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Click here to subscribe: /> Click here to keep up with me: Twitter: />Facebook: />Instagram: /> Larry takes on the SIG 552, the commando version of the SIG 550 series, and reveals the gun's fatal flaw. Other videos you should see: Full Auto vs. Semi-Auto with an AK /> The Myth of Over Lubrication /> Minigun Torture Test /> Insane Russian Shooting Drill /> Badass Slow Motion Heavy Weapons Sequence /> 50 Cal Machine Gun

+Vickers Tactical The plate to "limit" the gun to semi (2:40) only exists because in switzerland people take ther military guns home once they've finished the military service and must not use full auto outside of military training context (you can't buy any full auto rifle as a civilian, that's why civilian versions of sig 550s are in semi auto only). It's mostly "trust" based, in pure swiss fashion.
Mrgunsngear Channel
Love the 550 series
s Schöttli
Hellow together! The auto block feater is for sport shooting here back in switzerland. In our 300m shooting range you aren't allouwd to shoot 3 burst and full auto. That is only for military use. Sorry for my bad english :/ Hellow from a swiss fan^^
I didn't know about that "design flaw", nice to know ;) Beeing Swiss I used to be issued a Sig 550 , a very reliable and easy to use rifle, but a bit heavy on the downside (Due to my rank I'm nowadays issued with a Sig P220 Pistol) I had to laugh a bit when Larry explained how to use the safety-switch (thumb/index-finger), because that's exactly what I was trained to do ! XD Regarding the small plate that can be used to limmit the fire-selector to semi-auto only: This has to do with practices within a shooting-range in Switzerland. When entering, every Rifle has to be pre-set to fire semi-auto only, to prevent accidental full-auto fire. So by flipping-down the little plate, you'll conveniantely limmit the rifle's select-fire capability. Sorry for the long text ;) I'm curious what Larry thinks of the standard variant (550)...
swiss guns are awesome. i like them
Tom Cena
Hi, guy! I'm from Russia. Thanks to you I better know English. Thank you for not spraying saliva and not swallow the words. You're cool man!
Lukas Rovina
nicw Video greetings from switzerland
The switch for semi-auto to selective comes from the Swiss armed forces. While we have our guns on selective fire on CQB-shooting ranges, we have to switch to semi-automatic on 300m ranges. This is the only use for that switch.. It's not for rendering full auto unusable longterm, but just for one single task "300m shooting".
i love my fatherland soo much fuuuck >.< i would die for it.
Vickers... you're wrong on the Tritium sights. They don't blind you!!! I have had a Sig 550 (semi-Auto only) since new & even with the new sights it was pleasant & very effective shooting in the dark. Also, muzzle rise is not as bad as you say. The barrel is perfectly in line with the contact point of the but stock & the weight up front, combined with the muzzle device makes it VERY controllable. Finally what makes the mag. coupling feature "a dubious value"? It works very well for me & two together fit perfectly in my mag. carrier. Damn Vickers, either your loosing it, or just a typical has-been Alpha male who thinks his opinion is that of infinite wisdom. I can see right through you Vickers... you failed at pretending to be knowledgable on this one.
worked with the long version while in the army. solid rifle for what we use them for in
Ринат Рафиков
кароче это аксу и западный автомат скрестили получили эту хрень
Ollie North
Answer to your q about the selector to single shot: here in Switzerland you are not allowed to enter a shooting range for your mandatory yearly practice with an automatic gun. Voilá!
click bait
now i know what IQ’s gun is actually called
Jason M.
Hey Larry Vickers Please do a shooting and slow motion review on the Steyr AUG CQC rife. Thanks!
I thought he was going to say that the fatal flaw was the SIG magazine, and was going to flip.
Thank You. Nice video! Respect from Latvia.
Nice vid as usual! The plate for the selector (to make it semi only) is a thing used by the military. When we do our annual target practice, you have to set it to the semi only setting before entering the range. They check (little white dot appears) at the entrance. This way they can be sure none of the guns fire more than semi in the range. Of course you can just open the gun and switch it, but there are RSOs all around who watch the shooters.
Lukas Rovina
yes would be nice when he makes a video about our 550/stgw 90
Josh Myers
You know what weapon this most closely reminds me of? StG44. The buffer just doesnt go into the stock, otherwise I think its a modern update.
Games like Stalker, Battlefield, Arma, CS and Sims has the SIG, so it must be a great weapon :P
The Hiphopopotamus
Ever notice that special operations guys like to talk with their hands a lot?
RJ Lee
So they took an AK and made it worse?
Zainab Ali
*Very nice pellet gun.>>>**** Ingenious magazine loading. Great fun to shoot. Took it to my indoor range and am very happy with its operation. Some have complained about magazine not working properly, but I have not experienced any problems even with the extra magazines I bought from a third party.*
counter strike source sent me here
Tang Dex
Well I think the semi-only blocking plate is used for semi switch under stress. That plate prevents you from over-switched to 3r-burst or even worst, full-auto. It s not like ARs which give users 90-degree selecting switch but this one it's only about 35 degrees between the modes.
Eyan Stevenson
I'd love to see the SIG 552/3 vs HK G36C
Beslan Beslan
I wish full-auto guns were legal in the U.S.
my favorite family of rifles 550/1
shashank Dimpu
Perfect weapon for close quarters
I don't like the gun and I don't like SIG in general, but the sound of it is amazing!
Blaze RostER134 dead
Reminds of a game
For sure the 553 with it's recoil spring captured around the piston is really easier to disassemble and more reliable. What surprised me the first time I disassembled mine, is that with it's particularly design when you separate the upper from the lower you can still operate the charging handle and the bolt will return on battery like if the weapon was still assembled. Kind of unusual to not have the recoil spring located behind the bolt. I also prefer the 553 charging handle design vs the 552 one because with it's polymer part it's a bit more comfortable while shorter.On mine I have the Rotex flash hider option which looks cooler than the standard one. Greetings from France guys, and thanks Larry for all those great videos.
Antharion SF
The rear tritium night sights are for close range targets which you'd shoot without really aiming, e.g. in CQB. You make sure that the front dot and the rear dots are approximately in line and do a double tap. At least that's what we trained in the Armed Forces before we had rifles with reflex optics. If you want to shoot longer ranges with the night sight, you rotate to the "4" rear diopter sight and you're good to go.
Marcel Kessler
No comando from 556 its the comando from 550. 550/551/552 and new 553.
Sambo Do
2 words... dubious value
Barry watts
Love the slow mo of the bolt rotating into battery!
Victor Victor
A Two Round Burst is Better it Keeps the Shooter from Wasting too Much Time and Ammo on One Target .
EpicHunter117 Gaming
IQ's gun
Frederick Dela Cruz
in the real firefight once that gun malfunction and you are facing the Abu-Sayyaf then you are history!not nice!
Shadow fox
Hey vickers tactical did you do a weapons review on the zastava m21 assault rifle? if not can you do a full review on the zastava m21.
Police 10.8Talk of my bucket list firearms. Nice detailed description, typical of Vickers Tactical. Thanks as always.
GoldGloveAndTmarTnAre TheBestYoutubersEver
try to get your hands on a johnson lmg it is similar to the fg42 and was for us paratroopers around world war 2
Peter Christie
We ran these with teams in Iraq for several years and they were quite handy. Only real gripe was with the base of the gas pistons where they mated with the bolt carrier. We got a batch where the pistons had not been heat treated correctly and over time they would deform gradually forming a ramp that eventually caused the piston to ride up over the back of the bolt carrier and split the top of the carrier. Absolutely no service from the SIG company either, which was disappointing. Good shooting gun with a forward grip and EOTech sight.
You can get the 553 in the U.S. now as a pistol, which is improved over the 552 in many ways. The 553 is genuine SAN 100% Swiss made, so it's expensive, but given what the pre-ban Sig's go for it's actually 1/3 or less for a new 553. You can SBR it but then you have to replace enough parts with American ones for 922 compliance. I own a couple of Sig 556's and agree, they don't compare in workmanship, fit, finish, accuracy, etc., when you compare it to the 553. The 553 is actually capable of 2MOA accuracy with the right shooter, not me, but that's pretty good for 9" barrel!
I'll take two... wait they are banned from import. Thanks Clinton.
Joseph Nicely
If I could get my hands on one of these devils I'd be set for life. One of my most favorite 5.56 platforms, and in my own personal opinion, one of the most dependable.
The 550 series is an absolutely stunning set of rifles. What I wouldn't do to get my own 550 or 551. It sucks that, post-Clinton ban and post Sig-division, Swiss Arms has shown absolutely no interest in exporting authentic SG550-series rifles. And Sig has done an awful job filling the gap, with the shoddy, incomplete 551A1 and the 556 Xi basically being an ultra-modular AR wannabe.
josh rooney
A gun is better without attachments. If its designed to be naked ..leave it..if you own a gun there is no point going "tactical" when you can't kill anyone.
Looks like someone has been reading the comments! Nice to hear. Slow mo was awesome as always.
Hennessy Blues
Mikhail Kalashnikov should have sued for copyright infringement. Nothing about this weapon can really be given any credit to Swiss engineers for innovation, except for a few cosmetic add-ons, which are really German add-ons to say the least. This is basically an AK-47 with plastic parts, shooting a different caliber, that's all.
toad sbvf
it is the weapon of choice of special forces in Europe due to its ability to fire after being underwater.
one thing he didn't mention was that they also make very poor suppressor platforms. Apparently because of how they vent excess gas during the firing cycle they are very very loud, even with a suppressor. unlike a DI (or some piston) AR15 weapons that suppressor quite well even down to a 9" barrel like that. that said, I'd still love to have one in the collection. I just saw them in too many action movies in the 90s not to love then right along with the HK roller guns and the AUG and other toys of the era!
I dunno, it looks really cool but I can't get over the fact that it looks like a toy.
Great video Larry and a cool gun. That tri burst system seems really cool with its reset, but I gotta ask you, is a burst mode better than just a full auto mode with a trained finger?
Martin Younger
At are range we rent that gun 552 commando. One problem we ran in to the gas is not one piece. It is 2 tubes over time they come apart. the front part over the gas block is not held in place from moving forward. Only the end of the tube locks in to the receiver. if the two pieces of the tube brake the front one will almost fly out the front. Also the front on the gas tube is weak. it will want to crack on the inside were the gas regulater locks in.
When you want to talk about "cool" guns, the SG552 is wayyyy up at the top. There's very few rifles that are cooler than it.
TKS Navy86
Thanks! Your slo-mo videos are priceless. They really help me understand the functioning of each weapon.
Johnson Cheung
Will WS produce the kit of full stroke for GHK 553?😁
Josiah Meece
Sounds like the BR from Halo. I have an airsoft version of this gun. Works like a dream for CQC
How you thought about doing an overview of the Steyr Scout rifle? I feel that it would provide you with an opportunity to discuss and dissect Jeff Cooper's scout rifle concept and to give your thoughts on how relevant it actually is in modern times and its potential uses in the military/SF community.
Youcef G
Great video from Vickers Tactics as usual :), I really hope to see the SIG 556 variant, it's one of my favorite rifles. Unfortunately I can't have access to Vickers Tactics Facebook page :'( , this appears on FB when I click on the link in the description "The link you followed may have expired, or the Facebook Page may only be visible to an audience you're not in"
1st Gen. Trucker
Classic Vickers Tactical Channel Slow Mo......Yes Sir!!
Sucks about that guide rod, but the trigger guard pivot is a neat feature for us northerners ;)
Joshua Mwaniki
Isn't that gun illegal... Also do you have a video of hk g36c?
Jacob Whittaker
love the slowmo, gun looks like a reloaders nightmare with those mangled casings lol
Samuel Neese
The SG550 and it's derivatives are just such cool rifles. I can't understand why more countries don't use them. Namely the SG550.
Very cool little rifle
nice video from chinese
Hi from Switzerland. Good, down to earth showcase. That 552 saw some action :) The bolt carrier of the 552 can actually crack under sustained full auto fire because its drilled all the way trough 2:27 You can also unscrew the 400m aperture to get a ghost ring instead of using the notch sights. (you store it inside the buttstock button)
the full-auto lock is just required if you go to civilian shooting ranges where if you were to shoot faster than semi-auto you would brake the target computers
Andrew Bulizhenkov
SIG 552. I'm lovin' it!👍
Tomas Z
I am surprised to see so many Swiss fans in the comments.
Snuggle bum
could you cover the 556 next please, and maybe even do a comparison between the 556, the 416 and the m16a3?
Somewhere, John Henry Fitzgerald is smiling at that hinged trigger guard.
Yo chill out with the filters and effects on these vids man. Looks like a 5th grader went to town on Vegas Pro so he could impress his friends
Eric SD
We had those at CENTCOM PSD and they were horrible.
when you use the night sign you should flipp up also the sign in the front because you will always shoot to low. if you want to aim fast you can screw out a tiny screw to have a bigger hole look
Bowingbear CEO
Can we get a solid 5 secs of full auto.... can't find that anywhere
Almost a FAL design, more so than Stoner.
getting to see the action in slow mo was awesome. i reload and i have always wanted to see where this is denting the brass. 1000 thank yous
I really wish Sig had brought the old school 550 series over more than they did. The 556 rifles are cool but not nearly as much so as the original. And those limited runs of the 550 they did were shit compared to the actual military 550.
Pascual Rodriguez
Oh my gosh so trendy
The advise for the rear sights is super! Like!
Serious Gaming
Not my fav gun channel but hats off to the photography and editing used in these videos.
Caleb Goforth
haha love the way this video was edited. Awesome sound design in the slow-mo parts.
the slowmotion Effect was really cool
Mik RR
I love this channel, all this slow-mo is like gun porn......mmmmm sexy
another good video. LV is looking great! I really like the video "why I'm fat" and all the hard work you do.
christian nguyen
Idk why but I think of it as a cute little gun
Have you seen or heard about ZMTs new UKM-2000P?  Totally different class but would still love to see you evaluate that thing.
I love the look of these 550 series guns, but I always hear about the reliability issues. Primarily the civilian models sold in the US. Yes I know it's made by Sig-US...but that doesn't mean the parent company has no blame. If they're ignoring the issue...which they seem to be doing, then they are just as much at fault.
Am I dumb for always thinking Sig Sauer was German? haha dunno why i thought that, never even thought to look it up
Great video! Love the sg 55x rifles!!!
the uzi weighs more lol
Lou Flores
Larry good find thanks for the video..
Daniel Stevens
can you buy a civilian version of this in the U.S?
meme theif
Awesome video, man. :) Happy I subbed.
JW's BulletsNBlades
great stuff as always Larry. Such a badass looking gun.