Cleveland Cavaliers vs Los Angeles Lakers 1st Half Highlights / March 11 / 2017-18 NBA Season

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ricky spanish
Let this sink in.... Isiah Thomas off the bench has more points than JR Smith at the half. Nance is the second highest scorer behind Lebron. Scrubs! And the coach is trash
A1 Gamer
Lonzo’s number > the amount of baskets Lonzo has so far tonight
Kulpreet Singh
forget defense, cavs dont even have an offensive system in place. Ty lue dont know shit. All his guys are looking to hoist 3s themselves without even looking who's open or who has a better shot.
LeBron James
And some people have the audacity to say Cavs are better than Raptors rn lmao
Entertainment Attorney
6:23 now that's just a damn nice play
David Vice Bangura
If we lost to this laker team ty lue need to go period
Cissy Mac
And again wtf is Koby Altman looking at! Different guys same problems? Wtf has to happen for this guy to see that Lue is the problem. Fuckn drop to the 8th seed or maybe don't make the playoffs at all. Still trying to figure out wtf JR is doing out there. I swear he is the worst player on the team. Nobody wants to hear about who's out. Other coaches make adjustments and find ways to win. This team has no defense and now they don't even have offense. Every guy that got traded to different teams are doing well. Man until Lue goes Cavs not going anywhere.
The Flash 2024
Cavs need to get a better coach, Ty Lue isn't very good, not saying I could do better there's a reason I'm not coaching but there a people out there who could coach better than Ty Lue
Jay Anonymous
Not talking on defense. Jeff Green taking 3 point shots. Bad coaching. No confidence. LeBron James not creating plays in the second half when he's supposed to be the best player in the NBA. Playing 1970 isolation ball... Yeah... Easy win for Lakers.
Correll Millbrook
Lakers Franchise>Cavs Franchise, 16 Time Champions>1Time Champion, Kobe Bryant>LeFlop James, Kobe 5 Rings>LeFlop 3 Rings, Lakers Fans>Cavs Bandwagon Fans, California>Ohio And Los Angeles>Cleveland #Facts!
Golden Screen Warriors
LeBron going to Pittsburgh next season #Lebron2Pittsburgh
Shoutout to all the Cavs fans that said they were gonna blowout the Lakers 😂😂😂
Here we thought lakers were trash AND was gonna lose🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
Logan Hursh
Last time I was this early Lonzo wasn’t bricking everything. It’s a joke calm down.
Wizard Fan
Cleveland is way to overated.😠
ImGood Great
Isaiah Thomas showing the Cavs exactly why they traded him 😂
Chameleon Facade
Where's all the Cavs fans who said IT is trash. IT will get the last laugh rofl
Jm Z
4:53 - 4:58 nice D!!! oh wait, why only 4 players
Cesar Vazquez de Leon
if Lakers are trash and you lose to them, so what are you? the trash of trash, lol CAVS lose in the first meet of the playoffs, Toronto vs Rockets final, toronto Champ , yeah, they`re the north
Brian Scalabrine
*Just wait til I.T. comes back* ...oh wait
Rubi kino
Cavs 3 STARTERS combined for 19 tps 4 rebounds 5 ast (Green Hill & JR) OUCH. I'd pay JR to stay Home. The Cavs has two open spots and still ZERO bigs for help, I think DANNY G is showing Lebron the door. He should go to the Spurs, mind his business and just play BBALL.
Carl Almonte
Had to do a double take on the LeBron no look pass lol
Austin P
Cavs formula of winning, *Defense *Youth * No negatives/blaming on court *New solid Coach
The No D cavs will be out in the 1st round in the playoffs
william hardenbergh
Cavs are BUMS
Its a Sweep
HA I did a better job than Lebron and half my team is injured lmfao!
Let's go Laker's!! 👍👏
Reynaldi Galih
Let's see how the cavs doing on the playoff
Madreday Royal
Lol the Lakers beat them 113-127 get obliterated cavs
Abe Zokari
Ima simple man, I see MLG, I click
Mihai Satruc
This game look like a practice game,0 urgency,0 motivation.Wtf is going on cavs are walking dead.Even if they consider themself already in playoff,they should respect their fans and respect they job and be professional and not some clowns from harlem globetrotters.
Lord Sensei
6:23 dat was your Goatness at his finest 🐐🔒
william hardenbergh
LAVS about to be 38-28
cavs have d league players in the court lol
Drew AlwaysAReal1
Whos the 2nd scoring option on this team? For real now. Lol. Jr 1-8 Hill 2-8 Green 1-8 clarkson 2-8. Nice shooting huh? Lebron has basically the same team he had in 2007, its him and a bunch of nobodies. Of course kd looks better on that stacked team. And since curry got injured kd cant win a game either. The rest are excuses, but this is really a team of scrubs + lebron. The only difference between the cavs and the suns/mavs/kings is lebron. The cavs record would be the same without lebron.
Leonard Rahming
Last seen missin
always like randle. was rooting for him in his rookie year but he got injured a game in or so. he has the shaq mentality. plays to his strenght. randle right now is a better player then alot of power forwards out there. imagine if he had green light or even starts.
Anthony Sandoval
half of these comments are accurate, the other half look like they come from people that DO NOT watch any NBA baskrtball, just play 2k all day and repeat inaccurate ESPN statements
B. Lozep 33 Minutes 7 Reb 4 Ast 22 Points L. Ball 32 Minutes 3 Reb 7 Ast 5 Points. K. Kuzma 39 Minutes, 10 Reb 2 Ast 14 Points
Muli Peter
Cavs just messing around to add value to their pick
Jay's luggage
If LeBron goes to LA luke will not be there...
IT let Jose Calderon take him to the rack... let that sink in
Ryan Jhon Raymundo
This cavs team ia not a playoff calibre team.
Rok Podlogar
lbj travelling every time he does the turnaround dribble.
molarois morais
Lakers are playing their best basketball ever, their only enemy is Luke Walton..
Rico Shaye
"Contagious" Caldwell Pope is playing so well. If Cavs lose they'll drop to 4th
Curtis Huggins
Cavs don't look good Damn!!!
akiro kamine
Lonzo ball funny dunk hahahahahahah
lets get it lakers
Ray Ray
LeBron is the greatest passer to ever live.
James Whitehead
Sill Playing From BeHide (Really
gold Bonsu
We not making the finals this year,is over no flipping no switch that ain't happening,is the GM watching the game like we the fans too?
Dedewelupe Weon
Jr Smith is garbage
Michael Zapico
kyle korver...
Era Pi
Lonzo getting worried lol
Miguel Roxas
wait till kyrie comes back...
All Rounder
IT struggles. But He helped Randle to get his career high in scoring
Joscan Valenzuela
Ama cavs fan and I say they are bums
silver shadow
That lonzo ball no potential hahaaha
Johnathan Aggrey
That pass was sexy af
FINALLY the perfect starting lineup.
Joseph Collins
Luis Ramirez
Le/STATS needs help
Delourdes Lalanne
We can come back.
Mihai Satruc
I dont know what i see.This aint cavs game,both games at LA were thrown.This is what i see,cant find other explanation.Its really a shame.They really dont want to win,all squad beside lebron play like scrubs.And 2nd unit is less garbage than 1st unit.I dont know what i see,this aint normal ball game even for cavs low standards.
NBA Highlights And Discussions
Old cavs with Larry nance jr> new cavs
Gaspar Ignacio
Damm this shows that the cavs are trash. Ther are already losing haha.
LeBron and the Cavs bout to blow up the second half as usual!!! Let's Go Cavs!!!
william hardenbergh
6 th
akiro kamine
6:19 LeBron fool lakers team no look pasa
first to comment ya hurrd
Harley Ortega
Lebron leaving this bum team
Crystalis Dota
Lonzo my vote for Mvp... Bye bye Steph, his dad was right...
Tony Montana
Lonzo is literally the worst player in the league deadass