Yoga for Beginners | Weight Loss Yoga Workout, Full Body for Complete Beginners, 8 Minute Yoga Class

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Yoga for Beginners | Weight Loss Yoga Workout, Full Body for Complete Beginners, 8 Minute Class ♥ Start Your Two Week Free Trail />♥ Help Support This Channel />♥ Subscribe To Our Podcast /> #WellnessPlus #YogaWithJen #YogaForWeightLoss -------------------------------------------- #Yoga for #Beginners | #WeightLoss Yoga #Workout , Full Body for Complete Beginners, 8 Minute Class Follow our Social Media /> /> /> /> /> /> Visit Jen's website at /> In this video, Jen shares the basic yoga poses included in her Weight Loss Yoga Workout. These poses are safe for the complete beginner and modifications are offered to advance the poses. Great for fat burning weight loss and building core strength. Jen teaches classes in Austin, Texas at Black Swan Yoga. How To Yoga Stretches for Low Back Pain & Sciatica Relief by Jen Hilman /> 10 Minute Yoga Balances for Beginners, Home Workout Exercise Fitness Training Routine, Jen Hilman /> Yoga Stretches For Back Pain, How To Routine | Austin Yoga Teacher Jen Hilman /> 10 Minute Yoga Hip Stretch Workout: How To Stretches for Hip, Butt & Leg Pain, Jen Hilman Austin /> Music by iChill Music Factory © Copyright 2013 Target Public Media, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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Kimberly Pickenpaugh
I just did this work out and I feel great. I also feel less stressed out too. My daughter was following a long as well and she is only two. lol 
josef southcombe
You make it look way too easy I think I fell over like 3 times and felt so out of breath. Weird as I am a national tennis player and elite athlete.
Yoongi's 3 Dollah Chains
This was my first time ever doing yoga. It was very challenging, but I'm looking forward to a stronger and healthier body.
Mary Beth Stanley
Not for the beginner. Can't come close to these poses, yet.
diane given
The majority of the beginning yoga videos I've seen move too fast for me, or don't offer modifications for the TRUE beginner who doesn't have the flexibility required to do the pose completely/correctly.  THANK YOU for going slowly, and particularly for offering adjustments to the poses.  The explanations to get the pose just right were extremely helpful as well.  Looking forward to being able to do these poses as gracefully as you!
Sweet Potato
I'm a 30 y/o strong guy. Yesterday i had my Back-Workout and something went wrong. Backpain... So. Today i woke up and thought: heard a lot about it so lets do it. First yoga Experience ever in my Life. I have to admit that this was awsome. I can Deadlift 400lbs but this here is hard Work and my Back feels a lot better afer just 8 min. Thank you Jen Hilman we will see again ;)
Jarvis Jovan Johnson
Black man doing yoga, stiff as a robot. Ugh!
Ashlee Hopkins
your voice is really calming, lol.
Yolanda Sprinz
I love the way you explain good form in detail.
devansh kamra
Ma'am I want to say just a one thing. It was neither too hard nor too easy. But I really liked it. It was originated in our country ( india ) so feeling good about it. I tried it today and liked it. Thanks for providing a good foundation.
Amiricole Pope
I fell 😂
Grace Conway
I am ready to start me journey a new me and a much more healthier me
I just followed along and already I feel good!
Laiba Athar
Why did she say "Hi! I'm Jen" in slow motion
Rahul Singh
Wow! You move like an anime character. Amazing.
Kathleen Pannell
I was not expecting that to be so exhausting lol
alma bueno
I love this Since i Try This Before.. But Now I Cant Do This But I Do My Best Again.. Thank U For The Introduction..
This is hardly for complete beginners, come on!
Kasual Beauty
i must have incredibly short arms because when i drew my foot between my hand i could no longer touch the ground with my right hand my knee was in the way and i had the pose dead on.... 🐙
LOL I can not do this! xD Once I fall and then my mom came into my room and she asked what happened!! XD
Minnesota Wyatt
Just came across your site.  Will begin...Thank you for doing this...
this is my first time trying yoga , it's not really easy but i did the whole thing , i love it
It's so hard I can't move my legs!
I have been suffering from sciatic nerve pain since November last year. I'm fine when I am standing or walking, but to sit is a proverbial pain in the buttocks! I recently discovered that the kneeling chair is beginning to help a great deal. People keep telling me I should try here I am, giving it a try. First try, I got thru it. I feel good, accomplished and will try again tomorrow morning. Thank you for the great introduction to yoga. I feel the timing is perfect for someone just getting started. Would recommend viewing the video a time or two before participating for a great start!
I am your Nightmare
It's not relaxing to me because you have you to follow her and your relaxing time is totally like *not* your relaxing time because I am have to constantly look at the video and do my poses I CANT RELAXE THAT WAY ARGH WHY DO I NOT GET RELAXED SO EASILY 😩
Pramish Rai
Wow great yoga steps ....but its hard
A Cleric name Femboi
-1 min into the video- If i hear you smack your lips one more time!...omg lol
She makes it look so easy!!!
Dab Howlter
I feel really good after doing this... I think I've found something I'll really enjoy 😊
Tahmina Jannat
does yoga actually help lose weight?
chris jones
Honestly, great yoga techniques. I believe that those who practice yoga become more healthy and focused. "Yoga changed my life completely" that's what my friend, Olivia, told me when she returned from India. She went to India for some official work and somehow attended 7 days Yoga and Meditation Retreat from Ekattva Yogshala, Rishikesh. Her experience was more than awesome & life changing. Moreover, she became a disciple of Yoga and is now managing her own yoga school in California, after getting Yoga alliance certified 200 hours TTC from the same Yoga school. Here, I am sharing the link of the yoga school . Keep posting awesome videos.
Loved this, easy and effective! But i cant seem to find the full body workout, where can  i find it?
Rina Boan
It is a miracle, I lost 50 pounds as I did ?, look here +Emilie Kesinger
Free Terina
beginners right
Molly Moo's Nails
when is the best time during the day to do yoga? & before or after food?
Cliff Lerin
Thanx for your apology ? and he would have thought the same thing as you too and he does about yoga,,
Shannon Beee
So happy I found you! It's been a couple years since I've done yoga. Thank you for this❤
Home Yogi
My gosh these are great but maybe still a bit too advanced for newbies...
Hala Abdallah
Am I the only one who can't relax doing this workout cuz am busy SUFFERING with internet problems..?😑😂
Futhi Msuthu
Is it safe to do this exercises if you've had a c-section?
Lulz Lolzor
Skyler is that you?
I feel like im the only dude interested in yoga not even gay lol
balasai ram
This is Surya Namaskar. She just done copy and paste. But well explained!
ashok kumar
thank you
Jayanta Paul
This is Surya namaskar. ...well described
DJ Ghost
Hey mom
Gina Howard
I have been doing Jens basic stretches now for a few weeks for neck, back, hips and have found them invaluable as a starting place. It has made doing these exercises possible! Thank you Jen. Love your videos.
Ellie Av
I need to do a "My first time doing yoga". I am hilarious.
Wanderlust Yogi
Such support! great content!
brittney west
this really helps, I feel awesome!
Eat a plum bro
I have been having back pains lately but after having a nice cup of tea and doing this i felt so good. I don't think i've felt this good in ages!
Abbie M
Has any seen results with this? I would like to know
I love that you take it nice and slow and explain exactly how you should complete each pose. Thanks!
Charlotte Turns
Thank you. Very well explained so that I can visualise the movements. I shall definitely check out more of your videos :)
Darylhannah Collado
This is my first time doing this using my phone, and as I do all the poses i kinda like stumble and fall as i tried to peak what was next with all those stretching and pulling and pouring your heart out 😂😂😂but it’s a nice way to sweat out
Lori K
Thank you
Rahul Mystery
so good.
Ivana Colić
Naseema Aboobacker
I keep on shaking my arms
April Thompson
I loved this workout! I think I going to do yoga more often. : )
Theodora Joannis
Could I use this as preworkout?
Cliff Lerin
just did my very first yoga set and wow its really really nice
kings hunter
lol work for guys too ??
This is a GREAT beginner video! I love the way you labeled each posture and took your time explaining 👍🏽
Nicole Silvers
So this was actually really easy to follow, you didn’t go too fast for me and you explained everything so well. You also made it feel more accepting. I decided to start trying yoga for my cramps and this is the first time I’ve done real positions and it’s helped so much. Thank you!!
Maz Dela Cerna
This was amazing!! Thanks for sharing! :)
Damian Vizzard
Thank you! What a great video. Very well explained and demonstrated. Lots of improvement at my end...
Claire Zutkis
My sister and I tried to do this, we want to try and get into the habit of doing yoga! We certainly need some more practice! Thanks for this video!
Mike G
thanks Jen I will continue going through some things and now is time.for the change
Heather R
I've started to do these for the last few days and I'm really feeling a lot better than I was weeks ago. Better than running up and down my road for some 30-45 minute cardio, this is a great starter. Thanks again Jen! <3
paul duran
Thank you thank you thank you!!!! I been having really bad chest pains and back pains, but since i started doing the yoga to with you in the video ever morning now for the last 3 weeks my pain as all gone away! Again thank you. I so look forward to doing your only videos.😀 Now i just got to get my wife doinf it too.
This is a really good foundational video. Due to 4 hrs. a day spent bus-commuting, my bod is in bad shape. I've done yoga & Pilates in the past but feel like I need to go back to the beginning. This video does just that! The instructor mentions things that are really important that the other "basic" yoga videos don't, like keeping certain muscles active in poses and not just letting them drop. And thanks, PsycheTruth, for putting relaxing music in your video instead of fast "workout" music, which defeats the whole purpose of yoga.
Ceri Tsujimura
Forward Fold: 1:20 Plank Pose: 2:22 Cobra Pose: 3:34 Downward Dog: 4:04 Crescent Lunge: 5:29 Thank me later :)
आर्य: विकास
Don't forget that these all Possess are part of one Asana Called Surya name is not all body workout...Its A Yoga Asana which is called Surya Namaskar...
Shriver Catherine
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tamanna kapoor
Thank you for posting this video. I'm 35 years old, very muscular, but heavy. I am not the most flexible person in the world. Lately, I have been experiencing back pain throughout my entire spine. Having never tried yoga, I thought I would give this a try. My back actually feels so much better, even though I wasn't perfect in my poses or form. When my back stretched out, it felt SOO good. One question: I have very long legs and a shorter torso, so it was difficult bringing my legs up front during the lunge. When I bring my leg up, it throws me off balance, because my leg is too tall, and my arms are not long enough to keep on the mat. Are there any suggestions to help, or a way to possibly modify this pose so that I can execute the move? Thanks so much!
Historical Dancer
talk too long for downward-facing dog for new people to actually follow you. Just so you know because you're showing had to do it over and over again so people who do it the first time, hold it for twice as long.
Bijaya Adhikari
There are several things for doing yoga to lose weight Find a suitable program locally or online and stick to it Do yoga with a colleague so you have someone to help you (I read these and why they work from Yaras Yoga Tactics website )
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Jonatas Angelo Caruso Murano
I'm out of shape, I need to get back to exercise and lose weight, and relieve the stress of everyday life. I must say that it was hard for me to the these positions and movements. I guess I'm in need of a beginners yoga initiation stretch / positions program. Can you recommend me any more videos? I'll be looking at the channel, but some advices and tips would be great! Thank you in advance.
External Shockwav3
I never did this before and my goodness my body was not ready for this 😂😂
I’ve wanted to start working out at home and thought Yoga was a good way to do it. But I’m really stiff in my body and look like some Quasimodo hunchback when trying to do these movements. Is that normal, and will it get better the more I try? I’m just hoping that I’m not messing up my body doing this wrong. I’m like a stiff unyielding plank in all the wrong ways instead of the beautiful weeping willow you seem to be. Any tips for me, the leader of the plank-people? :)
Samera Shah
Thank u..tried it and felt greatm..was lil hard at 1st..but i repeat agn 2mrw nite..till it get easier..
I spent two months doing buckram yoga almost every day, paid for an app on my computer that said would teach me go from basics all the way to yogi. Even though my flexibility was improving I didn't feel like I was getting everything from the poses or the practice. This video helped me understand how to  really do the practice, thank you so much.
Elizabeth Taylor
Yeah, I too am guilty of jumping through weight loss plan to others as well, I do believe that I must have tried every weight-loss method that was available, but eventually not one of them made it easier for me to reduce and keep the weight off. I ended up trying for the very last time using the Fenoboci Diet Plan simply because my friend who told me great things about it and so far to date I've effectively lost 19 pounds within 4 weeks!
Peter Trujillo
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Naveen Drall
why is there more videos on youtube about weight loss and very few videos about weight gain
Bear Page
Thought I'd try yoga for the first time today. Thanks for this, it was great. I feel totally totes awesomes..
I'm not very flexible but want to be in the future. I cant really get my legs up to the lunge position without falling over or standing up then doing it. Can you do a video for those of us who want to learn but who aren't flexible?
This is all psychological. Yoga is entirely based on "reaching" your mind by relaxing your body. In reality, the only reason you feel better is because you de-stress your mind, something that can be achieved by any of the following: extreme sports (pushing your v-max intercardial above 120--such sports may include free climbing, dh mountain biking, etc), running, hunting/fishing, or even down to a hot bath. It's not about "how" you do it, it's about why you do it. If you have the ability (ie: you are not confined to a city life) then I strongly encourage you to push your limits are realize how great your body will actually feel.
Laurie Sloan
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This was the first ever yoga i've ever done, ( I give myself a 5/10) but, I do feel better. Great way to start your morning after a cup of tea <3 
Yessi Jimenez
Doing these moves helped my back pop twice thanks for the great video
Don Channa Upul Hettiarachchi
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Donna Gagnon
You have a great way of describing how, what and where you are supposed to feel the energy without having to watch. It's always been difficult to practice and learn while watching a video but you make it easy!
Yanyan Pacis
csn yogs csn make you tsller?