Test Drive Unlimited 2 Trailer

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The island of Ibiza is your playground.

Luiz Fernando
Made 2011 but still better than The Crew
i miss this so much. so sad to see it go.
TDU 2 was... Bad TDU My best childhood game, i miss it
i remember this game, got it when it came out, i think around 2011. great game!
Никита Васильев
Как называется музыка?
What the song
Bhuwan S. Nandha
This game is just awesome.
Nathan Hansberry
no, i was just greentexting to show that you're a massive fucking douchewad. stop giving people a hard time, you're not cool shit because you play a goddamn video game
Prepsi Of TDU2
>i've also been playing since april 2011 >in game name?
Nathan Hansberry
>been playing tdu2 since april 2011 >well known member of community look who's talking
What's the name of the song?
Prepsi Of TDU2
You're grammar supports my theory that you're just a 6 year old with too much time on his hands.
Prepsi Of TDU2
OH IM THE MOFO? I'VE BEEN PLAYING TDU2 SINCE APRIL 2011, HAVE BECOME A WELL KNOWN MEMBER OF THE TDU2 COMMUNITY. Go ask anyone on TDUmods or TDU drivetime about prepsi, see what they say. I love TDU2, but i'm smart enough not to fanboy it. But there is no use arguing with a 6 year old anyway.
Prepsi Of TDU2
there is a glitch that allows you to do so
Prepsi Of TDU2
fanboy alert fanboy alert fanboy alert err err err
fuck you and your elementary school spelling!! JERK!!!
mark smith
Ellie goulding - under the sheets
Дима Иванников
Super Game !!!
deivid emilov kirlov
0:51 gumpert apollo!!!
Ameer Zul
i do agree with GT5 boring as fuck but GT3 did not not suck (GT1,GT2,GT3) do not fukin suck. GT is a simulator, sony never make a free roam GT while TDU 2 is free roam (TDU1 is better imo)
Mr Dusty
well u should put it to 0.50
s vaibhav
not that,i found out that it is a grumpet apollo
Mr Dusty
its called a ford gt
Well, right now the TDU2 1Gb update downloading at 30kb/s is pretty boring (its the server not my connection) and i really hope the physics come close to GT series cause on PSP TDU2 sckd!
gumpert apollo, it looks a bit on the mustang but it isn't :D
Love that there are AstonMartins :)
Leo C.A.I
Cuando vi el primer video de este Juego me enamore del juego
Gonxp Vids
@vaibhav4902 gumpert apollo you need to own a club to have it
JimBoo Che
s vaibhav
@vaibhav4902 the yellow one
s vaibhav
what is the name of the car at 0:52 and where do i buy it
is this Alucard?
@speednick88 what the hell are you talking about? everyone knows of videogames are for doing what you cannot do in real life,like buy one exotic car or drive on exotic places,and if you like more the smog of new york than the beach of miami go to kill your self and leaves us be happy.
Vdv Dv
try to not buying its very bad i had a nice idea over dis game but very bad :(
@auimike wtf, you stalking me. you got some serious issues. btw, im 15 so yes i live with my family, of course i haven't experience life enough due to my age, and that's not where my dads cars are.haha, their in the garage here were i live,dumbass.
@Uare2MuchRetarded Ah, this is where you dads nice cars are. hahaha. The best way to make money, experience more life and fight boredom is by stepping out of your moms house or the apartment you and your friends are living in and meet the world.
beautiful game. but, i missed some more life in the citys and towns. there are no people, it feels dead and boring without that. and there should have been an easier way to make money, more cars, even more houses and shops. but again, beautiful game.
@GamerZzHh YES!
Ischhillia corpse
i have buy this game the next weekend
@Nukers90 thank you
Jared Falgout
finally a game thts between a simulation and a game
what name of music ? ?
@ThatDoesntMatter1 on the bright side, I beat the Bugatti S.S. noobs with my standard Lvl 2 Veyron. :)
Tdu 2 is for the people witch enjoy the game. NFS is very good but EA just want money!
I have a question. Can you only play as a cop online? Coz I can't find a way to chase racers in offline mode. Thanks.
Joseph P
this song is awesom thumbs up plz
@girlsdrinkfeck yep it is
looks very good
is the steering the same as in nfs carbon or undercover etc?(PC)
@gameingbastard lmao..i love your username
Dillon C
song name!!!!
@04cscholes This game is not claiming to be a super accurate driving simulator. Its more a realistic arcade racing sandbox. And to be honest. That is racing game heaven.
Whats the point of this game. Gran turismo 5 is the ultimate driving game. Nothing else is worth your time
jeffrey casier
can you tune your car in this game
cool soundtrack
Ok so the point of this game is that ur a rich guy on sexy cars and is chilling with some booty on a cruiise ship
love the song
@Plaayboarding .......sweeeet....
@KodWolf yep
can you drive motorcycles in this 1?
Nimbus CatBot
this game is so awesome ,it doesn't need some CG movie to show it's awesomeness,just in -game footage
i love tdu but i hate to see atari promote their new game with most cars from the old one...
Sumaiz Syed
WTF Studios
i won a beta test to try it out :D
wow dubstep is getting pretty mainstream
Paulo Matias
me wants!!!
Hugo Velarde
now this is a true racing game if u agree dumbs up
nie mogę się doczekać a kase już zbieram
justin will
when coms ?
Adi Supriyanto
@gren240 To be honest... I'm kind of bored with Forza, haha. I am really into Midnight Club and arcade style race games. So Maybe I'll pick this one up. Thanks for your reply : )
@marling1995 you can play in both places
@FlightMissions both i also read on the gamestop description that you are going to be able to get out of your car and walk around and customize your houses, yacht's and cars.
Adi Supriyanto
I'm quite new to the race genre, so can anybody tell me if it's a race sim or if it's more like an arcade racer? Thanks : )
the first one was good the only thing which sucked was haveing this bump into unvisible objects bug so i hope they bring out a nice and bug free game which is worth paying 50 euros for please dont give out a game which is only finished to 50% gamers like me want a game which is finished to 100% percent
wat do u do in this game race or cruise around?
@mitch3111995 Youve never played TDU2 its not out yet dumbfuck so stop dissing a game youve never played.
Maximilian Köhler
@mitch3111995 make a better one du sack
Jimmy Cage
@jersthecool me 2
Mitch Nurse
steerig is craply unrealistic
Hopefully the steering will be more realistic this time.
Brian O'Conner
@aparach Yeah the first game was one of my favorite games mostly because I love just cruising around and racing when I feel like it. Also going to dealerships just seems so real and now with TDU 2 everything is gonna be amazing how you can customize your house and get yachts and everything I just can't wait!
Brian O'Conner
@cameron654321123 Same here!
@jersthecool Yo dude i thought im retarded for being only one to love this game.. Now Im not.. because this game would be a lot more epic than any racing games.. Cant wait this game...
Cameron Grant
Ellie Goulding =)
Ellie Goulding - Under The Sheets (Jakwob remix) - thumbs up plz
@L4TIn0St4NdUp Someone had to tell you? You realize that when you pull out the childish remarks youre just hurting yourself.
@Fender2322 if u think im a moron why do u reply? why the fuck u care just stfu and get some friends little punk
@L4TIn0St4NdUp I love people who don't make educated posts. You do realize that Dirt 2 is regarded as one of the best graphical racing games out there correct? With great physics and car control that really resembles performance driving in the real world (Which I doubt you have done) TDU was not realistic, but graphically gorgeous for the time. Last year Dirt 2 Was incredible with it's graphics. Do some research. If you're comparing to Forza, you're a moron.
i hope we arent getting this type of graphics quality it looks worse than dirt 2
Florian Franz
I love this GAME!
homer simpson drool anyone o_0
idont get the parties they show in this vid can someone explain what this games about
Finally !! i Been thinking about this game n hoe they should make another one!! , The First one was what sold me !!!
Harrison Johnson
i think im in love
Helen Tivey
i'm so glad there making a second one, i loved the first one, i still do love it but this game looking AMAZING!!!!!! but seriously i better not be one of the only girls that will be obsessed with this lol oh well can't wait til this comes out- it's gonna be big =D