Travis Barker - Misfits ft. Steve Aoki

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Jonathan Finley
Its like electro hardcore punk
Daniel Romero
Lol, I do like the song, but cant stop seeing it as the "soft" version of Duality hahaha.
The perfect song for dancing in gas masks.
I wanna punch someone in the face when I listen to this. I like it...
My dog is so confused right now.  
Andrew Womack
I really like this! There's a lot of haters though. Damn. Talking about what you know about the Misfits and stuff. The whole point of the Misfits, and punk in general, was to be all-inclusive. So quit preaching. Punk is whatever you say it is. That's the point.
Bismo Funyuns
i don't think Aoki ever stops partying.
That felt like a huge rip off. Of fight club
Lorenah Gonçalves'-'
G H O S T E M A N E Brasil?
Misfits is actually a song's name, there is no The Misfits (graves, jerry only, danzig, dr, chud or doyle) included whatsoever :D
Carolina Tapia
CTM, me encantó Lejos lo mejor en cuanto a batería y gritos!!! <3 <3 Lo amé
Lucas Sanchez
who knows the singer's name? anyone?
yağız nail Oral
Hardcore Extasy song !
Jason Wood
Nü nü metal
Kdjrf Fjdjfif
Aguante la generacion pasado y olvidada :v
Vinícius Cherubino Kuster
E eu achando que ia aparecer o Misfits aí! :(
travis barker!!! the master drums is the better
Samantha Piñeros
Lo mejor que pude haber escuchado en mi vida. Tremendo duo!
Natalie Taylor
this song will always be one of my absolute favorites! Travis is savage a/f Aoki is genius absolutely love his work!
Die Pippo
fight club
austin lott
I didnt know Aoki could rock like that
Jeff G
im getting we are who we want to be kind of vibe and they got pushed over the edge with 1000000000 hater mail.
cops lie cops lie
i love it <3
zarce SceeL
wOow aoki y braker extrem combination!!
Eugene Karoll
Fucking awesome
Bootleg Bill
I have the same gas mask its a russian gp-5 gas mask
We are the misfits we take you mother fuckers down... dope boys forever
Maldito video de locos jajaja pero chingon
Syahrie Rhamadhane
best drummer.....
Flashy jaksa
hola putos <3
Cristian Garbuno
Gabriela Tamiris Rosa Corrêa
Que foda
Kid Karter
This song makes me want to go play GTA5 and blow up a city....
Nicole Senteno
2:47 <3
benjamin fragoso
Fanboy? Donde?
I'm pretty sure anything with Travis Barker AND Asian Jesus will bring tears of joy to my eyes.
Mr. Cat
steve aoiki is so not a misfit, more like a poser, but def not a misfit
Daniel Rosillo
maybe not their best work, maybe.
Jeferson Alfonso
Chad Prom
I was going to go to bed. But now I am going to go commit crimes.
Anthony Morales
I'm not a fan of the electronic stuff, well I'm not really sure what it is,but you know what I mean. Anyways. This song is amazing
Stephanie Pinto
Never seen Steve do something like this I like!!!
Eduardo Robalino
Steve Aoki's daughter haha.
Andy K
This is fuckin amazing!!!
Luisa Estrada
Emmanuel Salvatore
ethan neumann
I may break the repeat button...
Jose Puertas López
best workout music ever
Maju de Castro
forever this song, awesome, damn it
iker cabezuelo
fuck my
maty carp heredia
q grande travis barker loko!!!!!!
No Name
This song makes me angry af lol.
jesus jasso mtz
travis simpre grande
Daniel Olivares
gay su papá venezolano hijueputa
Perla Favela
Almus Lee
gay. 1. adj. Perteneciente o relativo a la homosexualidad. 2. m. Hombre homosexual. Esto es música, no tiene orientación sexual. Si no te gusta, no la escuches (gilipollas)
Florencia Estrella
O M G !!!
Mario Zarate
This songs freaking awesome!!
steve aoki I'm impressed.
zuwai hng
anything to do with lol?
Israel Hernandez
Akali, The fist of shadow
Better nerf Irelia
punk rest
biggest fan of travis barker
Israel Hernandez
Akali op
Akali, The fist of shadow
Diana OP
joe nachtschatten
Claro que si es gay, se supone que es rock o dubstep, y con un ritmo muy pop tipo rebecca black, en si, es una porqueria
Israel Hernandez
Gay? No sabes ni lo que dices...
Rubi G
Esta me pone al 100 aunque pasen los años.
joe nachtschatten
esto es lo mas gay que e oido
This sounds like ministry, sounds like a fuckin' good shit!
Pedro Santos
steve aoki is the best !!!
we are the misfits
I really wanna like this song...I like Steve Aoki, love Travis Barker, and the beat is sick, but goddamn the singing completely ruins it
What's he saying? But beast song
Mohannad Tabbalat
I'm no longer a member unfortunately.
Pedro Lopes
and you broke that rule
Mohannad Tabbalat
The first rule of Fight Club is: you do not talk about Fight Club.
The Dertok World
Estaba canciones de los misfits y termine en esta mierda
not even a fight club joke?
kyl nit
were going to need security. kerwin just beat the shit out of sam again..
Alejandra Apple
So sickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk *_*
I didn't understand ONE WORD of what he said o_O
Slouch Therapy
garbage in the form of music
mateo arnaez
Makes me wanna clock a motherfucker in his jaw.
Chris Delude
So is Travis like the Santana of drums? Does he just make a bunch of songs with cool musicians and put his name on it?
Roco Garcia
"we are the misfits"? no, The Misfits are The Misfits. this is just lame... travis is such a preening cunt. 
2:12 and next best :3 :3
Jorge Herrera
haters everywhere
Gypsy Kerwin
makes me wanna hulk smash the motherfucker beside me !
Videl Martinez
taht moment when you want to cry for epicness on music
Andrès Ovalle
Nos vemos, mejor me voy a escuchar Daft punk.
No Name
Rossane Moreno Ferrari
travis barker..!! his better..!!
Victor Carreño
Is travis wearing a shirt?? :O
the band
Miguel Abadia
You're a genius.
Fucking Perfect Song!