando Roque
Yo that wing looks clean af bro
Arnold Bridgemohan
It looking good I like it lot
aram soto
Adam Hmaidan
The cupholder thing is the same with a BMW 3 Series
Marco Hernandez
The 240 looks sick with the wing but definitely needs to be lowered in front
Spunk Boyz
Wow, the car looks super freaking good! It came along way, keep up the work! Much support!
Stanley X
fed Z
Yoo project or idea for upload.. Paint the garage illuminate logo??? Walls looking crusty.
Cody Bersick
*if i had a dollar everytime randy said it was hot i would have 10 bands*
It really completes the look of the car
Clean ass 240 you guys inspire me keep it up love the videos .
Car_entuziust_for_life on ig
You should of got a chassis mount
Where I live it's been over 105 for a week
Cody Bersick
*ouu tony drinking alcohol smh*
Steven Chea
Randy is sexy and thicc af
Carlos Moran
I just noticed today I wasn't subscribed i thought i was I've been watching iliminate for awhile now dope channel can't wait to see it grow 👍🏻 im subbed now🤙🏻
Bob Angel
Damn it's better with the new wing on it.
Wing makes it look 11/10
Rod 8a
Randy you make me want to go back to the car scene and i would totally raw dog you lmao 😂
Team legacy lifestyle
Looks good bro I like it
You need to do something with the exhaust, it looks unfinished, just changing the back box to a twin exhaust will make it look sick.
Ricardo Ponce
Hey I need a Shirt I'm in LA but I'm trying to rep your stuff , great exposure out here we keep our cars clean like what y'all doing
Car_entuziust_for_life on ig
Get the 240 tinted it will look cleaner with the red paint
Cody Bersick
*yo yall need to chill with the spam ya herd*
Jose Rivas
It looks sick AF the color is cool an that wing is sick
BzK Pandaz
Tht 🤔wing FIRE🔥🔥🔥💯💯
that boi kaz lookin like ricegum.
Looks so good with the wing! 🔥
Kevin Fuentes
Need to switch those rims out and it'll be so bad
xboxz klan
Hey love your vids live the fin and u should put a race lip spoiler on the s2000
my friend
Ayee it looks cool ASF
Cameron Richard
That color and wing are sick! What is the paint code?
Rafael B
Got home from work at 3:30am. I was about to sleep but I see randy uploaded. Sleep can wait 🤷🏽‍♂️
Vas Jwah
Love the spoiler now next thing to get is a back window visor
Zhonyak White Jr
U should of keep the same wheel now then the one u and when u crash it
Osaka Boyz
I just noticed I wasn't subbed lol but I watch your videos all the time :))) I subbed bro!
michael rodriguez
allan segovia
randy your 240sx clean asf with da wing
Clean AF you really know how make cars look clean
Marquis Santil
It pretty basic we only going to need 1 nut
Jb Acio
Angel Gonzalez
It looks so clean bro keep up the work
Ethan Wong
Keep the 19s and what wheels are the 19s
Where is Sonny? E-diot
Julio Llaurador
Looks good👍👍👍
Jeeff Boi
Big wang
Josue Alvarez
Did you give away the shirts
Prime Media
next installment to the s14 should be a/c
Jason Martinez
Bro that shit looks so good I love 240's with that wing good job randy👌
240s aren't 240s without a wing ;)
Dylan Vo
Got rc drift car let's tandom
George Nava
lmao I knew that was going to happen dropping that Nut
BzK Pandaz
Boonk Gang
Gregory Menottis
42 coming out of waco, texas
I love the 19s tbh
Vaggelis 00
Change exhaust
Anthony Gutierrez
Get a bigger wing
Sonny B woozy937
240 done right fosho
Rob Vlogs
Notification gang 🤙🏽 Ive never clicked so fast 😂