Albert Kraus vs Yuichiro Nagashima

K 1 MAX FINAL16 2009 Albert Kraus vs Yuichiro Nagashima

Imagine the traumatic live albert kraus had after this fight, his mind was damaged for the rest of his live.
Kohaku SaintCrown
u_u otakus world desepcioned Go! go!!! Yuichiro Nagashima GAMBATTE!
no comment! lol
kingringh 2mins entrace... fight starts... at 6:06 nagashima down at 6:26. down at 6:53 down agian at 7:11 2mins entrace down in less than 2mins... no words are needed.
That's exactly why. They were hoping to leech on the otaku audience, which I'm sure loved seeing the little jackass get his shit wrecked by Kraus (who got dominated in the final 8, go figure).
Tiago Falcão
I agree why he is in K1?! He sucks so hard... He dont even know how to guard from punchs he just take them in the face. lol Japan have great fighters but this guys is ridiculous... And im not saying this because he is a cosplayer. I dont really care about his hobbies or fetishes, he it's just that he really isn't K1 material.
Kraus winning isn't even the debate here. Yuichiro could've prolonged the fight with simple fundamental defense - hands up, chin tucked, regardless of a Kraus victory which I said in my initial post.
Did I say he was a good fighter? No. I said he was a decent fighter. And if you know anyting about boxing aspect of fighting, you don't stick your chin out and hands down like that. Had Yuichiro done so - this fight would've lasted longer because Kraus was doing jack. Replay and look.
Keep believing that if that makes you feel better.
Enough said, it shows how much you know.
Matt Lee
Why is Nagashima even in K-1 MAX? His punch and kicks were extremely slow and weak. They probably put him up just for the show. Kind of funny. Haha.
Matt Lee
He's Japanese. At least have some knowledge about it before posting such vulgar comment.
同じ日本人として恥ずかしくて仕方ありません。 こんなホモ野朗をボコボコにしてくれたクラウス選手に感謝します。
It's not normal to dress up like a girl! Not to mention Nagishama's act was downright disrespectful of Kraus and a lot of the fighters he's went up again.
Here's hoping.
I'm so glad Kraus rearranged his face. I mean, there's liking anime and manga, and there's being a total douchebag to one of the best kickboxers on the K-1 circuit right now.
Nozomi Sasaki is the name of the girl.
Thanks for uploading all the final 16 vids man!
that was a present from the japonese to KRAUS shame he ll fight PETROSYAN next
this is why i love Japanese people, they are a unique kind. LOL
nagashima getting into the final 16 was a freak accident anyway. he doesn't belong there.
HAHAHA stupid whatever nationality you represent. Can't tell a difference between Chinese and Japanese. dumbass...
NO chinese people in the clip. thanks.
commentator says something like: "kissing his coach hahahaha" that was great
Yuichiro Nagashima is a decent fighter. This fight would've lasted much longer had he not stuck out his chin so far out. That's for amateurish. Not really impressed by Kraus.
That was one brutal combo. He was out on his feet on the second knockdown. Maybe he should train with Goku and Piccolo in the crowd 5:45. or Chun-Li at 6:02 next time. next time he could "kamehameha" that angry Dutchman. 5:10 just cracked me up though.
LOL. Nagashima can dance better than he can fight.
huahahahahah japanese fuckers!
Wow, that's an intelligent retort. You must be 12 years old. First off I didn't call anyone gay. Second, I don't understand Japanese so how I am supposed to know that's his wife. Moron...
No that would be your dad. Wait, you should know that because you give it to him. Hahaha!!
Wow, what a nice Japanese chick!!!
Ai Hyuga
Thitiphong Nantachoktawichai
This match can show that the k-1 ring is for the man not for the clown..
Kraus is in great shape, could well be this years champ....
femke wie
zon opkomst.. dat kan toch gewooon niet!!! :S
Alexis Reyes
vamos!!.. para la otra podras!!!
didn't you see that cute little asian girl? that's his wife.. you're the homo, homo
this guy should win for the entrance
Paulo Coelho
Ups, 5,45
Paulo Coelho
lol 5.35
He's a cosplayer, which is quite normal in Japan. They make outfits of their favorite anime characters en gather at places for attention. Although a K-1 fighter doing that stuff is really weird though. Congratz Kraus, the guy really is in great form this year.
Congrats to Kraus! I'm glad he destroyed that stupid crossdressing freak Nagashima. That tranny shit is not even funny.
kraus really destroyed him