Странноголовая хищная черепаха. Троллим Трионикса

Only for me a strange head of this turtle looks familiar? Chinese Trionyx turtle refers to soft-shelled freshwater turtles with the soft edges of the shell, which is itself similar to a frying pan. Soft edges allow you to quickly burrow in sand and silt. Trionyx lives in Asia and found in Russia: in Primorye and the Khabarovsk Territory and the Amur rivers. It is a predatory species of turtles, Trionyx but he is a rare delicacy not only for predatory animals but also for humans. From them prepare delicious turtle soup and other dishes in almost all Asian countries. To do this, Trionyx grown on an industrial scale turtle farms. The full version of this contact the zoo here:

Fallen Star
Это крокодил с панцирем