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Click here to subscribe: /> Click here to keep up with me: Twitter: />Facebook: />Instagram: /> Larry takes on the SIG 552, the commando version of the SIG 550 series, and reveals the gun's fatal flaw. Other videos you should see: Full Auto vs. Semi-Auto with an AK /> The Myth of Over Lubrication /> Minigun Torture Test /> Insane Russian Shooting Drill /> Badass Slow Motion Heavy Weapons Sequence /> 50 Cal Machine Gun

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Mrgunsngear Channel
Love the 550 series
s Schöttli
Hellow together! The auto block feater is for sport shooting here back in switzerland. In our 300m shooting range you aren't allouwd to shoot 3 burst and full auto. That is only for military use. Sorry for my bad english :/ Hellow from a swiss fan^^
+Vickers Tactical The plate to "limit" the gun to semi (2:40) only exists because in switzerland people take ther military guns home once they've finished the military service and must not use full auto outside of military training context (you can't buy any full auto rifle as a civilian, that's why civilian versions of sig 550s are in semi auto only). It's mostly "trust" based, in pure swiss fashion.
swiss guns are awesome. i like them
I didn't know about that "design flaw", nice to know ;) Beeing Swiss I used to be issued a Sig 550 , a very reliable and easy to use rifle, but a bit heavy on the downside (Due to my rank I'm nowadays issued with a Sig P220 Pistol) I had to laugh a bit when Larry explained how to use the safety-switch (thumb/index-finger), because that's exactly what I was trained to do ! XD Regarding the small plate that can be used to limmit the fire-selector to semi-auto only: This has to do with practices within a shooting-range in Switzerland. When entering, every Rifle has to be pre-set to fire semi-auto only, to prevent accidental full-auto fire. So by flipping-down the little plate, you'll conveniantely limmit the rifle's select-fire capability. Sorry for the long text ;) I'm curious what Larry thinks of the standard variant (550)...
Vickers... you're wrong on the Tritium sights. They don't blind you!!! I have had a Sig 550 (semi-Auto only) since new & even with the new sights it was pleasant & very effective shooting in the dark. Also, muzzle rise is not as bad as you say. The barrel is perfectly in line with the contact point of the but stock & the weight up front, combined with the muzzle device makes it VERY controllable. Finally what makes the mag. coupling feature "a dubious value"? It works very well for me & two together fit perfectly in my mag. carrier. Damn Vickers, either your loosing it, or just a typical has-been Alpha male who thinks his opinion is that of infinite wisdom. I can see right through you Vickers... you failed at pretending to be knowledgable on this one.
Thank You. Nice video! Respect from Latvia.
The switch for semi-auto to selective comes from the Swiss armed forces. While we have our guns on selective fire on CQB-shooting ranges, we have to switch to semi-automatic on 300m ranges. This is the only use for that switch.. It's not for rendering full auto unusable longterm, but just for one single task "300m shooting".
Ollie North
Answer to your q about the selector to single shot: here in Switzerland you are not allowed to enter a shooting range for your mandatory yearly practice with an automatic gun. Voilá!
I wish full-auto guns were legal in the U.S.
Marc Michel
Nice vid as usual! The plate for the selector (to make it semi only) is a thing used by the military. When we do our annual target practice, you have to set it to the semi only setting before entering the range. They check (little white dot appears) at the entrance. This way they can be sure none of the guns fire more than semi in the range. Of course you can just open the gun and switch it, but there are RSOs all around who watch the shooters.
Jason M
Hey Larry Vickers Please do a shooting and slow motion review on the Steyr AUG CQC rife. Thanks!
the last thing i consider about a gun is whether or not its abidextros. i dont give a shit
Games like Stalker, Battlefield, Arma, CS and Sims has the SIG, so it must be a great weapon :P
Josh Myers
You know what weapon this most closely reminds me of? StG44. The buffer just doesnt go into the stock, otherwise I think its a modern update.
Hi, guy! I'm from Russia. Thanks to you I better know English. Thank you for not spraying saliva and not swallow the words. You're cool man!
The Hiphopopotamus
Ever notice that special operations guys like to talk with their hands a lot?
counter strike source sent me here
i love my fatherland soo much fuuuck >.< i would die for it.
Lukas Rovina
nicw Video greetings from switzerland
Well I think the semi-only blocking plate is used for semi switch under stress. That plate prevents you from over-switched to 3r-burst or even worst, full-auto. It s not like ARs which give users 90-degree selecting switch but this one it's only about 35 degrees between the modes.
shashank Dimpu
Perfect weapon for close quarters
Underrated Critic
Why do you recommend using my trigger finger to return to safety?
I don't like the gun and I don't like SIG in general, but the sound of it is amazing!
my favorite family of rifles 550/1
RJ Lee
So they took an AK and made it worse?
Eyan Stevenson
I'd love to see the SIG 552/3 vs HK G36C
Michael Bollman
Hey LAV! So I've been looking for a particular video and I can't seem to find one that's been made and the TacTV guys are perfect for the job! Everyone post videos on shooting and providing heavy suppression, but what about a video about taking heavy suppression??? You could show what it's like to be shot at with different guns, suppressed and in suppressed at different ranges and different rates of fire.
Chunk Yogurt
I never served in the military and I weigh 150 pounds and I would kick Larry Vickers' ass!
JR Santos
Is this gun still available?
Magazines on g36 looks a lot like those I wonder are they interchangable?
Now THIS should be America's weapon.  A 20 inch version for Infantry. Version shown in vid, Squad Leaders, Officers,Tank Crew, Pilots, SF, LEO's.  They really need to get away from Direct Impingement weapons.  At least if they want to continue using the .223 round.  Have some type of balance.  Weapon reliability should be 1st.
Sylvain H
I had a 550 for my military service here in Switzerland. Never experienced any issues with the tritium's ironsights. We shot it at night but never been blinded. Other than that greet review. Would love to see you reviewed the 553.
Adrian Günther
Anyways swiss guns are awesome and this comes from a german
Dmitri Kozlowsky
I kind of dislike these traveling charging handles. I recall, back in the day , crosstraining with our German and Swiss friends, it would throw crap in my face, and eyes.
Dmitri Kozlowsky
Tritium covers nicely with standard face paint, or more permanent dark marker.
That is a FAST FIRING little hound dog!
rudy mahdi
Hey man your explanation is very cool like your videos
Jeremy Orr
Lots of Sig rifes getting sent back for repair and pistols not just the 320 sad
Resycss Blender
thats 5.56 copy of AK47
Too bad the Swiss don't import this.
zs Xie
Someone good at this gun on T side.
Mechnism looks AK series but more Great Accuracy..... good weapon mechnizm system
f1r3 hunt3rz
Too sexy a rifle. Uuughhh
U cant hate this beauty
Hunter Sd
I like SIG.
Hammad Hammad
I like this 552 how much in the Philippines
Marc Kaser
the plate is for military use... while 300m shooting on the range with the 550 you dont want a soldier who accidently puts it on burst. also while you have the gun at home and take it to the range as civilian your not allowed to take the plate out of the way, you could easily but its a punishable act. for example if you in the US have an ar15 pistol with an armbrace you could shoulder it without a problem but your not allowed to unless you have the paperwork for an sbr.
Eso ES
world best assult rifle
Teenage Mutant Ninja Squirtle
m16 is best raifu
God i want one of these so badly, or really any sort of sig 55x gun.
When you switch the safety on the full automatic mode.. you avoid.. stupid Americans giving a full auto SMG to a 9 yr old.
Ринат Рафиков
кароче это аксу и западный автомат скрестили получили эту хрень
John Peterson
Great review! I had the opportunity to teach with this and an SG 551 while working at Sigarms Academy and loved a lot about both. However, learned something new from this video.
Android Games
zula oynayanlar iyi bilir efsane silah
Marc Ballesteros
semi see through = translucent
Joshua Taft
my dream pdw style would b a 550series comando or one of the rare 308verssion in a sbr
Pascal Plüss
The Full auto lock is because in Switzerland it is forbidden to shot full auto at a shooting range.
Shadow fox
Does the SIG 550 has the same issue as the SIG 552?
Faizan Ahmed Kiyani
Hay u no very bla bla
Faizan Ahmed Kiyani
Hay u no very bla bla
Vincent Mauron
isn't the semi-only switch primarily used for locking the gun in semi mode after one has completed his service in the swiss army? I know my dad has got the predecessor of the SG550 and they weld a piece of metal in there so you're not able to switch to auto
zhang nick
slow mo is the best part to watch
Good ak variant
Just as a quick note. The plate that blocks the gun to semi only is because of a rule that at the 300m ranges, in Switzerland, we cannot have the gun on 3-shot burst nor full auto. The white dot that signifies that it is blocked to semi-only is just something that "needs to be visible" when we enter the 300m ranges. IDK, it's a stupid rule, but if you ever serve in the Swiss army, you'll realize that there are a LOT of supid rules lol.
alfeo valdez
Perfect weapon
Silvia Concha
with so many assault rifles, if you could have only one, wich one would it be?????
John Sanchez
ive been serving as a squad leader in the swiss infantry for 3 years now and we still didnt get this rifle... we still have to go into cqb with a rifle that is 3.3 feet long....
In switzerland the soldiers can take the guns they are using in the army to their home and because its not allowed to shoot full-auto while not in the army they kind of blockade the full auto function.
is this the one in css
Nasir Khan
American weapon is best
the plate which blocks the fuill auto and burst is for swiss soldiears which wanna keep the weapon after they serverd. because in switzerland only semi auto is allowed and legal so it gets blocked that u cant remove it top full auto
As the former special weapons coordinator for SIG SAUER and a specialist is the 55X series rifle to call a upgraded design a fatal flaw is an incorrect statement. Once they went to a polymer guide rod the problem was solved. The 553 was a cost motivated design change for the 552.
Couldn't they just use a better metal than cheap shitty sheet metal?
Holden McKroin
Why are the mag clamps "of dubious value"? Is it because you can't carry clamped mags in a pouch?
One of my favorite guns! In Canada, we can get the semi-auto versions of these and the full size ones. That's the semi-auto version in my pic
Joshua Mwaniki
Isn't that gun illegal... Also do you have a video of hk g36c?
the slowmotion Effect was really cool
GoldGloveAndTmarTnAre TheBestYoutubersEver
try to get your hands on a johnson lmg it is similar to the fg42 and was for us paratroopers around world war 2
Alex Mason
If you ask me: There's nearly no assault rifle series out there who can compare with the SIG family! Also great video :-D
the uzi weighs more lol
Stona Raptor
The block for full auto is in the design due to Swiss military laws. Recruits get their rifle in the first week. It's our personal weapon we get to keep and take home. Now, during training normal recruits are required to keep their rifles locked to semi auto. Normal infantry soldiers probably will never train on full auto. If i recall correctly you need officers school and the rank of minimum an officer to be allowed to shoot full auto. May sound strange that normal infantry is not allowed to train on full auto but we are a small defensive army.
Joseph Nicely
If I could get my hands on one of these devils I'd be set for life. One of my most favorite 5.56 platforms, and in my own personal opinion, one of the most dependable.
christian nguyen
Idk why but I think of it as a cute little gun
These are available at any walmart, right?
these firing sequences are, orgasmic ..... fucking love that rifle
Samuel Groves
Daniel Jevremovic
cool guns, lame dude, lame channel
is 550s inspired by AK?
I love the sig 550 series sight because you dont need any tools to zero. Now i've only shoot semi automatic because it is not allowed to shot full auto in the shooting range but we had full auto sig 550s in our youth shoot cours. Now i dont know if it is the only reason for this plate but we use it to block the full auto and semi auto here in switzerland when we go to a shooting range because they control you at the entrance
Peter Martinson
Why wouldn't you make the burst mechanism run whether you stay on the trigger or not? It seems that would solve both the complexity problem as well as the memory problem.
When you want to talk about "cool" guns, the SG552 is wayyyy up at the top. There's very few rifles that are cooler than it.
I dunno, it looks really cool but I can't get over the fact that it looks like a toy.
I love the look of these 550 series guns, but I always hear about the reliability issues. Primarily the civilian models sold in the US. Yes I know it's made by Sig-US...but that doesn't mean the parent company has no blame. If they're ignoring the issue...which they seem to be doing, then they are just as much at fault.
when you use the night sign you should flipp up also the sign in the front because you will always shoot to low. if you want to aim fast you can screw out a tiny screw to have a bigger hole look
Antharion SF
The rear tritium night sights are for close range targets which you'd shoot without really aiming, e.g. in CQB. You make sure that the front dot and the rear dots are approximately in line and do a double tap. At least that's what we trained in the Armed Forces before we had rifles with reflex optics. If you want to shoot longer ranges with the night sight, you rotate to the "4" rear diopter sight and you're good to go.
Shadow fox
Hey vickers tactical did you do a weapons review on the zastava m21 assault rifle? if not can you do a full review on the zastava m21.
toad sbvf
it is the weapon of choice of special forces in Europe due to its ability to fire after being underwater.