Return of the Joker - Batman Beyond vs Joker

Batman has now got to stop the Joker from destroying Gotham City.

Eh, Canadian Gamer
This is when Terry, for me. Came into his own as Batman. And the fact that he can just mock the Joker, something Bruce could never do. Is just brilliant.
Terry roasted the hell out of the Joker before using that joy buzzer...😂🤣😂🤣
Pretty impressive that Terry was able to get under Joker's skin, make him lose his cool, and outsmart him.
Terry did the one thing no one was able to do. Instead of joker getting inside terry’s head, terry got inside jokers head and made joker second guess himself.
Betsy Torres
“Wait I like to talk too “ perfect
I'd have loved to have seen Bruce's face when Terry started "fighting dirty" and started "talking to Joker".
Annapple Goldfinch
This reminds me of the time Batman creeped out Harley Quinn by laughing. When the Joker laughs, fear for your life. When Batman laughs fear for your soul.
Patrick McCutcheon
This show was actually pretty bad ass.
mike brown jr
If it's a whoopin your a wantin
The true beauty of this scene is how Terry made the joker so angry he didn't think of using the bombs on the door
Velocity Rapture
"What you couldn't get work as a rodeo clown?"
shadow king13
And to think Bruce is hearing all this when terry said “he wouldn’t know a good joke if it bit him in the cape”
Sebas Calle Patrón
Joker: "Don't play psycho-analyst with ME boy!" Terry: "I don't need a degree to figure you out..." That was brilliant.
Jonathan Getachew
I Love How Joker Actually Has Respect For Batman, “Your Not Batman” He Hates Batman But At The Same Time He Loves Him As A Friend
Ethan Fairweather
Am I the only one who enjoys watching Terry get under the Joker’s skin? Then to top it off, Terry turns the Joker’s own hubris against him in the end.
Mistress Kixen
"So you feel into a tank of acid, got your skin bleached and decided to become a super villain. What? You couldn't get work as a rodeo clown?"
YoTwone Barker
They property damage in Gotham is ridiculous
Comics Book Awesomeness
Terry did what Batman couldn't do, roasts the Joker.
Kush Garg
Joker just got pwned by a "rank amateur."
Eric DeVries
Terry gave Joker a taste his own medicine. Awesome
Patrick DiSandro
I know Mask of the Phantasm will always hold the place as objectively the best animated superhero movie, you can really sit and weight every aspect of them all and draw that conclusion repeatedly, but I've always preferred this one even more. The flashback scene with young Tim, that's one of the most heartbreaking scenes I can imagine. And this fight, how he flips the script on Joker, it's perfect. Peak understanding and portrayal of the characters. So yeah, all things said and done, Phantasm still deserves it's place at the top. But this movie definitely deserves more praise than it rightly gets.
Master Knight DH
3:15 Hey, Batman's right: criminals are a superstitious and cowardly lot! And Joker is just the most superstitious and cowardly of them all!
Just realized the grenades have Joker's season 4 eyes.
Affan Mahdhir
"A Batman who laughs, is a Batman who always wins"
Deen Akeredolu-Ale
Terry- I thought the joker always wanna to make batman laugh. Joker- YOU'RE NOT BATMAN
Makoto Mikami
4:19 one of Mark Hammil's best laughs in his career as the Joker.
joker hands is sooooo underestimated, he dont know karate but he knows crazy
3:09 what we really want is Bruce’s face on a picture in picture screen as terry is talking about him during the fight
Terry has done something the original could never do, defeat the joker mentally. Truly an underrated character
That dog has some strong teeth tbh, bite off that shocker like it was made of wood
The face he makes when he says, "I can't hear you". Creepy as it gets.
Troublesome Slate Truck 1516
(Joker Laughed Ever Harder)! Joker: Come On Mcginess, Laugh It Out Now Boy. You Pacifica Punk, Laugh! (Joker Sings)! I Can’t Hear You! Batman: Ha Ha. (Joker Cried Out In Shock And Screamed)!
Makayla Clark
3:30 That laugh though
1:38😁 gets me every time
Let's hope that lazer only hit the abandoned warehouse district
Michael Laws
This is the best animated confrontation that the Joker ever had with Batman.
Envoy Eli
I have a feeling the future Gotham city is in good hands, by the way did you know this is the year Bruce retired from being batman
Joker, you just got trolled.
Anthony Walker Sr.
A rank amateur... the best... I love it.. Mr. Walker
Jonathan Williams
Definitely a highlight of my childhood!!! Still holds up🔥🔥🔥 Thank you for posting!!!
What I thought of is in this movie their is a moment when Batman is being talked to by Joker in the flashback and he called Batman pathetic for becoming Batman (hero) and in here Terry is calling Joker pathetic for becoming a clown (super villain) . It really does come full circle. Really good job on the writers part for that.
Cameron Pope
If you pause right around 2:20 you can see Joker getting his nuts kneed in. No wonder he was in pain
Daniel Flores
I heard that there's another Batman Beyond movie in the works
Cerrome Afrocanus
Mark Hamill is that you
ha ha
i cant believe more people arent talking about how good joker is at fighting here
"Oh good, the beam's headed here, now I'll have to start all over again. Thanks for wrecking everything kid, see ya around."
jay thosonmp
ya know technically this is batman vs robin, cause its joker in tims body
1:09 I love how condescending Jokers laugh is.
Patrick Star
Wait I forgot everything doesn’t joker die to robin years before with the original Batman
Rogue T-Rex
Actually he DID drop his pants once. I laughed so hard at that as a kid. Also one thing always bothered me. He never questioned that little nob of METAL ON HIS NECK???
The Right Hand Of Revan
If there was ever a live action Batman Beyond, I don't think the suit would have a moving mouth.
I wonder how the Joker would do against the Shadow. Assuming the latter wouldn't just straight up blew the former's brains out with the opening salvo.
Veronica Piccinini
It’s funny and awesome at the same time that Joker was defeated through breaking speeches
kalel 311
Mark Hammil is the best joker as far as cartoons go.......i thought the joker always wanted to make batman laugh
The Truth
Ash Rhodes
Still if it's a whooping you're wanting
Jeff Brehove
I'm still judging whether or not the Joker would really underestimate Terry.
Wait I like to talk too
Daniel Flores
This show brings back so many memories, too bad it didn't last for so long
Blazer Hell
This is the real Batman Beyond conclusion to me. No more Joker, no more fear
The fact that Joker was just gonna let him go is brilliant!
Peter Lawrence
The hell when was this I own the complete series on DVD
Envoy Eli
I also just realized that the joker made the micro chip in joker fashion look like a smiley face on Tim drake, you can see it on 4:40
Leave it to the son of Batman to bring down the Joker once and for all
Zamas Ningen
4:20 That laugh sounds like Timon from Lion King when he was laughing.
Diac Squad
My friends:Batman Beyond doesn't have any memorable quotes! Me: 3:27
bashenga the black manta
4:19 even after all these years that laighy always get me🤣🤣🤣🤣
Piques :D
So did the joker turn back into Terry after the shock?
Asger Jespersen
At 3:56. I think Terry pushed him too far.
I just love how much fun Mark Hamill is having in this lol
Still, if it's a whuppin' you're a wantin' 🤠
Joshua Sweetvale
This is by preferred final demise for the Joker. Completely out of his comfort zone, scrabbling vainly for one more breath.
Joker: Oh wise up junior game’s over! Terry: I’m taking you in! Joker: RIIIIGHT!!😂😂
Juls Marabe
"Young batman" Robert pattinson ? 🤔
Archangel Supreme
Technically your right Joker Terry isn’t Batman. Or rather he’s not your Batman. He’s his own Batman and he played you like a fool
gnarled reaper
And Terry McGuinness proves his worth as the new Batman, By besting the Joker.
Charlotte A. Cavatica
Technically, Batman did laugh. Once.
2:03 That’s A pretty sick counter!
Night Bot
I don’t thing terry ever watched the killing joke
robert goodman
Still one of my favorite fights in all of batman. This and the mr freeze come back make terry his own batman.
Nick Harter
Terry just pissed the joker off. Lol
Joker obviously had great respect for batman
DragonGod Aaron
Gotta love Mark Hamill's Joker
Julian Summers
And in this one since terry became a better batman then Bruce
ze ro
Come on laugh. Ha.Ha AAAAHHHHHH
The Irony is Terry killed the Joker without physically killing the Joker Bruce spent his whole life trying hard not to kill the Joker and yet Terry did it with such finesse
A non mouse
Can we just mention what an outstanding job the animators did?
One of the few incarnations of the Joker to make him look like a competent fighter on his own.
Ben The enigma
Who’s watching after Joaquin Phoenix’s joker trailer
The HuskynatorMAN
I think Joker pulls that satisfied sweet taste of success laugh @4:20 because he never got choke any of the bat family before or maybe he just hated McGinnis the most after the taunting he did and Joker just wanted to shut him up
Dark Avenger
Dang Joker got the hands🙀
Nick Harter
Did anyone else imaging Frieda’s face right here? 4:43
I really want to see a live action batman beyond film.
Alexito Rico
Isn't there an extended scene where Terry grabs the joybuzzer from the wire socket? Mandela effect for me?
so quick question i forget what happened but did Tim drake become good again
Well Joker was right, Terry is not Batman.
Dillon Kinder
Looks like Batman Beyond got the last laugh
Watching this makes me wonder how deadpool vs joker would go.
The finder Of glitches
0:21 I’m bout to end this mans whole career also he DABBED